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Class Teacher SystemCh9 - Save the psychopathic killer (9)


Sitting in the big bear child’s luxury car on the way to the hospital, Teacher Ren suddenly realised that this Professor Ning seemed to be a fairly nouveau riche guy. Just the car and the clothes on his body already proved this point. Such a person would actually run over to a private school to be a psychology teacher? No matter how he thought about it, he felt that it was very suspicious. Ren Zhu looked sideways at Ning Xun, sizing him up. He was not particularly happy to find that apart from being rich, he was also attractive with a kind of elegant and graceful temperament, making him look even more charming. When he wasn’t talking, he could honestly draw in people.

“How is it? Am I very handsome?” 2FmUYA

Ning Xun naturally noticed Ren Zhu’s stare and his lips slightly raised, like a proud peacock. Teacher Ren calmly retracted his gaze. He estimated that delusional disorder was also a kind of mental illness.

Ning Xun didn’t say anything more. He just focused on the road ahead, and used a very fast speed to drive the car to the central hospital. Then, the two carried the bear children directly into the inpatient department. After Ning Xun had gotten out of the car, he made a call. Soon, a doctor in the inpatient department came to greet them. Only after the two children were both in hospital beds, Ren Zhu then turned his head to look at Ning Xun, who was sitting by the side stretching his long legs: “Thank you.”

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Ning Xun laughed: “It’s what I should do. They are also my students.”

Ren Zhu didn’t speak and directly gave Lu Xu a call. However, it was already 7:30 pm. Director Lu and his whole family had long been anxious because Lu Ban Ban hadn’t returned on time. Ren Zhu’s phone call was quite timely. If it were a little bit later, it’s estimated that Director Lu would have called the police. PCyvMd

“Hello? Teacher Ren, is our Lu Ban Ban with you? Did he not finishing writing his homework today? If so, even if you punish him, you should still at least give us a call.” Director Lu spoke and went straight to the point.

Ren Zhu turned his head to look at the miserable Lu Xiao Pang. For a moment, he felt that it was hard to say something, but he still sighed and said: “Today, Lu Ban Ban heroically helped his classmate. However, because it was two against six, they are now both injured and in the hospital. But rest assured Director Lu. Their injuries are all skin traumas, nothing serious.”

Even so, after twenty minutes, Lu Ban Ban’s big family quickly came over. Mother Lu thought that she had never seen her son with such a miserable appearance. She immediately bawled, but fortunately with Director Lu’s prompt, she quickly calmed down. However, even though it was like this, Mother Lu was still very angry. “How did this child become so foolish! Acting heroically as though there’s nothing else to do! At home, we would reluctantly reprimand and hit him a few times, but now he’s actually beaten to this state. This really makes my heart hurt.”

Ren Zhu didn’t care about Lu Ban Ban’s mother and grandparents’ worry for him. Towards Director Lu, whose expression didn’t look so good, he just said: “I feel that Ban Ban did very well in this situation. At least, I can be sure that next time when Ban Ban encounters the same situation, Zhou Lai would definitely help him no matter what. This is what his little followers are incapable of doing.”


Director Lu looked straight at Ren Zhu and actually couldn’t help but agree with his words. In all honesty, his anger and distress today both couldn’t beat his proud emotions. He was obviously very clear on what kind of person his son was. If it were before his change, his son would have never done something like this, but now he preferred this kind of brave son. Being able to sit in the position of the Education Bureau Director, Lu Xu was never foolish.

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“En, I still need to thank you two teachers for bringing these boys over. Ban Ban can rarely make this kind of friend. Although…… the Zhou family is now in dire straits, however, making friends, regardless of status, as long as their personalities match then it’s fine.” Director Lu smiled when he finished speaking, expressing that he will cover for Zhou Lai’s medical expenses. Then, he directly took two gold cards from his briefcase: “I hope that the two teacher will accept this small token of gratitude, otherwise we won’t be at ease.”

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In fact, Director Lu had always wanted to send Ren Zhu a little something. After all, the video in Ren Zhu’s hands was more or less a threat to him. However, the previously sent money and gifts were all rejected. This time, his actions could be regards as honourable and with pure intentions.

Ren Zhu looked at Director Lu’s appearance and raised his eyebrows. He felt that this time, if he still didn’t accept the card, this might cause the director to blacken. However, he had always never accepted gifts. Just as he was thinking this, Ning Xun already stood up and took the two gold cards for him. zPXdfE

“Glgfmabg Oe lr abb xlcv. Ktlr lr ktja kf rtbeiv vb. Ktfc, kf’ii jmmfqa atfrf uloar bo ugjalaevf. P tbqf atja Glgfmabg Oe mjc ajxf mjgf bo Djc Djc jcv Itbe Ojl, joafg jii atfs ybat fzqfglfcmfv remt j rlaejalbc. Rb wjaafg tbk sbe rjs la, atfs rtbeiv cbk yf ubbv ygbatfgr.”

After saying this, Ning Xun pulled the blank faced Ren Zhu and left. After exiting the door, before Ren Zhu had the time to start speaking, Ning Xun simply said: “You’re not that much of a person who puts a lot of effort in something. Why are you so stubborn on this point? Water that is too clear has no fish, and one who is too severe has no friends. It’s fine if we just need to spend the money in the right place. It’s not like you’re planning to fight to the death with Director Lu right now.”

Ren Zhu shut his mouth. He couldn’t help but think that Ning Xun’s insight and accuracy on his analysis of people were astonishing. It should be said that this was expected of a psychology major? It seemed that he was always able to find the most appropriate opening, and moreover step on the bottom line. His grasp on Lu Xu’s mentality was like this, also stepping on the bottom line.

“I really hate learning psychology.” nBaGWX

Ning Xun heard these words and laughed. That laughter was deep and carried a bit of pride: “Haha. The people who say these words are usually the ones who have been analysed correctly by me. However, I don’t like to secretly analyse people’s feelings.”

Ren Zhu felt that this was the biggest lie. This person was simply analysing all the time.

Ning Xun turned around, his expression suddenly becoming serious: “Apart from a few essential matters, I will only unconsciously pay attention to special people.”

Teacher Ren felt that this big bear child was about to make some big move. vyWmRH

Ning Xun’s eyes focused on Ren Zhu, his serious expression becoming much softer. His gaze like it was filled with deep affection, he said: “I think you are very special.”

Teacher Ren’s heart fiercely jumped. He lowered his eyes and directly walked ahead: “It’s an illusion.” He just suddenly felt that this man was extremely handsome. This was probably also an illusion.

Ning Xun shrugged and didn’t show any objection, but he quickly caught up in big strides: “There are at least 50,000 in each of these two cards. What do you think is a good way to spend it? How about using it to buy the children some learning materials? Then the rest can be used for class prizes and other expenses. Ah, aren’t we going mountain hiking this Saturday? We can buy some essential items. Speaking of which, have you prepared the necessary items for hiking yet? The time is still early, let’s go to the mall together!”

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That tone was simply too familiar. 8OcoAx

Ren Zhu unreservedly rolled his eyes: “You speak as though you’re also coming this Saturday. You’re just a psychology counsellor.”

Ning Xun said naturally: “Of course I’m going! Who knows what you’ll encounter during the outing ah! Having this decathlon present, I can definitely guarantee your safety! Even if your agility is okay and you’ve had practice, it’s still not easy to single-handedly lead 45 people to hike up a mountain.”

These words basically hit Teacher Ren in the bottom of his heart. Also, although Ren Zhu had been going to the gym and practising mixed martial arts this month, but who knows what would happen while hiking. After pausing for a while, Teacher Ren snorted in a particularly bad mood: “Head to Jinli Mall.”

Professor Ning seemed to already know his intentions. The car was heading in the right direction. msWohp

“Just saying, how are you planning to help Lu Xiao Pang and Zhou Lai vent their anger tomorrow? Are you going to notify the school to call their parents? This kind of method has already been used rotten. Since those children have become like that, it’s not much of a use to call their parents.” Even though Ning Xun was already a professor, he was still concerned as to how the teacher would deal with this situation.

As a result, he saw the beautiful and refined young man next to him reveal what could be a sinister laugh: “Call what parents? My own problems should be solved myself. If I make a mistake, of course I need to shoulder the responsibility. Calling parents is such a low method, how can I do it?”

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Professor Ning: “……” He suddenly felt his whole body grow cold.

The next day, Professor Ning saw how Teacher Ren dealt with those six bear children. VnGKX8

Dong Hou and the others weren’t students of Jinrui Private School, but were actually first year students from Shi'er Middle school across the street. Shi’er Middle School was a public school. Their ranking within the city was low, and the school students were on polar ends in terms of study. Dong Hou and the others were naturally on the lacking end. Their class was just like the previous Grade 6 Class 8. They were the most famous and worst class within the grade.

After Teacher Ren finished classes on that day, he announced the incident of Zhou Lai being bullied and Lu Xiao Pang’s heroic act to the class. All the Grade 6 Class 8 students felt that this was like a fantasy. Shouldn’t it be Lu Xiao Pang who was bullying Zhou Lai and other people being heroic? Lu Xiao Pang actually helped Zhou Lai?! Sure enough, this Old Ban was really terrifying! However, after being confounded, the Class 8 students all started to feel anger from the injustice, especially Lu Xiao Pang’s followers. Everyone exclaimed that this incident should definitely not be tolerated.

Then, Ren Zhu simply picked out ten tall and strong male students to follow him. He directly entered the First Year Class 10 class of Shi’er Middle School, and with a very imposing manner, he shouted out Dong Hou’s group of teenagers.

This group of teenagers only managed to wake up at eight last night. Fortunately, they didn’t have any serious injuries and still came to school today. As a result, they didn’t expect that the young man who had used a brick to beat them one by one to the ground was actually a teacher?! Why was this teacher bringing ten students to come over here? Is he going to stir up a war between the two schools?! Dong Hou and the others looked at Ren Zhu in high alert. Their class teacher also nervously walked out to ask for the reason. d0HrZm

Teacher Ren revealed a grieved expression: “Last night, Dong Hou and five others from your class robbed our student Zhou Lai on Xiaotian Road. Fortunately, our Lu Ban Ban and I arrived on time to stop them. However, both Lu Ban Ban and Zhou Lai were beaten by them into the hospital. I came to discuss a method to resolve this. For example, compensation for medical expenses.”

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When Dong Hou heard this, he immediately stood up: “Don’t even think that we have the money!” If they had money, why would they be robbing others?

Teacher Ren sneered: “Then do you want to enter juvenile prison? Anger your parents to death and make it so that they can’t lift their heads in front of others?”

Dong Hou and the others were instantly red eyed, wanting desperately to fight with Ren Zhu. In this imminent peril, Teacher Ren said: “If you are willing to write a reflection and a repentance document, juvenile prison and compensation for medical expenses can both be negotiated.” ptdECq

Dong Hou’s class teacher sighed with relief and quickly called out the six teenagers. He then said: “These boys should be cleaned up, but there is still no need to enter juvenile prison. They will definitely properly write a reflection, you see?”

When Ren Zhu heard this, he finally revealed his sinister true colours: “Oh, then just write a three thousand word reflection, then copy it a hundred times.”

Dong Hou and the other: “……………………..?!”

You must be joking?! WNsedt

Teacher Ren’s eyes were cold: “I have never joked before. Choose one or the other, the future is in your hands.”

The ten former bear children from Grade 6 Class 8 who came as support: “……” Mama! Save me! Class teacher really is a big demon! So scary!

However, watching this big demon bully others, they still felt somewhat invigorated. What to do?


Translator's Note

Drastic change to a dark evil personality.

Translator's Note

Idiom. One’s standards cannot be too high.

Translator's Note

Author seems to have forgotten his name and wrote it as Zhou Hou. I’ll just keep it as Dong Hou. He’s not a major character anyway.

Translator's Note

Literally means 12. I don’t know why the author would name a school a number.

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