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Class Teacher SystemCh12 - Save the psychopathic killer (12)


Professor Ning was worthy of being a doctor of psychology. He used practical actions to prove that his psychological endurance was absolutely unparalleled — under the circumstances that all the students in the class knew that his shoyu noodles looked like a pile of poop, his expression didn’t change, and he even wore a smile as he ate up this bowl of noodles.

After he finished eating, he also didn’t forget to face the dumbstruck students as well as Teacher Ren to sell chicken soup for the soul: “Don’t look at me with those expressions. You all should think. Even though this bowl of mixed shoyu noodles doesn’t look very good, it is still a fairly priced proper meal. Moreover, the taste honestly isn’t bad. In this world, there are also a lot of people who would find it incomparably difficult to get this bowl of noodles even if they wanted to eat it. They can only eat black coarse grain steamed buns, or even starve. I will absolutely never waste food. This is the most basic respect towards those hungry and poor people, as well as those who work to produce food. You are all already about to become middle school students. I believe that you also wouldn’t waste food right?” lObqk6

The children were definitely one of the easiest to trick and incite in the world. After listening to their psychology teacher’s earnest teachings, each of them, with their expressions exceptionally resolute, drank up this bowl of chicken soup. Then, they continued eating to show that they will absolutely not leave any leftovers. They must cherish food!

Ren Zhu, who was watching this entire situation at the side: “……” This person who came to their school to be a psychological counsellor was truly wasting his talent. He should go start a pyramid scheme organisation. It would definitely gather countless of members, and within a few months he could be a billionaire.

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Ning Xun sensed Ren Zhu’s complicated gaze. He turned his head and gave Teacher Ren a smile filled with demonic charm: “How about it? Aren’t I very powerful? Very handsome?”

Teacher Ren felt that although this person’s psychological endurance was pretty good and he could talk about principles, his brain was most likely defective. QGL3 X

Soon, lunch ended in a cheerful and pleasant atmosphere. Then, when most of the students could only wipe their greasy lunch boxes with a napkin and put them into their backpacks, Zhou Lai took out a powerful cleaning weapon — a super convenient cleaning cloth. Under the admiring gazes of the whole class, he lightly wiped his oily lunch box clean. As for that convenient cleaning cloth, he stretched out his hand and used the rain outside to wash it, and in just a moment it was washed clean!

Everyone looked with interest at this magic cloth. Then, Teacher Ren expressed: “This shows that student Zhou Lai had already considered that we would encounter this situation while mountaineering and prepared for it. Clearly, in this aspect, he has beaten you all.”

When everyone heard this, they nodded while feeling some faint dissatisfaction. They still had a powerful trump card they hadn’t taken out yet! Just wait until evening to know! After giving everyone encouragement and explaining caution of the path due to the rainy weather, the Grade 6 Class 8 students once again started climbing the mountain. Most of the students brought raincoats and umbrellas. After all, their parents paid great attention to this matter. However, there were still three people in the class who didn’t bring a raincoat or an umbrella.

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“Alright. The students holding umbrellas, it’s now time for you to display your friendship towards your classmates. Everyone come gather and take in these three classmates without umbrellas. Two people together can share the responsibility of holding the umbrella and help lighten the burden.”

There were a total of ten students in Grade 6 Class 8 holding umbrellas. Ren Zhu selected three of the boys who were tall and had big umbrellas. After these three boys were picked, they all walked towards Mao Tian Tian with basically the same goal. Their thoughts were simply an open secret. However, in the end, only one person could share an umbrella with her. Therefore, after Mao Tian Tian left, the remaining two people Song Feng and Xu Ming Xin could only unwillingly accept Lu Xiao Pang and Zhou Lai.

Fortunately on that side, it could very well be said that Lu Xiao Pang was the bear child king of the class. Hence, Song Feng quickly fell under his various promises and happily gave Lu Xiao Pang the umbrella. However, on this side, Zhou Lai was not particularly good at talking. He also couldn’t promise any benefits to Xu Ming Xin to the extent that Xu Ming Xin was somewhat unhappy. However, under the authority of the class teacher, he could only mumble to himself and then said no more. Q6i2OZ

At this point, Teacher Ren looked at this big mountaineering group and softly let out a sigh. He then wore his raincoat and started walking, his gaze closely following Zhou Lai.

“You don’t have to look at him like that. That kid could survive under the bullying of Lu Xiao Pang for three years. He certainly has his own superiority. If you constantly focus on and protect him like this, it would instead make him feel nervous.” Ning Xun walked over holding an umbrella. “He is originally very particular and sensitive. Towards a person with this kind of character, the more protection and favouritism you give him, the more it will make him feel that he is pitiful.”

When Ren Zhu heard this, his brows slightly furrowed. He had encountered this kind of strong self-respect and sensitive child before. However, it seemed that there was no one who was as strong-minded as Zhou Lai. Thinking about it, Zhou Lai was formerly a young master much like Lu Xiao Pang. Afterwards, because of his parents’ corruption and depletion of property, and that his only uncle and aunt were also too lazy to care for him, he became like this. Under these circumstances, this child……

“Forget it. There shouldn’t be any problem.” Ren Zhu accepted Ning Xun’s proposition and began to concentrate on climbing the mountain. However, as the rain poured heavier and heavier, Ren Zhu couldn’t help but constantly move his gaze to look at the two pairs of children holding umbrellas. He massaged his eyebrows, constantly feeling that something bad was going to happen. But in the next hour or so, the entire Grade 6 Class 8 mountaineering group was still very orderly and filled with joy. 2LCZXt

Teacher Ren listened to the children loudly shouting and laughing in front of him, believing that he was thinking too much. He was just about to turn his head and talk with Professor Ning who was repeatedly harassing him, when an accident occurred at this very moment.


“Oh God help!”

In that instant, Ren Zhu only had the time to see a student in front loudly shout and fall down the stepping stones. As luck would have it, this student bumped directly into Lu Xiao Pang and Song Feng, causing Lu Xiao Pang to also lose balance and tumble down. Consequently, the number of screaming people switched from one to two, and this quickly spread to the whole of Grade 6 Class 8. Many of the teenagers walking in front turned their heads to see what happened behind them, while the students at the back were anxious to rush up. twFdHv

At this moment, Ren Zhu knew that in the case he couldn’t stabilise the situation, the amount of people falling would possibly change from two to a lot more, bringing about a major hiking accident.

“Quiet! Stand still!”

Teacher Ren shouted, and then miraculously, those noisy children one by one instantly stood up straight and obedient.

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[You activated the skill: the class teacher’s gentle reprimand variation (worried roar). All the students in Grade 6 Class 8 -10 intelligence, -5 mental strength. Triggered the ‘dumbstruck’ effect for three minutes.] JhSFGa

The students stood in place like well-behaved little chickens. Although their eyes were still wandering about, this time they weren’t shouting in chaos and running all over the place. Under these circumstances, Ren Zhu and Ning Xun quickly rushed in front of Xu Ming Xin and Lu Ban Ban, who had fallen to the ground and were about to continue tumbling down. They neatly caught the both of them and helped them up.

Ren Zhu quickly looked them up and down. After confirming that the two did not suffer any serious injuries and were covered in mud from bumping their arms and head, he then let out a breath. It was fortunate. This time, he was truly grateful to have the class teacher system. Otherwise, things would have definitely turned for the worst.

Ren Zhu determined that these two didn’t have any problems, then let all the children rest in their current location. Just when he turned around wanting to ask what exactly happened, Xu Ming Xin and Lu Xiao Pang both roared with anger, one extending a finger to point at another person.

“Zhou Lai! Why did you push me?! Do you want to kill me?! Just because I bullied you before, so you want to harm me?!” pO9GCy

Zhou Lai, who originally still had a worried expression instantly became gloomy and indifferent. He coldly looked at Xu Ming Xin, not wanting to say a word to him.

Lu Ban Ban pointed at Song Feng: “I previously said that I would take you to come to my house to play! And also invited you to watch movies! You actually pushed me to block when Xu Ming Xin was tumbling down! You shameless villain! I will look for people to beat you to death!”

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Song Feng held the umbrella, feeling equally angry: “Don’t wrongly accuse people! I kindly gave you the umbrella to hold, you still accuse me of pushing you! Obviously, you were bumped down by Xu Ming Xin. Why are you blaming me?”

The other students who listened to this argument all started to lower their heads and whisper. Ren Zhu slowly frowned. N7dj6m

He had relaxed too early. It looks like this situation really made him feel uneasy. He must properly solve this troublesome matter.

Translator's Note

Feel-good motivational story

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