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Class Teacher SystemCh61.1 - Against heaven and earth (20.1)


This chapter was considerably longer than others so I decided to split it in two~

Qin Cong’s words made the entire atmosphere become quiet. Staring at each other for a long time, Qin Cong then wiped his face and said: “I’m just talking nonsense.” TBOomf

Ren Zhu sighed and nodded his head: “I know you’re talking nonsense. But who let there be some people to be born with a crow’s beak? Otherwise, why would there be the phrase ‘silence is golden’? You should keep this in mind in the future.”

Young master Qin’s mouth twitched. He then took out his cell phone, intending to send his subordinates a message to come and investigate the mountain on this island. Unexpectedly however, his phone didn’t have a single bar of signal.

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Qin Cong’s heart sank. Instantly noticing his reaction, Ren Zhu tilted his head over to have a look. Seeing the no signal icon, he grimly laughed. “As expected, it’s like this.” Although the reason for having no reception could be said to be because they were on an island relatively far from civilisation, but regarding young master Qin’s exclusive custom-made hand phone, that was absolutely impossible. In Qin Cong’s words, it was—–

“Laozi’s phone can directly connect to the satellite! Even if I’m in the Bermuda, which is prone to magnetic interference, I would still have time to send a text message!” BEivMu

However, after they arrived on this seemingly calm and beautiful island, young master Qin’s cell phone suddenly could no longer be used. There was definitely a special device on this island used to jam the phone signals. But where would it be located? If they could know the location of this signal jammer, then they should be able to find somewhere out of the range of the device to send a message.

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Ren Zhu tried to comfort Qin Cong, but Qin Cong still felt very displeased: “Then, if there’s an emergency on this island, how would we be able to contact that ship out there?”

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“Teacher Ren! Hurry up! Everyone is choosing their beds. It’s one big room!”

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“Teacher Ren, it’s now already 11 o’clock! What are we eating for lunch? We weren’t allowed to bring any food in our backpacks and we also don’t know how to cook. Teacher, do you know how?”

Ren Zhu looked at the excited students and his gloomy mood improved a lot. In fact, if there wasn’t that evil organisation suspected to be on the island, then he rather liked this idea of an end of semester trip. In this half a month, he would be able to help the children develop a lot of skills and discipline.

Ren Zhu and Qin Cong walked into the house and found that it had a very simple design. It was divided into four large sections. There was a very large bedroom with 2 big beds and 7 smaller beds, obviously for them to use when they sleep. Then there was a large living room located right by the entrance. The most notable feature in the room was the wooden dining table and chairs. After that was the kitchen and the bathroom. The house was very simple, but everything they needed was there. rxEFWy

Putting down his backpack on the bed, Ren Zhu rolled up his sleeves and said towards the eager children: “Alright, let’s head outside and see what’s growing in the vegetable field. If you want to eat and drink well, you need to do things yourself. In addition, you should know that money plays no role on this island, so if you want to enjoy your life here, you’ll have to work for it. I’ll tell you this in advance; there will be no excuses to slacking off. If you don’t listen and go off on your own, then after we go back, you’ll face the punishment of writing lines a hundred times.”

Ren Zhu put on a gentle smile. Facing the 7 dumbstruck students and his sweetheart, he questioned: “Do you understand?”

Seeing that smile, the 7 little students trembled and vigorously nodded. One after another, they put on a smart and lovable appearance, expressing: “We won’t run around! If we want to do something, we will first tell teacher!”

If this had been a few months ago, they definitely wouldn’t be so well-behaved. After all, they were all little princes and princesses. However, under Teacher Ren’s reins these past 3 months, the Grade 4 Class 4 students had thoroughly experienced the various imposing and demonic abilities of their class teacher. They were very clear that they absolutely must not go against their teacher. Of course, Teacher Ren had also saved them. He was doing this for their own good, so they must not be disobedient! 3fI6mh

Young master Qin: Every time I see my sweetheart educating his students, I find him extremely handsome! Ah~ I really want to tear off his clothes and throw him onto the bed! Uh, thinking this is making my nose itch again.

Consequently, Teacher Ren nodded his head with satisfaction.

“Let’s go the vegetable field.”

Hence, the Grade 4 Class 4 students went to observe the vegetable field assigned to them. At this moment, the Grade 4 Class 5 students were screaming and running wildly in the neighbouring vegetable field. One of their teachers could only helplessly watch them run all over the place, while the other teacher was seriously checking what kind of plants there were in the vegetable fields. k ACiy

Seeing Ren Zhu’s class neatly come out of their house and also line up to wait for their teacher’s arrangements, those two teachers immediately felt that their faces were painful. This was simply comparing their abilities to teach!

“Mm, this piece of land is quite large, but it just happens to be divided into 7 different sections. Each of you will be in charge of a section. Take a look and see what kind of plant is growing there. It’ll be best if you can name the vegetable. But if you don’t know it, then you can dig it out and bring it over. I will answer it for you.” Ren Zhu didn’t look at the chaos in Class 5 and directly gave his own students a command.

“Oh oh oh! Does Teacher Ren recognise all these vegetables?” Zhao An An couldn’t help but ask in amazement.

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Teacher Ren smiled and nodded. Don’t mention his last life where he was a food connoisseur and walked to the food market with his chef husband every day, he had also already purchased two lifetimes worth of food. How could he possibly not recognise these vegetables! ZdYX3d

“Wow! Teacher, you are really awesome! When we get back, I must buy a book on vegetables and remember them all!” This was Zhang Hai Tao’s idea of becoming a respectable person.

“Ah, I should master the skill of recognising plants. Who knows, maybe one day I’ll suddenly be deep in a mountain forest. I will also study when we get back!” This was Qin Shu, who was very fond of collecting information.

Thus, the children cheerfully found themselves a section each and looked at the vegetables planted in the ground. At this moment, the neighbouring Class 5 children were still laughing and screaming as they picked the leaves off the vegetables.

Teacher Ren stood where he was and stared at those children. He thought, if they were his students, he would definitely make them stand together on the beach and scream their lungs out for an hour. That should teach them a lesson. 65C4uo

The 7 youngsters of Class 5 who were still shouting with excitement suddenly felt a chill down their spine. They turned to look at everyone in Class 4 who were very orderly as they observed each section of the vegetable field. Suddenly feeling like they were defeated, they slowly started to behave themselves. Taking advantage of this moment, their teacher quickly said: “Alright, children. I know that you’re all very excited, but it’ll be lunch time very soon. Let’s hurry up and pick some vegetables to cook.”

Then, the children of Class 5 were finally gathered together.

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