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Class Teacher SystemCh67 - Against heaven and earth (26)


Ren Zhu opened his eyes and came face to face with someone staring right at him. Immediately sitting up and moving back, he then realised that he was lying on a single bed similar to those found in dormitories. Beside him was a certain magician who had previously threatened his life. Ren Zhu had spent a lot of time and effort to find out his real identity —– Qu family’s third young master, Qu Long.

This young master was originally a very introverted, gloomy and cowardly kind of person. However, who knew when it started, he suddenly became cheerful and particularly liked to play with children. Everyone’s evaluation of this third young master of the Qu family was very good. However, if one were to carefully investigate all the children he had been in contact with, then they would notice that those children also had subtle changes; the kind that seemed like a change for the better, but was actually very dangerous. e6mKIL

“You’re awake? I’m surprised that you actually didn’t betray the organisation.” Qu Long crossed his legs and looked at Ren Zhu with some doubt: “After all, your performance was very bad that day at the hotel. Your later actions could also be considered rebellious.”

Ren Zhu pursed his lips: “My life is already pinched between your fingers. Even if I want to do something, I also need to keep my life.”

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Qu Long laughed: “Hah, so my threat is working? But this isn’t a satisfactory answer. In any case, the mission is almost complete. Before we can guarantee that you will earnestly completely the next task, you should first stay in the organisation for a while. You must have already forgotten our organisation’s grand ideals and beliefs. How pitiful and hateful. However, it doesn’t matter. After Mr Zhou is done with those children, he will come and talk to you. I believe that he will definitely be able to persuade you to become a devoted member of our organisation once again.”

Hearing this, Ren Zhu felt a chill in his heart. He raised an eyebrow and looked at Qu Long: “You think that kind of ‘persuasion’ can really convince me?” HdtFiS

Qu Long nodded with confidence: “Of course. Mr Zhou has never hypnotised the members of the organisation. He will just provoke the most primitive desires and thoughts in your heart while giving you encouragement.”

Ren Zhu coldly thought: the person in front of him was clearly a heavily hypnotised patient. He wouldn’t be able to have a proper conversation with him. He still needed to find an opportunity to escape.

“You should obediently stay here for half a month. Don’t think about secretly leaving or anything. We have cameras everywhere and also well trained dogs. People who run around will just be torn to pieces by those vicious beasts.” Seeing that Ren Zhu didn’t reply, Qu Long knew that he wasn’t going to be obedient at all. But what did it matter? This base had the most formidable and loyal guard dogs.

Qu Long walked out in a good mood. He was going to watch the magical hypnotisation technique of Mr Zhou and Doctor Jason with the boss. Thinking that the few of them could effortlessly rule the top of the world just by relying on these two specialists, his heart trembled with excitement!!


“Boss, I’m coming in. Are you inside?”

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A gorgeously intricate door stood in the deepest part of the base’s high tech corridors, displaying the nobility and status of the person behind it. Qu Long knocked on the door and then it automatically opened from inside.

Upon entering the room, he immediately saw a golden throne in the centre that was inlaid with all kinds of gems, as well as a young man wearing a gorgeous black and gold chang pao sitting on that throne.

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“You’re here, my magician.” The young man’s face was a little pale, probably because he hadn’t seen the sun for a long time. However, this did not in the least affect his melodic voice. hHUsiV

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“Zjs kf mtjcuf atf kbgiv.” Ktja sbecu wjc cbvvfv jcv atfc qblcafv ab atf rlinfg mtjlg cfza ab tlw: “Vla. Ofa’r ajxf j ibbx ja tbk beg tsqcbalra jcv vbmabg klii mtjcuf beg reypfmar!”

“This really is something I want to witness!” Qu Long excitedly sat down. In front of him was an enormous screen currently broadcasting a room.

A middle aged man wearing gold rimmed glasses gently rubbed a child’s head and said something to him. The child who was originally trembling gradually stopped and his eyes became full of yearning. In the end, he even hugged the spectacled man’s thigh and wept, as though he were a baby animal who had just reunited with his loved ones. IECo6q

Beside them was a young foreign man with dyed red hair holding a glass of wine. Next to him was a table filled with cups of different coloured fruit juice, but Qu Long and that king obviously knew that they were drugged drinks that could stimulate people’s senses and affect their mood.

“They really are a seamless match.”

“Yes ah. Another person has become under our control.”

The boy on the screen then pushed open the door and left. After he left, a doll faced girl with long hair and wearing a princess dress came in. If Ren Zhu could see this girl, then he would call out her name —– Zhao An An. Pd3GRX

Unfortunately, at this time, Ren Zhu was still struggling with the iron door of his prison.

The room he was locked up in had the design of a prison cell. There was only a bed and a toilet inside. Three of the sides were walls while the last side was blocked off with iron bars. Ren Zhu crouched down beside the bars and tried to stretch his head out to take a look. He actually didn’t see a single guard. There were only the German shepherds who patrolled the corridor like robots. With their sharp teeth and powerful legs, they clearly showed their strength.

Ren Zhu thought for a moment before taking a coin out of his pocket and throwing it into the corridor.

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A crisp sound echoed and in the next second, three big dogs pounced over from different directions, their formidable claws firmly pressing down on the coin. One of them then picked up the coin with its teeth and crunch! It bit it to pieces! KFwEuk


Teacher Ren was stunned. No wonder Qu Long had walked out so casually. He wasn’t at all worried that Ren Zhu would escape!! He won’t be able to use force to get out; he can only try to outsmart the dogs!

Ren Zhu quickly returned to his bed and sat there thinking. After the base was established, he remembered the structure of this place. The entire base was in the shape of a concentric circle. The inner circle was the location of the ‘king’s palace’. Three corridors extended out from this area, leading to the ‘captive zone’, the ‘subjects zone’ and the ‘officials zone’. Each of the three zones occupied a third of the outer circle.

It goes without saying that Ren Zhu’s current location was in the ‘captive zone’. This area was for all the people who haven’t or couldn’t be influenced, which were the teachers who weren’t working for the organisation. Diagonally opposite him was sport teacher Zhong Da Li, but because he had been knocked out by the sleeping gas, he still hadn’t woken up. However, it probably wouldn’t be much help even if he did wake up. After all, there were German shepherds and other large dogs everywhere in the corridor, as well a Tibetan mastiff. wtxlkd

The ‘subjects zone’ was where the children were. Mr Zhou and Jason should be hypnotising the children there.

The final ‘officials zone’ was where all the ‘king’s’ subordinates lived. Naturally, the monitoring room and the electrical power system were also there.

Story translated by Chrysanthemum Garden.

Figuring out the layout, Ren Zhu had a plan. He should first control the monitoring room and destroy the electrical power system. In the chaos, he would then go to the ‘king’s palace’ and deal with the king. Then after taking down Mr Zhou and Jason, he would basically be in control of the situation and would just need to wait for support from the outside.

However, this would be extremely difficult to do himself. He still needed the help of the other teachers. j7TXvb

Hence, Ren Zhu started to shout: “Wake up, wake up, wake up! Stop sleeping; the children have been kidnapped! Your salary is about to be deducted and you’ll be kicked out of Dingdian!”

Ren Zhu’s voice echoed through the corridor of the captive zone. Ren Zhu noticed that when he shouted that the children had been kidnapped, Zhong Da Li seemed to frowm, and when he mentioned the deduction of salary and being kicked out of Dingdian, Zhong Da Li abruptly opened his eyes and sat up. “What’s going on?! Whose salary is being deducted?!”

Ren Zhu’s mouth twitched: “Yours.”

Zhong Da Li then realised his situation: “How come I’m locked up?! No! Someone kidnapped the children! What is going on?! Where are we?!” YQChVf

Zhong Da Li’s voice was very loud, causing several German shepherds to turn around and glare at him. However, they seemed to have received an order that so long as the prisoners didn’t leave their iron cage, then they didn’t need to attack. So from start to finish, they could only glare at him.

Story translated by Chrysanthemum Garden.

“It’s a long story, but to put it simply, your guess is right. The children have really been kidnapped. The people who kidnapped them are going to try and hypnotise them so that they obey their every command, hence controlling the lifeblood of all the rich and powerful families. We’re now locked up in their base on the island. The children are now probably being hypnotised.” Ren Zhu answered Zhong Da Li’s questions as concisely as possible. Hearing these words, Zhong Da Li was a little dazed.

“Are you kidding me? Such a chuuni idea actually happened in reality?!” Before Zhong Da Li could speak, Teacher Zhang Jun’s disbelieving voice sounded from the room next to Ren Zhu.

Ren Zhu sighed: “In our current situation, would anyone bother to make a joke?” hZ1 od

“So, those German shepherds walking around are actually the prison guards?” This time, a deep voice came from another room.

“Yes, in addition to the German shepherds, there’s also a husky and a sheepdog, and even a Tibetan mastiff.”

“Then I want to ask you a question. I have already been captured for a day and have no idea what is going on. Why is it that you know so much after only being captured tonight?”

The underlying meaning of these words were: You know too much. It seems like you’re not someone on our side. gut1WP

Ren Zhu had already anticipated that he would be asked this kind of question. He said with lament: “I’m an undercover agent. I have already been tasked with investigating this organisation for a long time.”

Consequently, the area became extremely quiet.

After a long while, Zhong Da Li broke the silence: “No wonder you’re so skilled. And young master Qin also came over. With his kind of status, it would be strange for him to participate in this kind of activity, but it is understandable if he was the one who requested for you to investigate this organisation. What have you found? The children are now in danger. What do you think we should do?”

In his heart, Ren Zhu gave Teacher Zhong Da Li a like and directly said: “According to my investigation, this area should be divided into three zones. The zone we are in is the most dangerous captive zone. There’s hypnotised dogs everywhere. We need to first leave here and go to the zone where the members of the organisation reside. We then need to find the electrical power room and pull the switch before proceeding to save the children. Otherwise, the monitoring would be very troublesome and we would also alert the enemy.” PXMqta

“Your plan is very reasonable, but these dogs all seem to be abnormal. They look like they’ve been injected with some drug, causing them to be very sensitive to sound. We are only four people in total. How would we be able to deal with a dozen large dogs?” That deep voice continued to ask.

Ren Zhu frowned when he heard this: “According to my investigation, you should be a member of the organisation.” The teachers of Class 9 and 10 all had connections with the inside. This person was captured a day in advance; he definitely wasn’t an innocent person.

Sure enough, the deep voice paused for a moment, but then he suddenly chuckled: “This ah…… what a coincidence. I’m also an undercover agent.”

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Teacher ‘fake undercover agent real transmigrator’ Ren: ……………………………. uzIjUF

The atmosphere became so awkward. I don’t want to talk!

Translator's Note

Traditional Chinese men’s robe
chang pao

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