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Class Teacher SystemCh10 - Save the psychopathic killer (10)


Dong Hou and the others of First Year Class 10 were stupefied by the thought of a 300,000 word reflection book. As classic bear children, they had been subjected to various kinds of punishments. It could be said that their experience was exceptionally rich. However, it was truly their first time to encounter such a vicious and direct punishment. No matter how they saw it, the teacher in front of their eyes, whose appearance was very good but seemed to be particularly difficult to handle, was definitely not joking around. The six teenagers suddenly felt very depressed.

They may as well find their f**king parents to ruthlessly give them a spanking to their heart’s content! A 3000 word reflection was already enough for them to endure, but needing to further copy it a hundred times, were they going to be copying until the next year?! When Dong Hou still wanted to say something, Ren Zhu directly opened his mouth and said: d gdUr

“Later on, I will let my students come here to collect your reflection books every day. It’s only a hundred days. I believe that after this punishment has been completed, you will be able to deeply understand your own mistakes and stupidity.” Ren Zhu’s voice was very cool, but his words further made their hearts sink. “You’re all already thirteen years old. Unless you’re a cruel and unscrupulous person worse than a beast, you should know that it’s not easy for your parents to provide you with the means to go to school. They may not be able to control you. However, if you feel that you can’t have a single bit of gratitude or respect for them and destroy all their efforts, let them feel that it’s better to have given birth to a piece of BBQ pork, let them not only be unable to do anything about your defiance, but also need to constantly help clean up your mess, and let them unable to lift their heads because of you and be ridiculed by neighbours and passersby, then you just go ahead and do it. I can assure you that this would make your parents so distressed that they would wish they were dead.”

After saying these words, Ren Zhu turned and left with his class’ ten former bear children, leaving behind the six dumbfounded teenagers and their class teacher.

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After a very long while, the Class 10 teacher finally reacted and looked at the six with an ugly expression. He really wanted to ask these children why they would do that kind of thing, but clearly, they still hadn’t recovered from the shock. The class teacher simply snorted and turned to walk into the classroom. After what seemed like eternity, a cold wind blew past, and the six teenagers standing outside the classroom finally awakened from their dream. Five of them looked at their boss Dong Hou, uncertainty in their eyes.

“Boss, what should we do? Do we really need to write a reflection book? But that is 100 times of 3000 words ah!” Zhang Da Long couldn’t help but ask, his face a little pale: “Won’t this snap our hands off?” hEb1U2

The other four people repeatedly nodded. They hoped that their boss would completed ignore this punishment.

Although Dong Hou’s face was very ugly, but after being silent for a while, he gnashed his teeth in anger and said: “Do you all not care for your dear parents’ feelings and whether they live or die? Anyway, I don’t want to imagine that because of me, they would be ridiculed and pointed at by neighbours.”

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“Although I’m very bad at studying, my parents are very good to me ah! I also can’t be like this.”

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Dong Hou felt that his life had never been so miserable. He thought that in the future, no matter what, he couldn’t be caught into that male teacher’s hands again. Compared with their teacher, he could tell with one look that that guy was many times more fierce!

Hence, for a whole semester, the First Year Class 10 teacher was shocked to find that the conduct of the six big bears was surprisingly a lot more restrained. Moreover, they would occasionally pay attention to content they were interested in. This was honestly too unexpected. The Class 10 teacher certainly knew the cause of this and couldn’t help but sigh. That teacher was simply too powerful.

At this time, Teacher Ren, who had settled the middle school bear children and also intimidated his own students, was in a good mood. On the way back, he asked the former bear children how things were going regarding the stuff to bring for the outing. Q65Sdo

Regarding their class teacher’s question, the bear children definitely had answers. Everyone very obediently and excitedly expressed that they prepared things such as water bottles, raincoats and trekking poles. Then, the children collectively asked Ren Zhu: which mountain were they climbing?

There were many small mountains suitable for climbing and outings in Beijing. Ren Zhu had already set his eyes on a beautifully scenic but slightly challenging to climb Red Leaf Mountain. It was now the end of October. If they’re lucky, they would be able to see the whole mountain covered in red leaves. At the same time, the children would be able to experience helping one another while hiking, and persevere with the mindset of reaching the end. Within the Grade 6 Class 8 chat group, the parents all approved of this decision. Furthermore, Director Lu directly announced that he would let the children enter Red Leaf Mountain free of charge. Another person, who was Lu Ban Ban’s follower Zhang Da Long's father, owned a public security company and said he would assign two security guards to assist with safety.

The other parents also respectively put in effort to gather together fifteen tents. The materials and resources were so abundant that they were simply overflowing. It seemed that the parents were determined to ensure that this outing would be enjoyed to the fullest and absolutely safe.

Teacher Ren expressed that this was good. Very good. IK0 Bw

So, on Saturday morning at 8 o’clock, the Grade 6 Class 8 students ready for a journey sat on the school bus amidst everyone’s laughter and set off. Even though Lu Ban Ban and Zhou Lai had been beaten up two days ago, they still came carrying band aids and gentian violet in their bags. Their miserable appearances caused the students to secretly smile and greatly admire them. After all, it was two sixth graders against six middle school first year boys. This was definitely a symbol of bravery.

Moreover, having experienced the incident where Lu Xiao Pang bravely tried to save Zhou Lai, although he didn’t succeed, the two boys’ revolutionary friendship was still bound. Although they weren’t as close as brothers due to their personalities, Ren Zhu and Ning Xun could see that they were very trusting and casual with each other.

Ren Zhu smiled. The two people in the class who were mostly likely to grow into a psychopathic killer became friends with one another. He could assume that in the future, if one of the two did something wrong or were in a bad mood, the other would worry and care for him, and also take the initiative to tell Ren Zhu. If it’s like this, he should be able to complete this world’s task of ‘saving the psychopathic killer’.

Ren Zhu wondered if this task had a progress bar. If he could only rely on his own guesses, then wouldn’t that be a little too hopeless? ODkNoV

When Ren Zhu had just thought of this, the system that he had not heard from for a long time sounded in his mind.

[Ding. The current task completion level is 30%. Host, please work harder and double your efforts!]

Ren Zhu: “……” Such belated information. Fortunately it wasn’t f**king useless. At least he could see that from this progress bar, he didn’t choose the wrong target.

Story translated by Chrysanthemum Garden.

“Hello? What are you blanking for?” kxadZe

A low and magnetic voice suddenly sounded beside Ren Zhu’s ear. He turned his head and saw Ning Xun sitting beside him. That man looked at him with concentration and curiosity, his eyes brightening: “Just then, you seemed to be in a good mood.”

Ren Zhu, whose mentality had been accurately guessed: “……” He took a glance at this guy and then stood up and looked at the children, saying: “The drive is very boring. Will anyone perform a show or tell a funny story? Or we can also play a game? Come come come, who will volunteer to perform first?”

Immediately, the atmosphere in the bus became warm and enthusiastic. Although the Grade 6 Class 8 children were not at all fond of studying, they nevertheless could let that go. Everyone came out one after another to perform, filling the school bus with laughter. Ren Zhu cheerfully took a video and sent it to the group chat. He then idly chatted with Ning Xun.

Ning Xun looked at the smiling young man leaning back in the seat, his right hand supporting his chin against the window. He then also slowly smile. This was truly inconceivable. Usually, he hated this kind of lively and noisy atmosphere, but today, he felt that this atmosphere was quite beautiful; In the same way, he also really disliked staring at and observing someone, because he could always see their bored and even dark emotions from their micro-expressions. However, he now felt that looking at this young man, he seemed to be able to watch him until the end of time. 6FbKBD

Ren Zhu turned his head and slightly raised his eyebrows: “What are you looking at?”

Ning Xun smiled: “Looking at the handsome you.”

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Ren Zhu: Mdzz. Why are you so unrestrained.


Translator's Note

Voicing disappointment at their misbehaving child that caused them so much grief.

Translator's Note

Hmmmm this name is the same as Dong Hou’s follower. Author!!! Remember their names please!

Translator's Note

An antiseptic dye used to treat fungal infections of the skin.

Translator's Note

Internet slang. Means ‘you f**king idiot’ haha

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