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Class Teacher SystemCh14 - Save the psychopathic killer (14)


Bonus chapter! Thanks to Kathy and Danielle for the coffees!

The kind of worship and adoration Professor Ning had expected from others didn’t appear. He felt that it was like he ate a spoonful of rice but wasn’t able to swallow it. He was simply choked up with stress. After a while, he calmed his mood and entered the tent, then saw the four students sitting upright and still in front of Ren Zhu. aukBgn

He couldn’t see the expressions of these four students, but nevertheless, he could make out from their fairly straight backs that these four people were currently very nervous and even a little bit on guard.

At this moment, Ren Zhu’s expression was very mild, as though he had returned to the time when he first took over the class of Grade 6 Class 8. “I am waiting for you all to start talking and confessing. If you acknowledge your mistakes now, I at most will make you copy your reflection ten times. However, if you wait until later for me to expose you, then it wouldn’t just be a matter of ten times. You all surely don’t want to know that kind of feeling.”

Story translated by Chrysanthemum Garden.

Lu Xiao Pang and the other three people all couldn’t help but slightly shiver. Lu Xiao Pang looked at his still somewhat swollen hand, and then was the first to break the silence. “Lao Ban. I absolutely didn’t lie. At that time, although Xu Ming Xin was falling in our direction, if it weren’t for Song Feng pushing me, I should have been able to dodge him. Also, at that time, Song Feng was standing to my left. I had leaned to the left, and then he reached out his hand and pushed me!”

It was the first time that Lu Ban Ban’s words were so clear and specific, greatly exceeding his previous communication standard. Teacher Ren glanced at him with gratification, thinking that sure enough a defeat could make someone grow and mature, whether it was in their knowledge or study. 7CVqiT

At this moment, Song Feng also thought of his position back then, and his complexion couldn’t help but change. Even though he previously refused to admit his faults, it now seemed that there wasn’t much of an excuse left. However, he absolutely couldn’t reveal that he was lying and had pushed Lu Ban Ban. Once he admitted it, he would have no way to have a footing within the class. Everyone’s expressions would definitely become very sour when they look at him. Moreover, Lu Ban Ban would also start bullying him. He wasn’t as weak as Zhou Lai, he absolutely couldn’t admit defeated!

Therefore, Song Feng still insisted: “I didn’t push him. It was Lu Ban Ban who leaned towards me! I clearly didn’t move to push him, it was he who slipped.”

Ren Zhu slightly narrowed his eyes. At this moment, Ning Xun had already taken off his shoes and walked to Ren Zhu’s side. He then shrugged: “However, your expression and actions don’t match with what you said ah.”

Song Feng immediately paused. After a while, he glared at Ning Xun with daggers in his eyes. It was as though that so long as Ning Xun started talking, he would pounce over to bite him to death. JadBon

Ning Xun narrowed his eyes. This kind of dark and fierce expression after being exposed of their guilty conscience and wrongdoings, he had seen plenty of. This kid’s expression was still far off. However, it was still within his expectations. It seemed that this Song Feng had many dark emotions worthy of digging up. When he was just about to say something, Ren Zhu directly grabbed his wrist.

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Professor Ning immediately turned his head and looked over. Ren Zhu said: “I’m hungry. Go cook some instant noodles. If you can’t do it, then use your psychological tactics to ask my students for food.”

Professor Ning suddenly felt that his ability in daily living was insulted. However, he could also see that Ren Zhu wanted to give this child an opportunity to admit his mistakes. After all, there was a different feeling between saying it yourself and being exposed by others. The pressure would be a lot less, and the probability of psychological shadows forming would also be reduced. Ning Xun slightly smiled. He felt that Teacher Ren was very much to his liking. Although he wasn’t a psychologist, he still intuitively knew the right thing to do to let a child walk down the right path; let their hearts grow large and formidable, and not become fragile and dark.

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Professor Ning’s mouth twitched and he rubbed his brows. This terrible typical love symptom.

Just when the handsome and rich Professor Ning was pondering over how he should resolve this love symptom he never thought would suddenly emerge, inside the tent, Ren Zhu was looking at Song Feng and starting his second round of questioning. jhoVAX

“Song Feng. I’ll ask you again. Did you push Lu Ban Ban?”

Song Feng immediately felt immense psychological pressure. Suddenly, it seemed as though someone was whispering beside his ear. ‘Admit it. Admit it. You can relax. You don’t need to worry that Lu Ban Ban will bully you. You are big and tall, and also have a few good brothers. As long as you admit your mistakes, Lu Ban Ban would absolutely not be able to bully you.’

‘And Lao Ban is so powerful. You see that after he came, even Zhou Lai isn’t bullied anymore. Just admit your mistakes. Lao Ban would definitely not let Lu Ban Ban bully you.’

‘Since Lao Ban asked you like this, he definitely found out that you are lying. If you still don’t admit, you should know that Lao Ban’s methods are very fierce. If you don’t do things properly, you will be isolated by the entire class.’ WB1Xvb

There was more and more cold sweat pouring down Song Feng’s forehead. He felt that it was like he was listening to a very heated debate. The more he listened the more he felt that he must quickly tell the truth. Saying the truth was the best outcome.

Therefore, when Lu Ban Ban, Zhou Lai and Xu Ming Xin believed that Song Feng would definitely refuse to admit, Song Feng actually opened his mouth and then softly said: “I didn’t mean it.”

Lu Ban Ban immediately widened his eyes, and even Zhou Lai had a slightly shocked expression. What happened to this person? Obviously he just had an expression that showed his refusal to admit. Lao Ban just asked him like this and he actually confessed?!

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Teacher Ren nodded, highly satisfied. He felt that this [question] class teacher assist skill was very useful. It was practically a simple truth potion. However, thinking about it, it still depended on whether the willpower of the person questioned was strong. Most of the students’ willpower should be very easy to sway, but if he ran into those with egotistic natures who treat lying like breathing air, and felt that there was nothing wrong with what they do, then this [question] skill might not have that good of an effect on them. eP0VL4

Thinking of this, Teacher Ren raised his eyebrows. Ah, it’s estimated that this skill probably won’t have much of an effect on psychologist ‘Big Brute Ning’. But he still couldn’t say for sure? He’ll try it out another day when he has time.

Although Song Feng’s voice was very small, after confessing, his seemed to let out a sigh of relief. When he spoke again, he voice became louder. What’s more, Ren Zhu made him recount the circumstances at that time.

“Actually, you and Lu Ban Ban don’t really have conflicting views, so it’s very unlikely that you would deliberately harm him. It’s merely because Lu Ban Ban hurriedly leaned towards your side, and you were also afraid of being bumped by Xu Ming Xin and falling down. Hence when he leaned towards you, your arm reflexively pushed out. Think about it, was it not like this? Lu Ban Ban, you should also think. Did Song Feng use his hand to push you?”

Originally, Lu Ban Ban was still full of confidence, wanting to accuse and scold Song Feng. However, when he heard Ren Zhu’s words, he actually first glanced at Zhou Lai and then pressed his mouth shut. Carefully thinking for a while, Lu Ban Ban’s expression became more and more strange. At this moment, Song Feng already had a freed expression as he nodded his head. He happily raised his voice: “Yes teacher! It was like you said! At that time, I really didn’t push him on purpose. It was just that he leaned over very quickly. I, I was honestly also startled, so I pushed out with my arm.” KBXaPz

Ren Zhu looked at Lu Ban Ban. After a while, Lu Xiao Pang no so happily rolled his eyes: “Then you also can’t falsely accuse me and say that I wanted to push you!”

Song Feng, who already grew to a tall height of 170cm, blushed. He originally wasn’t going to say these words, but now he couldn’t take it anymore: “That, that was because I was afraid at the time! You and Xu Ming Xin both fell. I was afraid that you were badly injured and then I would need to bear a very big responsibility.”

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Lu Xiao Pang very condescendingly snorted: “I wouldn’t be afraid.”

Song Feng hurriedly said: “You have your director father, but I don’t.” yuF7 o

Seeing them continue talking and start quarreling again, Ren Zhu simply interrupted: “So, Song Feng didn’t deliberately push Lu Ban Ban. This can be pardoned. However, as a man, not admitting your actions and instead falsely accusing others, this is also very bad. Therefore, Song Feng, I will make you write a reflection and then copy it ten times. Do you feel that I should use this method to punish you?”

At this moment, the words were already said. Song Feng didn’t have any other big concerns. Moreover, he was also aware that his conduct was very wrong. Although writing that many reflections would make him ‘live no better than death’, he still felt that he should receive this punishment. “Yes. I will write it.”

Ren Zhu smiled: “Then shouldn’t you say something to Lu Ban Ban?”

Song Feng very obediently nodded his head this time and faced Lu Ban Ban: “I’m sorry ah. It was my wrong. Next time I will be more responsible.” ov73p

Lu Ban Ban was previously very angry at Song Feng’s words. However, this person had admitted his mistakes, so he decided to also respect Song Feng as a man: “Alright. I won’t argue with you anymore.”

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Song Feng’s mouth twitched. Although his previous words were very unpleasant, there wasn’t a single lie. Before Lao Ban came, Lu Ban Ban was someone who was already disliked and feared by all the Grade 6 Class 8 students, and they also slightly envied his existence. However, regarding Zhou Lai, he probably only felt dislike towards Lu Ban Ban?

The matter between Song Feng and Lu Ban Ban was resolved. Then there was the matter between Xu Ming Xin and Zhou Lai. Because of the previous conversation, Xu Ming Xin and Zhou Lai were both more relaxed. Xu Ming Xin first raised his hand: “Teacher. Actually I was thinking about the situation back then while we were climbing. At that time, my foot had slipped, but before that I felt something push my waist, causing me to fall. That thing was round and soft, like a palm. I felt it from my right side, and at the time, Zhou Lai was standing to my right.”

Xu Ming Xin didn’t say that the person who pushed him was Zhou Lai, but his every word was suspecting him. rUWoaS

After hearing this, Ren Zhu looked at Xu Ming Xin’s right waist. Lu Ban Ban and Song Feng also looked over. The two people first stared blankly and then couldn’t help but laugh. Ren Zhu also sighed and shook his head.

Xu Ming Xin was confused: “Why are you laughing?”

A vein popped up on Zhou Lai’s forehead. He gnashed his teeth as he gloomily said with a little rage: “I was holding an umbrella at the time, with my left hand.”

Xu Ming Xin still didn’t realise: “Yes, what about it?” WxkbYd

Lu Ban Ban simply couldn’t look at his stupidity: “He was holding an umbrella with his left hand. How could he push you! Don’t tell me he turned his body to push you?! Also, you’re carrying an electric powered spider on the right side of your backpack! It must be because the spider moved for some reason and you slipped, so that you would think that someone pushed you!”

Xu Ming Xin blankly took off his backpack and looked at it. Sure enough, he saw his beloved Spider Man electric powered spider.

He looked up at the expressions of the other four people in the tent, feeling like he was a little stupid.

“So…… I slipped myself?” zqZFkU

Zhou Lai: “……” This idiot.

Lu Ban Ban: Sure enough, I am very smart.

Song Feng was somewhat dumbfounded: “You actually thought of this for so long, you still don’t understand!”

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Teacher Ren lovingly looked at Xu Ming Xin as though he was looking at the silly but cute husky who lived next door: “Child, it’s already been so long. Why did you only take off your backpack now?” 5CZuKA

Xu Ming Xin: “…………………………..”

Translator's Note

Old teacher. Said in a casual or intimate way.

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