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The Demon King Always Thinks I'm Secretly in Love with HimChapter 10


Translator: Rosana

Editor: PlayerProphet T0Pz4M

Demon King Yong Ye sat atop the throne with a hand supporting his head and a lazy expression, “Didn’t I say that no one is allowed to bother me? What are you doing here?”


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Bai Yang started, “My Lord, I want to help you! Last time, you said you wanted to send me to the Human Realm to kill the Son of the Seven Stars, so when should I go?”



The man on the throne raised his eyebrows, doubt in his mind. “You broke in my palace today just to ask me that?”.


There was a thinly-veiled tone of ridicule and coldness in his voice.


A severe pressure fell upon him, cast from the throne. Bai Yang felt like he was deep in the ocean, with water weighing on him from four sides, keeping him from breathing.

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He knew that Demon King Yong Ye was angry.


Indeed, first he was groped his butt, and now he breaks into his palace. Very good, he’s now acquired the Demon King’s ire.


He acquired the Demon King’s ire…


Bai Yang’s mind spun quickly.


Since arriving in that world, Bai Yang felt like he’d been thinking hard all the time, more than he ever had in all his twenty five years of life. Perhaps that was also a kind of training?


He bowed his head deeply, a look of remorse on his face as he spoke softly, “My Lord, I only wanted to help you!”


His words sounded earnest and successfully relayed what he wanted to say.

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Leaders all like submissive underlings.


He bet that Demon King Yong Ye wouldn’t punish him for something like that.


After all, in the book, Xie Ze Tian was Demon King Yong Ye’s loyal dog. Thus, as his dog, he would naturally have his trust. Bai Yang is betting on just that trust Demon King Yong Ye has in him.


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The atmosphere relaxed.


The Demon King stepped down from his throne and it was only then that Bai Yang noticed he wasn’t wearing any shoes. So, with his pair of bare feet, he walked down step by step on the black floor.


He stopped in front of Bai Yang, and his gaze, full of suspicion, roamed over Bai Yang.


Bai Yang knew that he couldn’t back down. If he did, then Demon King Yong Ye would be shaken, more than before. It definitely wasn’t a good thing that he witnessed what he did behind the throne room.

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Bai Yang tilted his head up, a look of innocence in his eyes. If he used those eyes in the real world, everyone would have felt sorry for him.


Demon King Yong Ye watched his every move, and then his icy aura warmed.


“Since you still dare to have a request, then I can still deny it.” The Demon King Yong Ye said plainly, though his voice still contained an icy tone.


Bai Yang realized that he was still angry. He thought about when he broke into the palace and what he saw, and that it might have had something to do with it. Demon King Yong Ye probably didn’t want him to see what he did.

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“My Lord, can I ask when I can leave to enter the human realm?” Bai Yang asked.


“It seems you really want to go to the Human Realm?” Demon King Yong Ye squinted his eyes, furrowed his brows, and frowned.


Yet, he still looked very handsome.

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Being pretty is a crime; even if you’re angry at someone, they still won’t find you annoying.


When Bai Yang heard Demon King Yong Ye’s question, he calmed his heart, put an honest expression on his face and hurriedly said, “Your subordinate only wants to help Your Lord succeed faster.”


In that moment, Bai Yang couldn’t control his expression very well. So, he lowered his head, not allowing Demon King Yong Ye to see his face. That way, his Master couldn’t see through his lies. Demon King Yong Ye, this person, was incredibly sharp and careful. If he wasn’t careful as well, than he’d be found out before he even realized.


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After he lowered his head, he felt Demon King Yong Ye’s hot gaze on his scalp. It was like a small knife carving away at him, slowly peeling away his skin. It was like his insides were being swallowed and his brain was being scavenged for all his secrets.


Bai Yang didn’t move.


After a long while, the man above him suddenly asked, “What did you see just now?”



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What did he see? Actually, when he entered the back room, he only smelled a thick scent. That thick scent muddied his brain so he didn’t properly notice his surroundings or the situation.


Additionally, he had a feeling that if he answered that he saw something, then the person before him would kill him.


So, he submissively said: “Responding to your Lordship, I didn’t see anything back there.”


“Lift your head.” The person in front said.


Bai Yang followed his order and lifted his head.


The Demon King stared at his face.


Bai Yang felt his heart pound, but his face only said I’m innocent, I’m honestly innocent because he really didn’t see anything.

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The Demon King watched his every move, before finally saying, “Barging into the Palace of Darkness and playing with your King is a crime worthy of death.”




Once he heard these words, Bai Yang knew he wouldn’t be killed. Acting along, he said, “This subordinate did, indeed, barge into the Palace of Darkness and played with Your Highness. Your Highness, please give out my punishment.”


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People who say these words think they probably won’t be punished very harshly. Xe Ze Tian is Demon King Yong Ye’s loyal dog and also has to complete his task. Demon King Yong Ye definitely won’t kill him.

The Demon King chuckled, “Punishment? Of course there’s punishment.” S34eT5


His eyes continued to watched Bai Yang’s every move as he asked, “Which leg first entered the Palace of Darkness?”


Ah? zfNdHO


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Bai Yang felt a little scared.


“Which leg first entered the Palace of Darkness?” zWdLyk


When he heard this question, he remembered when he first met Demon King Yong Ye. The Demon King had been calm, but Bai Yang’s arm was nearly chopped off. Now the Demon King Yong Ye was asking this question. He couldn’t be thinking about chopping off his leg? It can’t be possible! I’m his loyal dog, how could he do something that’ll hurt the people beside him?


In his heart he worried for his health, but Bai Yang still timidly answered, “ I think it’s the right leg?” 1ZnkmQ


Demon King Yong Ye softly smiled, but that smile gave Bai Yang a bad feeling.


As he thought, in the next moment the Demon King thrust his hand out and a black substance grabbed Bai Yang. He was lifted up off the ground and thrown out of the palace. He was left hanging upside down from his right leg. MHh2Yy


“Think about what you did.”


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The Demon King’s voice drifted over from far away. yN6EQ


Bai Yang was hanging off a tree. Even if he tried to cry, no tears would come out.


At least all of the servants had been dismissed. There were no other people at all. If other people saw him like that, he didn’t know what kind of a joke he would become. hY74EO


Even though no one was going to see him, hanging upside-down like that was also very uncomfortable. He couldn’t escape, so he could only stay hung up all night. Thankfully, he had Xiao Ling, so at least he still had someone to talk to. If not, he would have been suffering, alone, and dangling.

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The next day, the Demon King finally let him down. Bai Yang’s whole body was stiff. Besides the cold wind blowing on him, his right leg was red and swollen. When he touched the ground, he simply couldn’t feel anything in his legs. mgnIal


The Demon King is not a good person.


After that, it’d be better if he stayed far away. Zad6lS


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“Sir, are you okay?” Xiao Ling inquired.


“Do I look okay to you?” Bai Yang held his right leg and walked with a limp. rpMlhj


Xiao Ling didn’t reply.


“Come to the Palace to meet me.” yF5OIq


Bai Yang heard it just as he was about to leave the Palace of Darkness, and he felt like he was going to cry without tears.


My Lord, my King, please just let me go. I already know I messed up, okay? I won’t ever barge into the Palace of Darkness again. DZ6Nfh


Even though he felt reluctant, he still had to follow the Demon King’s orders, so he walked back while holding in his tears.


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When he walked into the main hall, he saw the Demon King talking to someone. ydMXsv


That person was Luo Jian Feng.


Seeing Bai Yang, Luo Jian Feng slightly smiled and nodded his head with a friendly face. qNydch


Bai Yang nodded back, to return the friendly attitude.

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He probably saw Bai Yang’s awkward posture, so he asked, “what happened to your leg?” VhBFUK


Bai Yang glanced at the expressionless Demon King and had to lie straight to his face. “I used the bathroom for too long so my legs went numb.”


An indescribable look appeared on Luo Jian Feng’s face. s2vFSp


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The Demon King laughed.


Bai Yang walked to stand next to Luo Jian Feng. 0mtH1F


Luo Jian Feng’s gaze stayed on Bai Yang’s legs.


Bai Yang’s face remained emotionless. jQmnX


“Tomorrow you still go to the Human Realm with Luo Jian Feng.” The Demon King’s voice declared from above.


So soon? nzOrYa


After hanging upside down for a whole night, Bai Yang felt a little down. However, when he heard that, Bai Yang cheered up.


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Bai Yang grabbed his fist. “Yes!” iO8FKd


He sounded bright, cheerful, and full of strength.


The handsome man sitting atop the throne started to smile, and seemed to be satisfied with Bai Yang’s reaction. t3NBhd


And thus, Bai Yang finally had the opportunity to enter the Human Realm.

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Bai Yang returned to the mansion from the main hall to rest for a few days. Afterwards, he happily passed through the passage to the Human Realm. vFc2WS


After arriving in the Human Realm, Luo Jian Feng told him what his mission was. He was assigned to kill the arriving participants of the Hidden Flower Mirage event. It was speculated that the Son of the Seven Stars was among the group, but, even if he wasn’t, killing powerful figures in the Human Realm was a good thing.


Upon hearing Luo Jian Feng’s introduction, Bai Yang dove into his memories to find relevant information. n0xbFo


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The Hidden Flower Mirage was a large event that occurred every ten years. All the sects that practiced martial arts would send talented disciples to participate and rank the members of that generation. Valuable rewards would be handed out according to the ranks, and it also served to measure their skill in martial arts. So, whether it was for the rewards or the fame, many young talents would volunteer and attempt to earn a good rank.


In the original book, the leading actors — Zhou Ying and Miss Li — both entered the Soaring Clouds Sect. Miss Li was an official disciple, while the Male Lead, Zhou Ying, was her servant. Specifically, he was to tend to her food and drink needs. FBPyum


The Male Lead, with his protagonist aura, was a small servant in the Soaring Clouds Sect, but still managed to capture the interest of the Daughter of Destiny, Zhao Qinger. She was the daughter of the Soaring Clouds Sect’s patriarch.


Originally, the Male Lead didn’t have the qualifications to enter the Hidden Flower Mirage, but, with the power of the heroine, Zhao Qinger, and Miss Li, he was able to participate. J1amfx


It was during this event that there was a demon invasion that killed hundreds of Hidden Flower Mirage Participants, and only the Male Lead survived. The Male Lead also obtained his major golden finger, the Dragon Blade.


Bai Yang didn’t think that his first time in the Human Realm would involve participating in such a large scale massacre. 0n6ryu

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