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Class Teacher SystemCh11 - Save the psychopathic killer (11)


BEFORE READING: Something messed up and now the latter half of the chapter is missing. Please patiently wait an hour or two for me to write up everything again. Keeping this chapter published so that I don’t mess up with the notifications again. Sorry to everyone who kept getting multiple notifications for this chapter ><

UPDATE: The chapter is back to normal now!! Enjoy reading~ 0Nq61g

Professor Ning let loose in front of Teacher Ren for a full round, causing Ren Zhu to ruthlessly despise and reprimand him in his heart. Fortunately on the big bus, Ning Xun at most could only smile while watching him and couldn’t do anything else. Hence, before the bus arrived at Red Leaf Mountain, there wasn’t a terrible disaster.

At 10:30 in the morning, the school bus arrived at the Red Leaf Mountain parking area. The students each carried their own backpacks outside, and were divided into small teams of four. Taking turns, they were responsible for carrying their ultra-light simple tents. Almost every child couldn’t conceal their excitement and joy. Ren Zhu was in a daze for a while before making everyone quieten down to listen to him explain some essential rules and precautions.

Story translated by Chrysanthemum Garden.

After saying this, Ren Zhu led his class of energetic children and started to climb the mountain. He and Ning Xun walked in the middle so that they could see the boys up front who couldn’t wait to rush to the peak, but also be able to look after the weak and delicate girls at the back. Naturally, there were the two bodyguards kindly lent over by Zhang Da Long’s father. One was leading in front of the group, preventing the children ahead from running too fast. The other was at the back of the group, preventing the children from falling behind.

Because of the power of Teacher Ren’s terrible pressure and the punishment of ‘if you don’t listen and fall behind or rush ahead, then write a reflection and copy it 100 times’, in the first two hours of hiking, the entire Grade 6 Class 8’s behaviour was pretty good. After the children were divided into small teams, they also took photos of one another and sent their joyful and proud appearances to their parents from time to time. After receiving their anticipated praise, their interests in climbing the mountain became even higher. v in3c

Then, the autumn rain began to pitter-patter fall from the sky. The time was half past 12, they had already walked a third of the way.

“Alright. There happens to be a Shang Feng Pavilion built here. We have all brought rations and lunchboxes. Everyone can sit inside the pavilion and share food with each other. I know that Lu Ban Ban’s mother personally made him a large sushi bento, all using fresh salmon and shrimp. The taste must be very good.” Ren Zhu smiled as he sold out Lu Ban Ban. The latter had a face that said ‘my family is very rich; I eat very well; if you want to eat then hurry up and come win my favour.’ Even though his hand was injured and his face was rubbed with Red Flower Oil and wrapped in a bandage, this did not in the least bit affected the smug look on his face.

Everyone laughed. Sure enough, a few of Lu Ban Ban’s followers quickly ran over prepared to curry favour to enjoy delicious food. Then, Ren Zhu directly pointed out the prepared lunches of at least five children in the class, simply causing these five children to raise their heads in shock:

“Teacher! How do you know I have red braised pork?” 7lQ3CF

“Class Teacher ah! My pickled vegetable fish was unexpectedly guessed by you? When did you see my lunch box?”

Story translated by Chrysanthemum Garden.

We’re sorry for MTLers or people who like using reading mode, but our translations keep getting stolen by aggregators so we’re going to bring back the copy protection. If you need to MTL please retype the gibberish parts.

“Kfjmtfg Efc. Qtja P ygbeuta lr lcvffv gfv ygjlrfv qbgx gly glmf, yea tbk vlv sbe xcbk?”

“Cirb ws rkffa jcv rbeg qbgx!”

“Zs rfjobbv fuu oglfv glmf kjr jmaejiis uefrrfv?” kTdNZb

Vevvfcis, atf sbecu affcjufgr kfgf oeii bo mbcoerlbc jcv vbeya jr atfs ibbxfv ja atflg mijrr afjmtfg. Ktfs bcis rjk Kfjmt Efc ufcais mbeut jcv atfc rwlif, rjslcu: “P rwfia la. Yc atf kjs eq atf wbecajlc, sbe kfgf jii kjixlcu cba ojg jkjs ogbw wf.”

All the children in the class immediately widened their eyes. Even more, Lu Xiao Pang was the first to stand up: “I don’t believed that Class Teacher is this powerful! Just smell it for a bit and you’ll be able to tell what it is? It must be that our parents told you what they prepared ah?”

Lu Xiao Pang’s words resonated with everyone’s thoughts. Even Zhou Lai looked at Ren Zhu with suspicion.

Amongst all the people present, the ones who trusted that Teacher Ren could just use his nose to sniff out lunch was estimated to be only Professor Ning, who was hugging his own shoulder and smiling. On the way up, he was intensely watching the slight movements of Ren Zhu’s nose as he lightly smelt his surroundings. However he thought that this person was smelling the fresh forest air. In the end…… vIeJQd

Professor Ning came to the conclusion that Teacher Ren was a foodie with a very sensitive nose.

Clearly he had a deadpan expression and his actions completely weren’t suave, but how does he think that this action was so cute?

While Professor Ning was caught up in his own imagination, Teacher Ren, under the anticipating eyes of the whole class, already started the big event of using his nose to smell out food. He expressed that he only brought three packs of instant noodles and a pack of ham sausage for this outing. He didn’t bring anything delicious, so he planned to eat the ‘richness’ of all the students in the class. As long as he smelt the food in the lunch box correctly, they inevitably must let him pick out a piece of food with his chopsticks. Like this, he became the ‘richest and most powerful’ person.

The children laughed, saying that they must participate in this activity. Everyone couldn’t believe that their class teacher actually had such a sensitive nose. A dark skinned healthy looking boy was holding his own lunch box and mischievously laughed, waiting to watch the show. PG7vND

Amidst everyone’s laughter, Teacher Ren approached that healthy robust looking student. He didn’t even need to hold up the lunch box to smell it, but simply raised his eyebrows: “I didn’t expect that you actually like to eat stinky tofu, and it’s the standard kind of Wuhan stinky tofu ah. I though you would really like to eat red braised pork to be that strong and healthy.”

In an instant, the students were roaring with laughter inside the pavilion. The ‘sturdy as a cow’ student blushed: “I just like to eat stinky tofu! What about it?! I can eat three bowls in one go!” Everyone laughed even louder, and then the sturdy cow further said: “It must be that my stinky tofu is too smelly. I don’t believe that teacher can smell out the other lunch boxes!”

These words effectively shifted everyone’s goal. As a result, many of the children held their lunch boxes to rush and gather in front of their usually scary class teacher. Teacher Ren imposingly sat down and let them line up, then proceeded to lower his head to smell their lunch boxes one after another.

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“En, Wuhan duck neck? Such a spicy smell. You’re pretty good with spicy food.” OBkmCS

“The standard home-cooked egg fried rice. There’s definitely a lot of eggs, and also small chives.”

“This is the smell of curry. Curry chicken rice? Not bad.”

“Oh. Here’s another red raised pork, but it seems to smell a little sweet.”

“This is fried fish fillets? There’s also some other fried stuff. I will remember to drink more water. It’s very oily.” QyfR 8

“Baby cabbage soup. Child, you should eat more meat. It’s not good to only eat vegetables.”

“Hot dry noodles! Oh, the sesame paste is very strong!”

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In the antique pavilion, Teacher Ren wore a light grey trench coat and carried a gentled smile, walking in front of each of the children in his class. Just from lowering his head and lightly sniffing, he could immediately and accurately say what was in the lunch box held in each child’s hands. The child in front of him would then cheer and smile as they open their own lunch box, revealing perhaps delicious or perhaps simple dishes inside. Then, the other children waiting behind looked even more forward to their turn with the teacher. Even though the autumn rain brought a layer of chilliness outside the pavilion, it was unable to fight against the lively and cheerful atmosphere inside.

The two bodyguard big brothers who followed along had never met such a teacher. They both showed a shocked and amazed expression, but were quickly infected by the children’s smiles and laughter. The two six foot men, who usually had very serious faces, unexpectedly also revealed a not particularly good looking but heartfelt smile. DftpL

Ning Xun leaned on the red pillar of the pavilion, his head tilted while watching this scene. He then took out his phone without hesitation and recorded this atmosphere. He felt that he would definitely remember this scene for a very long time, and it would act as good healing medicine after he has given psychological counselling to some disgusting people.

After Teacher Ren successfully guessed everyone’s lunch, he crammed his big bowl full with a dish from each child’s lunch box. Then, like he was victorious in a battle, he proudly and pridefully turned around and raised his eyebrows towards Professor Ning who was still happily recording a video:

“Did you bring food? Do you want me to smell it? It’s fine if you didn’t bring it. So long as you say something good, I’ll give you a pack of instant noodles.”

Professor Ning felt that not just a bowl of boxed lunch, even if the person in front of him asked for a bowl of golden rice, he would not hesitate to fish it out! N qhXE

In the end, Professor Ning bitterly looked at his bowl of shoyu noodles, feeling like his brain was beaten up into spaghetti. Where’s your zhuang-bility?! Your high-quality Japanese food, French food, even a roast duck meal set would show your wealth and status!! Your brain must have been eaten by dogs to have conveniently bought a bowl of noodles from a roadside vendor!!

Story translated by Chrysanthemum Garden.

Teacher Ren silently gazed at this bowl whose colour looked like that kind of yellow sticky unnamed substance. After a pause, he turned around without hesitation: “My bowl is full. You are tall, you should eat more.”

At this side, the bear children who had sneaked over to watch quickly turned their heads to inform the others: “Oh God! Teacher Ning’s food looks like a pile of poop!”

Ning-very rich-very handsome-very high status-very knowledgeable intelligence-Xun: “……” Finally felt overflowing evil from all of heaven and earth! 9jNVcu


The author has something to say:


Professor Ning: “……” Laozi has unjustly died. JeVk 1

Translator's Note

A Chinese oil for relieving muscle ache. Spreads soothing warmth and eases pain.

Translator's Note

Soy sauce based broth.

Translator's Note

Internet slang. Literally means strong or powerful ability. Has a tone of being slightly pretentious.

Translator's Note


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