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Class Teacher SystemCh48 - Against heaven and earth (7)


Because he lost a lot of face this time in front of Teacher Ren, and even exposed the fact that he was still an old virgin bachelor, the always self-confident wealthy and powerful against heaven and earth young master Qin was actually well-behaved for an entire day.

This was already quite difficult. However, it also only lasted for a day. On Wednesday afternoon after the exam results came out, young master Qin once again acted as though nothing happened and brought his little brother to visit someone’s home. sarzm5

The reason was readily available — this time, Qin Shu really came first in the exam!

Although he was just first amongst 7 people, but to be able to beat Zhang Hai Tao and Zhao An An, Qin Shu was still very happy. It should be mentioned that he was always suppressed by these two to second or third place. This time, he managed to overturn them and become the big boss. Qin Shu was very happy and proud. Even up to now, he still clearly remembers the expression of disbelief on Zhang Hai Tao and Zhan An An’s face. They looked as though they were mourning the deaths of their parents. Those two had still thought that first place would be between the two of them. They completely didn’t regard Qin Shu as their rival. As a result, when Qin Shu unexpectedly obtained first place, Zhang Hai Tao’s face was red with anger, while Zhao An An started to cry.

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At that time, when Ren Zhu saw the reactions of these two students, he was still particularly worried and called them up to comfort them. As a result, after asking them what was wrong, he then found out that he was worried for nothing. Zhang Hai Tao couldn’t upgrade his luxurious limited edition flying drone anymore, and Zhao An An was upset that this time, she didn’t have a million yuan to invite a celebrity boy group to accompany her for a meal.

Teacher Ren recalled Qin Shu’s seaside villa reward and again felt that he couldn’t understand this kind of money throwing world. HZwJLR

However, Teacher Ren was still able to console himself. In fact, so long as he subtracted two zeroes from all the numbers, they seemed to be a lot more normal. Even if there was more money, it was also just numbers.

When the Qin brothers came to visit this time, Qin Shu also brought a gift as thanks to his teacher. When Ren Zhu saw the wrist watch that was most likely worth several hundred thousand yuan, he actually thought that compared with all the riches of the Qin family, this watch was probably just like something worth 50 yuan to an ordinary person. Thus, he accepted the gift without a single trace of guilt.

Qin Shu was very happy: “Teacher! Teacher! Your lessons were very useful! After tutoring, I feel like everything has become extremely clear and my comprehension skill has increased a lot. I bought this watch with my own pocket money. If I have any big questions in studying, or other difficult problems in life in the future, can I continue to receive your guidance?”

Don’t assume that children of wealthy families wouldn’t know the immensity of heaven and earth. In fact, although they really were sometimes quite abominable, they themselves were born into rich and powerful families and hence were most capable in knowing how to behave. There are a lot of mutual deceptions between adults which would naturally influence their children. So these children would usually be very realistic — they would put on an air of arrogance and not even bother to glance at all people who are inferior to them; but towards people who have real skills and are also advantageous to them, they would act clever and lovable as though they were perfect little angels. aTrlkv

We’re sorry for MTLers or people who like using reading mode, but our translations keep getting stolen by aggregators so we’re going to bring back the copy protection. If you need to MTL please retype the gibberish parts.

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Hence, Ren Zhu rubbed Qin Shu’s head: “Okay. I really like Xiao Shu’s hardworking and studious nature. You also respect your teacher. You can come visit whenever you want.”

This was the first time Qin Shu’s teacher rubbed his head. He suddenly felt that his teacher’s words made him feel extremely spirited. He then nodded: “En! En! In the future, I want to always be top of the class! I not only respect Teacher, but also respect other people.” MlZwob

Ren Zhu smiled: “Then you are really awesome.”

Qin Shu was beaming with happiness.

By the side, young master Qin looked at his family’s little brother smiling like a fool and then silently touched his own face. He thought, he shouldn’t have also been this foolish when he was talking with A Zhu, right? It couldn’t be that he would be so happy from a few words from A Zhu that he would become all muddleheaded. In any case, A Zhu was really strong ah. Although his little brother wasn’t some devil incarnate, it was still quite a difficult matter to make him so obedient.

On this one point, the second young master‘s personal butler was very decisive. He saw how the second young master was actually acting cute and respecting the teacher with an appropriate smile on his face, and frantically considered whether he should also buy a good watch or a car to give to Teacher Ren and then learn something from him. Don’t say anything else, so long as he has a little skill in appeasing this second young master, then his future work life would go a lot more smoothly! mUZJNa

After second young master Qin finished presenting his gift, he took his butler and excitedly left to find his dear father and ask for a villa. Qin Cong stayed behind at the door and didn’t go forward, trying to find something to say: “Yesterday, I gave you a day off, but you still need to persist in learning martial arts. I’ll continue teaching today.”

When Ren Zhu heard this, he simply raised his eyebrow and actually didn’t say anything else. He just asked: “Then are you also going to help me bath?”

Young master Qin nearly fled in defeat. He instantly felt that his nose was itchy again and quickly pinched it. He indignantly said: “Bath! Why wouldn’t I help you bath! That time was just because it was hot. I’ll be fine after I practise a few more times. You have any problem with that?”

Ren Zhu smiled with his eyes: “I don’t, I don’t. Then you should practise more.” He needs to practise this well. Otherwise, if they really get together in the future, he couldn’t help but picture this person watching him while having a nosebleed. “Pfft…..” 5Aaecl

Teacher Ren couldn’t hold back his laughter.

Young master Qin immediately exploded: “What are you laughing at?! Are you thinking about me getting a nosebleed?!”

Ren Zhu’s whole body was trembling with laughter as he entered the house: “I’m not, I’m not. Hurry up. I really want to practise self-defence techniques. I always feel that my surroundings aren’t safe.”

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Young master Qin was initially still like an angry cat, but after he heard Ren Zhu say this, his expression immediately changed. He quickly stepped forward and grasped Ren Zhu’s hand: “What’s the matter?” udG01H

When Qin Cong said this, he also looked Ren Zhu up and down. Confirming that Ren Zhu was perfectly fine from head to toe, only then did he slightly relax.

When Ren Zhu saw his nervous expression, his heart felt warm. He pulled Qin Cong to sit on the couch and then poured him a glass of honey lemon tea. Qin Cong took a sip and then his eyes lit up: “How do you know I like to drink this? Sure enough, our hearts are connected. Do you really not want to consider being my boyfriend?”

Teacher Ren rolled his eyes at him. You have liked this thing for two lifetimes, how can I not know? As a big man, you like to drink honey lemon tea. Ren Zhu used to think that this was a weird thing, but now he felt that this was very good.

“I…… Well, I just feel that there might be someone monitoring me. Recently, I always feel uneasy, so I want to learn martial arts to protect myself.” Ren Zhu changed the topic: “Maybe this is just my misconception, but it’s better to believe that it exists rather than not believe it. Do you think I’m suspecting too much?” UwX3N4

Qin Cong narrowed his eyes: “I don’t think so. Sometimes a person’s intuition and five senses are very sharp. Although you might not be able to see it, it is possible for you to sense danger. The five senses of people who practise martial arts are a lot sharper than ordinary people. Their sixth sense is also more accurate. En…… since it’s like this, then over the next few days, I’ll teach you a set of extreme survival martial arts skills. It’s a pity that this world doesn’t have any martial arts techniques that can let you fly or transfer your internal energy. Otherwise, I will definitely pass you several decades worth of power. However, you can rest assured. I am rich! I’ll find a few very outstanding bodyguards to protect you! If necessary, I will also personally go into battle and definitely won’t let you lose a single strand of hair.”

Young master Qin said this powerful reply. When Ren Zhu heard the first part, he still felt that it was quite reasonable, but when he heard the last part, he didn’t know what to say. In the end, his mouth twitched: “I am also rich. I can find a bodyguard myself.”

If you're reading this, this translation is stolen. Please support our translators at chrysanthemumgarden.com

Young master Qin immediately revealed an ‘are you trying to amuse me’ kind of mocking expression: “You are rich?”

Ren Zhu felt that Qin Cong’s next words would most likely make people really hate him. XRjyn

“Can you tell me how many hundred million yuan you have? 100 million is already the smallest unit. If you have at least this small amount of money, then I’ll consider you to be rich.”

Teacher ‘less than 10 million yuan’ Ren expressed that, every time the conversation became like this, he really wanted to beat this fool to death.

However, the fool before his eyes still didn’t stop: “You should just take good care of that little pocket money of yours. It isn’t even enough for me to spend in one day. Aiyah, with that little money, you still want to hire a top notch bodyguard? If you really do end up finding one, they would definitely wait for you to drop dead before taking action!”

Ren Zhu felt that there was no use continuing this subject: “Oh, then you pay for it. Can you now shut up? I still need to get up early tomorrow.” v1w9US

Qin ‘rich and powerful’ Cong felt that even when Ah Zhu seemed flustered and exasperated, he was still very nice to look at! In an extremely good mood, he once again taught Ren Zhu for an hour and then…… had a massive nosebleed for the second time all over the bathroom floor.

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However, this time young master Qin still made a little progress. At least he didn’t faint, right? When he covered his nose and left, Qin ‘rich and powerful’ Cong was still optimistically consoling himself. It’s fine, it’s fine. After a few more times, he will be able to finish bathing him without having a nosebleed! Let’s slowly make progress!

Translator's Note

Author remember wrong. Ren Zhu already rubbed his head the first time tutoring.

Translator's Note

Qin Shu

Translator's Note

Fur exploding.

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