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Class Teacher SystemCh68 - Against heaven and earth (27)


Teacher Ren suddenly felt that he had some inexplicable grievances and sadness: “Is the treatment good?”

The male voice lightened up: “It’s okay. But it’s also the treatment I deserve after barely escaping from being brainwashed by the organisation.” RdZWPy

Ren Zhu nodded in agreement. Zhang Jun then spoke from the cell next to him: “Alright, let’s not dwell on the past. We must hurry and rescue the children! They’re most likely being tormented by a wicked psychologist right now. Also, if we successfully rescue the children, then the school would definitely commend us! A promotion and raise in salary won’t be a dream! Hurry up and tell us how we’re going to get out of here!”

Inexplicably, the four people present all felt invigorated at the mention of a promotion and raise in salary. Ren Zhu first stated his role: “I should have some experience in taming dogs. I pretty much have a special skill that can guarantee that the dogs won’t attack us. But even so, I can’t unlock the door. It’s useless if we’re unable to leave here.”

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Zhong Da Li quickly displayed his own skills: “In an ordinary battle, no one can be my opponent. As long as you give me a baton, then I won’t even be afraid of guns. Also, I’m best at destroying things. So long as we reach the power distribution room, then I’ll be able to cut the power of whichever area you want and quickly take control of the base.”

Zhong Da Li’s skills were pretty good, but it still required that they must first open the prison doors to be able to reach the power distribution room. bZyjJe

Zhang Jun thought for a moment and said a skill that wasn’t quite a skill: “That’s nothing. I feel like my sixth sense is much stronger. For all the questions I don’t know the answer to, I can still blindly guess 90% of them right. Also, I’m quite sensitive to danger and monitoring devices, so I should be able to help everyone avoid the cameras.”

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After Teacher Ren finished roasting him, he also felt that he went a little overboard. So, he directly turned around and asked the last male teacher who was the real undercover agent: “Hey you, what skills do you have? Let us hear it. If even you can’t unlock the door, then our plan would be a failure before it even started. Also, is there anyone else here who has been silent up until now? Qin Cong, are you there?”


After Ren Zhu said this, the three of them heard a crisp clicking sound. That sound instantly caused them to feel excited, because such a sound could only be heard under a certain kind of circumstance. Ren Zhu then heard that male voice reply: “My name is not ‘hey you’. You can call me Qiu Lan Feng. I have now already opened the lock, but as you can see, the dogs have all run in my direction. I reckon that as soon as I open the door, they would all growl and pounce on me.”

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At this moment, 11 German shepherds and hounds that were patrolling the corridor had assembled in front of a prison door diagonally to the right of Ren Zhu. It looked like they very much wanted to gnaw on a bone. Ren Zhu took a deep breath and announced: “In a moment, it’s best for all of you to block your ears. Otherwise, I can’t be sure of what effect it’ll have on you guys.”

Zhang Jun very obediently covered his ears and told himself that if he didn’t do so, then the outcome would be very disastrous. However, Zhong Da Li felt that no matter what devilish tricks Ren Zhu used, he could just rely on his physique and fast reactions. Hence, he then heard an explosive shout.

“You disobedient dogs! Stand still and don’t move!!” WbkFcd

[Ding! You have triggered the class teacher’s corporal punishment skill (stand still): All the dogs walking in the corridor will stand on the spot and not be able to move for at least 10 minutes. The explosive shout has a slight class teacher’s reprimand effect. For all the dogs watching the door,  physical strength, mental strength and intelligence -5.]

Zhong Da Li was the first to react. He looked in horror at Ren Zhu opposite him and shouted: “Fuck! Why can’t I move? Did you use some black magic on me?!”

And at this moment, Qiu Lan Feng had already hurried out of his prison and even cleverly pushed all the dogs into his cell before carefully locking the door again. Turning around, he felt that the entire corridor was unusually quiet.

He then directly walked to Ren Zhu’s cell, and Ren Zhu could finally see his appearance. This was a person who didn’t in any way look like a police officer, because from head to toe, he exuded a ‘Laozi is a playboy and no one looks pleasing to my eye’ kind of aura. In addition, his eyes were long and narrow, making people feel that he was always scheming something. However, this did not mean that he looked ugly. In fact, this person was very good looking. It was just that he didn’t look like a good person. lSI63D

“You really are amazing.” Qiu Lan Feng took out his lock-picking tools and skilfully started to unlock Ren Zhu’s door: “Is this some kind of supernatural power?”

Ren Zhu thought for a moment and nodded, but then shook his head: “It doesn’t really count as one. It might just be that because I have been working as a class teacher for a long time, I developed an imposing force. However, I suppose it’s also a little supernatural.”

Qiu Lan Feng chuckled: “Your skill is just like some kind of ‘spiritual force’.”

Ren Zhu shrugged: “But it can only make them stand still or run laps.” ND0fVO

Qiu Lan Feng was quiet speechless. “Well, you must be a very competent class teacher.” Otherwise, it would have been impossible for there to be such a skill.

Afterwards, Qiu Lan Feng quickly unlocked the doors for the three of them. It could be assumed that there were also cameras here, but what was really strange was that no alarm had been sounded so far.

“What should we do next? There should be a lot of surveillance cameras the entire way, right? How can we get to the ‘officials zone’ without being discovered?” Finally able to move again, Zhong Da Li said with a weary heart.

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“Hm, although I don’t know the reason, but I feel that we should be able to smoothly get there. Perhaps someone is helping us? I have a feeling that this moment is just right. If we hurry up and go now, we should be able to reach the ‘officials zone’ without a hitch!” 51jF2q

Zhang Jun’s words sounded a little strange, but they didn’t have a better option. Zhang Jun and Qiu Lan Feng took the lead, while Ren Zhu followed in the middle and Zhong Da Li walked at the back. Jogging along the very simple route towards the ‘officials zone’, they actually didn’t run into any troubles along the way, apart from a few small groups of patrol officers which they avoided thanks to Zhang Jun. When they arrived at the room with the words ‘monitoring room’ written on it, only 20 minutes had passed.

Their escape was so smooth that it was unbelievable! Did they just succeed a fake prison break?!

Translator's Note

Ren Zhu, Zhang Jun and Zhong Da Li

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