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Card Room (Rebirth)Ch152 - Beacon in Troubled Times 02


Looking at the guard’s blank expression, Yu Hanjiang had to pretend that nothing happened. He previously hadn’t wanted to bring his wife because he was afraid that bringing a strange woman would affect the case. Now since his wife was Xiao Lou, why wouldn’t he bring Xiao Lou? Of course, he would take his wife with him since he was inseparable from his wife.

The guard couldn’t understand Daren’s thoughts and turned around to find a carriage. LEI0N

Yu Hanjiang and Xiao Lou walked side by side to the door.

He was a clean official so he didn’t live in a large place and there weren’t many servants. In addition to Yun Cang and Pinger, there was the cook Li Sai, the housekeeper Yao Ba and two guards.

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Thinking about Xiao Lou going to buy clothes, Yu Hanjiang whispered in his ear, “We have to find the housekeeper to ask for money. The common currency in an ancient world should be silver.”

Xiao Lou smiled. “As far as I know, your official’s salary isn’t high and our family doesn’t seem to have much money?” Xt9Srm

Yu Hanjiang touched his nose. “I can still afford clothes.”

They walked around a corner and met Housekeeper Yao. The middle-aged man in his 40s arrived in front of Yu Hanjiang and Xiao Lou and spoke respectfully, “Daren, tomorrow you will leave for Jiangzhou and your things are ready. Would you like to take a look?”

“No, I am assured of your handling of the matter.” He glanced at Xiao Lou before continuing, “I’m going to take my wife to buy some clothes.”

Housekeeper Yao immediately handed him a money bag. “Daren, take this money for the road.”


Yu Hanjiang took the money bag and left with Xiao Lou.

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The housekeeper looked at the backs of the two people and thought that their relationship was really good!


Yu Hanjiang and Xiao Lou walked beside each other on the street. In addition to buying clothes, they wanted to see the environment of this world. 8FDPay

Xiao Lou was interested in history during middle-school. In China’s 5,000 year history, there was no Daqi Dynasty. Obviously, this was a fictional dynasty and many rules were made by the keeper.

As the capital of Daqi, the streets were filled with pedestrians. Pedestrians coming and going looked very energetic and should be rich in life.

The ancient streets weren’t as wide as modern streets and it seemed a bit crowded while walking. A passing trader carrying two baskets of good accidentally hit Xiao Lou and hurriedly apologized. “Madam, I’m sorry. I didn’t pay attention just now. Are you all right?”

Xiao Lou smiled with a good temper. “It doesn’t matter.” BjZVDq

Yu Hanjiang glanced at him and naturally reached out to hold his hand. “We are playing a loving husband and wife and can’t be too far away from each other or we will be suspected if we meet acquaintances.”

This reason couldn’t be refuted. Xiao Lou’s ears were red but he didn’t struggle.

In retrospect, this was the second time holding hands. Previously, the ground below them had lowered at the Intelligence Bureau and Xiao Lou had hurriedly grabbed Yu Hanjiang’s hand to maintain balance. Now Yu Hanjiang took the initiative to grab his hand…

Xiao Lou’s heart was a mess as he followed Yu Hanjiang. wpb4nd

The handsome and tall official held his gentle and good-looking wife as they went shopping. The appearance of the two people was too outstanding and they soon attracted the attention of many people.

Xiao Lou found ancient street merchandise, many of which he had never seen before.

Women were coming and going while wearing jewellery on their heads. Xiao Lou thought of his complicated bun and then Yu Hanjiang’s head and couldn’t help having a headache. “Can I change to men’s clothing? Aren’t there many women who go out dressed as men in ancient times?”

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“I don’t know if it’s okay. Try it?” raWSdf

The moment he spoke, a warning popped up on the floating boxes. [Xiao Lou’s identity in this world is the prefectural magistrate’s wife. During the roleplay, don’t change sex at will.]

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Xiao Lou was helpless. “Then go and pick a few comfortable women’s clothing.

Te Ljcpljcu ktlrqfgfv, “P kgbcufv sbe.”

Wljb Obe rwlifv. “Pa’r olcf. Pa lr pera mibatfr.” 3gjeAF

Ktfgf kfgf wjcs rabgfr rfiilcu mibatfr bc atf ragffa. Ktfs mbeiv mtbbrf ojyglm jcv tjnf mibatfr ajlibg-wjvf yea atfs kfgf ifjnlcu abwbggbk jcv la kjr abb ijaf. Ktfs tjv ab yes j olclrtfv qgbvema. Wljb Obe fcafgfv j rabgf jcv rwlifv jr tf jrxfv, “Gb sbe tjnf gfjvs-ab-kfjg mibatfr?”

The shopkeeper saw him and immediately smiled. “Madam Yu, there are clothes that fit your size on this side.”

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It seemed that he used to come here to buy clothes since the storekeeper knew him. Xiao Lou followed the storekeeper. He was currently wearing light pink clothes and he really couldn’t wear such a girly colour.

The ready-made clothes were neatly arranged on hangers and the long, layered skirts still gave him a headache. The bright red and purple colours made his eyes really hot. It was estimated that he would scare his teammates if he went to Jiangzhou in a bright, red dress. wXHSDJ

Xiao Lou wondered, “Is there a lighter colour?”

The storekeeper opened a door and took him into another room. “Madam Yu, here are the light colours.”

Yu Hanjiang also followed to help Xiao Lou. He fancied a moon-white gown with a light blue cloud pattern embroidered on it. The entire set was simple and elegant, but the cloud pattern didn’t make it look too simple. There also wasn’t a complicated pleated skirt. He thought Xiao Lou should like it and said, “This suit, give it to my wife to try.”

The storekeeper immediately took it down and brought Xiao Lou to the fitting room. d1gnIP

Xiao Lou took off her complicated light pink dress and put on the new clothes. These clothes only had two layers and weren’t too complicated to wear. It was elegant in colour and could be worn by both men and women. He sighed with relief, arranged his clothes and came out to look in the mirror. In ancient times, there was no full-length mirror, only a copper mirror. He couldn’t see clearly and could only think that the size was quite suitable.

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However, Yu Hanjiang’s eyes were bright. Wasn’t this too good-looking?

Professor Xiao gave people an elegant feeling when wearing men’s clothes. Once he changed into a dress and matching simple bun, he gave off a gentle air, especially when he smiled. The gentle and elegant temperament simply made people unable to look away.

Yu Hanjiang stared intently at Xiao Lou. m xr4A

Xiao Lou was embarrassed and couldn’t help whispering, “Is it strange?”

Yu Hanjiang’s lips curved up slightly. “It isn’t strange, it looks really good.”

The storekeeper also smiled. “Madam is really beautiful. This set is suitable for you! This is our new arrival and there is only one left. You should buy it.”

Yu Hanjiang simply took out the money pouch. “Just buy this. Is there anything else similar? Pick another set for her to wear.” nSWY7j

The storekeeper turned and attentively pulled out a light blue set to give to Xiao Lou.

After leaving the clothing store, Xiao Lou was wearing his new clothes and sighed with relief. “This is much better than the previous one. At least I won’t stumble when I walk. In addition, the pink colour just now, I really… don’t have the face to wear it.”

Looking at Xiao Lou’s smile, Yu Hanjiang’s heart beat like a drum. He never thought Xiao Lou would look so beautiful in female clothing. he never thought that Xiao Lou, who looked so good, was now his wife.,

Yu Hanjiang’s hard heart had long softened when hearing the word ‘madam.’ He held Xiao Lou’s hand and was simply reluctant to let go. He liked this roleplay. If the future Hearts rooms had this mode of play then he would happily clear 100 rooms. JDumg0

He was just thinking this when he suddenly saw a luxurious carriage in the street. Yu Hanjiang immediately took Xiao Lou into his arms to protect Xiao Lou and as a result, the carriage happened to stop in front of him. A pair of slender hands opened the curtain and the owner raised her eyebrows to look at him. “Isn’t this Yu daren?”

Yu Hanjiang saw this person and memories immediately came to mind.

It was the crafty and unruly Ninth Princess. The late emperor had intended to betroth the Ninth Princess to him and he used an excuse to push it off. The Ninth Princess was so small-minded that she hated him from then on and was always looking for his faults.

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Yu Hanjiang frowned slightly and said, “Princess.” WQ 0mz

The Ninth Princess looked at Xiao Lou with a hostile expression and laughed mockingly. “This is Madam Yu? Sure enough, her appearance is outstanding. No wonder why Yu daren is so fascinated by you. He won’t let you go even though you’ve been married into the Yu family for four years and don’t have any children.”

Xiao Lou, “…”

What was this mess? Married for four years without children? it should be the plot setting. Otherwise, how could they bring a baby along to Jiangzhou to solve the case?

Xiao Lou didn’t know if he should laugh or cry but he had to continue acting on the surface. He smiled politely at the Ninth Princess and was about to speak when Yu Hanjiang coldly interrupted. “The family affairs of me and my wife, you don’t have to worry about them.” R6ulW4

The Ninth Princess stared. “You!”

Yu Hanjiang pulled Xiao Lou to leave. “I have some important things to do and won’t be able to accompany you.”

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Watching Yu Hanjiang lead his wife away, the Ninth Princess was very angry. Once the maid brought food back, she immediately ordered the maid, “Go back and prepare. We are also going to Jiangzhou!”

*** NW5QtO

Once they got home, the two of them went into their room and closed the door.

Xiao Lou joked, “That Ninth Princess, is she interested in you?”

Yu Hanjiang frowned unpleasantly. “According to the plot, during the year when I came first in the palace examination, the emperor wanted to betroth her to me. However, I liked you and found an excuse to push it off.”

The moment these words were spoken, both men choked up. k71owv

In the plot setting, Yu Hanjiang liked Xiao Lou so Yu Hanjiang said it naturally. However, after speaking, he suddenly felt guilty.

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‘Like’, it was the first time he uttered this word and also the first time he had to carefully consider his feelings for Xiao Lou. Perhaps he didn’t only feel friendship toward Xiao Lou. How could friends hold hands? He didn’t feel uncomfortable when holding Xiao Lou’s hand and was instead reluctant to let go…

Facing Xiao Lou’s clear eyes, Yu Hanjiang immediately looked away and cough softly. “The plot setting of this secret room is very strange. The Ninth Princess… you don’t need to worry about her. I don’t know her at all and she is just a plot character the keeper inserted.”

Xiao Lou was thoughtful. “She might promote the development of the plot and will perhaps follow us to Jiangzhou. By the way, are there any clues about the Jiangzhou side?” JcMyKL

Yu Hanjiang said, “The emperor told me that after going to Jiangzhou, I should go to the prince’s mansion to meet the Eighth Imperial Uncle in Zhenjiang and give him a secret letter. In addition, the emperor said the situation in Jiangzhou was complicated and sent a group of secret soldiers to protect us. I can use a token to mobilize them.”

Xiao Lou remembered the prompts when entering the secret room. Many of the skills of their attack cards were disabled. The emperor’s protection obviously showed there were many crises in Jiangzhou. Not only would they have to solve the case, they might face life-threatening danger.

It was truly an A-grade secret room. The difficulty was directly raised a level.

Xiao Lou wondered, “Have you looked at your card pack? Are all your weapon cards banned?” doPD0d

Yu Hanjiang nodded. “yes, once I saw the prompts, I checked my card pack. The invisibility cloak, Night Pearl and other functional items can still be used but my guns, the saber and dagger have all become unavailable.”

Xiao Lou frowned. “The attack cards of the others should also be banned. Once we are in danger, you can only use the men the emperor arranged and the guard Yun Cang. I have a hunch that there might be people in Jiangzhou who don’t want you to become the prefectural magistrate.

The situation in Jiangzhou was still a mystery. They could only wait and go to Jiangzhou tomorrow since everything had to do with that side.

Xiao Lou took a deep breath. “Today, we will rest. The first day of the Hearts room is generally to let us become familiar with the environment. We should carefully consider the setting of the world.” 95pBMJ

Yu Hanjiang naturally agreed and took Xiao Lou to the study.

His study had a wall of bookshelves with many books. Fortunately, the characters in the books were traditional characters that could be read. In addition, a map hung on the wall.

There were four countries in the world: Qi, Chu, Zhao and Yan. The west of Daqi was bordered by Zhao and Jiangzhou was near this border. Qi and Zhao had allied with each other by adopting a ‘harmonious’ strategy.

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Daqi’s northwest side was adjacent to the Yan State and the border war between Qi and Yan still continued. The emperor specially sent General Xi to resist the invasion of the Yan State and Xiao Lou’s brother was also on the front lines, his fate unknown. PwdBeJ

As for the Chu State, it was located in the relatively remote south. it was very low-key and had good relations with the other three countries.

The situation of the four nations was very complicated, with the Qi Country in the centre of the map and bordering the other three countries.

The two of them read a lot of books to understand the setting of this world until the maid called them to eat at lunchtime. Yu Hanjiang took the map on the wall and placed it in his pocket. In the afternoon, he packed the luggage and arranged the servants. Time passed quickly and it became night.

Yu Hanjiang and Xiao Lou were playing husband and wife and naturally slept together in the main bedroom. However, the bedroom only had one bed. In addition, an ancient bed wasn’t like a modern double bed. It was slightly narrow. Wmld72

Yu Hanjiang wanted to sleep on the ground and was about to have a maid get a quilt for him but this would certainly raise suspicion. He thought about it and dispelled this idea, asking Xiao Lou, “Do you mind sleeping together?”

Xiao Lou’s heart jumped and his ears became hot, but his face pretended to be fine. “It doesn’t matter. Since we are acting as husband and wife, we should follow the rules and not reveal ourselves.”

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Yu Hanjiang nodded. “Then rest. Tomorrow we have to get up early to start the journey.”

Xiao Lou lay in bed. Yu Hanjiang also pretended not to mind lifting the quilt and laying by Xiao Lou’s side. Both took off their coats and slept side by side in a white top and pants. There was only one quilt and it was really embarrassing to be in the same quilt… biPrM7

Xiao Lou’s hands were right by his side and his legs were straight. He felt like he was sleeping like a corpse.

Yu Hanjiang also saw his eyes, nose and…

He had never been so close to a person since he was a child, let alone in the same bed.

Xiao Lou’s breathing was all around him and the other person was only wearing a thin layer of pyjamas. Yu Hanjiang’s heart seemed like it was scratched by a cat’s paw. He could gradually fell his stalling heartbeat. pdlT6i

The room was dark and he looked sideways at Xiao Lou. Under the dim moonlight, this person’s eyelashes were long and thick. The pale pink lips looked particularly soft, making people wonder…

Story translated by Chrysanthemum Garden.

Xiao Lou sensed the gaze from the side and opened his eyes. ”Group Leader Yu, what’s the matter?”

Yu Hanjiang’s voice was low and hoarse. “Don’t call me Group Leader Yu like you are accustomed to. If you are heard then we will be revealed.”

Xiao Lou thought about it and hesitantly changed his words. “Then… Husband?” bBHw z

Yu Hanjiang smiled. “According to our identities, it should be called like this.”

The tip of Xiao Lou’s ears were slightly red. “If so… shall I call you Hanjiang in private? Couples calling each other by the name should be nothing.” It was shameful to call him ‘Husband’ in private. He couldn’t play such a role.

There was a ripple in Yu Hanjiang’s heart. This was the first time Xiao Lou called his name: Hanjiang.

Xiao Lou’s warm, soft voice calling out this word gave him a type of enjoyment. Pf3SuD

Yu Hanjiang readily agreed. “In front of people, call me Husband. Privately, call me Hanjiang and I will call you Xiaolou.” (The Xiao that means little/’small, not Xiao Lou’s surname)

Xiao Lou nodded.

Yu Hanjiang’s voice was soft. “Sleep, it is just acting out the plot. Don’t think too much.”

Xiao Lou hummed and closed his eyes. Unfortunately, no one could sleep. Covered by the same quilt and sleeping beside the person who made their hearts beat faster, who could sleep? The slightest movement of their body meant it was possible to touch each other. Thus, both of them lay stiffly and didn’t dare to move. fohKs6

Both were thinking, ‘What time is it? Sharing a bed is too hard!’

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