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Class Teacher SystemCh37 - Poison poison poison (13)


Sorry for the delay. Also, I’m graduating today yay!

When Ren Zhu and Lu De Yong faced each other, their expressions were just like night and day. Seeing their faces, the waitress couldn’t help but sigh in her heart. No wonder Mr Ren could sweep up countless young women off their feet. Just by looking at his smile, they could tell that he was reserved but also charming. b5kCTY

Although Lu De Yong really didn’t want to think about the situation heading in the wrong direction, but just a moment ago, he wasn’t at all leaning in towards Mr Zhang to speak to him. Also, speaking towards the end, his mood had become somewhat stimulated. Whatever the case, he felt that he needed to first probe out whether Ren Zhu had heard their discussion. After all, if this young man before his eyes decides to wave his arms and call on everyone, then the things he wants to do would probably become a lot more difficult.

“Mr Ren. I really didn’t expect that you would actually be here ah. If it were not for this waitress carrying your dish over, were you planning to quietly stay in the corner until the very end?”

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Lu De Yong’s words were clearly laced with malice. Ren Zhu lightly laughed: “Mr Lu. I am the kind of person who hates beating around the bush the most. Whatever you want to say, just say it directly. Do you want to ask me whether I heard your conversation just then? I can very earnestly tell you that from start to finish, I heard it all. I heard it very clearly.”

Lu De Yong’s expression immediately changed. Just when he wanted to say something, Ren Zhu once again opened his mouth and said: “Sure enough, Lu Xiao and Lu Ming were not mistaken. Mr Lu, you’re not in any way a good person. As Star Chef Lu Cheng Shan’s head disciple, after he passed away, it’s fine that you didn’t take more care of your master’s children, but you actually also schemed to forcibly take your master’s book, even threatening and pressing those two brothers. Mr Lu, doing this kind of thing, doesn’t your conscience hurt?” VZyg8O

Hearing these words, Lu De Yong simply wished to rush forward and beat him up: “I handle my own business, what does that have to do with you? As an outsider, you don’t need to worry about this! What’s wrong with letting those children use a book in exchange for a lifetime of bliss? What’s actually foolish is that they insist on wasting time tossing here and there!”

Ren Zhu felt that the morality of this person in front of him had already deteriorated to a certain extent. He would never abandon common practices. Hence, Ren Zhu’s eyes flashed: “Ah. I also think that it isn’t good for those two to be tossing here and there. They will always be easily harassed by people if they hold the book. It’s better to let this book shine and ignite somewhere else, right?”

Lu De Yong’s face was full of doubt: “You also think so?”

Ren Zhu nodded: “Yes. So, I have discussed it with the two brothers and bought their father’s ‘Western Cuisine Records’.” oMdTcK

In front of Lu De Yong and that Mr Zhang, Teacher Ren revealed what they thought to be an extremely sinister smile: “Now, that book is already mine.”

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“That’s impossible! How could you possibly obtain that book! Lu Xiao is like a madman guarding it! He’s not willing to give it to anyone! No matter what terms were given, they were all rejected! You are lying!” Lu De Yong’s mood was considerably stimulated. He absolutely couldn’t accept having someone cut him off and snatch a win before him.

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Ren Zhu nodded: “Yes. Under normal circumstances, he absolutely wouldn’t have sold the book to me. However, who let me just happen to see the scene of those two brothers being threatened? In any case, as Lu Ming’s teacher, I can’t not be concerned about this situation right? So, I suggested that they sell the book to me.”

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Lu De Yong’s face was extremely dark and gloomy. Looking at Ren Zhu, his expression was just like he wished to bite him to death.

Ren Zhu nevertheless chuckled. He wasn’t convinced that Lu De Yong could rush forward and beat him up in this location. Obviously, Lu De Yong wasn’t that stupid. He was once again flushed with rage, but also knew that it absolutely wasn’t a suitable time to fight right now. Thus, he maliciously glared at Ren Zhu and in the end, turned around and sat down. Mi0jTG

For an entire hour after that, Ren Zhu no longer heard any conversation coming from the next table. It was just like they completely didn’t need to talk to communicate with each other, they could understand by simply expressing through their eyes. Also, because of their existence, Teacher Ren wasn’t that happy when eating his meal. No matter how good the flavour was, it couldn’t block the existence of those eyesores. After an hour, Lu De Yong and that Mr Zhang, as well as the handsome and beauty who accompanied them, all left. Ren Zhu also let out a sigh.

This should have shifted the target onto himself right? He just didn’t know what Lu De Yong would do next. He hoped that he wouldn’t be so stupid as to come and beat him up. Otherwise, the aftermath would certainly be very tragic.

At ten o’clock in the evening, the work for all the staff in the kitchen of Zhenxiu Hall ended. When Yin Feng came out, he saw Ren Zhu sitting in the corner, quietly doing something on his phone. Casually picking up his coat, he walked over. “How was your meal?”

Ren Zhu raised his eyebrows and shook his head: “Not that good.” nvYmaC

Yin Feng subconsciously frowned: “Did the three signature dishes I made not agree with your tastes? Tell me where it wasn’t good. I’ll change it.”

Yin Feng had such a big reaction that Ren Zhu almost couldn’t resist laughing: “I’m not talking about you. To tell the truth, even if it’s the top ranked chef on the star chef list, the food he makes would not necessarily match my tastes better than what you make. It’s not the difference in craftsmanship, but rather, I just like the food you make. Today, the three dishes were all very delicious. It’s just that someone happened to spoil the party.”

Hearing Ren Zhu say this, a trace of surprise first appeared on Chef Yin’s handsome face, and then he quickly became delighted. Finally, he settled on a cold and stern expression: “What? Someone came to look for trouble?” That appearance was just like he was going to roll up his sleeves in the next second and beat someone up.

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Ren Zhu stood up and walked outside with Yin Feng: “It’s not really like that. Wu, it should be that I took the initiative to do a good thing?” Then, Ren Zhu told Yin Feng the interaction between Lu De Yong and himself. Chef Yin quickly concluded: “I have never met someone as shameless and immoral as him.” hXIB 7

Pausing, Yin Feng again said: “I’ll send you home. It’s already so late. With his kind of nature, I’m not sure what he would do.”

In fact, Ren Zhu wanted to go home to give Lu De Yong the opportunity to beat him up. However, seeing Chef Yin’s extremely serious expression, he knew that he had no means to do this. Without any better option, he feigned obedience and nodded his head.

When Yin Feng sent Ren Zhu to his house and saw the small detached two story villa, he felt that the safety factor was a little low. Hence, when Ren Zhu wanted to enter his house, Yin Feng suddenly reached out his hand and supported the door. With an earnest expression that looked incomparably righteous, he said: “In the dead of night, beneath the raven moon, you once again provoked someone you shouldn’t have messed with……”

Hearing his words, Ren Zhu’s eye’s narrowed: “So, you really could consider letting me in and giving you the night watch.” pAzgds

Teacher Ren’s next action was to enter the house and close the door: “Stop being so unrestrained. We’re now still in a pure male-male relationship. Hurry up and go home and sleep.”

Yin Feng asked: “Then, how can it turn into an impure male-male relationship? I haven’t been in a relationship before, so I really don’t know what to do?”

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Ren Zhu: “……” You haven’t been in a relationship before and yet you’re still so unrestrained. Then if you have been in a relationship before, would that make you a slag? “Go find the guide yourself.”

Chef Yin reluctantly gave up. Just when he turned around to leave, seven or eight masked men carrying clubs suddenly scuttled out of the bushes surrounding the villa. Yin Feng reflexively dodged a head-on strike and then turned around to shout at Ren Zhu: “Call the police! Call the police! There really are people without brains coming to fight!” P 7AWl

When Ren Zhu heard Yin Feng’s shouts, his eyes narrowed. Immediately opening the door, he picked up a basket of oranges and went out.


Yin Feng subconsciously moved his body and saw a yellow light rapidly fly past his side, carrying with it a burst of ferocious wind! After that, one of the masked men shouted in pain. In quick succession, the yellow concealed weapons flew out from Ren Zhu’s hands, followed by the sounds of painful shouts one after another.

Yin Feng was just about to properly look at what the concealed weapons were when he suddenly heard a loud and powerful shout by his ear: ozhsyn

“Put down your weapons!”

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Yin Feng felt that the hoodlums certainly wouldn’t be so obedient. However, he was quickly stunned as he looked at the masked men who had previously still been violent. Each and every one of them was particularly well-behaved as they put down the clubs in their hands, as well as a watermelon knife. But this wasn’t the end of it. Yin Feng heard the person he loved once again command:

“Sit upright! Raise your hands and tell me who ordered you to come over? What did you come here to do? What are your names?!”

Yin Feng felt that he might have run into fake hoodlums. He helplessly looked at the group of fierce men who were currently like good students, silently sitting on the ground in a row. Their expressions were also solemn and respectful as they raised their hands. PLSdJG

“I am Zhang Er Hu. My brother Zhao Hu told me to come here to teach you a proper lesson. He wanted me to let you know what is good and bad. You can’t put your foot in every situation you want.”

I am Song Biao. Lu De Yong gave me a call to tell me to bring a few people over to tidy you up. He then asked us to enter your house to search whether we could find a book related to western cuisine. He told me to be a little more careful and not get exposed. Ze. I have worked in this line of business for more than ten years. How could I possibly be exposed.”

Listening to this on the side, Chef Yin thought: Just now, you almost completely revealed your foot ah! I feel like I almost can’t maintain my iceberg face anymore.

“I am Yang Er Gou. I follow Brother Biao.” VwBr8A

“I am Zhang Lao Hu. I follow Er Hu.”


When Ren Zhu had taken out his phone to record all the surrendered statements these people obediently gave, Chef Yin still felt like he was dreaming.

“Alright, you guys can go back now. If you obediently listen to my words, then I won’t hand this over to the police uncles. However, if you continue to do evil, I will directly send you to prison. Even if you currently don’t have a single decent or proper job, as a person, you still need to have the most basic requirement. At least, you need to be a man who has a clear conscience, is useful to society, and able to support both heaven and earth. And not this kind of person who lives his life mixing in muddy waters. If this information was spread, your parents would definitely lose face. In the future, do you also wish for your wife and children to accompany you in losing face?” Standing in the courtyard under the dim light of night, Ren Zhu’s figure was very straight. His expression was earnest and seemed to carry a trace of friendly warmth. In any case, looking over from Yin Feng’s point of view, this kind of Ren Zhu suddenly made him think of his time as a chef apprentice and that most terrifying and strict teacher who would always give him assignments to complete. ndMtSy

Yin Feng: …… He felt himself shiver all over and thought of some things he didn’t want to remember.

With their heads covered in cold sweat, those several big men shook their heads: “We will definitely turn over a new leaf.” Then, just like roosters that had been defeated, they left. And when they returned to reality, they all looked at each other in horror — all 7 of them didn’t complete senior high school and came out to mix in society. They believed themselves to fear nothing in heaven and earth. Any kind of gale or billow, they had all met before. However, it was still the first time they came across a situation where they seemed to have returned to school and were admonished by the class teacher until they didn’t dare to move. Then, they couldn’t bear thinking about their time as a mediocre student in elementary school……

Zhang Er Hu and Song Biao: That Ren Zhu is definitely an evil class teacher! Laozi never wants to go find him again!

Story translated by Chrysanthemum Garden.


Translator's Note

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Translator's Note

The Lu in Lu De Yong is not the same as in Lu Cheng Shan. They are not brothers.

Translator's Note

折腾来折腾去. There’s no real english translation for this. Sort of means ‘fooling around’

Translator's Note

截了胡. It means completing a winning hand in mahjong by cutting someone off. If you’ve seen people play mahjong before, you’d hear them say Hu (胡) when they win

Translator's Note

Trash male

Translator's Note

Second tiger

Translator's Note


Translator's Note

Tiger cub

Translator's Note

To reveal the cloven foot means to unmask one’s true nature. Exposed.

Translator's Note

Second Dog

Translator's Note

Also means tiger

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