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Class Teacher SystemCh34 - Poison poison poison (10)


Bonus chapter. Hehehe enjoy~ (〜^∇^)〜

When Lu Xiao said the words ‘it represents your unparalleled desire’, the considerably mild expression that was originally on Yin Feng’s face instantly became cold and severe, as though Lu Xiao said something he really hated. YVIb4G

Ren Zhu was happily eating the pork ribs when he heard these words and also instantly froze. However, this was not because of Yin Feng’s expression, but rather because this dish was actually what he liked to eat the most. Even if he had already eaten all kinds of braised pork ribs in his previous life, ones that were more sweet, more salty or more spicy, he was still very fond of this dish. He wouldn’t be sick of it even if he ate it every single day.

Because it was exactly like this, Ning Xun had previously boasted in his face that even if he burnt down the kitchen or cut his fingers, he would use all means possible to make this dish beautiful and perfect, so that he could let his family’s sweetheart eat his love filled pork ribs every day.

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However, Professor Ning had drowned himself in that very seaport. He burnt down half the kitchen and injured three of his fingers. In short, he earnestly practised for a year, but in the end, he still couldn’t perfectly make braised pork ribs. At most, his cooking was edible, and this was also the sole dish that Professor Ning could make. Ren Zhu recalled these memories and felt that those past events were really unbearable to look back on. In that year, he had tasted all the unsuccessful pork rib dishes Ning Xun had made. All kinds of strange flavours…… quickly eat another pork rib to press it down.

However, when he still wanted to eat more, the plate of pork ribs in front of him was carried away by Yin Feng, who had already taken off the adhesive tape. “Ah.” Ren Zhu exclaimed and raised his head. He then saw Yin Feng’s extremely ugly expression. “Ai…… I haven’t finished eating yet.” VcaxXS

Yin Feng was obviously in a bad mood: “You’ve already eaten pork ribs for five days. Eating too much greasy food is not good for your health. I’ll make a plate of tomato scrambled eggs for you to eat.”

Ren Zhu immediately felt depressed. Compared with tomato scrambled eggs, I still prefer braised pork ribs okay? Furthermore, I will not be sick of it even if I eat it every day. I also don’t get fat from eating, why don’t you let me eat? Teacher Ren’s mouth twitched. He thought of that ‘unparalleled desire’ and then decided to remain silent.

At this moment, there seemed to be a very odd and delicate atmosphere spreading between Ren Zhu and Yin Feng. One would feel awkward if they saw it. Lu Ming felt extremely happy when he saw that his brother had already made a firm resolution and was a lot more spirited. He was only paying attention to his brother and hence was completely unaware that the topic was not quite right. He asked again very bluntly: “Unparalleled desire? God, Teacher Yin. This really sounds like some kind of deep loving confession ah! Who exactly are you making this dish for? If all the teachers and female students at our school hear about this, perhaps they will collectively find and kill that person?”

For the first time, Lu Xiao felt that his brother really couldn’t take the hint. Couldn’t he see that that person’s expression was not in the least bit normal?! He still rushed to ask! Lu Xiao was very anxious, however Lu Ming was still called out. XU38r7

Chef Yin chuckled mockingly and put down the kitchen knife in his hand. His movement was particularly sharp. “You cook. I want to eat boiled prawns, corn with pine nuts and mapo tofu. If you can’t make them in one hour, you can directly retake the next month’s exam.”

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Lu Ming’s eyes instantly widened. He could not believe that this star teacher who, in the eyes of all the teachers and students in the school, was incomparably fair and just would actually use his position to get even with him for a private grudge. However, he did not dare to doubt whether this was a joke. What if it wasn’t? Thinking that he also had to maintain his top three place in the year in this semester, Lu Ming felt that his life was actually also quite miserable.

Consequently, Lu Ming bitterly went to cook. Although his mood still easily fluctuated, the good older brother Lu Xiao was also worried for his little brother, glancing at Yin Feng and Ren Zhu. Although he really wanted to talk with Ren Zhu and express his gratitude, seeing the current situation, it was better if he first watched over his brother cooking. If his brother doesn’t cook well and is criticised, then their family of chefs would certainly be ashamed to death.

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At this moment, Ren Zhu and Yin Feng were both sitting on the small newly purchased sofa in the living room. On the coffee table in front of them, there was that plate of delicious and fragrant braised pork ribs. Unfortunately, neither of the two spoke. fCSbUm

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Like this, the two people respectively remained silent, until Ren Zhu let out a near inaudible sigh.

This sigh was like a heavy hammer pounding down on Yin Feng’s heart, causing him to feel as though he was shocked by lightning. He could no longer remain silent.

“…… I started learning to cook when I was ten.” AdCMXY

Ren Zhu turned his head, not quite understanding what he meant.

“In the beginning, when I was cutting vegetables, I would always cut my fingers, and when I was stir-frying something, I would burn my hand until it was covered in blisters. All kinds of clumsy accidents that a chef might experience, I have experienced them all. Amongst them, the most serious one was when I was eighteen. I was working part time in a Chinese restaurant. The pan wasn’t properly put on the stove and it nearly exploded in my face.” Yin Feng slightly shook his head, seeming to have thought of the scene at that time: “I was nearly disfigured. If I had been disfigured, you would no longer be able to see such a handsome me anymore.”

The corners of Ren Zhu’s lips pulled up. This iceberg unexpectedly also had such a narcissistic side.

Yin Feng slightly pursed his lips: “I am telling the truth. Don’t assume that I am narcissistic. Anyway, what I want to tell you is that my cooking journey was not as smooth as what others might have imagined. There have also been a lot of times when it was dangerous and I wanted to give up. You might not believe this, but I actually don’t really like cooking.” o0LKR9

Ren Zhu raised his eyebrows: “As the youngest star chef, this is quite surprising.”

Yin Feng smiled: “I just…… always dream.”


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“Right. I started dreaming when I was ten.” Yin Feng thought and said: “I don’t remember clearly at all what that first dream was like. I only know that in my dream, I had a very strong desire to make delicious food. Hence, the majority of the time, these dreams were all about me cooking. However, what was really frustrating was that I was like a kitchen murderer. No matter how much effort I put in, the food I made were all very unpalatable.” 24bfQR

Ren Zhu’s eyes slightly widened.

“After having the kind of dreams where I would cook more than a dozen times in a row, I felt very unconvinced and unhappy in my heart. I thought that I was very smart. Wasn’t it just cooking? In my dream, how could I be so stupid and not be able to learn? So, when I was ten, I secretly picked up the spatula and started to cook for the first time. Can you guess the result?”

Yin Feng looked at Ren Zhu. Ren Zhu paused: “…… You scorched the pan?”

Yin Feng raised his eyebrow: “Don’t joke. I am such a talent, how can I scorch the pan? I have dreamt so many times. Nine times out of ten, I would scorch the pan. Hence I was especially careful about this point and didn’t make this mistake. I just didn’t completely cook through the food and put in the wrong seasoning, that’s all.” pSR18I


“This was still a lot more powerful than the me in my dream.” Chef Yin sighed: “Then, I felt that I really had the talent for cooking ah, so I started to study. Anyway, my enthusiasm in the beginning was ignited like this. Afterwards, in the year I turned eighteen, that is the year I told you when my face was almost destroyed, I suddenly felt very strange. At that time, I couldn’t help but question that just because of a dream, I would then walk down the path of being a chef? I felt that from the time I was ten until I was eighteen years old, those eight years were just like I was obsessed. Was it necessary to go all out? At that time, I was already a small well-known backup chef.”

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“Back then, I had thought for a long time. I felt that I actually didn’t particularly like cooking. Being able to achieve the status I had was already pretty good. Hence, I planned to change profession to go study something else, such as psychology. I think that is pretty interesting.”

Ren Zhu opened and then closed his mouth again. After a long time, he then said: “…… If you change professions, you would probably become a very powerful psychologist.” HEu1Y4

Yin Feng laughed: “I also thought that. However, being a psychologist would also be quite tiring. I think that in my next life, it would be good if I could be a rich second generation who just sits around doing nothing. The kind where my wealth is against the skies. Pretty relaxed.”

Ren Zhu smiled and put on a very sincere expression on his face. He suggested: “I think that even if you’re a rich second generation, you don’t need to be against the skies. It’ll be good if the temperament is still gentle.”

Yin Feng clucked his tongue: “Anyway, at that time I was going to change professions. However, that night, I had a dream again.”

Saying this, Yin Feng’s voice sank and it suddenly carried a hint of rage: “I dreamt of a person.” z8girb

Ren Zhu’s heart jumped. Even he himself did not perceive that his own voice had become a little hoarse: “That…… What kind of person?”

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Yin Feng coldly chuckled: “How do I know what kind of person he is? Anyway, he was very picky, had a difficult temper and always suddenly popped up to make trouble without reason. Perhaps he is an ugly person and also has sexual dysfunction.”

Ren Zhu: “……”

“I couldn’t see his face. I only know that he was a man who was pretty tall and also had a voice that was very pleasant to hear. En, it’s actually quite similar to your voice. However, that night my dream had an extra him. I saw that I gave him the food I cooked, and then he started to pick at everything about it.” Yin Feng’s expression was exceedingly dark: “Here isn’t good, there isn’t good, there’s too much salt, there’s too much sugar, there’s too much soy sauce! The temperature is not high enough, the temperature is too high! He simply nitpicked all the time. He had never once said that I cooked well!” hxdA61

Ren Zhu: “……”

“So, after that night, I had the enthusiasm to cook again.” Yin Feng coldly laughed: “I absolutely want to make it so that he wouldn’t be able to say a single word and only stupidly look at me.”

Ren Zhu: “…… So is this the secret of how you became the youngest star chef?”

Chef Yin didn’t say anything, but the expression on his face said it all. iRzLPU

Ren Zhu’s expression was very complicated and also carried some sympathy. He said: “You better go be a rich second generation against the skies in your next life.” This life, you have truly suffered.

Yin Feng snorted. A moment later, he again eased his expression and shook his head: “Actually, it wasn’t that excessive. If not for his words, I think that I probably wouldn’t be able to have today’s success. Also……”


“…… Nothing. His favourite dish is braised pork ribs.” Yin Feng seemed to want to say something, but then changed his words. bjx65y

Ren Zhu immediately understood: “So this is why you both love and hate braised pork ribs?”

Looking at Ren Zhu, Yin Feng suddenly asked: “Do you like to eat braised pork ribs very much?”

Ren Zhu smiled: “Yes. I like it very much. Even if I eat it every day, I won’t be sick of it. I have eaten so many kinds of braised pork ribs before, but the one I like the most is still on this plate in front of me.”

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Yin Feng abruptly froze. His eyes fixed attentively on Ren Zhu, he saw the charming gentle smile on that person’s face and suddenly wanted to escape. He obviously couldn’t meet that person. Previously, he had frantically searched for him but had then already determined that this was merely an unexpected encounter in his dream. It could never be real. However, now he wasn’t so sure. This person in front of his eyes unexpectedly started to match with that person, saying the exact same words. 6rN5G0

Yin Feng covered his heart and once again felt his joy, excitement and…… sadness.

The first time this feeling had emerged, it was the split second he saw him in the hospital.

“What’s wrong with you?” Ren Zhu was a little puzzled as he looked at Yin Feng’s suddenly indescribable expression. Then, the answer Yin Feng gave him contrarily caused him to be at a complete loss of what to do.

“I think, I might really like you, although I really disliked you before.” wvfXGN

Ren Zhu exclaimed. If this was someone else, they probably wouldn’t be able to understand the meaning of these words. However, Ren Zhu understood it clearly and smiled. If one looked carefully, they would discover that this smile also carried a trace of nostalgia. “Ah, I am the same. I think I also really like you, although I disliked you before.”


Story translated by Chrysanthemum Garden.

Just when the atmosphere was very beautiful, a weird sound suddenly rang. Ren Zhu and Yin Feng simultaneously turned their heads and saw Lu Ming carrying a plate of food, his expression very strange. He had stepped on a screaming rubber chicken.


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kua xia hai kou. Word by word translation is ‘boast down the seaport’

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Spoil the beauty

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