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The Demon King Always Thinks I'm Secretly in Love with HimChapter 13


Translator: Rosana

Editor: PlayerProphet eldnJ2

“You…” Luo Jian Feng, just arriving, gave Bai Yang a puzzled look.


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Bai Yang’s heart hammered, but his face was a mask of arrogance and indifference. “He was small fry. I could kill him with one finger, so why would you need to raise your hand?”


Luo Jian Feng said: “We should kill him directly.”


Bai Yang was nervous on the inside. His true timid self didn’t know how to continue, but, thankfully, he had Xiao Ling to encourage him. “Sir, don’t be afraid. You and Luo Jian Feng are equals, and he wouldn’t normally doubt you.”


Bai Yang adjusted his breathing, forced himself to calm down, and continued with his arrogant attitude. “This Lord personally kicked him off the cliff, so how can he still be alive? Moreover, it’s like an abyss down there. He’s a beginner, so there’s no way he’d survive.”

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Luo Jian Feng thought for a moment, before nodding his head, “Lord Xie makes a lot of sense.”


Luo Jian Feng didn’t really care about a small fry Foundation Practitioner and didn’t suspect that Xie Ze Tian would secretly protect one. So, he judged by his own standards. If Xie Ze Tian was personally spending effort, then he would definitely not let that kid live. Even if he was lucky enough not to be murdered, he certainly wouldn’t survive the fall.


They had more important things to do.


“Clear the battlefield and wipe away all traces of us. The Soaring Clouds Sect and other large sects are about to enter the mirage.”


Luo Jian Feng said this to the black cloaked people that surrounded him.


They voiced their assent in unison and spread out at once.


Bai Yang secretly wiped away his sweat.

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After sending the others away, Luo Jian Feng turned to speak to Bai Yang: “My identity in the Human Realm his special. I can’t be away for too long. I leave things inside the mirage in your care.”


Bai Yang couldn’t wait, and was really excited. Fortunately, however, he wasn’t so excited that he couldn’t maintain an indifferent expression. “Rest assured, I’ll take care of everything.”


After receiving Bai Yang’s promise, Luo Jian Feng vanished.


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When he felt that Luo Jian Feng was gone, Bai Yang flew down the cliff to find the Male Lead. When he kicked the Male Lead down the cliff, Bai Yang was secretly hiding the Male Lead’s breathing. When Luo Jian Feng couldn’t sense the Male Lead’s breath, he assumed he had died, and left.


The cliff was several thousands of feet high, and Bai Yang’s heart pounded like a drum. The situation before was way too dangerous. In order to attack faster than Luo Jian Feng, he’d just directly kicked the Male Lead without controlling his strength. He couldn’t have really kicked him to death, right?


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Bai Yang saw the Male Lead lying on the ground. Hurrying over, Bai Yang found that the Male Lead was still breathing, but weakly.


Great, the Male Lead isn’t dead!


As long as the Male Lead was still breathing, he definitely wouldn’t die. That was because his Seven Star Body Constitution would slowly repair his wounds.


It’s fine as long as he’s not dead. The Dragon Blade was hidden at the bottom of the pool. The Male Lead’s Seven Star Body Constitution should sense the Dragon Blade in the pool so he could obtain the sword once he awoke.


After confirming everything was okay, Bai Yang turned to leave. However, as he took a step, something grabbed his ankle.


Shocked, Bai Yang looked down to find that the Male Lead had woken up dazedly… Or rather, instead of being fully awake, he was only half-conscious. He probably sensed that Bai Yang was the only person nearby, and that he didn’t hold any malicious intent, so he subconsciously asked for help.


“Help me… Please help me…” The Male Lead’s voice was very weak.

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He struggled to raise his head and saw a long, black figure in his blurry vision. He couldn’t make out the person’s face, but there was a very comfortable scent about him, so he instinctively asked him for help.


Bai Yang wanted to leave, but his foot was caught, and it would be rude to kick away someone’s hand, so he squatted down. “Rest assured, you won’t die. You are the Son of Destiny.”


“I’m the Son of Destiny?”


Story translated by Chrysanthemum Garden.

Zhou Ying heard a faint voice, and softly repeated the words.


“Yes, you’re the Son of the Seven Stars. In the future, you’ll stand above thousands of men, but it won’t be easy. That’s why, no matter how painful it is, you need to continue moving forward.”


Zhou Ying’s mind was extremely muddled, but he heard those words clearly.


That voice was gentle and powerful.

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He didn’t know why, but Zhou Ying believed in those words.


I’m the Son of Destiny. I definitely will not die… 


Bai Yang placed his hand on the Male Lead’s forehead and cast a spell. This spell opened points in the Male Lead’s body to allow him to recover faster.


Zhou Ying passed out again.


Bai Yang stood up and disappeared from the base of the cliff.


After dealing with the Male Lead, he led his underlings in cleaning up their traces from the mirage, and left before the mirage closed.


The Hidden Flower Mirage reopened three days later.

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The Hidden Flower Mirage opened so that testers could observe the mirage, before leaving and closing it. The elder outside used a bronze mirror to observe the inside, but because the Soaring Clouds Elder and Luo Jian Feng was also inside, the bronze mirror had long been tampered with. The people outside saw that everything was normal inside the mirage.


The bronze mirror may have been tampered with, but some disciples carried the True Life Jade, which couldn’t be manipulated. Those jade pieces were connected to the life of their respective disciples. When they detected that the disciple’s life was gone, the corresponding jade piece outside would respond.


While the bronze mirror showed that everything was normal inside the mirage, but when the jade pieces started breaking left and right, the elders quickly realized that something was wrong. However, even if they reacted quickly, they had still lost a lot of time. The mirage had already closed so they had no way to check inside.


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After waiting three days, they reopened the mirage to find that everyone had died.


No, everyone except for one.


The Male Lead, Zhou Ying.


What happened to the Male Lead after afterward wasn’t clear to Bai Yang, but after looking at the original novel, he could guess roughly what happened. He wasn’t involved with that part at all. After finishing his task, he would have to report back.

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After returning to the Demon Realm through the passageway, Bai Yang immediately headed to the Palace of Darkness to report the results. He thought as he walked, what kind of excuse could he use to return to the Human Realm?


He reached the Palace of Darkness quickly. After announcing his arrival, he speed-walked the whole way to the main hall.


It was probably because he was notified, or that the Demon King of Eternal Night sensed his presence, but when Bai Yang entered the main hall, the Demon King of Eternal Night was already sitting on his throne. 


“Greetings, my Lord,” Bai Yang said as he knelt on one knee.


“You may stand.” The Demon King reached out his hand and slightly lifted it.


Bai Yang stood.


“How has the problem been solved?”

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Bai Yang told the Demon King of Eternal Night everything that happened without leaving out any details. Well, except the part where he helped the Protagonist.


“My Lord, even though we killed a little more than two hundred up-and-coming martial arts practitioners, we can’t be sure that we killed the Son of the Seven Stars. The Lord of Penance didn’t tell us what the Son of the Seven Stars looked like, only that he’s a fifteen or sixteen year old boy.” Bai Yang continued, “In order to prevent this, My Lord, please let me return to the Human Realm to investigate the matter of the Son of the Seven Stars.”


Nice, you said it very well!


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Bai Yang gave himself thirty two praises in his heart. His excuse was very good, logical, made sense, and showed loyalty.


“The real Son of the Seven Stars hasn’t been found?” The Demon King leaned against his throne, his expression very slothful.


Bai Yang replied cautiously: “Yes Sir.”


“So you want to go to the Human Realm again?” The Demon King tilted his head, asking casually. 

Story translated by Chrysanthemum Garden.


Feeling a little nervous, Bai Yang swallowed his spit and calmly said: “Yes.”




The man sitting on the throne gave a soft chuckle and then straightened himself. He stepped down from the throne, stepped in front of Bai Yang.


Bai Yang lowered his head.


The soft sound of rustling fabric drew closer, stopping right before him.


“You’re quite interested in matters regarding the Son of the Seven Stars.”


The soothing, cold drawl of his voice echoed over Bai Yang.

Story translated by Chrysanthemum Garden.


His chest tight, Bai Yang muttered: “For Your Lordship, this subordinate will do all he can.”


“For me?” The man in front of him chuckled again.


Bai Yang lowered his head even further, “For Your Lordship, for the Demon Realm, this subordinate is willing to paint his liver and brains across the earth.”

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