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The Demon King Always Thinks I'm Secretly in Love with HimChapter 30


Translator: Rosana

Editor: PlayerProphet FyQiP8

Xiao Ling praised him. “Sir, you’re doing very well. You look like a qualified leader.”


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Bai Yang said, “Thank you for the praise. Fortunately, the Demon King had ordered them to stop, or else I wouldn’t have been able to handle it.”


The order was taken into effect so smoothly because the subordinates trusted their superiors quite a lot, so Bai Yang’s order was passed down and executed.


Of course, others were willing to listen to him because the Demon King of Eternal Night was backing him up.



Everyone respected, feared, and obeyed the Demon King.

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“But Sir, it’s because you’re doing so well that the order was followed smoothly. You’re able to control such a large army! When you return, managing the company will certainly be feasible!” Xiao Ling sure thought a lot.


Bai Yang laughed when he heard that. “Go on.”


To be honest, he had no interest in running the company. He always thought of the company as his brother’s, and thought he could go on being an idle person.


Bai Yang buried himself in governmental affairs. With him in charge, everything went as usual.


On the third night, Bai Yang had just finished cleaning up that day’s affairs and was preparing to return to his room to rest, when the Demon King of Eternal Night suddenly appeared.


Over the past few days, Bai Yang helped the Demon King take care of daily governmental affairs while the Demon King remained, recuperating, in the rear palace. The Demon King didn’t hide that something was wrong with his body, so Bai Yang took the liberty to help him keep it secret, and tried his best to fool other people to let him concentrate on recovery.


He felt guilty after using the Demon King, so he worked hard, and focused.

Story translated by Chrysanthemum Garden.


However when this behavior fell into other people’s eyes, it was interpreted differently.


“Your Highness, how are you?” Bai Yang was both shocked and happy. He was genuinely pleased, because with the Demon King up and about, Bai Yang wouldn’t have to deal with headache-inducing governmental matters. Being the Demon King was hard. It was cool to have such a centralized government, however the amount of governmental matters you have to take care of is really, really, a lot. Someone like Bai Yang who hated work would beg for it to be over.

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“Mm.” The Demon King nodded, moved towards him, and glanced at the newspaper on the table.


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He appeared much better than before. His complexion was rosy and his body’s Qi was very strong.


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The army stayed in the Western Quadrant. Bai Yang told the others that he was repairing the army and comforting the Western forces. In reality, he was waiting for the Demon King to finish healing.


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Bai Yang: “…”


Okay, the Demon King doesn’t speak much. However, I’ve finished here, so isn’t it time to send me back?


Bai Yang hadn’t been sleeping much thanks to handling the governmental stuff, so he really wanted to go get some rest. Just as he was thinking about how to bid his goodbyes in a proper manner, the Demon King opened his mouth. “You hurried here so anxiously was because you wanted to see me.”


“Ah?” Bai Yang couldn’t react.


The Demon King glanced at him, his eyes were like bottomless pools as he swept his gaze over Bai Yang. His long lashes softly quivered, which could melt people’s hearts.


Bai Yang’s heart jumped to his throat and he shifted his gaze away.

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“I thought about it a lot these days. You hurried back from the Human Realm for me, right?” The Demon King’s voice was nice to listen to. It had a strong certainty and confidence.


Bai Yang: “…”


Bai Yang processed what the Demon King was talking about, but because he realized, he was dumbfounded.


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What was the Almighty Demon King making up this time?


What ‘for him’?


However, his hesitation, from the other person’s perspective, only further cemented the Almighty Demon King’s delusion.


Softly sighing, the Demon King said, “Didn’t I tell you to stop liking me? Once you heard I was attacking the Western Demon Lord, you rushed back. Xie Ze Tian, you don’t keep your promises.”

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Bai Yang: “…”


Wait, wait, wait! Things aren’t what you think they are!


Bai Yang remembered that day when he first returned, when the Demon King asked him why, he hadn’t answered proficiently. Later, the Demon King switched topics, so Bai Yang assumed that the matter was forgotten. Bai Yang didn’t expect the Demon King to take it to heart, and continue pondering over it.


Bai Yang didn’t know what conclusion the Demon King had ended up with from all that thinking.


No matter what he’d concluded, Bai Yang didn’t want to know, and just denied it. “Your Highness, that’s not the case. I hurried back to report on the Black Cloud Gate Sect matter.”

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“The Black Cloud Gate Sect’s matter had already been reported to me by Luo Jian Feng. Why would you need to go through the difficulty of crossing realms and hurrying to the Western Quadrant to report it personally?”


In order to make a report, you’d hurry so anxiously? Who are you trying to fool?

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For such a small matter, he still couldn’t come up with an excuse.


The Almighty Demon King sorrowfully thought, So he wasn’t kidding, he actually likes me.


Bai Yang: “…”


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“You hurried back because you heard rumors of the Western Demon Lord possessing a treasure, and were worried since you knew my Qi had Deviated, and I was already injured. You were afraid something would happen to me, right?” The Demon King’s voice was very steady.


Bai Yang: “…”


He didn’t know how to respond. Yes, the Black Cloud Gate Sect matter wasn’t a big deal, and for him to return back just to specifically report to the Demon King, with Xie Ze Tian’s personality, was impossible. But since he had hurried back, he had to give a reasonable excuse.


Of course, he couldn’t say it was to save the Male Lead.

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It was fine. He hadn’t figured out an excuse, but the Demon King thought of one for him; it was because of love.


Bai Yang’s mind was such a mess that he had already forgotten that the Demon King of Eternal Night thought Bai Yang was into him.


According to the Demon King’s logic, Xie Ze Tian had been heartbroken from the rejection, so he asked to complete tasks in the Human Realm. However, his heart was still set on the Demon King. Thus, when he heard the Demon King was going to fight the Western Demon Lord, he was worried. Not only did he conceal the Demon King’s physical condition, he even helped manage his governmental affairs.

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If it wasn’t love, then what was it?


The logic was flawless!


However, Bai Yang had never actually paid attention to the Demon Realm’s happenings, and didn’t know that the Demon King was going to fight the Western Demon Lord, who was rumored to have a treasure.


But at that moment, Bai Yang could only remain silent.

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On normal days, the Demon King was overbearing, cold and calculating. However, he actually had an inexplicably large ego and giant pit in his brain.


This sort of contrast surprised Bai Yang.


His silence only made the Demon King even more confident in his logic, and he sighed. “Xie Ze Tian, you need to learn to control your own feelings. There are some people who will never get together in their lifetimes.”


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Bai Yang’s eyes went as vacant as a dead fish: “…”


No, I have never thought about being with you.


The Demon King’s words turned even more profound as he reanalyzed the situation. “I know you like men. So, after staying with such a talented man as myself as long as you have, it’s natural for you to like me. However, my goal is to unite the two realms and ascend beyond the mortal plane. Love would only drag me down, do you understand?”


Bai Yang, whose eyes continued to stay dead: “…”

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Almighty Demon King, where did you get confidence enough to think everyone who stays by your side for a long time would automatically fall in love with you?


Bai Yang was so mad at heart that he was ready to wildy curse, but he managed to maintain a shocked expression.


What could he say? He couldn’t deny it.


If he were to say to the Demon King, ‘I hurried all the way back to save another man’, he would be killed then and there.


Bai Yang endured and endured, and sorrowfully said, “Your Highness, the reason this Subordinate hurried back was because of loyalty, and nothing else.”


Almighty Demon King, I really didn’t fall in love with you.


Please wake up!

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