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Class Teacher SystemCh50 - Against heaven and earth (9)


Bonus chapter~

A large ring of water splashed up from Maple Leaf Lake, but it couldn’t compare with the immense explosion of water caused by the black bus charging into the lake after them. mhOQYx

Ren Zhu felt that the assistant driving the bus must have either gone mad with hatred, or his IQ was lacking. No matter how good the quality of the bus was, driven into a deep lake, it would also sink to the bottom.

However, before thinking of this, Ren Zhu still used the fastest speed to grab Zhang Hai Tao and swim to the other side of the lake. Zhang Hai Tao also wasn’t called Hai Tao without a reason. This child’s swimming ability was pretty good. Apart from being shocked stiff in the very beginning, he then knew to follow his teacher and swim away. Besides the early autumn lake being very cold, there weren’t any other big restrictions.

Story translated by Chrysanthemum Garden.

Ren Zhu and Zhang Hai Tao didn’t stay in the lake for long. After all, those bodyguards and assistants weren’t to be trifled with. Let’s not mention that they didn’t react in the beginning; if at this moment, they still didn’t know what to do, then they should just wait to be fired tomorrow.

Several people jumped into the lake, rushing over to save them. However, at this very moment in the lake, Teacher Ren experienced first-hand the snobbishness of human nature. In any case, he was still Zhang Hai Tao’s saviour, but the result was that the 3 bodyguards who jumped in actually all rushed towards Zhang Hai Tao. It was as though he wasn’t Zhang Hai Tao, but rather 5 million yuan. ir0wqZ

Teacher Ren calmly rolled his eyes. As a several hundred year old man, he didn’t bother with these mentally handicapped people.

After that however, another person jumped into the lake, splashing Ren Zhu all over. He was angrily wondering who had jumped in when it was already too late to steal credit, when a hand strongly pulled his arm. His entire body leaned forward, and then he saw a handsome but slightly aggressive face.

It was the first time Ren Zhu saw this kind of dangerous and urgent expression on Qin Cong’s face. He was momentarily unable to react, but young master Qin was in a very bad mood: “What is wrong with you? Are you crazy? When there’s danger, not only do you not avoid it, you also insist on rushing up to save people? Why didn’t I know you were such a self-sacrificing fool?”

Ren Zhu clicked his tongue and thought: You think I want to do this? The problem is that if I don’t save him, I might also die. Besides, I have been a teacher for so many years. How can I refuse to save these children? “They are all my students. I can’t let any of them be in danger.”


Young master Qin felt that it really was unfortunate that the person he loves was a teacher. When he has time, he must give his future partner a more leisurely job, such as being his personal secretary or something.

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“I will thoroughly investigate this matter.” Qin Cong frowned and brought Ren Zhu up to the shore.

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Young master Qin only took a glance, but he already felt his heart rapidly speed up. He suddenly thought of that fair skin and slender thigh. Then, his assistant shrieked: “Young master! You have a nosebleed!! My God! Did you catch a cold?!” OXdrhD

This assistant wasn’t the previous Assistant Zhu. Assistant Zhu was a talented scholar in economics. At this moment, he was painstakingly helping his boss correct documents. The assistant who followed Qin Cong today was surnamed Jin. Perhaps because his family name wasn't good, he was very easily alarmed. He didn’t have any of those ‘even if he was thrown into the sea, his expression wouldn’t change’ kind of survival skills that his predecessor had.

Hence, as soon as this assistant shouted, Qin Cong directly used his wet clothes to block his mouth. He angrily covered his nose with a tissue and raised his head, getting into his car. Standing to one side, Ren Zhu was holding back his laughter for a long time. Ai, he might be having a platonic kind of love in this lifetime. Thinking of it, it was really…… quite interesting ah.

Ren Zhu didn’t directly get into the car. He first glanced at Zhang Hai Tao, who was surrounded by many people. At this moment, Zhang Hai Tao’s face was dark and filled with rage. He was on the phone with his father, or perhaps his grandfather, gnashing his teeth in anger: “…… Yes, you must find out who did this! You don’t know that I was almost killed by a bus! They should all just die! Someone definitely wants to kill me! You need to help me vent my anger!”

Saying this, Zhang Hai Tao raised his head and saw Ren Zhu walking over with a big towel draped over his shoulders. Even if Zhang Hai Tao was very angry just a second ago, in the end he was still a 9 year old child. When he saw Ren Zhu, his eyes reddened with grievance and his voice slightly choked: “Teacher Ren, are you okay?” mIVG27

Ren Zhu looked at his appearance and gently sighed. He reached out a hand and rubbed his wet hair: “I’m fine. I know that you’re now very angry, but no matter how angry you are, there’s always a motive. After you find out the motive, you can then choose to be angry again, or perhaps be happy. However, before the motive has been investigated, being angry isn’t useful at all. You’re just like a foolish little pufferfish venting your anger. Not only do you need to investigate what the motive is, but after you find out the motive, you also need to think about what caused it and then tell me your views. Can you do this?”

Zhao Hai Tao thought: Those people who wanted to kill him should all just die, why can’t he be angry? However, when he saw Ren Zhu’s calm expression, he suddenly felt that what his teacher said was also reasonable. Before getting angry, he should first investigate the motive. Hence, Zhang Hai Tao nodded his head. “I know. I will carefully think about this.”

Ren Zhu was satisfied: “Quickly go back and wash up. You mustn’t stay in these clothes. If you can’t come to school, then just give me a call and request sick leave.”

Zhang Hai Tao nodded and left with his bodyguards. Ren Zhu then let the other few children also follow their assistants and go back home. Since such an incident happened today, there would no longer be any classes. Ren Zhu estimated that he would be taking a break from work. QlCsfx

The other children also received quite a fright. Qin Shu, Peng Fei Qi and Peng Fei Xian were a little better. After a while, they only thought that this incident was thrilling and exciting. However, Zhao An An and the other girls all went back home to seek comfort. Dripping wet with a big towel draped over his shoulders, Ren Zhu walked around in a circle before getting into the car. When he saw Qin Cong’s grumpy face, he laughed.

“What are you laughing at? The wind is so cold outside and you’re drenched all over. You still dare to go chat with them? What is there to say? Can’t you just quickly inform their assistants? You’re only their teacher, not their parent. Really…”

Qin Cong still wanted to say more, but Ren Zhu directly reached out and held his hand. Qin Cong immediately froze and in the next second, he quickly grabbed a piece of tissue to stick up his nose. Afterwards, he still humphed with dissatisfaction: “Bang Da! Turn the temperature a little higher. Don’t you know that the weather is cold? If I catch a cold and fall ill, do you know how much money you would lose?”

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The tall and burly chauffeur uncle’s face stiffened and he raised the temperature in the car up another gear. Sitting in the front passenger seat, Qin Shu looked at the car’s temperature and felt that he shouldn’t have worn long sleeves today. He should have worn short sleeves. iUIdbQ

However, his older brother was also just concerned about Teacher Ren. Ai, his teacher was really heroic today ah. He had also saved him. For the sake of his teacher jumping into the water, he should just bear with the heat!

Qin Cong didn’t directly take Ren Zhu home. He brought Ren Zhu and his little brother back to his seaside villa.

In the car, Qin Shu had already called Father Qin to tell him about the thrilling outing today. He then also excitedly recounted how his teacher heroically saved them! Father Qin quite considerably wanted to meet this ‘Teacher Ren’. After all, there weren’t many people who could make his oldest son set his eyes on them, and also make his second son like and worship them. These two brothers both had overbearing egos. What kind of abilities did this Teacher Ren have such that he could make both his sons like him?

Father Qin thought for a moment and intended to find a time to invite Teacher Ren for a meal. 7PlXCZ

At this very moment, the Zhang family directly exploded. Within the Zhang family, from Zhang Hai Tao’s grandparents to his female cousins, they all immediately hurried back to the Zhang family’s house after hearing what happened. It should be mentioned that Zhang Hai Tao was his father’s only child, and also the only male within the third generation of the Zhang family. If nothing goes wrong, then he would be the leader of the Zhang family 20 years later. Having an accident would simply be cutting off the Zhang family’s line! Everyone in the Zhang family couldn’t bear for this to happen, so they collectively wanted to confirm that Zhang Hai Tao was fine.

After Zhang Hai Tao returned, he was surrounded by people pampering him and asking about his well-being. This was also part of the reason why he had such a temper.

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However, this time when Zhang Hai Tao returned home, he didn’t angrily throw a tantrum or ask his family to help him vent his anger like before. Instead, after he washed up, blow dried his hair and changed into clean clothes, he held a glass of warm milk and calmly said: “Dad, grandpa, I want you to investigate the cause of this incident. Uncle Su seems to hate me very much. Today when he was driving the bus, he looked at me as though he wanted me to die without a burial site. I want to know his motive.”

Zhang Hai Tao’s oldest cousin immediately slapped the table: “This is simply absurd! You still want to ask for his motive? No matter what his motive is, he is courting death! Since he wanted to run you over, then let’s make his entire family experience what it’s like to be hit by a car!” pG aJZ

Zhang Hai Tao didn’t say anything. After a long while, he then stated: “In any case, I want to know his reason. Otherwise, being angry without asking for the cause of this incident, isn’t that just being foolish?”

Ever since his grandson returned home, Grandpa Zhang had kept his eyes closed and didn’t speak. But when he heard his grandson say these words, he actually opened his eyes a little: “You also know that being angry without asking for the cause is foolish. Who told you these useful words ah?”

Zhang Hai Tao wanted to say that these were his own words, but his skin wasn’t that thick. In the end, he confessed that it was Teacher Ren. “Teacher Ren said that if you only know how to be angry, then you are just like a foolish little pufferfish.”

Grandpa Zhang heard these words and immediately smiled. He thought, that Teacher Ren was really interesting. qCFZ3p

After that, Ren Zhu’s classes were suspended for 3 days. In any case, there weren’t many people and every child also had their own tutors at home. 3 days without class was nothing. At this moment, the most important thing was to find out why that assistant Su wanted to kill Zhang Hai Tao, and if there were any other forces or people behind him. If this was just a personal grudge, then it was still fine, but if this was actually incited by someone, then they need to thoroughly investigate this matter.

Story translated by Chrysanthemum Garden.

However, what made Ren Zhu, the Zhang family and even Qin Cong surprised was that after investigating for three days, they actually didn’t find any useful information.

Qin Cong taught Ren Zhu martial arts while wondering: “My subordinates have investigated for 3 days and the result is basically the same as Zhang family. Because someone in their family once drove a car and killed that person’s wife and daughter, he wanted to cut off the Zhang family’s line. That person also explained everything while gnashing his teeth in anger, but for some reason, I always feel that he couldn’t have done this thing on his own. I must thoroughly investigate this matter again.”

Standing beside him, Ren Zhu nodded his head. Without needing to investigate, he already knew that there was definitely an organisation behind that person, and that organisation wasn’t some ordinary small organisation. It was one that even the people that Qin Cong and the Zhang family dispatched couldn’t track. Thinking of this, Teacher Ren couldn’t help but worry. WgOV6o

This organisation’s skill wasn’t small. Moreover, he felt that they had a certain enmity towards rich and powerful families. They even thought of cutting off a family’s line. Ze, sure enough, he needs to properly investigate this. Otherwise, who knows what other strange texts he would receive.

Sometimes, things were just so coincidental, or rather, wicked.

Just when Ren Zhu was thinking about this mysterious organisation, they once again sent him a message.

Ren Zhu glanced at his phone, but he didn’t directly go up and read the message. After Qin Cong finished the lesson and left, only then did Ren Zhu clench his teeth and open the message. When he read the contents, he didn’t even have the thought of taking a nice warm bath anymore—– 76qWCg

[Ten days later, Zhao An An and the other two girls will go to a party. At the party, someone will lead them to take drugs. Intercept this plan and gain their trust.]

Ren Zhu: “…… This is really troublesome ah.”

Next chapter will be released a day late. (Maybe I should have just used this chapter as my regular scheduled chapter >.>)


Translator's Note

Hai means ocean/sea. Tao means big wave.

Translator's Note

Jin means gold. I don’t see how that isn’t good. I guess it sounds like Jing which means frightened/alarmed/startled.

Translator's Note

This tall and sturdy chauffeur bodyguard’s nickname. Tall and burly is Bang Da Yao Cu. Qin Cong is just shortening it to Bang Da.

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