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The Demon King Always Thinks I'm Secretly in Love with HimChapter 40


Translator: Rosana

Editor: PlayerProphet LeV9HT

When Bai Yang arrived at the hot spring, he was greeted with the Demon King sitting at the shore with his back, covered only with a thin white shirt, facing toward him. He was enshrouded by fog, yet his figure was clear. With his white clothes fluttering, he appeared even more mystical than the immortals of the Human Realm.


Story translated by Chrysanthemum Garden.

How is this the appearance of a Demon King? Clearly, this is a fairy.


Bai Yang stood for a while and walked forward once he’d calmed his nerves. “Your Highness… What just happened isn’t what you think…”


The Demon King of Eternal Night raised his hand, stopping him from saying more.


Bai Yang noticed that his hand was quite pretty. The joints were clearly separated, slender and as smooth as jade. Bai Yang didn’t know why he was suddenly noticing the Demon King’s hand.

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“You don’t need to say more. Come over here to heal.”


The Demon King’s voice was light as he stepped into the hot spring.


Bai Yang had angered him, so Bai Yang wasn’t sure how the Demon King would react to anything. He could only hope that he didn’t do anything wrong and follow the Demon King into the hot spring.


Bai Yang thought the Demon King was going to get angry, but he was wrong. The Demon King didn’t speak a word of blame. When he entered the hot spring, the Demon King started to heal him without a word. But once the Demon King’s magic started to pour into Bai Yang, he didn’t just feel like a steam bun being cooked, but a block of noodles being boiled until mush.


“Xiao Ling, I can’t stand it anymore! It’s too painful, too hot!” Bai Yang cried for his father and mother in his head. “He must be getting revenge! He wants to boil me to death!”


Xiao Ling said, “Sir, after what the Demon King just witnessed, he didn’t punish you, he even gave you the Sky Sun Pill to heal you. Why aren’t you grateful?”


“Xiao Ling, whose system are you? Why are you defending him?”

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“I’m not defending anyone, I’m just telling the truth. I think that the Demon King is in a really pitiful situation. You gave him a green hat to wear, but he didn’t argue with you, he just gave you good things to help you heal. He’s just a good person!”


“Xiao Ling, you’ve changed.” Bai Yang accused, “You know those two men were trying to seduce me. I didn’t do anything, I’m innocent!”


“Yeah, I know.” Xiao Ling said, “That’s why I didn’t call you a scumbag.”


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“Get up.” The Demon King wanted to leave him there, but when he saw Bai Yang’s pitiful state, he reached out his hand and poked him a few times.


Bai Yang didn’t move.


The Demon King stood there for a moment, but he couldn’t steel his heart. He stretched out his arm and pulled Bai Yang up from the water.


Bai Yang was like a noodle hanging off of his arm, and let the Demon King carry him to shore.


Bai Yang’s whole body felt boneless and limply hung from the Demon King’s arm. His hair was wet, appearing like black snakes slithering across his pale, white skin. In the heat of the hot spring, his cheeks and skin were flushed pink.


The Demon King’s breathing hitched for a moment.


As soon as he was ashore, he threw Bai Yang down like a hot potato.

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When Bai Yang was dropped, his mind finally cleared. He drowsily sat up and looked up at the Demon King of Eternal Night with an innocent look, as if asking ‘why did you drop me?’.


The Demon King sucked in a breath and took a calm step back, before turning and walking away.


He left just like that.


Story translated by Chrysanthemum Garden.

Bai Yang finally woke up: “…”


He couldn’t understand his own feelings. He was half hoping for the Demon King to leave, and half hoping he would stay.


Thus, every day for the next five days, the Demon King gave Bai Yang a Sun Sky Pill and healed him in the hotspring. The magic felt extremely hot every time. After experiencing many rounds of boiling and frying, Bai Yang almost couldn’t believe he was still alive.


Bai Yang felt the Demon King was getting revenge, but —his serious expression while he was healing him— Bai Yang wondered if he was misunderstanding an upstanding man.

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After being boiled for another two days, Bai Yang couldn’t stand it anymore and said, in a roundabout way, “Your Highness, no matter what you do to me, it’s for my own good. Even if I can’t stand the pain, I won’t cry a word of grievance.”


How could the Demon King not understand the meaning behind that? He laughed coldly, “You think I’m taking revenge on you? Do you think I would do something so childish?”


Bai Yang refused to acknowledge it, “Of course not! Your Highness, you’ve misunderstood! I’m overjoyed Your Highness is helping me heal! How could I possibly think that you’re getting revenge? It’s just that… could your Highness be… um… a little more gentle?”


“A little more gentle?” Behind him, the Demon King raised a brow. “And how should I be gentle?”


Bai Yang said, “Just like when you healed me the first time.”


The Demon King had a long moment of realization. “I see, you think this King is too strong.”


Bai Yang shook his head in disagreement, “No.”

Story translated by Chrysanthemum Garden.


“Haha.” The Demon King coldly laughed, before increasing his strength. Bai Yang, who was taken by surprise, called, “Ah~!”


After the scream, Bai Yang was embarrassed. In this misty place, even he thought he sounded full of passion and enchanted.


“…Sir, your scream just now was so sexy.” Xiao Ling covered her face in his mind. “It’s too seductive.”


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Bai Yang was mortified. “Shut up. It was an accident!”


“Uh-huh, it wasn’t intentional. A natural tease is the most annoying tease.” Xiao Ling continued to mock him, “If you scream like that, others will misunderstand.”


Bai Yang hadn’t figured out how to refute that when the hands behind him suddenly let go. The Demon King stood up and growled, “Xie Ze Tian!”


He didn’t know if it was just his imagination, but Bai Yang thought the Demon King sounded a bit nervous.

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“What, what is it?” Bai Yang, for some reason, turned his head and looked at the other’s face with a guilty conscience. However, he didn’t know why he felt guilty.


“Don’t seduce me on purpose.” The Demon King said through gritted teeth.


Bai Yang: “… I didn’t, I’m not!”


The Demon King sucked in a breath, before he said with a low voice, “Don’t randomly scream.”


Bai Yang bowed his head, “Your  Highness was too strong… which is why I wanted Your Highness to be a little more gentle…”


The last part of his sentence was much quieter.


The Demon King sucked in another breath and calmed down, before settling back into the water. He coldly ordered, “Turn around.”

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“Oh.” Bai Yang obediently turned around.


The Demon King placed his hand on his back and adjusted his strength, “And now?”


“Mn… Lighter… yeah… a little lighter… ah… good… just like that… no… stronger… a little stronger….”


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“Xie Ze Tian!” The Demon King of Eternal Night stood up from the water in a violent rage. Since he was probably too angry to control his strength, all the spring water exploded. Water flooded the shores and the fake rocks, before pouring back again. The whole spring was a mess.


Bai Yang: “…”


Bai Yang was a smart person who was able to realize what had happened, so he sucked in a breath and dunked himself into the water and squatted. In an attempt to fool himself, he chanted in his head: He can’t see me, he can’t see me….


He squatted and held his breath underwater for a while, but when he was about to drown himself, he lifted his head back out of the water. He was ready to take the Demon King’s fury when he looked around and noticed that the Demon King was gone.

Story translated by Chrysanthemum Garden.


He escaped from death.


Bai Yang still felt a lingering fear in his heart.

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  1. I don’t know which one is the pitiful here, if Baiyang for being accidently seductive or the Demon King for being teased so hard lol

  2. I bet the author’s implying the Demon King left to …er, resolve some ust

    Thanks to the lovely translating/editing team for the chapter!

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    XL: (c” ತ,_ತ) I want to smoke…. *sigh*

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