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The Demon King Always Thinks I'm Secretly in Love with HimChapter 23


Translator: Rosana

Editor: PlayerProphet 6dKsnN

Bai Yang cried, “How can you say this when I’m going to die?”


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Xiao Ling, suddenly embarrassed, coughed, and said “I… said it out of habit…”


“Xie Ze Tian, you are truly courageous. You really dare to distract yourself in my presence?” A soft voice drifted into Bai Yang’s ear and he jolted to attention. His argument with Xiao Ling made him forget that he was standing in front of the chilling Demon King!


Seemed like there was no remedy for the situation. In that case, he was too lazy to keep up the act. Even a tiny mistake could result in death, heh. He was just computer data, why should Bai Yang bow to him?

“Demon King of Eternal Night, Ji Zi Xuan… I touched you, so what? I wanted to touch you! I, the Young Master, felt like feeling you up, so I felt you up! So what? If you want to kill me, just get it over with!” Bai Yang yelled, and closed his eyes, bracing for the oncoming pain. After waiting for a while without feeling the anticipated pain, he couldn’t help but peek through one eye. The Demon King of Eternal Night hadn’t moved, his face shocked. Then, that shock turned into realization, before his face settled into a complicated expression.



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Watching those emotional changes could really confuse someone.


The Demon King didn’t appear in the novel often, so his character was lofty and profound. What kind of personality did he have? What did he do between scenes? Bai Yang didn’t know any of that. I hJj0


Faced with mysterious data, Bai Yang had no sense of security, and had no idea how to deal with the Demon King from this point on. What was he trying to change in that situation? How could he change it without getting killed?


What a cruel and ruthless man, Bai Yang complained silently. Dli34h


“You like me?”


Huh? lSwzVL


The Demon King’s words rendered Bai Yang unable to process, so he opened his mouth and blankly said “Ah”.


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The Demon King of Eternal Night furrowed his brow. “When you touched me on the mountain, I noticed your feelings. Later, I heard that you didn’t touch anyone when you returned to your mansion, and you were much more reserved than usual. I guessed that you might have feelings for me, but I wasn’t sure.” xvUtEz


Bai Yang: “…”


Bai Yang’s head spun. 9sIgmd


Who was he? Where was he? What was he talking about?

Story translated by Chrysanthemum Garden.


Regardless of Bai Yang’s shock, the Demon King of Eternal Night kept talking. “That is, until you stayed at the Palace of Eternal Darkness in secret. You stayed because you wanted to approach me, didn’t you? Then, when you saw me, possessed by my inner demons, you didn’t escape or take the opportunity to kill me, but you risked your life to wake me. So I thought that you might actually like me.” 8rp xe


We’re sorry for MTLers or people who like using reading mode, but our translations keep getting stolen by aggregators so we’re going to bring back the copy protection. If you need to MTL please retype the gibberish parts.



Qtja, ktja? MaNBUQ


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Qtja, ktja, ktja?


Ktf Gfwbc Blcu bo Safgcji Rluta’r nblmf kjr mjiw jcv tlr kbgvr kfgf gfjrbcjyif, rb kts vlv Djl Tjcu offi ilxf rbwfatlcu kjr kgbcu? Efi5cy


“Kb rjnf wf ogbw yflcu qbrrfrrfv ys ws lccfg vfwbcr, sbe jrxfv ab ub rafji atf Ajvf Jibev Ufjgi jcv kfgf ugjnfis lcpegfv. Pa kjr bcis atfc atja P mbeiv jmmfqa atja sbe’nf ojiifc lc ibnf klat wf.”


Bai Yang’s jaw dropped and he didn’t return to his senses for a very long time. qoyJur


The Demon King of Eternal Night raised his eyebrow and said, “Xie Ze Tian, you like me.”


Bai Yang: “…” T7m4Lu




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Bai Yang wanted to reach out and stop the Almighty Demon King from speaking, to stop the widening of the pit in his brain. Almighty Demon King, I’m only barely loyal, so when did I suddenly fall in love with you? Everything I’ve done was for a different man. Don’t misunderstand me! bNXpQc


However, the Demon King couldn’t know Bai Yang’s internal screaming, so he continued to immerse himself into the pit of his own brain with no way out. “Of course, since I’m a talented Demon King, it would be natural to like me. Many people have fallen for me, so I’m not surprised you have, too. However, you are my right hand man, and I want to keep our relationship professional.”


Bai Yang: “…” lci8qR


Bai Yang’s lips trembled, but he was speechless.

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Seeing the stunned look on Bai Yang’s face, the Demon King of Eternal Night sighed internally and went on.“I didn’t want to call you out at first, but I feel like you can’t hold back anymore. You’ve been with me for so many years, but I don’t know when you fell in love with me. If you can restrain yourself, I can also pretend I don’t know, but I feel that you can’t control yourself any longer.” 0hg5uT


Bai Yang: “…”


Almighty Demon King? 025G9q


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Almighty Demon King, what are you talking about?


What do you mean ‘I-can’t-control-my-feelings-anymore’? qghXlM


How could I not know my own feelings!?


The Demon King of Eternal Night placed his hand on Bai Yang’s shoulder and spoke sincerely: “Ze Tian, I could never fall in love with you. Give it up.” A6W2 J


Bai Yang: “…”


Bai Yang moved his lips, yet, just as he had resolved to argue, Xiao Ling happily said, “Sir, the Demon King misunderstood! You don’t have to die anymore!” QRXcmU


Xiao Ling’s words woke him up. That’s right! The Demon King misunderstood!


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Just as he was about to defend himself, a thought in his mind stopped him. Why should he explain? What good would explaining do? zoxq96


If I don’t explain, then it’ll go wrong until the end. Explaining would be like walking on a tightrope. If I tell him, ‘Demon King, I didn’t fall in love with you. I’m going to the Human Realm for a different person’, I’d be killed immediately! Besides, the Demon King doesn’t have any feelings for me, so letting him misunderstand is for the best. At most, all I have to do is pretend to be depressed and then wait to tell him later that I no longer love him. Then, we can continue to have a happy leader-subordinate relationship.


I know what I have to do to. 1Zapdl


Bai Yang fired up the spirit of drama and displayed a shocked, hurt, and shy expression.

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“Sir, your expression is too exaggerated. You’re trying too hard.” 2KIDoN


Bai Yang reined in his expression a bit and turned his head to prevent the Demon King from seeing his face. He asked, “My Lord, you, you already know?” His voice trembled, expressing his shock.


“Xiao Ling, how’s my acting?” FElyKA


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“Sir is so great, you get an A+!”


Aww yeah! Um 7gf


The Demon King of Eternal Night continued, profoundly, “Ze Tian, I’ll drop the matter of what happened in the Human Realm. Take some time to go home and recuperate. Let’s not meet for a while.”


“My Lord!” Bai Yang wore a sorrowful expression, “My Lord, how can you be so cruel? You won’t even let me meet you regularly?” bImwBL


In his mind, Xiao Ling vomited. Bai Yang felt indignant. “Why did you vomit? Your Young Master is doing his best acting, and this is how you react?”


Xiao Ling said, “I felt unwell suddenly, but it has nothing to do with Sir’s acting. Please, continue.” Zz7FrY


Bai Yang snorted, before resuming his attempt to recall the heroine or female lead’s lines from TV shows he’d watched.


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“My Lord, I don’t ask for much, just the opportunity to stay by your side. Don’t chase me away….” bVecp6


The Demon King of Eternal Night was shocked. The person before him had a mournful expression and from his mouth came humble pleas.


It wasn’t like the Demon King of Eternal Night hadn’t been the object of affection before, but all his previous admirers were scared of him, and didn’t dare to tell him how they felt. But the person who loved him was Xie Ze Tian, one of the arrogant four demon lords! L XsoJ


Such a proud person so humbly asking to give him a chance to stay by his side? The Demon King of Eternal Night was stunned.

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When a woman kneels on the ground and asks for a man to stay, everyone feels sympathetic, but not shocked. They would accept it as normal to feel for her. However, when a man kneels on the ground and begs for another man to stay, everyone would definitely be shocked. And if the kneeling man was once a proud and arrogant person, then it would be unimaginable! l9e0ZC


How much does someone have to love another to beg like that?


The Demon King of Eternal Night was conflicted. On one hand, he was flattered. Anyone would be happy to be adored by someone talented, but if that person is his right-hand man and, also, a man, he would hesitate. sSEnkc


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The Demon King of Eternal Night didn’t like to mix his private and professional life, and he never thought he’d hesitate to separate them.


He didn’t expect that Xie Ze Tian would be so stubborn. The Demon King thought if he bluntly refused him, then, with Xie Ze Tian’s pride, he would back out voluntarily. He would never have expected in a million years that this person would toss away his self-esteem. rnGFoS


How much love would you have to do that?


“You should go recuperate.” ySg9j2


Not wanting to tangle himself any further, the Demon King of Eternal Night got up and left the hot spring.

Leaving is the best decision for Xie Ze Tian. If we don’t meet very often, maybe he’ll stop thinking of me so much. Demon King Yong Ye secretly thought.


“My Lord….” When Bai Yang saw the Demon King leave, he felt relieved, but he still had to finish what he started. He couldn’t just suddenly change expressions, so he continued with his heartbroken act. He reached out and pitifully shouted for the Demon King of Eternal Night.


Hearing his shout, the Demon King of Eternal Night went faster, and disappeared.

If you're reading this, this translation is stolen. Please support our translators at chrysanthemumgarden.com

I have come to the realization that the Demon King’s name is not Yong Ye Ji Zi Xuan, but just Ji Zi Xuan and Yong Ye is part of his title as the Demon King of Eternal Night. That was the name the original translator used and with how often his title was used as a name, I had assumed that to be the case. I apologize for the late realization and thank you for reading. Td S5i

Have a nice day.

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  1. At this point I’m just sitting back and watching our MC stick that shovel in the ground and slowly dig his own grave. The more he says and the more heartbroken he acts, the faster the Demon King will fall in love. Our MC is gonna get everything eaten. His tofu, his meat… Ay, RIP to your chrysanthemum buddy.

    • And me is just here helping him widen the hole with my lil hands..

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  4. I think, Ji ZiXuan is Demon King Yong Ye’s real name.

    And Demon King Yong Ye is the title name Ji ZiXuan after ascending the throne, becoming the demon king.

    Thanks a lot for your hardwork😋.

  5. This is practically a very complete tutorial on how to dig your own grave and leave absolutely no escape route. ¡Bravo!

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  6. In chapter 7, there’s a hovering footnote in the beginning telling you that Yong Ye isn’t the Demon King’s real name, but part of his title.

    ………The a/n at the end of this chapter was confusing. *scratches head* I mean, chapter 7 already explained the Demon King’s name. The editor did a great job via the footnote! ^^/Anyway, thank you for the chapter. Great work!

    ps. you don’t have to capitalize male lead and heroine. 😉

    • We added that note in chapter 7 for people picking up the story for the first time, who might be coming in off of the former translation and not sure why the change is so sudden, but we definitely only noticed in chapter 23!

  7. I can’t with this is so funny I think he accidentally blows his noose around his neck haha to see what’s going to happen from here on out. Thanks for the translation and update, nice week

  8. How funny…. So that’s how the demon king has been misinterpreting things this entire time. That said, the demon king himself has been more kind and generous to the MC than his other subordinates, so I wonder if he hasn’t realized that he likes the MC and is instead mistaking the MC for liking him because that makes more sense?

    The system vomiting out of disgust is pretty funny.

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