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Dinghai Fusheng RecordsCh7.2 - Change

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“This is my job! How could it be considered being nosy?!”

Translated by: Zryuu
Edited by: Amelea, Juurensha sSoZMH

“Brother Feng!” Chen Xing shouted, “Where did they come from?!”

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Feng Qianjun shouted, “Don’t touch them!”

The moment the black flames came into contact with someone, they would begin burning. Chen Xing didn’t dare touch it. Feng Qianjun stood up and shouted, “Behind you!” KGZ2MA

The Jin troops had all fallen, yet many living corpses still remained. At this moment, they began to encircle Chen Xing one after another.

“Invoke light!” Feng Qianjun swung his sabre and severed the heads of two living corpses from their bodies. He shouted, “They’re afraid of light!”


As of this moment, Xiang Shu had already rushed onto the stone platform with large strides, his sword drawing an arc of light as he swung it with a “buzz”. The masked man immediately raised his hand to reveal a dagger from his right sleeve. It collided with Xiang Shu’s attack with a clang — his dagger gleamed with the colour of a conch shell dipped in poison. Xiang Shu gave him no chance to retaliate at all and stabbed towards the man’s throat with his sword! VGi A9

“You’re skilled.” The masked man always had a hand directed at Sima Wei’s body on the stone platform, while he struggled to deal with Xiang Shu’s blade with his other. Within an instant, they had already exchanged three moves. The masked man saw that he wouldn’t be able to continue withstanding Xiang Shu’s strikes, so he abruptly flew up, straightened his body, and had actually started flying! Xiang Shu immediately retreated and looked up at the height one zhang (3.3m) away. He noticed that the masked man dared not fly far; his left hand was still directed at Sima Wei’s body, guiding the invisible and endless resentment to imbue into the dead man’s body.

Story translated by Chrysanthemum Garden.

Xiang Shu observed the masked man’s every move, only to see his dagger disappear with a flutter of his right sleeve, and a small iron crossbow taking its stead. Sharp arrows appeared on the crossbow; a cold light flashed as the man looked down from above — he wanted to deliver a fatal hit to Xiang Shu.


At the same time, Feng Qianjun broke out of his tight encirclement and ran towards Chen Xing, who was surrounded by living corpses. KAvNFw

Chen Xing, “Why did you bring so many soldiers over?”

Feng Qianjun, “They were the ones who knew the way here, what else could I have done? Why on earth are you so nosy?”

Chen Xing raised his hand and shouted, “This is my job! How could it be considered being nosy?!”

Suddenly, the Heart Lamp’s light burst forth from Chen Xing’s hand; with the flash of the resplendent white light, the living corpses wailed instantaneously, scattering in surrender. XIkiud


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“I can’t hit them!” Chen Xing said in annoyance. He was about to put out the Heart Lamp when Feng Qianjun ran to the front of the wall and shouted, “Come here quickly!”

And thus, the scene became very bizarre. A young man held an iron shovel up high while his left hand shone with light as he herded a large group of living corpses to the west of the cemetery. The living corpses crowded together as they squeezed through the narrow road between two walls and passed through it noisily. Feng Qianjun shouted, “Listen to my command, charge!”

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Chen Xing broke into a run. When the group of living corpses were chased after by the Heart Lamp like that, they sped up instantaneously. The moment they rushed through the narrow passage, Feng Qianjun took a deep breath, closed his eyes, and let out a mad roar. He brandished his sabre horizontally in front of him and dove down, meeting the living corpse troop head-on with a tornado of inner force as he dashed forward! 0fod2O

His sabre gleamed as it reflected the light, and with a “whoosh”, it had severed the heads of nearly 60 living corpses in succession. When he arrived in front of Chen Xing, Chen Xing had an astonished look on his face, but Feng Qianjun subtly turned his wrist, his sabre deviating at a very small angle from its current trajectory; the blade was less than three inches away from Chen Xing’s face and brushed just past his nose, bringing with it a gust of cold wind.

Chen Xing, “……”

Feng Qianjun flexed his wrists, flicking off all of the residual rotten blood from his huanshou sabre with one movement; a clear, cold light was still visible on the tip of his blade.

“Good sabre skills.” When Chen Xing saw the blade coming at his neck, he thought that his head would be cut off as well and said with lingering trepidation, “Amazing.” zukaT9

“You flatter me, it’s only because I had a sacred weapon.” Previously, Feng Qianjun was completely unprepared and wasn’t able to deal with the living corpse’s sneak attack. But now that he knew what he was up against, he wouldn’t be defeated again. He immediately turned around and darted towards Xiang Shu.

Xiang Shu watched the masked man closely, and now the masked man seemed to have some fear. He just wanted to settle this as soon as possible; with one pull of the trigger, six hidden arrows flew. This was the moment Xiang Shu was waiting for. He brandished the longsword in his hand and with six “ding ding ding”s in succession, he had actually blocked every single one of those hidden arrows that were as thin as a strand of cow’s hair!

Story translated by Chrysanthemum Garden.

“You……” The masked man was stunned at once. Xiang Shu jumped onto a stone platform and spun as he stabbed at the masked man’s left hand with his sword. Feng Qianjun arrived soon afterwards; he took two steps to jump onto the stone pillar next to the platform, twisted his sabre horizontally to hack downward as he aimed it at the masked man’s neck!

However, only the masked man’s black robe was torn apart with a swish — the inside was empty. The cloth fluttered and rolled in the air, returning to its original appearance. The man withdrew and retreated; his mask fell to the ground, revealing his true face. i8qIFv

Xiang Shu’s sword had only torn the man’s sleeve, while Feng Qianjun’s sabre had picked his mask off. The mask fell and landed with a clang. The two men landed; Chen Xing ran to the front of the stone platform and looked up.

The man’s clear and graceful face was revealed as he looked down to study the three of them from above. He sneered.

“And what monster is that?” Feng Qianjun frowned.

Chen Xing was baffled. “I don’t know? No one here knows him anyway, what does he need a mask for.” dAMUgY

The man’s voice was sharp, and his face was pale as he asked coldly, “Who are you?”

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Chen Xing said, “Who are you!”

The man seemed doubtful, “Who are you?”

Chen Xing, “Tell me who you are first! What do you intend to do?” TMByeo


“He’s stalling for time!” Xiang Shu saw that a nonsensical and endless conversation revolving around the words “who are you”, “and who are you” was about to begin and immediately spoke up to stop it. He shouted, “Don’t waste time talking to him!”

Chen Xing sobered up upon hearing this. With a white light enveloping his left hand, he faced towards the sky and shouted, “Die!”

Chen Xing exerted his utmost, and the Heart Lamp’s light burst out in an instant, turning into countless light particles that diffused like the stars of the galaxy, yet that man burst out with a sharp-sounding laugh. Ue92s7

“Fool, it’s not like I’m a drought fiend.” The man was completely unharmed. He raised his right hand, and his hand expelled black flames that crushed the three people below and exploded with a loud blast!

Chen Xing didn’t expect that this sorcerer wouldn’t fear the Heart Lamp’s light at all. Feng Qianjun and Xiang Shu turned around at the same time and lunged at Chen Xing. Xiang Shu kicked Feng Qianjun away first before wrapping one arm around Chen Xing’s waist and rolling away on the ground with him, then hid behind the stone platform. The three of them avoided the black flames. Xiang Shu pushed Chen Xing behind the stone pillar before turning around and rushing out.

At that moment, the crow of a rooster finally travelled over from a distance. The man in the black robe laughed maniacally and said in a frenzy, “It succeeded——”

Following which, on the central stone platform, black flames burst forth from Sima Wei’s body with a loud bang and shot out from the crevices of his armour. They flashed in situ and rose into the sky with the armour, then disintegrated into black light particles before flying northwest. phYgJM

The marble white colour of the dawn sky emerged from the East; the black robed man freed his other hand, shook both hands out, and with a crossbow in his left and a dagger in his right, he slowly descended. He faced Xiang Shu and didn’t consider Chen Xing and Feng Qianjun as threats at all, only focusing on dealing with Xiang Shu.

“He has no feet,” Feng Qianjun said from behind the pillar, “Is he a ghost? How do we deal with him?”

Chen Xing, “I don’t know……”

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Feng Qianjun, “Aren’t you an exorcist?” 4NLmrC

Chen Xing, “But more importantly, I don’t even know what he is!”

Chen Xing’s mind raced; he had never seen such a monster in the ancient texts, yet Xiang Shu held his longsword out and said calmly, “What exactly are you?’

“I don’t know either.” The black robed man with a pale face said, “It doesn’t matter, take……this.”

The black robed man rushed at Xiang Shu in an instant, but the attack with his dagger was immediately blocked by Xiang Shu. This bastard could actually fly freely in the sky and shift around everywhere like a ghost. His dagger flew everywhere, creating countless illusions that cooperated with the strong crossbow in his left hand. No matter how Xiang Shu tried to behead him, all he could do was tear at the black robe on this monster without harming him in the slightest. MPDskH

Feng Qianjun saw that the opponent was really difficult to deal with, so he could only wield his long sabre in one hand and rush out again.

There must be a way……Chen Xing persistently activated the Heart Lamp and thought, would it work if I just press the magic directly on his face to burn him? The Heart Lamp in his hand would be strong at times and weak at others — it fluctuated continuously. Suddenly, he realised something——

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—— the iron sword in Xiang Shu’s hand was actually starting to flicker with a brilliant light in time with Chen Xing’s flurry of activations of the Heart Lamp!

Xiang Shu came to the same realisation and glanced at Chen Xing while he had his hands full. INqF7R

“Sword!” Xiang Shu shouted.

At that moment, Feng Qianjun had already rushed forward to cut off the lower half of the black robed man’s body. Black flames instantaneously erupted from the bottom of his robe and swept across the central area of the cemetery.

Chen Xing immediately raised his left hand, crouched down, and pressed it down towards Xiang Shu from a distance.

In the next moment, the iron sword in Xiang Shu’s hands shone with a dazzling white light that collided with the black flames. Like a scorching sun that melted blood, it expelled the black flames until it had almost completely vanished! 2DSGfU

The black robed man was stunned, and was just about to straighten up to dodge when Feng Qianjun jumped off a stone pillar from behind and swung his sabre down at the man’s head, forcing the black robed man back onto the ground. Xiang Shu wielded his sword with both hands, drew a radiant arc as he swung his sword, turned and took a quick step, and stabbed the man with a turn of his hand.

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The longsword, augmented with the magic of the Heart Lamp, stabbed and pierced through the black robed man’s chest. He released a blood-curdling screech and began to quiver uncontrollably.

“Why, would this light……” The black flames under the black robed man turned into a white flare in a split second and erupted in all directions, scorched into ashes.

“Don’t know.” The three of them answered in unison. wnjx6y

Chen Xing added, “I wouldn’t tell you even if I did know, you can only blame yourself for your own bad luck ba.”


There was a loud blast, and the black robed man was burned into countless light particles and disappeared with a flash. His black robe landed on the ground, then spontaneously ignited, burning with a blazing fire. Eventually, ashes will be ashes, and dust will be dust, nothing remained.

The crimson sun rose at the edge of Mt. Longzhong, illuminating the cemetery midway up the mountain. The omnipresent anguished wails of the Jin army gradually diminished. The doubts in Chen Xing’s heart grew. He looked up at Xiang Shu, who bowed down to pick up the mask that had fallen from the black robed man’s face. e5nCQA


Translator's Note

it’s a proverb to mean that you will always be what you will be eventually

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