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The Daily Life of Being the Campus Idol's Fake BoyfriendCh26 - Equal Treatment

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Without further ado, here’s Ch26!

In these past few days, Qi Feng had been busy transcribing. He would work on the music scores till late every night, and it had taken a toll on him to the point where he had dozed off during the previous lecture. This was the reason why Ling Ke had taken the initiative to help him review the keypoints from that lecture.

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However, regardless of his original reason for doing so, Ling Ke could faintly tell that the girls were joking.

After two months of practicing his “acting skills”, he was already immune to these jokes and was no longer surprised by them. However when facing these girls, he was unwilling to take the bait and thus, remained silent. XosfdM

On the other hand, Qi Feng who had heard the girls’ words, smilingly glanced at Ling Ke and said to them carelessly: “Aren’t we already together?”

Ling Ke: “……” sure enough……

Then came the predictable high-pitched squeals “Ahh, ahh, ahh”, with the girls clutching on to their faces and shaking their heads in excitement and satisfaction.

This had already occurred more than once, but every time Ling Ke heard Qi Feng’s words, his heart would still beat a little quicker.


He finally understood why some girls, despite knowing the untruthfulness in their lovers’ honeyed words, would still feel delighted and willingly fall for it.

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It’s because this kind of highly advanced mental poison immerses their victims in happiness and sweetness, preventing them from extricating themselves ah.


*** F8Q715

After finishing class, Ling Ke and Qi Feng went to practice the piano as per usual.

Over the course of the week, the two of them had practiced according to the piano scores that Qi Feng had transcribed. They modified the score several times, almost having finalized the song.

But today, Qi Feng expressed an excitement that was different from the usual. As soon as he arrived at the piano room, he pulled out two mini-speakers from his bag, connected them to his mobile phone and said: “I’ve brought something very interesting, you will definitely like it.”

“What is it?” Ling Ke did not know what the other was up to, and patiently waited for him to reveal it. KZmi3I

“You’ll know once you listen to it.” Qi Feng replied mysteriously, whilst pressing onto the play button on his phone.

After a few seconds of silence, the sound of a violin slowly emerged, playing the chorus melody of the song 《Jump!》.

Ling Ke looked at Qi Feng in shock, and asked: “Did you play this?”

“How is it possible,” Qi Feng smiled and said, “I have asked… my two friends to help record this.” fbPCIN

Ling Ke was startled. That’s right, he almost forgot. Since Qi Feng had previously lied to him claiming that he didn’t know how to play any other instruments, there is no reason for him to suddenly admit and expose it now……

“Continue listening, there’s even a cello accompaniment on the latter part of the song.” Qi Feng reminded him.

Ling Ke felt amazed yet hesitant, with his mind fully absorbed in the song.  Indeed the sound of a cello appeared on the latter part, but his attention had already been fully captured by the sound of the violin.

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It wasn’t that the violin was played exceptionally well; it just reminded Ling Ke of his previous experience in the TV station. Kpw8mL

At the time, he was young and arrogant. Yet, he had felt inferior in the face of Qi Feng’s excellence, and willingly gave up on the opportunity that was presented to him as he didn’t feel confident enough.

But more than that, he had felt vexed and disgruntled over the fact that Qi Feng had forgotten him…

But then again, if it wasn’t for that initial stimulation, maybe he wouldn’t have even applied for F University, wouldn’t have become classmates with Qi Feng, and definitely wouldn’t have been able to sit here with this guy, preparing for the upcoming performance together.

So to say, fate is truly a mysterious thing. GdE0d7

“What are you smiling about?” Qi Feng looked at him and asked.

En?” Ling Ke froze. He didn’t know when the song had ended, and didn’t even realise that he himself was smiling. “I was thinking… of something.”

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“Qtja atlcu?”

“Tbe rjs, lo bcf vjs joafg kf’nf ugjvejafv jcv ubcf beg rfqjgjaf kjsr…” Olcu Bf iloafv j tjcv jcv jgylagjglis qijsfv atf wfibvs bo 《Aewq!》. Lf ibkfgfv tlr fsfr jcv ribkis mbcalcefv,” Zjcs sfjgr ijafg, jr sbe tfjg atlr rbcu, klii sbe …… atlcx bo wf?” QzPuR6

…… or will it be the same as six years ago, and similarly, four and a half years ago, where you will completely forget about me?

After all…by your side…you were never lacking in friends.



Cough.” Actually, once those words “think of me” were spoken, Ling Ke had already felt goosebumps all over from how sappy those words were. The latter two sentences were even more impossible to say.

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Olcu Bf klatvgfk tlr tjcv, jcv tbqfv obg Hl Mfcu ab wjxf j pbxf bea bo la, jr tf erejiis vlv klat batfgr, jcv wbnf bc ab atf cfza abqlm.

Contrarily, Qi Feng turned silent.

Qi Feng must’ve been rendered dumbstruck. His first response was not to answer Ling Ke’s question, but was to instead question – – why did they have to go their separate ways, will they not be able to always stay together? KvGja4

But Qi Feng quickly realized that his question was a bit too childish.

The implication of “separation” was not uncommon for the him who had already experienced a broken family from a very young age. Qi Feng was not naïve; he knew it was the norm for everyone to go their separate ways after graduation. For example, his friends from high school; Shen Yuezhe, Li Kaixing, Zhao Si…not one of them was with him now. They were in foreign countries, each separated by eight, ten or twelve-hours’ time differences. Unless something special came up, most of the time, they wouldn’t even talk on the WeChat group.

But once thinking of the possibility that Ling Ke and himself would face a situation similar to this in a few years’ time, Qi Feng felt it a bit unbearable.

He raised his hands and with a “DUANG” sound, he heavily slammed them on the piano keys, breaking the sudden silence. swe1gT

“Will not.” Qi Feng declared.

Ling Ke’s heart clenched… he will not think of me?


Yet, before Ling Ke could brand Qi Feng with a “heartless” seal, he heard Qi Feng say: “I will not separate from you.” mBQudw

He paused for a moment, before smiling and said: “Alright, let’s practice ba, why are you thinking so deeply about things that will happen four years later ah.”

Ling Ke: “…”

Although Qi Feng had quickly resumed his normal countenance, his serious tone whilst saying “will not separate from you” was still reverberating around Ling Ke’s ears for a long while.

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Qi Feng returned to their original topic and asked: “What do you think of this accompaniment?” ODXwaI

Ling Ke recovered his thoughts: “It sounds good.”

Qi Feng: “Right? Haha, if we add on this accompaniment to our piano piece, it will definitely sound even better!”

The two tried playing alongside the violin and cello accompaniment, but because the two parts of the string instruments were inserted in the middle of the piano verses and not simultaneously, they weren’t able to adjust the timing correctly. They couldn’t get in sync, at times going a bit too fast and at times a bit too slowly.

Ei Ei, wait, wait a moment, too fast, too fast…” dhEn 6

Eh… now it’s too slow…”

There was once in particular, because they were half a beat slower, they had to hastily speed up their playing in order to catch up to the violin/cello accompaniment, but this resulted in them playing too quickly and creating a lot of mistakes.

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However, the two weren’t annoyed. Instead, they started laughing back and forth over the various challenges they faced in their coordination.

“My God, that just sounded like we were rushing to reincarnate!” nSF4kf

Ling Ke also shrugged his shoulders, laughing.

“So what should we do?” Qi Feng leaned his weight on both his hands that were placed behind him, against the piano stool. They had already tried a few times without success. “Why don’t we first record our piano ensemble, then go back and estimate the blank period in front, and then add on a marker for when to start?”

Ling Ke shook his head with a smile and suggested: “I think that it’s alright to just remain as is and omit it. After all, this violin and cello accompaniment is only a recording and not easily adaptable to changes. If something goes wrong on stage, the rhythm will be chaotic. We are now playing with four hands, which is already pretty good. ”

Qi Feng pondered over it, thought it made sense and dropped the idea. L3tNFd

Thus, the two only played around with the violin/cello accompaniment privately in the piano room.

Story translated by Chrysanthemum Garden.



It was already past 10pm when they finally got back to the dorm. As soon as they entered their dorm room, Xie Qibao called out to Qi Feng: “Brother Qi, you’re finally back!” dZs5la

Qi Feng: “What’s the matter?”

Xie Qibao gloomily waved an envelope in his hand, and said: “Someone asked me to pass to you a love letter again, and even repeatedly reminded me to hand it over personally.”

Qi Feng: “…”

Qi Feng always left immediately after class ended – within the short duration of one month, he was already proficient in evading his pursuers, with a successful escape rate of 99%. Thus, the girls who couldn’t find him would always turn to Xie Qibao or Gao Junfei to deliver their love letters, especially the former. YfVqP

At first, Xie Qibao had been quite happy that girls were actively approaching him, but after few times of being treated as a mailman, he became incredibly disgruntled.

Xie Qibao handed the letter to Qi Feng and inadvertently complained: “What era is it now, for them to still be writing love letters. QQ mailing is so convenient and easy to use, aren’t they a bit too out-dated?”

Gao Junfei ridiculed him: “This, you wouldn’t understand ba. To those girls, handwritten letters are a form of sincerity. If given a choice between the touch of a handwritten letter, and a string of intangible data, which do you think holds more weight?”

Xie Qibao rolled his eyes: “It’s just a letter, how much weight could it hold? Besides, Brother Qi doesn’t even read the letters that he receives, so isn’t it more environmentally friendly to send QQ mails instead?” VFUCf

Gao Junfei: “…” Forget it, no point giving a f**k to a person like this.

Xie Qibao continued to grumble: “Also, clearly Ling Ke’s relationship with Brother Qi is much closer, so why would they ask me to deliver their love letters, instead of asking Ling Ke?”

This was a valid point. The three looked towards Ling Ke, and Ling Ke shrugged to indicate that he didn’t know.

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When they had their heads turned away, Ling Ke quietly pushed up his glasses.…… Of course they did, it’s just that he had secretly torn up those letters ah.

Gao Junfei rubbed his chin: “That’s strange. At first, there were also quite a few who came to me, but recently, there hasn’t been any.”

Xie Qibao gave him an eyeroll: “With your rogue-like appearance, who would dare come find you ah.” MnkEsQ

Gao Junfei: “???”

“So they must have thought I’m the easiest to bully ba,” Xie Qibao gave a long sigh and exclaimed in anguish. “Brother Qi, do you know how much damage your pursuers have caused to a single dog like myself?!”

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Qi Feng put down his things, walked over and patted Xie Qibao on the head: “Sorry Da Bao, it’s ge who had wronged you, I’ll find a day to compensate you with a meal, so don’t be angry anymore bei?”

Xie Qibao was quickly appeased. He held his head and said bashfully: “Ai, to be honest, Brother Qi, if I were a girl, I would also confess to you.” lZHJox

Dormmates: “???”

To the Ling Ke who took all this in, with a flash of his glasses “Ding!” — he seemed to have discovered  a new camouflaging skill with his “straight male” act.


*** UTd2t5

They had to attend a lecture in the morning, hence the four of them got up and took turns washing up.

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Ling Ke was the earliest to wake up. Right after he was done washing his face, Xie Qibao came in, facing the mirror whilst attempting to fix his bed hair.

Seeing this, Ling Ke reached out to help him smooth down a few strands of unruly hair.

Xie Qibao froze for a moment, before actually realising that Ling Ke was giving him a helping hand. Q9Rt80

Ling Ke noticed that he was a little tense and asked, “What’s wrong?”

Xie Qibao stared at the mirror and scratched his head, feeling a little embarrassed: “Nothing, hehe, thank you Brother Ling.”

Ling Ke was usually cold and distant, and rarely talked to others in the dorm. With this, Xie Qibao actually felt a bit flattered over this unexpected favour.

Ling Ke smiled, then reached out and patted him on his butt: “What are you being so polite for.” tWKfvo

Xie Qibao: “…”

The drowsy, disoriented Qi Feng had just reached the door of the bathroom before he chanced upon this scene, and completely woke up with a start.

Ling Ke turned around and greeted him: “You’re up?”

Qi Feng: “… En.qlQ8sx

Ling Ke was in a good mood. He had been ignorant about it before but last night, the interactions between Qi Feng and Xie Qibao had reminded him that real straight men would never only tease and play around a single person, but would instead treat all other straight men equally.



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【A brief interlude】 wzgX8r


Qi Feng: “Brother, help me record an accompaniment~”

Qi Yu: “No time.”

Qi Feng: “Please, I beg you ~ Brother! (Rolling about selling meng and acting spoiled) Whether or not I’ll be able to bring back a younger brother-in-law for you will depend on this recording ah ~ Brother!” WGgC2t

Qi Yu: “……”


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(Two) w9ACki

One day, a janitor passing through the piano rooms on the ground floor of the auditorium, heard faint cries resounding from one of the rooms: “Slow, a bit too slow… wait, wait, stop, stop, too fast… …ah, ah, ah…”

The old man shuddered. Wa, with cries that loud, even the loud music is not able to conceal them ah! *clicks tongue*

After a while, he noticed two handsome young men emerging from that piano room.

The old janitor could only shake his head and heave a sigh: Ai, young people nowadays are becoming more and more open and unrestrained ahNz8t3U


Story translated by Chrysanthemum Garden.



A few days later, Qi Yu asked Qi Feng: “How’s the accompaniment?” R3bMlS

Qi Feng: “Oh, we’re not using it.”

Qi Yu: “… Next time, don’t come looking for me. If I help you once more, I’ll call you big brother.”

Qi Feng: “Hey!

Qi Yu: “…” DM tfn

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