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I Rely On Poverty To Sweep Through Survival GamesCh5 - A “Free” Trap


The warehouse was enclosed, and it was especially obvious when someone spoke loudly.

In the distance was the sound of several people arguing. jhdpuC

“Why should we tell him? We’re the ones who found it!”

“There’s only five in the first place; there’s not enough for the six of us here!”

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“How can you be like this? He was the one who opened the warehouse…”

“We’re just like this; you can go look for him if you don’t like it ah. Youngsters can’t walk away when they see a handsome man, how shameless!” uzkfbc

To be precise, it was a girl being besieged by a bunch of fellows with the outstanding ability to shoot off their mouths. Moreover, it was clear that she was outnumbered.

The couple was guarding a box closely. Lin Yan, the sleeve tattoo gangster, and the middle-aged woman stood on the side. The short-haired schoolgirl in a school uniform stood in front of them on her own. There was a clear separation between the two sides.

The short-haired schoolgirl was so angry that her face was red, but it was obvious that she couldn’t push back against this group. She was powerless as she stood there.

“What’s going on?” Xiao Lan walked over unhurriedly. “Is there some secret that needs to be said so loudly?”


Everyone’s complexions became even worse when they saw him.

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The short-haired schoolgirl quickly walked over to him and quietly said, “They found a collection of free coupons. Lin ge said it was a game item, and will be helpful for clearing the game. But there’s only five of them, so they don’t want to give you any.”

Xiao Lan’s gaze swept lightly over the box. The nervous couple immediately protected the box even more as they looked at him with vigilant expressions.

Lin Yan pushed up his glasses and revealed that unchanging, gentle smile. “The allocation of items for this instance also has to be based on everyone’s opinions. Even if I think you did contribute, I can’t make the decision on my own if everyone disagrees, right?” IdJSZk

The boyfriend: “I’m the one who discovered this.”

Xiao Lan, on the contrary, didn’t mind. “I don’t have any interest in free coupons; free things are the most expensive, after all. Businesses always sell things at low prices or give them away for free because they have other motives. Meat pies don’t fall from the sky.”

The middle-aged woman had a disdainful expression on her face. “Those who can’t eat grapes will say that they’re sour. I took a freebie, and nothing happened to me ah!”

Lin Yan seized the moment to say to Xiao Lan, “Since it’s like this, then it’s easily resolved. There are five free coupons, and we’ll just distribute them between the six of us. You don’t have any complaints, right?” 8hsU9V

Xiao Lan waved his hand.

Lin Yan then turned to the short-haired schoolgirl and softened his tone. “You don’t seem to trust me much. Did something happen to cause a misunderstanding?”

The short-haired schoolgirl, however, shivered as if a poisonous snake was glaring at her, and she hid behind Xiao Lan. “N… no…”

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Ktf rtbga-tjlgfv rmtbbiulgi tfrlajafv obg j wbwfca. Vtf ibbxfv ja atf ybz lc atf mbeqif’r tjcvr, atfc ibbxfv ja Wljb Ojc, yfobgf rtf uglaafv tfg affat jcv rjlv, “Rb atjcxr!”

Everyone else was surprised. This schoolgirl chose not to look up to the experienced Lin Yan, and instead chose a newbie who was a lone operator. Could it be that face-cons really didn’t have any fear?

The four people on that side took a free coupon each at Lin Yan’s direction. Lin Yan observed their reactions, and only reached in to take the last coupon when he saw that nothing happened after the coupons were taken.

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But unexpectedly, once the last free coupon was claimed, their complexions all changed at the same time at the system prompt that appeared. tDKVQ9

Middle-aged woman: “Wh- what… one more round…”

Girlfriend: “What use is something free? This just wants us to die ahSob, I don’t want to choose… We’re screwed.”

The sleeve tattoo gangster didn’t say much, and directly threw the free coupon onto the floor. Unexpectedly, however, it disappeared the instant it touched the ground, then appeared in his hand in the next second. The damn thing was actually bound!

Lin Yan’s complexion wasn’t good either. He also couldn’t maintain his usual mild temperament, and raised his voice. “Why are you so noisy?! Isn’t it just one more time? What is there to be scared of since you’re following me?!” MQFo4y

Free coupons were usually given out during a campaign to increase popularity and build up a reputation, or to ensnare consumers so that they would spend again, and increase customer loyalty. Many people usually only looked at the “free”, and overlooked the price they had to pay later.

Seeing their gloom and misery, Xiao Lan hurriedly pulled at the short-haired schoolgirl next to him and quietly left while everyone wasn’t paying attention to them.

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If they stayed here, they might become the group’s punching bag; no one knew what agitated people would do.

. pvJEAC

It was only after they were some distance away that Xiao Lan asked, “Why did you choose to trust me?”

When the short-haired schoolgirl opened her mouth, she realised that she didn’t know the name of the person in front of her, and she immediately felt somewhat embarrassed.

Xiao Lan could tell what she was thinking and said, “I’m Xiao Lan.”

“Xiao… Xiao ge, I heard it; he was the one who told Yueyue to pick the alcohol. He said that there definitely wouldn’t be any problems, but Yueyue died so miserably ah…” As the short-haired schoolgirl spoke, the rims of her eyes couldn’t help turning red. “I feel that he doesn’t truly want to help us. neUSTi

“I’m Zhao Xiaohe, you can just call me Xiaohe,” she added.

Story translated by Chrysanthemum Garden.

Xiao Lan was astonished by how astute the schoolgirl was. “I’m guessing that he’s using the lives of the other players to test the preconditions for death.”

Zhao Xiaohe’s eyes widened slightly. “How can he do that?!”

“In this world, people can perhaps change beyond recognition in order to survive.” Xiao Lan said, “After this, I’m going to look for clues. What about you?” vECzwt

“Can’t I come with you…” Zhao Xiaohe said nervously.

Xiao Lan shook his head. “I haven’t grasped how to clear this game. Moreover, I’m incapable of shouldering someone else’s life, nor am I interested in using you to test the preconditions for death.”

Zhao Xiaohe looked at him hesitantly.

Xiao Lan: “Even if someone helps you this time, what about the next time? Will you meet a second Lin Yan? My suggestion is — control your own life.” hMmWbE

Zhao Xiaohe’e eyes flashed with a trace of confusion, which was followed by resolve. She clenched her fists and nodded at Xiao Lan.

Xiao Lan finally repeated his warning. “Remember the preconditions for death which I mentioned before; there might be more that we’re not aware of. Do your best to find anything related to Zhang Dong, and proceed with caution.”

The two split up and walked off in different directions.

. KJdV I

The warehouse wasn’t small, and had quite a number of shelves stacked up inside. Xiao Lan felt that it wasn’t realistic to search so many shelves for clues in a mere hour.

Thus, the crux of the matter had to be related to Zhang Dong.

For example, Zhang Dong didn’t look like a conscientious worker, so the probability of finding a clue related to him among these shelves was unlikely.

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Instead, if he was used to slacking off on the job, then the chances of finding leads were higher if Xiao Lan looked for places that were suitable for hiding away to goof off. aKGHDs

Xiao Lan searched areas in the warehouse that were surveillance blindspots; the best was a location where one could hide but also observe the activity outside.

Two shelves drew Xiao Lan’s gaze.

The two shelves were positioned at a slight angle, and together, just happened to conceal a corner which couldn’t be seen when one walked in through the entrance. There was a deliberately vacant space no more than ten square meters in size in between the seemingly neat arrangement of boxes. Judging from the height, it was roughly at eye level for a person of medium height sitting down. Plus, it just happened to face the entrance.

This sort of location was simply a VIP seat for a slacker to play with their phone. 2EKpGP

Xiao Lan stepped forward and discovered a few packaging boxes big enough to sit on. There were several greasy handprints on the boxes, and trash like cigarette butts, snack packets, and chicken bones were scattered around on the floor.

This was simply the living environment of a NEET.

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【Sir, the brand of the cigarettes on the floor is Shandi. It’s the cheapest one sold in the supermarket】

Xiao Lan turned his head to look. The cigarette butts on the floor were all of the same brand, and all of them had been smoked to the very end of their lengths. There wasn’t any waste at all; this was clearly Zhang Dong’s extremely stingy style. Ndg5zM

Xiao Lan took out his battered handphone and turned on the flashlight function. The handphone’s light shone on the sides of the large cardboard boxes. A lot of words were written haphazardly on them and were so ugly they looked like a dog had written them.

【Isn’t it just because I’m broke?】

【The manager actually drinks alcohol. Women who drink alcohol are just asking to be defiled by others. I can’t respect such women】

【She said I’m slacking off again. How am I slacking off? Isn’t this just looking for an opportunity to talk to me?】 cPy7Xh

【The new cashier girl smiles at me every day, she definitely likes me】

If you're reading this, this translation is stolen. Please support our translators at chrysanthemumgarden.com

Xiao Lan had a complicated expression on his face. “Say, how many litres did he drink to get this drunk?”

Luo’s handwriting appeared; it looked like a work of art, compared with Zhang Dong’s handwriting.

【Is this the typical delusion of a male chauvinist?】 I5OKjP

Xiao Lan shrugged. “That’s right. All the girls like him, and the reason why they won’t marry him is because they dislike that he’s poor.”

【Why doesn’t he reflect on his laziness and ignorance?】

Xiao Lan: “Blaming it on others is always easier than acknowledging his own faults.”

Xiao Lan was genuinely curious to know how someone like Zhang Dong could become a boss in a game. To his mind, he felt that the boss should be like Miss Kayako, who murdered decisively and harboured a deep-seated hatred. This one… was a little baffling. As a malevolent ghost, shouldn’t he be more awe-inspiring? 0YtwW5

“Ding dong—”

“Lucky ones, the second selection is starting. Are you looking forward to it as well? Hahahahahaha —”

Zhang Dong’s hoarse and unpleasant laughter echoed throughout the supermarket.


The author has something to say:

Because no one can see Luo, Xiao Lan in the eyes of onlookers:

He likes to go off on his own.

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He often talks to himself. XJNOuV

He laughs for no reason.

Conclusion: He’s crazy.

Translator's Note

as in people who love appearances and are biased to beautiful people

Translator's Note

from The Grudge movie

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