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Class Teacher SystemCh13 - Save the psychopathic killer (13)


The four children who were accusing each other made the originally negative atmosphere become even worse. Just based on their expressions, it was simply impossible to tell who was lying. After all, although Teacher Ren was a highly experienced elite class teacher, he wasn’t some ‘micro-expression expert’ or ‘psychologist’.

Thinking of this, Ren Zhu glanced at Ning Xun beside him, who was holding an umbrella while watching this series of events. At this moment, Professor Ning was carrying a perfect smile and his body was standing ramrod straight. A light breeze blew past his black trench coat, and paired with the drizzle of autumn leaves, he was truly handsome to the point it was hopeless. QzEZFS

However, when Ren Zhu looked at Ning Xun’s appearance, he felt that the current expression on this person’s face was very fake, as though he had entered some kind of preset expression pattern. He didn’t look as pleasing to the eye as when he was being a hooligan.

Ning Xun perceived Ren Zhu’s gaze and turned his head to show him an indifferent smile: “Ah, Teacher Ren. I can indeed determine who is lying from their reactions and expressions. How about it? Do you want to know? If you want then lean your ear over, I’ll secretly tell you.”

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Ren Zhu could sense that these words were laced with blatant danger and couldn’t help but frown. He then noticed that after hearing Ning Xun’s words, the expressions of the four students involved all had definite changes. After Teacher Ren paused, he still walked to Ning Xun’s side. Ning Xun revealed an evil smile, his lips against Ren Zhu’s ear as he very ambiguously said three words: “Beg me ah.”

Class Teacher Ren: “……” Mdzz. Unrestrained again! Still not finished? AeWPXb

“Oh, it turns out that they are lying. Thank you for tell me. This matter is still relatively big, so the ones who are lying will definitely be punished. However, this incident happened very suddenly. Perhaps they unintentionally lied. Hence, I have decided to give them a chance to turn over a new leaf. After all, nobody is perfect. Everyone has made mistakes before, isn’t that so?”

Professor Ning didn’t get his way with his trap. His mouth twitched as he put away his former unrestrained and calculative expression. He then lightly clucked his tongue and rubbed his brows, somewhat vexed that he had just used his work expression here again. He came here for a holiday. There was now no need for him to face some wealthy black-hearted boss or a psychologically traumatised distinguished soldier.

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At this time, Ren Zhu had already started to let the children continue to climb. After all, they were going to camp that night at a large viewing platform 500 metres from the top of the mountain. It was already past two in the afternoon. There was still a third of the distance left. Whatever the case, they needed to reach the viewing platform by half past four. Otherwise, there wouldn’t be enough time to pitch their tents.

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Although he now already had some guess as to who was lying, if the two children could take the initiative to admit their mistakes, then he wouldn’t need to use too harsh of a method to punish them. However, if the two lying children still don’t speak by nightfall, then he would need to use some high intensity education on them.

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In the end, because of being tired, muddy and slightly alarmed, no longer as joyful as in the morning, practically everyone was silent or whispering as they climbed the mountain. Compared to the slight unhappiness of the other forty one students, the mood of the four people walking at the back could be said to be critical. They were still walking in pairs as they climbed the mountain path. However, it had now changed to Lu Ban Ban and Zhou Lai sharing an umbrella, and Song Feng and Xu Ming Xin forming a pair.

There was a clear distinction between the two.

While Lu Ban Ban was climbing, he felt indignant at the injustice as he accused Song Feng of his hatefulness. He emotions were stirred up and practically sputtering, almost turning into rain. After he finished accusing Song Feng, he also patted Zhou Lai’s shoulder, expressing that he believed Zhou Lai certainly wouldn’t push people on purpose. It was definitely Xu Min Xin who had slipped himself. 0Sxlu5

Zhou Lai didn’t say anything regarding these words. His expression was still gloomy as before, as though he had long adapted to this kind of situation. Lu Xiao Pang talked for a while but then suddenly stopped. He suddenly thought of the previous times when he apparently also pushed his problems onto Zhou Lai. At that time, he did not in the least bit feel that there was any problem doing this. Anyway, Zhou Lai’s parents weren’t good people and they were both in jail. Therefore, their son must also not be a good person. What’s wrong with bullying him? However, now, Lu Xiao Pang felt that he had never been so hateful.

Lu Xiao Pang opened his mouth, but for a long time he didn’t know what was the right thing to say. So, he could only hesitantly glance at Zhou Lai and then simply remained silent.

When Lu Ban Ban was speaking, Song Feng and Xu Ming Xin directly heard his words. They both fiercely turned around to glare at Lu Ban Ban. Song Feng also crudely said: “Don’t think that you can talk nonsense just because your family is rich. Seeing you, this kind of bad student who innately likes to bully others, the more tragic others are, the more happy you would be. Hence, you would push others to cover up for your actions. Didn’t you previously push your wrongdoings onto Zhou Lai? Now that you and Zhou Lai became friends, you intend to bully me? Don’t even think about it!”

Lu Ban Ban was angered to the point his whole body was shaking! He didn’t think that Song Feng would actually think of him like this! Yes, he had previously bullied Zhou Lai and even unjustly accused him. However at that time, even if he framed Zhou Lai, he still clearly showed it! He completely admitted to his actions! As long as it was something he had done, he was courageous enough to take responsibility for it! But this person actually regarded his previous mischief as his behaviour. He was simply looking for a fight! mO3vUT

Pei! Song Feng! How did I not know that you were this disgusting?! Do you dare to pledge together with me? If it was me who pushed you, I shall be struck by lightning and not die a natural death. If it was you who pushed me, you shall also be struck by lightning okay?!”

Song Feng was provoked by Lu Ban Ban’s words, his body stiffened. He then ridiculed: “Only a person with a guilty conscience would use pledges to win the trust of others. Anyway, Teacher Ning and class teacher already know who is lying. Don’t be so anxious to pledge. Wait and we’ll know the answer.”

Lu Ban Ba simply sneered: “So you don’t dare to pledge. You’re the one with a guilty conscience.”

Song Feng turned his head and stopped answering him. At this moment, Xu Ming Xin was frowning as he thought of what happened when he fell. MCeG7B

At that time, he indeed felt something pushed his waist. The shape was round like a palm and also a little soft. No matter how he thought about it, it should be Zhou Lai who had deliberately pushed him. However, Zhou Lai didn’t look like he had a guilty conscience, and if he really dared to push him down, in the case that something big happened, Zhou Lai would definitely not be able to bear it. So it shouldn’t be Zhou Lai? But he didn’t defend himself, it’s clear that he’s in the wrong right? Xu Ming Xin pondered until his head hurt. He finally decided to stop thinking about it and wait for the teacher to give the answer.

Walking behind the four children, Ren Zhu and Ning Xun could clearly see their expressions and movements, their already determined answers becoming even more obvious. Ren Zhu pondered whether he should use some skills later on, while Professor Ning was thinking that if he used some psychological suggestions, would it cause these children to have psychological shadows?

Thinking like this, at 4:20pm, the big Grade 6 troop finally succeeded in arriving at their destination at the mountain top viewing platform. Thanks to the bout of autumn rain, there were very few people who picked this place for camping. In the several hundred square metre area of the viewing platform, there was only two or three tents scattered around.

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“Alright. Everyone pat yourselves on the back. We have successfully reached our destination for this mountaineering trip. Tomorrow morning, we can see the sunrise from here, and then we will climb to the mountain peak to take in the beautiful view from up top.” tBkwMO

All the Grade 6 Class 8 children happily cheered. Everyone excitedly started taking photos and sending them to their social chat groups while giving their parents some news. After half an hour of bustling noise and excitement, Ren Zhu made them all put away their phones and start to set up their own small simple tents.

The twelve year old children were truly curious and had the strong ability to learn and complete the task. Everyone gathered in small groups of four to look at the instruction book before assembling the tent. Although there were some boys who were itching to skip the instructions and go straight to building, Teacher Ren had very coldly warned them that if they didn’t look at the instruction manual and broke the tent, they could only end up sleeping in a leaking tent. Everyone thought of this kind of picture, and then firmly refused to accept that kind of situation.

Therefore, an hour later, the tents all stood up in succession. After setting up the tents, the children all happily looked at their own achievements, and then began to take out small gas stoves from their big backpacks to start cooking.

Teacher Ren looked at them shouting and laughing, nodding his head while taking a video. Very good, this was much better than he had thought. e21fQy

At this moment, Professor Ning, who couldn’t wait to show off his own awesomeness, had single-handedly already assembled a comparatively large gorgeous tent. He smugly pulled Ren Zhu over, flaunting: “Look! Look! Aren’t I very powerful?!”

Ren Zhu looked at the big inflatable tent with a thin blanket inside, nodding with satisfaction. While Professor Ning happily waited for him to admire, that person directly turned and said towards the four students: “Follow me in. I think that you all can give me an answer.”

If you're reading this, this translation is stolen. Please support our translators at chrysanthemumgarden.com

The four students immediately looked serious and walked into the tent one after another.

Professor Ning: “????” This development is wrong ah?! xc0AL3

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