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Class Teacher SystemCh46 - Against heaven and earth (5)


The words ‘engineer of the soul’ really made Teacher Ren’s teeth hurt. Although he was also very proud of his line of work, this lady’s words of pride honestly didn’t match with any of her actions.

Qin Cong was too lazy to even sneer. He directly pointed his finger at Ren Zhu, who was standing next to him. “You should ask him what his current monthly salary is. With his income, he still thinks that a ten yuan bun is too expensive. When I invite him for a meal, I must make sure that nothing goes to waste. You are both teachers, but why is the difference so big? Fortunately, not all teachers are like you. Otherwise, I’m afraid our country’s little seedlings would be ruined.” dFVRbs

When young master Qin pointed his finger, everyone’s eyes simultaneously turned to Ren Zhu. Teacher Ren’s mouth twitched. Under everyone’s attentive gaze, he showed an appropriate smile and nodded his head: “Hello everyone. I am a teacher at Dingdian. My monthly salary is my private information. Forgive me for not divulging it to you. However, I can at least spend my money here. I am also quite proud of my profession, but I at least know what is ‘acting within one’s capabilities’ and ‘knowing oneself’. This lady, when your own strength and ideas don’t match, I think you should restrain your ideas and properly improve your strength. What do you think?”

Against Teacher Ren’s calm and gentle voice, the tears falling, feigning strength, seemingly delicate and innocent young lady looked a little strange. The onlookers watching were also not stupid. The majority of the people who came here to eat were actually fairly smart. At this moment, everyone returned to earth. Right ah, young master Qin didn’t look down on your income, nor did he look down on your profession. He just said that if you can’t afford it, then don’t spend your money here. There’s a street of gourmet foods and snacks two streets from here. Can’t you go there and eat? Why must you insist on coming here and causing trouble? You also lost face.

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Young master Qin’s attitude was just a little arrogant. What’s wrong with that? He has so much capital ah! You shouldn’t raise an issue over such small matters.

Everyone looked left and right. They couldn’t help but think: these two are both teachers, but looking at this air and manner of speaking, they are so different ah! Sure enough, they should follow the old saying. You shouldn’t compare people with each other, it’ll only bring you pain. Everyone has their good and bad points, just let it be! This female teacher’s standards aren’t very good. If they hand their child over to her, they would definitely be worried. H1CBmr

Indeed, Dingdian’s tuition fee was high, the requirements were also demanding. It wasn’t baseless that adults also need to take an exam to be hired. At least they obtained such an outstanding teacher right? There’s no need to say any more. So long as their child could study in this school, they would be a lot more at ease than if they were in other schools.

Hence, the people present couldn’t help but let their minds wander again. They wondered how long they need to save money in order to let their child go to Dingdian. Eating fewer meals and getting rid of some other expenses should be enough.

Lin Fei Fei saw that her usually very useful tears actually didn’t have the least bit of effect here. In her heart, she was already very embarrassed. When she saw that the surrounding spectators were looking at her with obvious disdain, she was so angry and humiliated that she was practically about to pass out. She bitterly glared at Ren Zhu and then said with grievance: “…… I know, I was carried away with my wishful thinking. It was also just a moment of desperation. Sorry for disturbing everyone. I won’t come here again in the future. What this teacher said is very correct. Before I reach for my ideals, I should first improve my own strength.”

After she said this, she tottered off and left. Her figure perfectly portrayed a delicate and unyielding appearance, causing the spectating men to irresistibly give birth to a little pity and tenderness in their hearts. Aiyah, this young lady was just angry, the other aspects aren’t so bad. Isn’t it just knowing your wrongs and changing them? ZEzc1P

With only this kind of level put in front of Ren Zhu and Qin Cong’s eyes, they didn’t even bother to look at it. However, Ren Zhu must admit that this girl was definitely not someone easy to deal with. If she could really endure all the way, then he really didn’t know what her future would be like.

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They finished eating lunch, and also happened to provide live advertisement for Dingdian School while they were at it. In contrast with that woman’s behaviour, young master Qin felt that Teacher Ren was really quite pleasing to the eye. Hence, he decided that he must let this person continue to tutor his brother. Naturally, he also needs to look at the final grades. If the results are good, then he would definitely give Teacher Ren a big pleasant surprise!

Therefore, when it was time for them to part, Teacher Ren felt that this young master’s expression was really quite strange. No matter how he looked at him, it didn’t seem like a good thing. Ren Zhu was a little vexed and thought: although he already had a premonition in his last life that it might be quite worrying when he meets his lover in this lifetime, but when he really did confront this ‘against heaven and earth’ chuunibyou, he still had a kind of urge to stuff this guy back into his mother’s womb for reconstruction.

The heart isn’t troubled by what the eyes can’t see. Ren Zhu silently mouthed these words. He should first prepare for tomorrow’s class. NRaZUT

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However, at the end of class, Teacher Ren discovered that he was actually very wrong.

There was only an hour of literature class in the morning. After every class, there was also half an hour break. Ren Zhu helplessly watched these 7 children, including Qin Shu, as they directly reclined on the small couch inside the classroom when class ended. After that, 7 young butlers and nannies came in, each holding a variety of snacks and toys in their hands. They used a soft and gentle voice to attend to their little masters, simply pampering these children to the high heavens.

Even the youngest child was already 8 years old, yet at least 4 students needed others to feed them spoonful after spoonful of food. When they went to the toilet, there would also be a few nannies or butlers following them. From what Ren Zhu had observed, he reckoned that these caretakers even helped them take off their clothes and pants. UAIpBr

Teacher Ren: “……” Oh. Dear. God.

In the end, was he cultivating geniuses or cultivating retards?! Ren Zhu thought for a moment and then called Qin Shu over.

At this moment, Qin Shu was drinking the milk tea held by his butler. When he saw Ren Zhu beckon him over, he didn’t quite want to go. However, considering that this teacher was very knowledgeable, and although he looked very gentle and soft, he could talk on par with his older brother, he decided to lower his status and walk over.

“What’s the matter?” O182ad

Ren Zhu keenly discovered that this child’s attitude towards him was not the same during class as after class. After class, he seemed to show a lot less respect and manners.

“You should first call me Teacher Ren, and then ask me what’s the matter again.” Ren Zhu raised his eyebrows. His tone was not at all serious.

However, Qin Shu suddenly felt that he really was very rude. Although his father told him that they paid a lot of money to this school, the teachers here would never scold them, and they could completely do whatever they want, Qin Shu was keenly aware that if he really did do whatever he wanted, this teacher before him would definitely teach him a proper lesson.

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“Oh. Teacher Ren, what’s the matter?” DBqMdw

Ren Zhu narrowed his eyes: “Can you tell me what you think of this school, as well as your classmates?”

Qin Shu felt that this question was quite strange. However, he still thought about it and said truthfully: “This school is very expensive ah. My father said that we paid a lot of money to come here. The school must make us more outstanding than others. I need to properly learn all kinds of knowledge, otherwise my father will deal with me. However, as long as I can get good grades at school and be better than others, then I can do whatever I want. In any case, we paid a lot of money.”

“The other classmates, en, they are pretty much the same as me. Zhang Hai Tao is the best at studying, but he has a bad temper and would hit people if they don’t agree with him. I am definitely not like that. I will soon surpass him and become the best at studying. Peng Fei Qi and Peng Fei Xian are cousins. Those two always like to act together and prank others. They also like to touch girls’ butts. Ze, perverts.”

“The female students are Zhao An An, Wang Jie Er and Li Jia Xin. Their relationship is very good. They are always together discussing about that young idol group. I heard that they want to gather enough pocket money to let those princes accompany them for a meal.” TdMue4

Qin Shu said everything in one breath. Teacher Ren quickly remembered all this information and also analysed in his mind who was more likely to be the violent abuser in the end. However, this did not prevent him from seeing Qin Shu’s hesitant expression: “What’s wrong? Do you still have something to say? You can lower your voice and tell me. They are now very far from us, so they won’t be able to hear what we’re saying.”

Qin Shu looked at Ren Zhu in amazement, surprised that he actually knew that he still had things to say. He then continued: “…… Okay. Actually, I heard my Uncle Long say a little rumour about them. Those three female students seem to really like gathering together and breaking things. Uncle Long said that they had once killed a kitten before.” Qin Shu’s eyes were filled with disgust. “Such a small creature and they were still able to do that. Really senseless.”

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This information definitely made Ren Zhu feel astonished and terrible. Although it was easy for little children to develop all kinds of problems and shortcomings, but these girls already have psychological problems that need serious treatment.

“Ai, teacher, you can’t report this ah. There’s only 7 people in the class. Everyone has already seen me talking to you. If you go find the families of those girls, they would definitely suspect me. In fact, even if you do go and find their families, there wouldn’t be much use. After all, it’s just a little kitten. Their monthly pocket money is several tens of thousands yuan.” When Qin Shu saw Ren Zhu frown, he quickly added on to his previous statements. Ren Zhu stared at him for a long while and only removed his gaze when Qin Shu couldn’t stand it anymore. He then said: LO12vX

“Hearing you say this, it seems like the students in this class have all kinds of problems. It’s just you who doesn’t have any issues?”

The expression on Qin Shu’s face didn’t hold up and suddenly became quite unsightly. His voice also became a little harsh: “You made me talk about others, not about myself.”

This expression was completely inconsistent with his previous mild and obedient behaviour ah. However, Teacher Ren was not overwhelmed by this contrast.

“Oh, then you can now talk about yourself. Just think of me as someone who understands others.” jBiOqL

Qin Shu was silent for a long while and then reluctantly said: “I just like to ask around for some gossip. When I grow up, I want to be a news king who controls all the media.” At the end, Qin Shu’s expression became very proud and earnest.

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Ren Zhu was surprised and thought: sure enough, the world was different, the starting point was different, a child’s thinking was also different ah. Amongst the students he has taught, this child was probably the most ambitious? As a result, Ren Zhu laughed: “Your thinking is really quite good. Then, you’ll need to learn some more high tech knowledge related to news media. This requires real ability and solid learning.”

At this moment, Qin Shu actually revealed the same self-confident smile as his brother, looking like he could destroy the heavens: “Of course! Don’t you know who I am!”

Ren Zhu: “……” This bear child needs a spanking. 43I Uq

After Qin Shu left, Ren Zhu returned to his luxurious office and thought over the information he attained of his 7 students — Zhang Hai Tao was violent. Peng Fei Qi and Peng Fei Xian were mischievous. Zhao An An, Wang Jie Er and Li Jia Xin liked to chase after stars and abuse cats…… Finally, Qin Shu liked gossip.

Teacher Ren let out a deep sigh. He felt that the difficulty of the mission this time had indeed increased. Apart from Qin Shu, the other students really had the probability of becoming the mission target ah! Remembering how he had almost missed saving the real poisoner Liang Zhi Hao in the previous world, it couldn’t be that he now had to simultaneously attend to 6 students?! He doesn’t have a clone technique in his system!

Teacher Ren let out another sigh. His cell phone then issued a beep, indicating a new message. Ren Zhu listlessly opened the message and was so shocked by the contents that his jaw nearly fell off.

“Three days later, Zhang Hai Tao from your class will be hit by a car due to an enemy’s vengeance. The location is by Maple Leaf Lake. When the time comes, save him.” FdtPYT

When Ren Zhu saw this message, he felt all the hair on his body stand on end. He quickly looked at the sender, but then discovered that it was actually an unknown number. His intuition told him that he definitely wouldn’t be able to contact this number. When he tried calling it, as expected, it didn’t go through.

However, if this happens, then the problem would be even more frightening. In the end, what is the meaning?! Why would someone tell him that Zhang Hai Tao would be hit by a car? If it was just a warning, then why didn’t they directly tell Zhang Hai Tao’s family, but instead they told him?! This made the message seem like a kind of premeditated plot to win the trust of Zhang Hai Tao and his family, and Ren Zhu was definitely not playing the role of a hero.

Ren Zhu looked around and felt that there was a pair of invisible eyes staring at him. A few seconds later, he pursed his lips and made a phone call.

“Hello? Can you find me a Taichi or mixed martial arts instructor? Yes, I’ll start learning tonight. Money is not a problem, but the person must be strong.” TE2phC

Ren Zhu decided to first increase his fighting power to ensure his safety.

Then, when he opened the front door of his small villa at night, he saw a young man wearing black Taichi leisure clothes with a smile full of confidence. It was just like the entire world was under his feet. He was so handsome, but he also had a pit in his brain.

Ren Zhu: “……” Did this person come here to harass him? Forget it, it’s not surprising. But where was his martial arts instructor?

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Qing Cong mischievously laughed: “Are you surprised? Happy? This young master heard that you need a martial arts instructor, so I specially made time to come and teach you! I’m also not asking for money!” 28Esy0

Ren Zhu: “……” I would rather pay you double the amount to shut up! This guy who can only wield a knife and kill a pig, what makes you think you can teach martial arts! In this lifetime, you don’t even dare to hold a knife!!

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