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Class Teacher SystemCh2 - Save the psychopathic killer (2)


When people are injured, their ability to withstand noise would always be much worse. After hearing that scream, Ren Zhu’s mood became quite irritable. If not for the ‘class teacher’s loving touch’ to slightly treat his injuries, he felt that he might have already fallen to the ground from the sonic wave attack.

Quickly searching through his mind, he found the names of these two people, and some information associated with himself. Ren Zhu pursed his lips: “Teacher Li Li, instead of screaming, I think I more require an ambulance or a taxi to take me to the hospital.” sJYgfR

Hearing her name being called in a clear voice, the female teacher immediately closed her mouth and nodded her head: “You’re right. I’ll help you call an ambulance!” As soon as she said this, she took out her mobile phone, looking like she was going to call 120.

Ren Zhu raised the corners of his lips: “Help me call a taxi. I’m feeling alright now, no need for emergency treatment. It’s just a bleeding forehead.”

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Hearing Ren Zhu’s words, the handsome man standing at the side with eyes full of ridicule raised his eyebrows. Seems like there’s some mistake. This male teacher, claimed to be the weakest in the whole grade, was actually so calm.

“Ah, is that the case? But your face is almost entirely covered in blood. Do you really not need the ambulance?” Li Li still asked worriedly. After seeing Ren Zhu nod, she sighed and switched to calling the taxi: “Teacher Ren, didn’t we say it before? You just have to casually teach a few classes. You don’t have to care about the children in the class. Anyway, most of the children have people supporting them. Even if they don’t learn anything, they still have a bright future. When they come to school, they are simply coming to make friends and play. Whatever bad things they do are none of your concern. It’s just occasionally bullying their classmate, why bother to intervene? Now you are also the target of those children.” uMx6eN

Ren Zhu slowly pulled out a green handkerchief from his trouser pocket and pressed it on his head. These years, it was quite uncommon for people to carry around a handkerchief. However, this head-has-been-smashed previous unfortunate him was not only like this. To be able to live for 28 years and yet not experience love nor have more than ten friends, he was definitely an uncommon weirdo. Really don’t know how this guy lived til now.

However, compared to the introvertedness and simplicity of his predecessor, he felt that he really couldn’t agree with the words he just heard.

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What ‘going to school to play’? What ‘having a good future without learning’? What ‘students bullying classmates and teachers looking on without intervening’? The teachers don’t need to teach seriously? It’s okay to just teach half-heartedly?

Is this a f**king teacher? Is this place a nursing home? Or a nursing home with very poor morality. If the teacher doesn’t seriously teach and educate, and the students don’t need to study hard, then what’s the point of school? Are they raising ancestors or wastes? X59SUa

Ren Zhu wrinkled his eyebrows. Although he was thinking this, he couldn’t say these words out loud. He just disapprovingly pursed his lips: “I can’t just leave the children alone.”

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Li Li heard this and sighed: “You are too soft. However, that group of children in your class are indeed too much. In short, you should be careful. I already called a taxi to the school gate. Quickly go to the hospital! You still need to continue classes tomorrow.”

“Oh”. Seeing the man and woman watching him, Ren Zhu secretly rolled his eyes. Holding his head, he stood up and walked out the door. However, when he passed the tall man in the suit, he suddenly felt dizzy, making his entire body fall towards the ground.

Ah f**k. IdOadx

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“You look so unsightly like this.” This low and magnetic voice. Although it sounded very good, it’s a pity that the contents were too bad. Ren Zhu twitched his lips. If it were you who was smashed with a brick into a bloody face, you would also be unsightly.

“Thank you.”

After saying this, Ren Zhu straightened up and continued towards the school gate. He was too lazy to talk with this guy who looked like an immoral and despicable person. Anyway, his label was introverted, silent, but sympathetic. All his silence can be interpreted as being introverted and shy. How nice. 5pe3yq

The man completely didn’t expect that Ren Zhu could calmly express thanks and leave after he fell. His sharp eyebrows scrunched together, feeling a little unsatisfied. Che. A man. Doesn’t even have some guts. Serves him right to be targeted by students.

“Er. Professor Ning. Teacher Ren has always been quite introverted. Regarding his student’s special psychology class, how about you two discuss it tomorrow? You also saw that it isn’t suitable for him to chat right now.”

Ning Xun showed a very appropriate smile and lightly nodded his head: “Yes. Although matters have not yet been discussed, I still want to thank Teacher Li for your guide.” His appearance was very elegant, just like a gentleman, causing Li Li to blush in an instant.

It was very impressive of her to be able to snatch this task from all the other female teachers. It’s worth noting that this psychology doctor returned from studying abroad, and was now a specially invited professor at Shoudu University. If it weren’t for the relationship between him and the principal, it would have been impossible to bring this person over as a consulting psychologist to teach a few special classes. Even so, their school already brought the envy and hatred of other private schools. That’s not the point. The point was that this Professor Ning was only 30 years old this year! Handsome, tall, elegant and rich. Plus he was still single! All the unmarried female teachers at Jinrui Private School were boiling. Don’t say the elementary school section, even the junior and senior high school teachers all ran over as though they had nothing else to do. dYOCH6

In such a fierce competition to stand out from the crowd, Teacher Li Li was definitely a rare talent.

“No need. No need. It’s my pleasure. Later on, Professor Ning will be our school’s special psychology teacher. Sometimes, not just the children, but the pressure on the teachers is also quite big. So please take care of them.”

Ning Xun smiled. “I see that Teacher Li’s understanding of psychology is very good. You will surely have achievements in the future.”

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Li Li was simply overjoyed. Just as she was about to continue speaking, Ning Xun very casually looked at his watch and then showed an apologetic expression: “Sorry, it’s already half past six. I have a psychological consultation at seven so I must take my leave.” HRejy4

Li Li quickly nodded: “Ah, okay! Of course, work is important. Then, please go without delay. I’ll stop bothering you.”

Ning Xun nodded and left. As soon as he turned his back, the smile on his face was replaced with calm and ridicule. A woman who couldn’t wait to climb up her entire life. Flattered the superiors and oppressed the subordinates. That trace of fighting spirit wasn’t really eye catching. Compared with this kind of boring person characteristic of many within the school, Ning Xun felt that the young man who looked wronged and annoyed, and yet for a moment had a sharp knife-like gaze, was a little more interesting.

Ning Xun glanced at his wrist, his expression unfathomable. Even if he messed up this return trip, there would still be unexpected gains.

At this moment, the target of interest, Ren Zhu, looked like death as the nurse auntie bandaged his head and arm. His luck didn’t seem so good. He met a nurse auntie who rattled on and was bursting with maternal love. As soon as she saw him she started nagging, treating him as though he were her own bear son. She said so much that Ren Zhu quickly gave up the intention to explain things. Anyway, even if he explained the situation, the nurse auntie would just switch to nagging about those bear children. In the end, she’d still be rattling on. UsJtBr

Finally, the wounds were treated. It seemed that the ‘class teacher’s loving touch’ skill had some effect. Although the blood had flowed all over his face and arm, the wounds were not serious. At least he could maintain his requirement of not taking sick leave from class. It’s noted that today was September 29th. If he asked for leave tomorrow, then this month’s full attendance award would be taken away. Ren Zhu had quickly adapted to his new class teacher identity. Having persisted for a month and breaking his full attendance on the last day, this absolutely couldn’t happen to him. Tomorrow, even if he were kneeling, he would still finish classes for this last day of September. Yes, he was that resolute.

When Teacher Ren, with his bear paw left hand and bandaged head, walked out of the hospital entrance, he immediately saw a child standing outside at a corner. Perhaps ordinary people wouldn’t notice such a place or child, but as an excellent class and literature teacher, Teacher Ren could plainly see the child’s gaze. Not to mention that this child was watching him with eyes so astonishingly clear.

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Ren Zhu: “……” If this child was the ‘dead poor wretch’ Zhou Lai mentioned by the little fatty’s group, then Teacher Ren felt that this group of bear children were blind. If they don’t do well, they will be retaliated against in the future.

“Zhou Lai?” Ren Zhu walked to the corner and looked straight at the thin gloomy child in front of him. UsHaXD

The boy hadn’t thought that he would be spotted by the class teacher. His face flashed a trace of panic, but quickly calmed down. He looked straight at his teacher without cowering: “Teacher Ren. You don’t need to care about this matter. I can take care of all of them.”

When Teacher Ren heard this, he started to frown. However, this child didn’t look at him and lowered his head. He repeated: “Nothing good will come out of prying into someone else’s business. Next time, you won’t just have a bleeding head.”

After he said this, his head was directly pressed down. Zhou Lai stiffened, wanting to retreat. As a result, he was surprised to find that the hand on his head was abnormally strong. Forced to look up, Zhou Lai saw his eternally weak class teacher say with a blank expression: “Did your brain get eaten by roadside rhubarb? If the teacher doesn’t care about the students in his class, then what’s the point of a class teacher? To make jokes?”

Zhou Lai’s eyes widened with shock, finally showing a hint of childishness. He looked at the ridiculously bandaged class teacher and suddenly felt that at this moment, the teacher was extremely tall and reliable. Zhou Lai abruptly lowered his head, his eyes red, calling out “Teacher Ren.” xYdjkt

Although he still didn’t believe that the class teacher could solve his troubles, at this moment he couldn’t help but want to rely on him.

Story translated by Chrysanthemum Garden.

En.” The relied upon Teacher Ren rubbed Zhou Lai’s head. “Have you finished today’s homework?”

Zhou Lai: “………………………..”


Translator's Note

China’s emergency phone number.

Translator's Note

Translates to ‘precious and beautiful flower’. Describes someone who is very odd.

Translator's Note

Translates to ‘your old uncle’. Light way of saying f**k.

Translator's Note

Translates to ‘dressed up animal’. Means a beast in a gentleman’s attire.

Translator's Note

Translates to ‘smile out a flower’. Means to be very happy.

Translator's Note

Idiom. Like sucking up to higher ups and bossing the subordinates

Translator's Note

路边的大黄 – Not sure if this is literal or an internet slang. If someone knows, please comment below

Translator's Note

Indicating approval, appreciation or agreement.

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