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Class Teacher SystemCh60 - Against heaven and earth (19)


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All of Ren Zhu’s worries were scattered by a certain person’s sudden narcissism. He couldn’t help but roll his eyes towards the sky, deciding to counter soldiers with arms, water with an earth weir. The next 20 days peacefully passed without a hitch, causing Teacher Ren to almost believe that the organisation had self-destructed from internal conflict. However, whenever he felt that everything was fine, the system would come out like a wet blanket and remind him: the target has blackened a few more degrees. MgixdW

After these 20 days had passed, Teacher Ren felt like he was about to explode from impatience.

Just when he intended to pay a visit to each of the families, the school headmaster gathered the parents and children together and announced that before the winter vacation starts, each grade will be going on their end of semester trip.

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The biggest advantage of a rich and powerful elementary school was that they were never short of money. Wherever they wanted to go, there would always be parents sending all kinds of tickets. Hence, a major feature of Dingdian School was the end of semester trip, and this year, according to what the headmaster said, they were going to a group of small springlike islands. There were a lot of animals and vegetation, as well as hot springs on these islands, suitable for the students to go and experience a different lifestyle.

It sounded like there really was nothing wrong with this trip, and it also seemed very ideal, but Ren Zhu’s eyelids instantly jumped when he heard this, thinking that the organisation was finally making their move. ipuCPM

According to their grade, Grade 4 was allocated to an island called ‘Sunlight Island’. There were a total of 10 classes in their year. Adding together the students, there were 70 students in total. Although this number didn’t seem like a lot, the accompanying nannies, assistants and bodyguards would total several hundred. Like this, the number of people drastically increased. But this was where a problem arose. Ren Zhu looked at that immaculately dressed headmaster who appeared very elegant, graceful, gentle and benevolent. Hearing the headmaster’s next words, Ren Zhu’s expression sank.

“We have already carried out the end of semester travels many times. I believe that you parents should know and understand its safety and independence. For every trip so far, we have not allowed any bodyguards, assistants or nannies to accompany the children; there could only be two teachers leading each class. The children could only regroup with everyone else after half a month. The island trip this time is the same. Bodyguards and assistants can only stay in the ocean liner outside the island and respond to emergency situations. If there is no emergency situation, then you cannot step foot on the island. Naturally, before the children go to the islands, the representatives sent by the parents, as well as a safety team will search and dispose of any dangers, ensuring the safety of the children. I hope that this time, our end of semester trip will temper the children’s life skills and be a complete success.”

The children clapped their hands with joy. As far as they were concerned, it was an adventure to be away from their parents and bodyguards. At their age, they were all filled with curiosity for everything unknown. Whispering to each other, the children excitedly looked forward to this trip. The parents also felt that it was important for their children to develop their self-control and life skills. Their safety was also guaranteed. This end of semester trip was honestly too good.

Within this scene of happiness and joy, only Ren Zhu saw through the evil hidden in the darkness. It was just like a demon had silently opened its mouth wide, waiting for the prey to unknowingly step into its trap. DF3UCK

At this moment, Ren Zhu finally understood why the students in his class would run into accidents one after another and require him to save them every time. For this trip, he was certain that he would be one of the two teachers taking his class to the island. And after arriving on the island, the children who have absolute trust in him were sure to obediently follow everything he says. At that time, it would be all too easy to harm these children.

Story translated by Chrysanthemum Garden.

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Ren Zhu felt a chill in his heart. Who knew how many times this sort of activity had been carried out. And every time they carried out this activity, how many children had fallen into the clutches of evil? The target he needed to save this time was certainly going to transform into a ‘violent abuser’ on the island. Then, thinking about it, what kind of method could cause an ordinary child to abruptly change into an abusive and violent person?

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What made it difficult was that this island was almost completely sealed off. They wouldn’t be able to contact the parents outside the island. With just himself and another teacher to lead these seven children, it would be very difficult for him to protect them from harm. He was simply a one man army fighting a battle that he had to win. Even if he also had the skills of the class teacher system, the difficulty was still too high! yLPkqt

While Ren Zhu was thinking about how he could keep the children safe, the headmaster had already set the travel date. Just one week later, each grade would be starting their end of semester trip.

The next day, Ren Zhu received his assignment; He was one of the teachers in charge of Grade 4 Class 4. The other person was a physical education teacher with a very robust body.

Ren Zhu’s heart sank as soon as he saw that physical education teacher. He could assume that the organisation probably didn’t trust him very much. Otherwise, why would they make this teacher called Fu Bin be in charge of a class with him? When Ren Zhu was previously investigating the school, he had already determined that this person was someone most unlike that of a physical education teacher.

Ren Zhu was so anxious that his mouth was about to foam. But he also couldn’t inadvertently alert the enemy; nor did he have the authority to switch the other teacher. After getting off work, he could only crazily practise his self-defence skills. That crazy energy almost made young master Qin think that he wasn’t fighting his own lover, but rather an enemy who was seeking revenge for the death of his father. QKhVGi

As the time to go to the island approached, Ren Zhu’s ‘class teacher’s corporal punishment’ skill finally changed from grey to black. The first skill unlocked was the ‘class teacher’s corporal punishment (stand still). It causes the target to stand on the spot and not be able to move for at least 10 minutes. The second skill was the ‘class teacher’s corporal punishment (run around the field). It causes the target to run in a circle until exhaustion.

Looking at the two newly unlocked corporal punishment skills, Ren Zhu’s heart finally settled down a bit. At least he now had these two skills to help him deal with emergency situations.


Each carrying their own backpacks, the children happily sat on the helicopter. Ren Zhu and the 7 children in his class had already gotten on their helicopter. The only person who hadn’t arrived yet was the suspicious physical education teacher called Fu Bin. 4 9vLc

Ren Zhu even thought it would be good if Fu Bin had suddenly suffered diarrhoea or gotten into a car crash.

Just when he was thinking this, Qin Shu suddenly let out a cry of alarm. Ren Zhu abruptly looked up. Seeing a certain young master stride into the helicopter, he immediately froze.


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“Alright, everyone in Grade 4 Class 4 is here. Pilot, you can now take off.” Young master Qin was wearing a special camouflage suit and black boots, with a large black bag on his back. Looking extremely handsome in his sunglasses, he indicated to the helicopter pilot that everyone was ready. It was just like he was actually a school teacher, instead of the guardian of one of the students. TJEy12

The pilot didn’t know all the teachers. Seeing that the other teacher didn’t say anything, he signalled an ‘ok’ and directly took off. After the helicopter was stably flying in the air, Ren Zhu disbelievingly asked: “What did you do?”

Young master Qin straightened his long legs and took off his black sunglasses with his leather gloved hand. Blowing a kiss at Ren Zhu, he said: “That person encountered a car accident on the road. At the last moment, he requested me to come, so here I am. Are you happy? Surprised?”

Even if he used his toes to think, Ren Zhu knew that this guy was just dramatising everything. However, seeing how this guy was in high spirits, Ren Zhu suddenly smiled and his heart instantly settled down.

Qin Cong saw Ren Zhu’s expression relax and also smiled: “No matter what, you have me.” 7NuLdF

Ren Zhu nodded his head and continued to smile. He couldn’t help but think: how could there be such a beautiful person in this world? This person was happy when you’re happy, sad when you’re sad, anxious when you’re anxious. Although this person doesn’t say it, he was always expressing that he puts you in his heart, in his soul.

The helicopter arrived at their destination four hours later. This was an island surrounded by ocean on all sides. Its total area was approximately the size of a dozen soccer fields. They could see the entire island from the helicopter. This wasn’t a particularly big island, but there was a small mountain covered with dense jungle occupying the centre of the entire island. The island was divided into 4 sides: north, south, east and west, with several bungalows located next to vegetation fields on each side. These facilities were clearly given to them to experience this new kind of lifestyle.

Story translated by Chrysanthemum Garden.

This island looked very safe and ecologically diverse. After Ren Zhu got off the helicopter, he couldn’t think of anything that was wrong with this island.

From afar, they could see the ocean liner anchored on the sea. The children excitedly chatted, feeling that this adventure was novel and interesting. Ff4ZPL

“Teacher, teacher! Let’s hurry up and go look at our housing! Those guys in Class 5 have already run over!” The two boys Peng Fei Qi and Peng Fei Xian were the most impatient. Seeing the Class 5 students run, they were also itching to do the same.

Ren Zhu put away his thoughts and gently chuckled: “Alright then, we’ll have a race. Let’s see who will be the first to reach our accommodation!” Although the houses were all the same, seeing how excited the children were, he also couldn’t dampen their spirits.

Hence, 7 children rushed towards their lodging like a swarm of bees.

Ren Zhu and Qin Cong also jogged behind them. Qin Cong suddenly asked: “Are you worried that there’s something on this island? You’ve been worrying since seven days ago.” QwVN3S

Ren Zhu didn’t hide his thoughts: “I just feel that with the entire grade being on this island and completely sealed off from the outside world, it seems a little unreliable for just two teachers to take care of 7 children. What if there’s someone else on this island……”

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Qin Cong laughed: “Ha! You’re actually worried about this?! What is there to worry about?! Who knows how many times the Grade 4 parents have sent their bodyguards to flip over the island; they didn’t even spare a snake! There are only harmless animals like rabbits, deer and pheasants in the forests. How could there be other people on this island?”

Ren Zhu also felt that it didn’t make sense, but in the next second, he heard young master Qin burst out in laughter and said:

“Unless they hollowed out the mountain and are all hiding inside! Hahahahaha!” rEnkmf

Ren Zhu: “……”

Young master Qin: “…… Um……”

Ren Zhu: “…………”

Young master Qin: “………… Hahaha, that’s impossible…………” 9lG5Pd

Ren Zhu: “………………”

It’s already been three lifetimes, and yet this guy’s crow's beak was still going strong.

Translator's Note

Adopt measures appropriate to the situation. There is always a solution to a problem.

Translator's Note

A person who makes an inauspicious remark. Like a jinx.

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