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Class Teacher SystemCh17 - Save the psychopathic killer (17)


Bonus chapter! Huge thanks to Jade Dragon for the coffees! Love you muah~ More bonus chapters will be released over the next few days along with the regular scheduled chapter. I really need to start stockpiling chapters (⇀‸↼‶)

Also, me this chapter: AAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!! OSH51s

Although he received the warning call from Principal Peng Fei, as the kind of person who could be said to be young, promising, and basically relied on his own strength to climb up to his current position, Director Lu wasn’t panicked or alarmed. He simply used a very sincere tone to express gratitude to Principal Peng Fei. He then called his secretary and vice director Song Cheng Shi to tell them of this matter and let them handle it.

If this report had shown up a term earlier, Director Lu would have felt his heart secretly tremble. After all, in order to let his son have good marks, although he didn’t participate in leaking the exam questions himself, he nevertheless still gave the teacher prior notice to pass a small slip of paper to help his son. Also, his son definitely knew of this matter. He would sometimes deliberately write something to let the teacher marking know that the exam paper was his and to give him some more points.

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However, in this year’s examination, Director Lu could proclaim with a straight chest that his son used his own efforts to achieve real results. This year he still hadn’t had the time to bribe the new class teacher Teacher Ren, yet the new class teacher gave all the Grade 6 Class 8 parents a big pleasant surprise.

Therefore, Director Lu felt that this group of teachers and parents were simply a pain in ass. If they wished to report then just let them do it. Anyway, it would ultimately be revealed that he was a wrongly accused good director, and then the higher ups would placate the situation. TYxk95

With this kind of thinking, the next evening, Director Lu’s entire family happily wore new clothes, and together with the excited Lu Xiao Pang headed to Jinghaoting to eat. Although Lu Xiao Pang’s results didn’t even achieve the top ten in the class and ranked 21st out of the 45 students, it was just enough to be counted as within the top half so he could at least arrogantly laugh at the others. Lu Ban Ban expressed that he was already satisfied. Later on, he would still continue to work hard! His family was so wealthy, he could still specially invite a private tutor to teach him! He had already discussed it with his parents. From the beginning of winter vacation, he would invite a maths and english teacher to tutor him. Then, he must score an achievement that would shock the class and even the whole school!

Regarding Lu Xiao Pang’s plan, his family practically approved with their entire bodies. God knew how important it was for a child to have the motivation to learn independently. Director Lu felt that he simply never had such good expectations for the future.

That evening, the gathering was bustling with noise and excitement. At least three people were there from each family. Of course, Zhou Lai didn’t have any other close relatives so Ren Zhu directly rode his electric scooter to pick him up and come together. It certainly wasn’t because Ren Zhu didn’t want to drive a car, but rather that before he arrived, the previous Ren Zhu couldn’t drive at all, much less go out and buy a car. Hence Ren Zhu could only ride a brand new electric scooter to pick Zhou Lai up.

Riding the electric scooter and taking Zhou Lai along, Teacher Ren ran into Professor Ning who was driving a big luxurious Mercedes Benz. Under this stark contrast, Teacher Ren and Zhou Lai both had smug smiles on their faces as they hurtled past in front of Professor Ning. i ZaET

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The blocked nouveau riche Professor Ning, who very much wanted to give psychological hints to passersby: He sensed the strong contempt coming from the electric car!

If you're reading this, this translation is stolen. Please support our translators at chrysanthemumgarden.com

Qlat j wfrrs tfjga, Ugbofrrbg Rlcu tla tlr raffglcu ktffi jcv nfgyjiis jaajmxfv tlr qglnjafis bkcfv mjg: “Qtja’r atf erf bo sbe?! Tbe’gf cba fnfc jr ubbv jr j rwjii fifmaglm rmbbafg!”


Cr atbeut la kjr fzqgfrrlcu lar ragbcu qgbafra jcv vlrrjalrojmalbc jujlcra lar bkcfg, atf iezeglber Dfch atja kjr rijqqfv lc atf raffglcu ktffi ys Ugbofrrbg Rlcu ecfzqfmafvis rajiifv. Qlat ugfja vloolmeias, ktfc tf mbeiv olcjiis wbnf obgkjgv, atf mjg yfrlvf tlw abbx atf bqqbgaeclas ab mea gluta lc ogbca bo tlw. 2waej3

Professor Ning: “…………………”

Can’t you do better?! As a car, do you also need Laozi’s psychological counselling?!

When Professor Ning finally arrived at Jinhaoting, 150 or so people were sitting at five big tables buzzing with activity, talking and laughing loudly.

When Ning Xun came, everyone looked towards him in unison. Then, all the women revealed a stunned expression as they exclaimed in admiration. The majority of the men present suffered a second psychological blow, wanting to roll their eyes. SUB0DZ

At this moment, everyone’s thoughts were the same — one Teacher Ren who was so handsome and elegant was enough. How come this Teacher Ning was also that good looking? So handsome, can’t you give others a way to survive?!

Professor Ning received the same enthusiastic treatment as Teacher Ren. He was led by Director Lu to sit down beside Teacher Ren who had already smiled himself stiff. This was perhaps Professor Ning’s sole matter that could make him a little happy after being depressed the whole way here. The moment Ning Xun sat down, Ren Zhu also unconsciously relaxed his body. Ah, just then he felt as though he alone penetrated deeply into enemy forces. Now he finally had an ally.

Although Teacher Ren was very good at taking care of bear children, and even correct bear parents and bear masters, he inherently was still a lazy person who didn’t particularly like socialising, hated trouble, loved reading and eating delicious food. During class, he could throw around countless passionate words, but towards this excessive interaction with parents, Teacher Ren did not feel much pleasure or interest.

After all, this was not at all an interaction between the same social status. KYRJd9

However, Professor Ning fit in very well. He was skilfully and easily responding to all the parents who surrounded him holding up wine glasses. Whether it was those parents simultaneously asking him questions or having a lively discussion with everyone, Ning Xun could always smile as he answered what they wanted to hear. Every parent who raised him a glass of wine would smile and laugh heartily as though tomorrow their child could pass the entrance exam into the best university and become winners in life.

Gradually, all the people who looked for Ren Zhu went to find Ning Xun. When Ren Zhu could finally sit down and eat a few hot dishes, he turned his head to look at the man who was absolutely the focus of everyone present. He suddenly thought that this young man with a slightly flushed look was extremely handsome and charming.

Laughing lowly, Ren Zhu happily ate the next served dish. He then discovered that Lu Xiao Pang was sneakily spinning the turntable so that the shrimp, abalone and roast pig would end up on his side. After turning them, he didn’t eat the dishes himself but rather grabbed them with his chopsticks and put them onto Zhou Lai’s plate, stopping only when the thin youth’s plate was stacked high. Perfectly satisfied, he then selected dishes to put on his own plate, completely ignoring the adults at the same table shaking their heads, as well as the other students’ glares.

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Ren Zhu again laughed. misYkM

Afterwards, everyone chatted, laughed, sang and danced, celebrating until eleven. People passing by out to dine couldn’t help but turn their heads and look. In the end, almost every man was drunk, and while the women were still clear-headed, they also had slightly tipsy complexions.

“En. I am very happy today. Thank you all for inviting me to this banquet. I believe that in the future, our Grade 6 Class 8 will be even better. I assure you that as long as I’m here, I will exhaust all my power to teach and cherish them, and let them mature into a fine and resolute person.”

Ren Zhu’s speech received the mighty applause and cheers from all the parents while the elders had smiles on their faces. As the older generation, they didn’t have many requirements for their grandchildren. The children didn’t need to excel, have money or power. So long as they lived happily safe and sound, that was already the biggest reward. The ‘fine and resolute’ just then was simply like the prerequisite for ‘happily safe and sound.’

“In addition, everyone has already drank wine. You must set a good example for your children and not drive under the influence. Otherwise, this happy occasion would be ruined.” Teacher Ren was all smiles as he joked. The children all roared with laughter while the parents shook their heads and chuckled. Some of the parents who still wanted to trust their luck to drive home directly pulled out their phones to call for a substitute driver. Regardless of the fact that this wasn’t what they would usually do, in front of their children, they must be good role models! dyhAbH

One after another, everyone left. The lively atmosphere also slowly became quiet. In the end, there were only 3 people left in the hall. At this moment, Zhou Lai was already tired and nodding off in his seat. Ren Zhu sighed, resigned to the fate of carrying the child back home.

Then, his hand was captured.

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The hand that grabbed his wrist was burning hot such that it would cause some people to fret. From the contact on his skin, Ren Zhu started getting goose bumps. He abruptly turned his head and met with a pair of deep and devoted eyes. He could practically see his own appearance reflected in them.

“What?” Ren Zhu found that his voice seemed a little hoarse. N kLTu

Ning Xun looked at this person. After putting all his attention into observing him for a long while, he suddenly smiled: “Hey, Teacher Ren. Let’s talk about love with marriage as the goal.”

Ren Zhu’s heart beat violently. He expressionlessly said: “Did you drink so much that it got into your head? Look clearly, we are both male.”

Ning Xun tightly clutched Ren Zhu’s wrist and nodded without hesitation: “I know, but what’s wrong with it? I like you very much. And you, you also like me. Isn’t that right?……So, let’s date?”

Ren Zhu silently thought of how to refute, but before he could say something, Ning Xun held down two fingers to his wrist: “Language can deceive and become lies. But darling, your body and pulse will never lie to you. Also…… it can’t fool me.” IAZ0ms

At this second, Ren Zhu looked at his wrist and felt his pulse. He suddenly narrowed his eyes and and grabbed Ning Xun’s wrist. Then he leaned his head down and put his ear against Professor Ning’s left chest.

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Dong dong. Dong dong. Dong dong.

The fierce heartbeat completely couldn’t conceal Ning Xun’s feelings, not at all as calm as his face showed. It loudly proclaimed their mutual nervousness, excitement and joy.

“Oh. Then let’s talk about it.” MelEsq


The author has something to say:

Beast called Ning: Hahahahahahahahaha! Laozi’s hard work to accompany the class for a teaching term was not in vain! Laozi will take the lead to clean health, offering psychological counselling free of charge! Everyday, driving to pick up and drop off for Laozi is easy! I finally won over the bear children after brushing up some favourable impression! Laozi is the most handsome in the world!!


Translator's Note

happy occasion/good thing is xi shi, ruined/bad thing is huai shi

Translator's Note

Language is yu yan, lie is huang yan

Translator's Note

Homonym of Professor Ning. Ning jiaoshou

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