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Desharow MermanChapter 13


Translator: Cheonsa

Editor: Rega Z8lFyH


Chapter 13

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When the light in the room was turned on, I subconsciously covered my eyes. But then I suddenly felt myself being lifted up, finding this action was quite rough. 

I shook my head hard upon opening my eyes. I looked up and saw Rhine looking down at me. The light reflected from the bottom of his nose formed a deep shadow under his eye sockets, which made his eyes look extremely terrifying. There’s no doubt that he would pull out his pistol at this instant and shoot me with it. jnLotG

However, at this moment, I do not know what I did to enrage him. Could it be because I went to see the merman with Davis?

I recalled his warnings and his previous unsuccessful attempt to rape me and couldn’t help but feel frightened. I tightened my grip on the bedding while I kept my facial expression relaxed and calm, “Hey man, what’s with such a sour and constipated expression on your face? Did you eat something that upset your stomach?” 

Before I could hardly finish my sentences, my shirt collar was grabbed by him, pulling me upward and leaving my body suspended in midair. Rhine stared at me fiercely, with an expression of eagerness to swallow me into his stomach. He deeply exhaled his hot breath on my face, from which I could even smell an intense repression of anger. Sleep immediately vanished like smoke in thin air. I glared back at Rhine, feeling hard to breathe with my neck being choked in mid-air, but I was unwilling to show a trace of timidity and being taken advantage of by him again.

“What got you all crazy you bastard? I wasn’t even fully awake yet!” I scolded angrily while trying to break off his fingers in an attempt to release the restraints. Rhine did not continue to exert his strength, which caused me to land back onto the bed all of a sudden, with my injured buttocks landing directly onto the hard bed plank. The pain immediately caused me to curl up into a shrimp-like position while howling out miserable shrieks non stop.


Rhine captured my wrist and forced me to look up at him. His unwavering face was clearly filled with remorse and unwillingness. “I warned you, Desharow! I warned you not to approach that dangerous merman… I never thought it would happen, my God, you should calm down first! “

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“Calm down?” Rhine’s attitude right now was like treating a patient who was mentally unstable enough to commit suicide at any time, which made me feel extremely suspicious and baffled. 

I touched my painful butt, and grimaced in pain. I narrowed my eyes at him and said, “Jeez, what do you mean ‘calm down’? You were the one who did this to me!”

Rhine was obviously stunned. I took this opportunity to break away from his hold and got out of bed in agony. But just as my feet touched the floor, the pain from my lower back almost made me crumble down to my knees. My back was dragged up by Rhine to lean onto the bed. With my two legs feeling weak and useless, I could only prop myself up by holding onto the bed railing, and like an old man, I supported myself by holding onto my own back, “Damnit, how could it hurt this much…..” aihPkx

”Do you not feel anything else other than pain? Desharow, you are acting unusually calm!” 

Rhine’s hand cruelly pinched my jaw, his fingers exerted brutal strength as if trying to dislocate them. I was unable to avoid his harsh grip, making the rim of my eyes turn red in pain. I was extremely enraged to the point where I was unable to calm down. I kicked the bed plank ruthlessly, knocking it against Rhine’s leg while simultaneously yelling, “You madman! You’re insane! Get out of here and stay far away from me!”

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Rhine unexpectedly did not try to dodge in the least. To him, the impact of the hard bed board only felt like a sponge. He firmly stayed in the same place, not even budging. His palm then suddenly slapped the bed as if he came to realize something. His expression soon calmed down and remained silent for a while before opening his mouth, “Desharow, tell me that you are not purposely doing this, and that it is really just temporary… temporary amnesia, right? 

Temporary amnesia? ztMFnx

Those words calmed me down immediately. That’s right, my memories had indeed been a bit faulty lately. Perhaps Rhine knew what happened during that length of missing time.

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He stared at me closely, his eyes sliding down my neck and lingered on my body. His Adam’s apple bobbed in his throat indicated the swallowing of a mouthful of saliva. Goosebumps came out all over my body, I rapidly reached to grab my slightly opened collar and shouted while frowning, “Rhine!” 9TOwpP

“No, I don’t know.” It took a long time for Rhine to reply, his voice sounding unusually hoarse.

The kind of reaction he showed was like something that came from watching an A film. I could not help but feel nausea, wanting to vomit, from being watched attentively by him. Despite knowing that Rhine must have known something, I did not dare to continue asking because I intuitively felt that Rhine’s current mood was very unstable, he could do some extreme things at any time, and the victim in the end would only be myself. 

If smart, obediently shut up if you know what’s good for you. Inevitably there will be a way to fully understand everything by yourself in the future

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“But the security camera knows. What happened last night, you can see in this thing.” Rhine suddenly said as he took out a black hard disk from his trouser pocket. He threw it onto the bed and squeezed a few words out of his teeth unwillingly, “Look for yourself, the computer is over there on the table.” 05P6fF

I picked it up in my hand while marveling. My heart faintly speeding up, the palpitations rose inexplicably as if I had a feeling that I was about to see something that is horrifying and unspeakable. There was a voice in my head screaming desperately, throw it away, throw it away, don’t look Desharow or you’ll regret it!

But the louder the voice became, the more curiosity I developed. In the struggle between these conflicting feelings, I forced myself to turn on the computer and plug in the hard disk.

The scene in the video recording slowly jumped a few times, with only miscellaneous spots being played until gradually, everything became clear. I saw two people’s shadows in the lower right corner of the screen. That was me and Davis. We were talking in front of the transparent glass door. I remembered Davis discussing with me about his hypothesis of the merman being in estrus.

A few minutes in, as I had remembered, I saw the merman behind the glass door with me looking directly at him. At that moment, our 5 fingers were pressing against each other with the glass between us. swINvx

I heard Rhine’s breathing intensifying beside me. He strode to the window and gave it a hard punch. My heart was beating violently at the same time as I stared at the scene of me and the merman with my nerves tightening.


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The door was suddenly knocked.

I actually felt quite relieved as I let out a breath of air. Rhine quickly walked over in a fast pace and pulled the hard drive out as if trying to guard this against the person that was entering. After that, he went to the door and opened it.  qRE3ra

Behind the door came in a young, competent-looking, unfamiliar woman, dressed in the white coat of a researcher with a silver officer’s badge pinned to her chest. Tailing behind her were tall men dressed as soldiers. Seeing them left me stupefied because of such disposition of troops and weaponry. Rhine also seemed to be surprised as he asked, “Colonel Sakarol! Why are you…”

“Call me Doctor here, my dear Rhine.” The woman smiled and held out her hand to me, her eyes were filled with the radiance of rigorous determination. “This should be the little Wallace from St. Petersburg. Hello, I’m Sakarol, the dean of the Mystical Biological Research Institute in St. Petersburg, and I’m also the seventh colonel of the Russian Navy. It is a pleasure to meet you.”

What an extraordinary woman! I absolutely admire her from the bottom of my heart.

“Hello…” I took Sakarol’s hand, and responded to her very deterrent introduction with a hesitant and mumbling reply, “Hello, I’m Desharow Wallace, a senior biology student at St. Petersburg Maritime College. Dr. Sakarol, how do you do?” Mp6oJP

Sakarol nodded, a little eager, but her tone sounded unsurprising. “Mr. Desharow, I want to understand something from you. Last night our group of researchers were terribly attacked by that merman when they tried to approach him, leaving Davis in a state of unconsciousness. There is no one here who can get close to the merman that we know of.” She took a small black box out of her pocket. “Before Davis entered a comatose state, he had stated that the merman was probably in estrus and that only you can communicate with him. Is what he said true? If so, we are truly hoping you can assist us in mating the merman.”

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The nerves in my brain suddenly jumped with a pulse and I immediately guessed, “Mating? Could it be that you guys caught a female mermaid?”

Sakarol shook her head. “It’s a cloned species. This research institute managed to obtain one once, however, the female mermaid’s vitality was very weak and fragile. She merely survived for a few days before dying. This cloned species is also expected to survive in the time period of only one year. Starting today, she only have one more week left to live.”

“I will!” I answered without thinking, concealing the excitement in my heart. Seeing and assisting the reproductive process of a mermaid with my own eyes is such a worthwhile matter. Moreover, this is an opportunity to correct Agares’s  tendency in choosing the wrong mating partner and divert his attention from my male human body….  EijcVl

When this idea came into mind, an unspeakable physiological fluctuation suddenly surged up from my lower body. I felt my buttocks muscles stiffening, my cheeks turning scalding hot with tiny beads of sweat oozing out of my forehead. The strong sense of shame that came from nowhere oppressed my nerves, making me feel ashamed and unable to show my face. Unexpectedly, the urgency to escape was born.

What’s happening? Why am I like this?

I felt dizzy. In the baseless core of unknown, I sense something wet and slippery touching the gap between my legs with both of them weakening right after.

A…ga…re…s… yZeUhf

“Desharow, Desharow!”

My body trembled upon waking up from this bewitched-like state of mind and I found myself leaning against Rhine. 

”Mr. Desharow, what’s wrong with you? Your face is quite red. Do you have a fever?”

Sakarol felt out the temperature of my forehead with concern. Rhine gripped my arm tightly and said in a low serious tone, “Colonel Sakarol, as his mentor, I strongly oppose Desharow’s assistance in helping with the mating of the merman in his present condition. I suggest waiting for Davis to wake up.”  G0gIxc

I harshly pulled my body away from his arms. “No, I don’t want to miss this opportunity.” 

“Absolutely not!” Rhine raised his voice resolutely in refusal, his fists were clenched with restraint, exposing his broad muscles and tendons on his arms. I knew that if there were no one here at this moment, he would have already oppressed me by using his military-trained strength.

Unfortunately, Sakarol, this high-ranking officer, seemed to be his immediate superior, and he could not disobey her orders.

If you're reading this, this translation is stolen. Please support our translators at chrysanthemumgarden.com

I hid behind Sakarol, put my middle finger up at Rhine provocatively, and mouthed silently, “F-u-c-k-U.” I went to pick up my windbreaker jacket by the bed and put it on. “Dr. Sakarol, I would like to assist the merman in mating.” FV8eUG

The Translator have something to say: In order to avoid any confusion, Desharow still DOES NOT know what exactly is happening. He only saw the part where he and the merman connect their hand before getting interrupted…


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  2. It’s fine. Thank you so much for all your hard work! As long as it’s not dropped I don’t care how long I have to wait for the next chapter. (◍•ᴗ•◍)❤

  3. uhhh at the end, when desharow says he’ll “assist the merman in mating”, shouldn’t it be merMAID? bc sakarol specifically said it was a female. or was desharow having a slip of the tongue and saying “merman” bc he was thinking of agares…

    • that’s bcs Desharow thought it was Agares himself who was having trouble with mating lol

      ” Moreover, this is an opportunity to correct Agares’s tendency in choosing the wrong mating partner and divert his attention from my male human body….”

      hence he probably thought he could ‘correct’ Agares by ‘helping’ him mate. although now that i think about it it could also be “assist both mermaids in mating” but the, agares is a male mer…man, so yeah.