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The Demon King Always Thinks I'm Secretly in Love with HimChapter 22


Translator: Rosana

Editor: PlayerProphet qH7kmL

“What? The Demon King showed up? How come I didn’t notice?” Could cultivating really cause such deep sleep? That’s not right. Even while cultivating, your five senses should be functional. How could he sleep until dawn and without noticing someone else was there?


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“Sir, when the Demon King healed you, he closed off your five senses. He also set up a formation around the hot spring,” Xiao Ling replied.


oXsh x

Bai Yang finally understood. No wonder he didn’t wake until daybreak!


Eh? Then the Demon King has seen my naked body?


Bai Yang had some grievances.

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Although, in retrospect, it wasn’t the first time. They’re both men, after all, so it’s no big deal.


Bai Yang quickly forgot his grievances.


Although he overslept, his body felt much better than before.


Bai Yang still couldn’t really believe it. Did the Demon King of Eternal Night really heal him?


“Xiao Ling, are you sure you saw it right?”


“Of course I did. It was the Demon King who healed you.” Xiao Ling sounded certain.


“That can’t be right. I failed to bring him the Jade Cloud Pearl, caused trouble in the Soaring Clouds Sect, and prematurely revealed the existence of demons. The strange thing is that he doesn’t hate me, so why would he heal me?” Bai Yang couldn’t figure it out.

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Xiao Ling thought for a moment. “Sir, your performance has shown you to be loyal enough to risk your life for the Jade Cloud Pearl. It’s natural that the Demon King would be moved.”


Bai Yang finally understood after Xiao Ling explained it that way. Xie Ze Tian was an arrogant and ruthless character in the Demon Realm, but his loyalty to the Demon King was unquestionable.

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The last time they spoke, the Demon King of Eternal Night said he was angry because Bai Yang chose the wrong method to obtain the Jade Cloud Pearl. 


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Now it makes sense.

  gQm BK

However, it felt a little strange.


Even if the Demon King forgave him, wasn’t he still being too nice to him?


Why is he so good to me? Does he want to win me over? But there’s no need! Xie Ze Tian was already his loyal dog.

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There was only one explanation, no matter how much he thought about it. 


“The Demon King looks cold, but he’s still a good person.” Bai Yang quietly healed himself. If it wasn’t for the System Xiao Ling, he wouldn’t have figured it out.

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Whatever. I’ll take it as it comes.

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Since the Demon King gave him such a good place to heal, Bai Yang decided to take advantage of his kindness and stay in the hot spring. He closed his eyes and began to cultivate again.


“Sir, don’t forget your daily task.”


He’d almost forgotten the daily task of harassing beautiful people. Bai Yang sighed and replied to Xiao Ling in his mind, “Okay, okay, okay, I already know.”


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He planned to stay for a little while longer before getting out. His body was still injured, and he didn’t make a hobby of being sickly. If he could get better quickly, he’d take that option.


After circulating spirit energy through his body for gods know how long, Bai Yang felt his consciousness become muddy. He felt vague movement around him. The warm water, disturbed by something, rippled gently against his body.


Bai Yang finished circulating another round, so he opened his eyes to find the sky was dark.


A whole day has passed, but he still didn’t do his daily task!

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He shook his head and tried to get up, but collapsed back down. His mind was too dizzy, the hot spring too hot, and the spirit energy too intense. He felt dizzy from head to toe.


He had to hurry to complete his Daily Task!


As injured as he was, his body wouldn’t be able to endure the electric shock. Even if he wasn’t injured, he still didn’t want to experience it. He must harass a beauty!


At that moment, a slender figure appeared from the clouds of white steam.


They had a long and slender frame with dark waterfall locks. Just their silhouette in the steam was enough to dazzle you.


They were definitely a beauty.


In a moment the beauty was by Bai Yang’s side. Bai Yang didn’t think, but just wanted a beauty for his Daily Task, and one had been left on his doorstep! The gods are really helping me! He carelessly hugged the figure and reached out his hand to touch the other’s face.

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“Your face is so smooth.” He said with a sly smile.


“Sir!” Xiao Ling screamed in his mind, “What are you doing!?”


“Completing my Daily Task.” Bai Yang innocently replied.


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Xiao Ling sounded devastated. “You can’t just harass whoever!”


Bai Yang’s brain started to function again. Focusing his eyes, he saw the beauty had a beautiful jade-like face and lips. His complexion was fair with hair like inky waterfalls. His eyebrows looked fierce, and his gaze like blades…. Is-is-isn’t this the Demon King of Eternal Night???


Bai Yang: “….”



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Who am I?


Where is this?


What did I just do?


What. Did. I. DO?!!!


I harassed the Demon King of Eternal Night again?!!!


The Demon King in front of him didn’t respond, however it was clear from his expression that he was shocked. He didn’t expect that from Bai Yang.


For a moment, the atmosphere was calm.

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For a moment, the two both didn’t move.


Bai Yang felt that the hot spring water had cooled. Otherwise, why would his body feel so cold?


“My, my Lord….” Bai Yang stuttered, “Why are you here?”


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As if regaining consciousness, the Demon King of Eternal Night inspected Bai Yang from top to bottom. Bai Yang felt all his hair raise from that bone-chilling gaze. 


“My Lord?” Bai Yang carefully asked.


The Demon King of Eternal Night smiled. “I didn’t know, Xie Ze Tian, that you were so brave.”


No, I’m not brave, or I wouldn’t have been thrust into this world to gain experience.

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Bai Yang squeezed out a smile and said, with pain in his heart, “Misunderstanding, it’s all a misunderstanding.”


“What’s a misunderstanding?”


Bai Yang fell to the floor in an attempt to express his guilt, forgetting he was still in a hot spring. Sitting was okay, but when he kneeled, his whole body was submerged in the hot water. Out of instinct Bai Yang flailed his arms and reached out to grab the closest thing to pull himself out. In his panic he actually pulled the person in front of him down.


Putong Putong.


The water splashed.


Bai Yang: “…”


Xiao Ling: “…”

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The Demon King of Eternal Night: “…”


“My Lord, I didn’t mean to.” Bai Yang pulled the other up and prepared himself for death.


The Demon King of Eternal Night was drenched. Unlike Bai Yang, who was naked, he was wearing a thin white robe. After getting wet, the robe stuck to his skin, revealing his firm chest.


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His dark hair draped over his shoulder, dripping pearls of water.


A beauty bathing… what a heart racing sight.


That is, if you can ignore his cold, dark eyes.


Bai Yang couldn’t help but peek at the Demon King of Eternal Night’s soaked body and think, His body is incredible.

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The hot spring’s temperature steamed with heat, but Bai Yang felt like he was being frozen alive. He nervously spoke, “My Lord, I didn’t mean to….”


As he spoke, his mind whirled to find a solution to this situation. No matter how hard he thought, he couldn’t find one.


Sneak attack. Before the Demon King of Eternal Night Ye can kill me, I’ll kill him first. But, the Demon King of Eternal Night is thousands of times stronger than me! The Demon King could kill me before I could even react. Escape? The Demon King is so strong and we’re still in the Demon Realm. I’m also injured, so where could I even escape to? All I can do is rely on the Demon King being kind and generous enough to let me off. But I’ve been challenging his bottom line repeatedly….


“Xiao Ling, I’m going to die. Can pass on my last words?” Bai Yang pleaded to Xiao Ling in his mind.


Xiao Ling replied sympathetically, “Sir, of course. I’ll definitely pass on all of your last words.”


Bai Yang thought for a moment, before speaking, “Say this to my dad: Don’t be sad. I don’t blame him for my death in this experimental world. Don’t let him regret. I was proud to be his son. And tell my mom to take care of herself, and not to be sad….” 


As he spoke, Bai Yang began to get emotional, and choked up. “Give my big bother a few words too. I hope that he’ll take care of himself, support our parents, and to take over my responsibilities. Also, tell him I never liked his friend, Ji Yuan, he’s more trouble than he’s worth. There’s a lot going on in the city, so I hope Big Brother is careful that no one takes advantage of him.

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“Sir, I’ve remembered all your words. You can go without worries.” Xiao Ling’s voice also sounded a little choked.


“I was able to survive this long thanks to you. You really are a good system. If I had the chance, I would give you a five star rating, but now there’s no time….” Bai Yang spoke.


Xiao Ling suddenly regained its composure. “You’re able to score right now, Sir. Wait a moment. Can you give me a rating before you die?”


Story translated by Chrysanthemum Garden.

Bai Yang: “…”


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  1. > Xiao Ling suddenly regained its
    composure. “You’re able to score right now, Sir. Wait a moment. Can you
    give me a rating before you die?”

    Ahhh I feel like I understand Bai Yang’s pain TVT. Thanks for the chapter 😀

  2. A new character name has appeared…let me repeat..a new character name has appeared….’Ji Yuan’ is it? He’s big brother’s friend…..either that’s his hubby or big brother’s hubby..! I vote for the former~~~ (ofc unless this character has already been mentioned and I just forgot about him..)

    Thanks for the chapter~~!!!

  3. It’s just about time Bai Yang’s “Your face is so smooth” boring and repetitive pick up line is amped up! With actions of course~ And with such an outstanding beauty… Which is Demon King Yong Ye!


    Thanks for the chapter~

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    * Bai Yang had some grievances.*


    * Bai Yang quickly forgot his grievances.*

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  5. Finally, a character that is as clumsy and foolish as I am after getting overheated. Poor MC. Since the demon king was already in a thin robe and already in the water, perhaps he was planning on going there to soak anyway, so the MC shouldn’t be in a tremendous amount of trouble.

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