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The Daily Life of Being the Campus Idol's Fake BoyfriendCh24 - I haven’t even had my first kiss yet

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Greetings to fellow CIFB readers! I’m Ryn, and I’ll be taking over Alina’s role as a translator for this super cute and fluffy novel. Please give me plenty of guidance and support orh!    。◕‿◕。


After Qi Feng one-sidedly agreed to perform alongside Ling Ke, the department’s counsellor scheduled to meet them once again, to specifically discuss the freshmen’s welcoming party.

Although the event was organised in name of welcoming the new students, with its large scale and importance, it can almost be classified as a school festival.

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Therefore, with their performance, they will not only be representing themselves and the freshmen, but also the entire school of media and journalism. Hence, the counsellor hopes that they will seize this opportunity and perform well.

With this imposing remark, responsibility and pressure began to weigh heavily on the two of them, and Ling Ke could only brace himself and start taking the matter seriously. 8abcOY

The Head of Arts and Literature Department was very proactive and efficient; the day after, he immediately secured a piano room for them to practice.

On the day they received the keys to the piano room, Ling Ke and Qi Feng went there to try out the piano and hopefully, they could find some inspiration along the way.

Although F University did not have a music school or any music-related majors, it was impossible for such a large university to not have any pianos. There were four or five piano rooms on the ground floor of the school auditorium, which were equipped for the university lecturers who like to play the piano, in addition for use in school performances, and these rooms were usually not open to students.

Perhaps for the sake of privacy, these piano rooms were very small and enclosed; the size of each room less than half the size of their dormitory.


In the room, there was an upright piano which stood against the wall, and a small desk for personal belongings. A wall-mounted bookshelf hung above the table, containing a few music scores, and there was also a small stool. Besides these, there was nothing else in the room.

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In such a small room of a size less than six square meters, it would be alright if it was just a single person entering it, but now with two fully grown boys thrown within the small, confined space, the two suddenly felt the room a little cramped.

Moreover, the sound insulation of the piano room was very good. As soon as the door was closed, they could only hear the sounds of each other breathing.

…thus landing them both in an awkward situation. x3Z9od

Privacy, soundproofing and being alongside Qi Feng in one room…  With these things, Ling Ke could not help from filling his brain with colourful thoughts.

God knows how much effort he had spent within the last couple of days to reinstate his calm state of mind from his previous chaotic thoughts of the “who loves who” business, before seeing Qi Feng again. However, due to the situation now with Qi Feng and himself being confined in a small, enclosed room, he was instantly brought back to his original state!

In the end, he still couldn’t resist his natural attraction towards Qi Feng…

“Uh, this room is quite small.” Qi Feng’s magnetic voice rang in his ears, and the cells in Ling Ke’s body rebelled collectively, trembling with excitement. 7Biner

Resigned, he opened the lid of the upright piano and launched his “straight-male” acting skills on full blast once more.

The piano stool was about 75cm in length; even though it was long enough for two people to sit on, it was still considered too narrow for two fully-grown 18-year-olds boys to sit.

Qi Feng was perhaps also concerned about this point, hence he headed towards the small, square stool on the side whilst saying to Ling Ke: “Why don’t you try playing it first?”

With those words, Ling Ke felt a little more relaxed. 4mPje9

Playing the piano is not only a technical skill, but also one that requires regular and constant practice. After days of not practicing, one can become unfamiliar with it. After years of not playing the piano, no matter how masterful you were at it, you will no longer be able to play it at the same level as you used to.

If it wasn’t for Ling Ke’s more than ten years’ worth of experience in practicing the piano, there was really no guarantee that he would be able to perform a song that would be good enough to be played on stage within two weeks, let alone carrying out a duet with another person.

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He easily played a few Hanon finger exercises, with his ten fingers moving quickly, alternating from the lower octaves to the higher octaves. cDdluU

After two months of not practicing, his finger movements were slightly stiff.

Ling Ke played back and forth twice, and when he was finally satisfied after playing almost all of the eighty-eight keys, he turned his head and said to Qi Feng: “The piano sound is quite mellow…” He pressed a finger on the E key on the lower octave and added, “Yamaha’s piano sounds are not too bad.”

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Perhaps the piano had not been used in a while and might need some tuning, but it was sufficient for practice.

Qi Feng smiled at him, and said. “Don’t just test the sound, try playing a piece ba.” 9stxAh

Olcu Bf’r tfjga rxlqqfv j yfja. Lf aegcfv ab ibbx ja atf qljcb xfsr jcv qbcvfgfv obg j yla yfobgf rajgalcu ab qijs.

It only took a moment before Qi Feng recognised the piece as Beethoven’s 《Moonlight Sonata》. This was a classical piece; one that he had also played when he was younger.

Story translated by Chrysanthemum Garden.

Pa mjc yf rffc atja Olcu Bf’r obecvjalbc kjr nfgs ubbv, tbkfnfg … tf kjr ralii ijmxlcu lc qfgobgwjcmf fzqfglfcmf.

Ufgtjqr atlr kjr vef ab atf vloofgfcmf lc atf kjs atfs kfgf ajeuta; Hl Mfcu tjv gfmflnfv uelvjcmf ogbw j qgbofrrlbcji qljclra ktb obmerfv wbgf bc atf rfcrf bo gtsatw jcv fwbalbcr lc atf qljcb qlfmfr. 0JniEc

The moment he got entranced in the music, the piano tune suddenly took a turn and changed …. to a different song.

Qi Feng felt slightly stunned and baffled. Why did he suddenly start playing 《Fantaisie-impromptu》?

Ling Ke continued playing with a blank expression, but inwardly, his heart was hammering wildly against his chest.

He knew that this way of probing the other was a bit silly, but he just couldn’t help it… OpK5Vb

He had wanted for Qi Feng to recall the duet they performed together five years ago, by repeating the same repertoire they performed that year.

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However, when he turned his head towards Qi Feng after ending the piece, he only saw the other’s state of intoxication, with no other expression seen.

Soon after, Qi Feng came back to his senses and gave his appraisal earnestly: “Your Fantaisie-Impromptu was more impressive compared to the previous piece you played, especially the tension conveyed in it.”

Ling Ke raised an eyebrow… that’s it? OQX2U3

Qi Feng thought a bit before adding: “Your Moonlight Sonata was also not too bad, I feel that you have a very solid foundation. You even had the pieces memorised, I’d probably need to look at the score to play.”

Ling Ke lowered his eyes and remained silent. The result from his probing attempt was disappointing, but he couldn’t let it show.

Originally he thought, if Qi Feng recalled the things that happened five years ago and brought it up, then he could also admit: Oh, I was there too.

Then, Qi Feng would realise that they had already met long ago… BUQ4X8

What an exciting development that would have been.

…but alas, his plans were broken beyond repair.

Qi Feng, this idiot, has completely forgotten about him.

Ling Ke heaved a sigh, and swapped seating positions with Qi Feng. JzIr2d

Qi Feng chose to play a love song; one that Ling Ke has never heard of before. From a technical point of view, the piece was neither too complicated nor difficult to play. In fact, it was simple to the point where Ling Ke could replicate it if he listened to it a few more times.

After Qi Feng concluded his piece, he turned towards Ling Ke, eagerly waiting for his evaluation. Ling Ke only gave three words: “Not too bad.”

Although Qi Feng’s performance was deep and emotional and the piece he played was indeed very nice to listen to, this was not enough to move Ling Ke. To the Ling Ke who had just received a severe mental blow, he just couldn’t feel any enthusiasm towards Qi Feng’s performance.

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After a strange period of silence, Qi Feng awkwardly asked: “So what piece should we play?” 2Q4lhm

Ling Ke knitted his brows. Still unresigned, he asked: “Besides playing the piano, do you play any other instruments?”

Actually, he had wanted to pop the question directly – do you know how to play the violin?

But he couldn’t, if he had, he would have revealed the fact that he had met Qi Feng long ago and still thought of him after all these years.

Qi Feng steadily replied: “No, I only learned the piano.” l74Pva

Ling Ke was left stunned.

Although he knew that Qi Feng has a twin brother, he did not doubt the identity of the person he met five years ago, as Qi Feng had previously mentioned that his elder twin has always been abroad.

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Once he heard Qi Feng responding with “No”, Ling Ke felt a gush of sadness and disappointment, in addition to a feeling of annoyance at being deceived.

— He clearly knew how to play the violin. Why is he lying to me? pdaIl

Sensing Ling Ke’s disheartened mood, Qi Feng was inexplicably flustered. He questionned uneasily: “Do you think… my piano skills are not good enough?”

Ling Ke immediately answered: “No. That’s not it.”

Qi Feng: “…”

The atmosphere between the two became strained once more, and for a while, neither knew what to say. kmOvcT

Usually, when the two were together, Qi Feng was always the one who smoothed things out. Although Ling Ke was cold and aloof, under normal circumstances he would never have given others any difficulty in approaching himself.

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But now, even Qi Feng could not find a way to ease the atmosphere.

He took a deep breath and made a decision – instead of enduring the awkward exchanges between them, he might as well air his grievances and talk about it.

“Ling Ke,” Qi Feng looked at the other while asking, “Have you been avoiding me?” cZnxr8

Ling Ke, who was immersed in his thoughts, almost jumped out of his chair from Qi Feng’s direct questioning.

He jerked his head up, instinctively wanting to refute, but once he looked at the solemn expression on Qi Feng’s face, he couldn’t bring himself to lie.

At this very moment, Ling Ke felt that his actions were not noble.

It was true that he was angered by Qi Feng’s dishonesty, but wasn’t he himself also deceiving Qi Feng? From their very first meeting in the university dormitory, he had been hiding the truth about knowing Qi Feng, and liking Qi Feng. lXzYkZ

If a person were to lie about something, surely there must be an underlying reason for them to do so.

Ling Ke thinks, perhaps Qi Feng has stopped playing the violin due to some kind of emotional barrier? Just like how he had hidden his own sexual orientation, because he didn’t want to be hated by Qi Feng…

He tilted his head slightly and avoided Qi Feng’s gaze, but did not attempt to deny the other’s accusations.

Qi Feng’s heart clenched. He immediately seized the chance and continued to ask: “Is it because… you saw me with Xiao Zhi that night, and misunderstood something?” 3F8rUx

Ling Ke pursed his lips uneasily.

Qi Feng heaved a sigh, with his doubts finally cleared. Sure enough, Ling Ke really misunderstood him as a male slag.

Knowing the reason, it made it easier for him to carry on with his next words, and started explaining: “There is nothing going on between me and Xiao Zhi… From the very start, I already knew she had a boyfriend. That day, I treated her to a meal with very pure intentions; the place and time were both chosen by her, and her boyfriend was also very much aware of this.”

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Ling Ke’s mind was in a chaotic mess. Whilst Qi Feng’s words brought him some sense of comfort and relief, they also made him confused and anxious — why was Qi Feng so adamant on explaining his relationship with Xiao Zhi to himself? 5n3d8W

Qi Feng no longer tried to figure out what Ling Ke was thinking about. He only continued: “Don’t consider me as the kind of… beast… who will chase after any kind of beautiful woman.” As if afraid that mere words were not enough, he used hand gestures as well, trying very hard to explain himself. His attitude can be said to be very sincere.

“Even though I have always been very popular with the girls, it’s not like anyone would do… Believe it or not, till this day, I’ve never had a girlfriend…”

Ling Ke: “…”

After blurting out the last few sentences, Qi Feng himself seemed a little embarrassed. ezfVTN

He would never have admitted to this in front of others, especially not to Shen Yuezhe, Zhao Si and them – with his outstanding appearance and a face who looks like he would easily flirt with girls, if they knew that he was still a pure little virgin, his friends would definitely laugh at him till their teeth fell off.

However, with Ling Ke, Qi Feng only ever wanted to present him with his truest self. He didn’t want Ling Ke to avoid him, just because the other has misunderstood his character.

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Seeing that Ling Ke had revealed a rare, dumbfounded expression, Qi Feng suddenly felt stimulated, and blurted out: “I haven’t even had my first kiss yet.”

  Ld3K U


[A small interlude]


(One) fpFZu

Qi Feng: “You played very well!”

Story translated by Chrysanthemum Garden.

Ling Ke: “Is… that it?”

Qi Feng: “???” Why does he look so disappointed even though I’ve just praised him?

Ling Ke: “You, can scram now.” dOCPf0

Qi Feng: “Ke Ke, what did I do wrong!! QAQ”



Qi Feng finished playing his piece. lLajBJ

Ling Ke: “Not too bad.”

Qi Feng: “…” Ehhhhh, I’ve poured my heart and soul into this piece; are those three words all you have for me?


(Three) cID3Ut

Ling Ke: “Besides the piano, do you play any other instruments?”

Qi Feng: “Nope.”

Ling Ke: “You liar, scram.”

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Qi Feng: “Ke Ke, what did I do wrong this time!!! QAQ” yk1zIr



Author’s Note:

  1. The person Ling Ke likes is Qi Feng; as for what he likes in Qi Feng, this author has still yet to disclose
  2. Everyone please don’t be against elder brother la; elder brother is only a small helper with extremely limited scenes ah (to nip the flower in the bud before it blooms… …)
pmds K

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  1. Im actually leaning to the idea that Ling Ke says he’s in love with Qi Feng but actually thinks of the elder brother most of the time when “confirming”. He mostly refers to that memory of the competition and strongly holds on to the belief that Qi Feng was the person he played with that day despite the facts stacking against it. And despite all the clues showing that it wasn’t Qi Feng that time, he still doesn’t refer to their time as kids which started his admiration/like for Qi Feng and where they actually met, like can’t he normally say “when/where did you join your first competition/did the exam thing (i forgot)” which should be pretty easy to pass off as wanting to know the other person since the fact Qi Feng played the piano for a long tine is already out.

    (Sorry of it makes no sense, 12am rambling 😂)

    • +1 Yes! But I remember in the contest-thing, Ling Ke was actually curious about why “Qi Feng” was acting stoic and cold. He also noted that he liked the sunny, happy “Qi Feng” better; the way I think about it is that LQ realized he liked QF when he met his brother, but only look wise. He still liked QF’s personality.

  2. qwq finally this got picked up!!! Aiya, Ling Ke and Qi Feng, all this trouble ah,,,, patpat this two idiots, what straight-male acting, both of you are gay as heck!

    Btw who is this Yan Feng that keeps being said ah¿ is it Qi Feng’s brother or is it a typo? Thank you for the chapter~~

  3. “Uh, this room is quite small.” Qi Feng’s magnetic voice rang in his ears

    Me: yes QiFeng we know, you like it since there’s chance of skinship 😏

    Yan Feng(Qi Feng) smiled at him, and said. “Don’t just test the sound, try playing a piece ba.”

    Me: just correction on the name, I think you mistype QiFeng’s name