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Class Teacher SystemCh16 - Save the psychopathic killer (16)


Thanks to Professor Ning’s Chinese herbal medicine sachet, after their class teacher forced them to drink a bowl of red sugar ginger tea at night, the next day early morning when the Grade 6 Class 8 students woke up, not one of them had a cold, a feverish headache or a runny nose. Everyone was full of energy as they stretched their necks, arms and legs, then carried their essential items to climb to the mountain top to see the sunrise.

Yesterday, it rained for the entire day. Nevertheless, it was foreseen that the weather would be nice today — at 5:30, a stream of orange red light emerged from the clouds on the horizon. It gradually became a small bright orange crescent moon, then it looked as yellow as a salted duck egg, and then it finally jumped out from the clouds, illuminating the whole sky. 7QNk1D

No matter how many times one had seen this, it would always make people admire this spectacular and touching scenery. The Grade 6 Class 8 children who had never properly seen the sunrise all exclaimed in awe. Everyone increased their speed in taking photos, cheerfully sharing messages to their parents and close friends. They also took a photo together to commemorate the moment and leave behind a beautiful memory.

Although what they climbed was not at all one the famous five sacred mountains of China, it was their first time being separated from their parents and relying on their own strengths to accomplish a magnificent feat. After climbing this mountain, all the Grade 6 Class children seemed to have more of a kind of tenacity and unity. They alone could already accomplish climbing a mountain, what else couldn’t they do?

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Lao Ban had said before that the most difficult thing was just that they might not be able to catch their breath while hiking. If they encountered such a situation, so long as they rested a bit or slowed down and persevered to the end, then it would be fine. Their lives were just like climbing the path to the summit, never allowed to retreat or give up. Saying this, Teacher Ren’s smile was a little sullen. He honestly believed that his Grade 6 Class 8 students were no worse than anyone else. He definitely didn’t make the wrong judgement. If he did misjudge, then it’s just that the punishment and study wasn’t enough.

All the Grade 6 Class 8 students: “……” Suddenly feel that my whole body is very cold. gEwxpu

Therefore, in the final exam three months later, the Grade 6 Class 8 class emerged with an astonishing average performance of third in the grade. Seeing this achievement, the entire sixth grade, even the whole elementary school department were shocked.

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In particular, the Grade 6 Class 8 literature subject performance directly jumped from the second last in the grade to the first, startling all the literature teachers.

“Ktlr lr jyrbieafis cba qbrrlyif! Lbk mbeiv atja ugbeq bo yfjg mtlivgfc qfgobgw rb kfii!! Snfgs vjs, atfs bcis ub ab mijrr ab riffq jcv qijs, tbk mbeiv atfs revvfcis lwqgbnf rb wemt? Glv rbwfbcf ifjx atf fzjw defralbcr?!” Qlatlc atf Xgjvf 6 ilafgjaegf boolmf, atf bglulcjiis cewyfg bcf lc atf sfjg Xgjvf 6 Jijrr 5 Kfjmtfg Itjcu kjr j ilaaif jcugs. “Ugfnlberis, la kjr yjv fcbeut atja atflg mijrr afjmtfg ujnf Oe Djc Djc atf fzjw defralbcr. Rbk atlr Kfjmtfg Efc lr rlwqis ublcu bnfgybjgv, tf jmaejiis ifjxfv atf fzjw defralbcr ab tlr fcalgf mijrr!”

This Teacher Zhang used an extremely certain tone. She completely didn’t believe that the Grade 6 Class 8 students used their own efforts in the exam. Anyway, the Grade 6 Class 8 teacher would leak Lu Ban Ban the questions for every exam. This time, they want to gain some achievement, so taking the exam paper and secretly giving the children answers was not strange. She completely didn’t remember that this time they had all agreed that before the exam papers were released, no one would know the contents of the papers. What’s more, the teachers supervised different classes. The possibility of leaking exam questions was practically zero. pH8M0T

This was a fact that could be understood if one slightly used their head. However, all the literature teachers in the office thought that Teacher Zhang Juan’s words were very reasonable. After all, everyone knew that Grade 6 Class 8 was previously very lacking. Now there was suddenly a reversal of fortune. No matter in what aspect, they were unwilling to accept — it should be known that their class’ performance and their pay were directly linked. This was a private school. If the teachers wanted to receive bigger benefits, they needed to use their strengths and achievements to talk.

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As the principal of Jinrui Private School, Peng Fei was also paying close attention to the situation in Grade 6 Class 8 at all times. After all, this class’ teacher was the kind of person that could make his close childhood friend boss Ning want to delay his vacation to brush up his favourable impression and zhuang-bility. Every time Peng Fei ran into Ren Zhu within the school, he would always use a respectful and admiring gaze to look at him. To be able to make his childhood friend boss, who felt that everyone in the world had dark defective mentalities and low IQ, behave like this, this was simply a terrible luck and powerful skill!

Afterwards, when he found out that the Grade 6 Class 8 class actually went from being the bottom class to suddenly the top three in the grade, Principal Peng Fei, sitting in his luxurious office, couldn’t help but sigh: “Sure enough, he’s worthy of being fancied by Ning Xun. No one else has this ability.”

Not only could he make that group of bear children be obedient and not stir up trouble, he could also let their performance improve at rocket-like speed. This Teacher Ren was definitely an elite with methods and true skills. Aiyo, there’s another gradually rising great teacher. I suppose all the Grade 6 Class 8 parents should set off firecrackers to celebrate? eUpX76

Principal Peng’s guess wasn’t wrong. After learning that the Grade 6 Class 8 class had obtained such good results, the parents’ WeChat group practically exploded. All kinds of celebratory fireworks were dominating the screen, preventing anyone from talking. As the vice admin of the chat group, Director Lu was happy as he heartily laughed, expressing in the chat:

[Aiyo! This group of children really worked hard this time! It’s truly thanks to our Teacher Ren! I never expected that our family’s son could achieve such a good result hahahaha! This is bad, I’m too happy! I’m inviting the children to have a good meal! Go go go, we’ll get together tomorrow night!]

Immediately, the other parents energetically responded.

[Aiyo director. You shouldn’t think about fishing out money to treat us to a meal. This is a happy occasion for our entire class, we should AA. Let each parent participate and have the opportunity to express their joy! How about this? Each family will contribute 500 yuan, and then we can go Jinhaoting to celebrate and have a good meal!] ELIyYj

[Right right right! How can we let Director Lu pay for it himself! This is the matter of our entire class. Also, in order to not let others make irresponsible remarks, we should collectively pay to celebrate.]

[Exactly! In these six years, I have never seen my son study so seriously. This time, his literature, maths and english marks all unexpectedly achieved more than 80 points! Ze ze ze, especially in literature aiyo! He missed 90 points by one mark! Even in Grade One, my son hadn’t achieved such high results!]

Director Lu thought about it and felt that if he payed for everything, he might get into trouble. Hence, he very happily decided to pool resources with everyone. As the target of gratitude from all the parents, they expressed that Teacher Ren absolutely couldn’t contribute and pay. Otherwise, it would be considered as looking down on them.

Ren Zhu looked at the various dialogues flooding the WeChat group and couldn’t help but laugh while shaking his head. Don’t look at how these parents would normally comply with whatever their children did. A parent’s love was far-reaching. Which parent wouldn’t hope that their child could have some accomplishments and an even more beautiful life? In the chat group, Teacher Ren sent a few good words expressing that he would definitely join in this celebration. In his heart, he believed that all his hard work teaching these children for this one term wasn’t in vain. En, the children also worked hard. VqI52U

Thinking up till now, the figure of a person appeared in Ren Zhu’s mind. He was simply at a loss before deciding that he still needed to shift some of the merit. This time, the reason that the children could persevere so well was also because of Professor Ning’s psychological encouragement and positive guidance. Therefore, when he also mentioned this in the chat group, the parents were even more enthusiastic as they expressed that they must invite Professor Ning to come.

The Grade 6 Class 8 children worked hard for half a term and all felt dog-tired after they finished their exams. It was now the third day of winter vacation. This was the first time that they deeply experienced what other students had experienced for several years — the anxious feeling of not knowing their results. When they heard that their class’ performance had actually increased so much like a counterattack, and that they even obtained the first in the grade for literature, everyone in the class, including Zhou Lai and Lu Ban Ban, loudly shouted several times at home to vent their extreme excitement!

Zhou Lai was so happy he could sing. He actually achieved third in the entire class! He was beaten only by the class leader and the study monitor! With this kind of performance, he would definitely be able to pass the entrance exam of a good university. He wouldn’t need to follow his cousin to mix in society. In the future, he must become a powerful person like Teacher Ren or Teacher Ning. This time when he visits prison, his father and mother would surely also be very happy!

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Lu Ban Ban practically somersaulted three times under the gaze of his entire family. Whether it was his grandpa, grandma, father or mother, they all sat on the sofa smiling as they watched his strong plump body shake about. This time, from beginning to end, he didn’t receive any answer sheets from the teacher, and still unexpected achieved 90, 85 and 84 points with his own strength! Although these results were not as high as the full marks he had previously obtained, but these marks were real! Director Lu looked at his son who had such a happy expression, his heart also feeling sour yet sweet. He had always thought that his son really didn’t care about results. It turned out that it wasn’t because he didn’t care, but rather that even if he did care, he had no honourable means of obtaining good marks, and was unable to let go of his pride to not cheat. IlpvJ9

“Ai, Teacher Ren is really good.” Mother Lu sighed towards her husband: “With him here, our Ban Ban’s improvement in this half year is simply huge. When you meet with the principal again, you must tell him to let Teacher Ren follow Ban Ban through to middle school and high school. Otherwise, I’m afraid that all the effort would go down the drain.”

Director Lu also thought so. Just when he was full of joy and wanted to give Principal Peng a call, his phone suddenly rang. Director Lu raised his eyebrows: “Mention Cao Cao and Cao Cao really came.” The person who called was really Principal Peng Fei. However, this principal wasn’t bearing good news.

“Director Lu, I have some information I need to tell you. You must pay attention. There might be a few teachers from our school who will go to the Education Bureau to declare that you and Teacher Ren leaked exam questions. Although we all know that this is complete nonsense, people are unable to control their greed and envy. We should still take note of this.”

Director Lu’s expression instantly became dark. A moment later, he clenched his teeth: “That group of shameless scum!” TvU94b

Translator's Note

Mt Tai in Shandong, Mt Hua in Shaanxi, Mt Heng in Hunan, Mt Heng in Shanxi, Mt Song in Henan

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Like aiyah. An exclamation.

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To split the bill evenly

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About 70 USD

Translator's Note

Speak of the devil. Cao Cao was a famous general at the end of Han. He was a poet and calligrapher, later warlord, founder and first king of Cao Wei. He was also the villain in the novel ‘The Romance of Three Kingdoms.

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