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I Rely On Poverty To Sweep Through Survival GamesCh14 - Player Hub


After learning that wrecking the setting not only attracted the boss’s attention but also increased the poverty value, Xiao Lan and Luo had seized the opportunity of looking everywhere for clues to stealthily set up timed mechanisms in every corner. The time was set for just after the end of the third selection and before they left the instance, based on Luo’s accurate calculations.

As for Zhang Dong getting angry and not wanting to give him a gift, who cared? Wasn’t the unmarketable envelope and personal signature not good enough a lesson? XlID0Y

After some mental maths, Xiao Lan finally calculated that the pit he had dug for Zhang Dong had earned him roughly over a hundred thousand points in poverty value. Normally, this might make him so worried that he didn’t want to eat, but now, he couldn’t be any more delighted. What a pity that the supermarket didn’t really have anything of value, and the facilities were shabby. Even if they completely tore it down, it wouldn’t be worth much.

He could feel that his strength had increased slightly; Xiao Lan had the pressing hope that he could be even poorer — this was how poverty made people happy.

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In the darkness, Luo’s handwriting suddenly appeared.

So that Xiao Lan would be able to see it against the black background, Luo even specially framed the words in a white glimmer; the writing looked clear and powerful, and showed that Luo was in good condition. rdzXfO

【I feel much better, sir】

Surprised, Xiao Lan said, “Really? How is it, compared with before?”

【I’m even better than before. Perhaps I can start trying to condense a form】

Xiao Lan also sighed in relief. “That’s great.”


Luo had fallen into a weak state after helping Xiao Lan escape the pincer attack by Lin Yan and the tattooed gangster. Finally, after discussing the skill with Xiao Lan, Luo sank into silence. For a time, Xiao Lan had been very worried that there might be a serious problem and that Luo might no longer be able to wake up.

While the game world was very dangerous, it felt a little easier with Luo by his side. They had spent just three hours together in the game, but Xiao Lan was surprised to discover that he was already used to Luo’s presence.

Sure enough, one would become addicted to a godly teammate the opposite of a pig teammate.

An exit which shone with light suddenly appeared in the world of utter darkness. ImwXut

Xiao Lan went closer for a look; the light emitted by the exit was somewhat warped and hazy. This was probably an area outside the game, but Xiao Lan wasn’t sure if it was reality or a different part of the game.

Xiao Lan, however, wasn’t in a rush to go over. He asked Luo, “Do you want to stay here a little longer?”

【No need, sir. The energy I absorbed is enough for me to digest for a time.】

Only then did Xiao Lan relax, and step out of the exit. xbdksD

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Pedestrians came and went below the skyscrapers. Regardless of gender, most of them had an imposing air and didn’t look like they should be trifled with. At the same time, there were quite a few who were lurking in the dark and sneaking peeks with malicious intent.

In short, the people seemed forthright, and there was a multitude of men of talent. 98w4GJ

Suddenly, a lively voice rang out next to Xiao Lan. “Hi! You’re a newbie who just arrived, right?”

Xiao Lan turned to look. It was someone with short, brown curls and who looked to be seventeen or eighteen years old. He had a pair of large, round eyes, and he looked a little down on his luck as he exuded a harmless air.

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Having experienced Lin Yan, Xiao Lan was somewhat wary. He asked, “Did you need something?”

Short curls smiled. “I’m a player who received a task to guide newcomers.” AnqgmU

As he spoke, short curls pointed at the place which Xiao Lan had emerged from. “This is the player hub. Behind you is one of the exits which only newcomers use. The Advent World will issue tasks and have veteran players guide newcomers and introduce them to this place.”

He then directly displayed his task for Xiao Lan to have a look, and was extremely magnanimous in proving that he wasn’t lying.

It was only after confirming the veracity of the task that Xiao Lan lowered his guard slightly, and he nodded to short curls in greeting. “Hello, I’m Xiao Lan.”

Short curls smiled very cheerfully. “Hello. My name is Wang Taidi, and I’m a beginner player.” zbB3yL

Xiao Lan couldn’t help looking at his short, brown curls and large, round eyes. This truly was a case of a name befitting its owner…

When he noticed Xiao Lan’s gaze, Wang Taidi proudly said, “Supposedly, my mom decided on my name the moment she laid eyes on me for the first time back then. Hehe, it’s because I looked just like our family’s toy poodle the taidi used is the one used in the term for toy poodle.”

Xiao Lan: “…It truly is a good name.”

This heroine who would name her own baby after the family pet truly was truly amazing; it was a good thing her family didn’t raise a husky Erha. JtG N4

Wang Taidi asked, “Can you accept my invitation to guide you around? The task will be completed under the supervision of the Advent World.”

Xiao Lan nodded in acceptance.

After that, Wang Taidi took Xiao Lan around the player hub as he explained the Advent World to Xiao Lan.

Players were divided into beginner, intermediate, advanced, and contract players. hH5eAz

After clearing a certain number of instances, the Advent World would classify a person according to their strength, and the instances they entered would also be different, so the abilities of advanced players would be restricted when they entered low-level instances. The most special was the contract players; they were said to have signed a contract with the Advent World, and could leave the game, but there were so few of them, and Wang Taidi had never met one.

In addition, the fact that a player’s physique was enhanced after clearing instances was something which Xiao Lan had already guessed.

Each player automatically had a room in the hub, and no one else could enter unless they had the owner’s permission. Moreover, the room standards were different depending on the player’s level. Beginner players generally had a small room no larger than two square meters, which was basically the size of a bed.

As for food and daily necessities, these were provided free of charge by the system’s restaurants and shops. 1oDpr3

But if one wanted even better things, they had to go to a store opened by a player and barter items. However, items were very valuable to beginner players, so being able to enter a player’s shop was itself a symbol of status and strength.

The player hub even had something like a pet store, but the pets sold there were the most common types. If a player wanted a high-level pet that could fight, they had to go into the game to search for one.

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Hearing this, Xiao Lan couldn’t help feeling moved. The Advent World truly was a good place ah. It actually provided full room and board. So what if the room was small — they were fortunate to have a room at all ah! Xiao Lan had slept in a bed that had dripping water and blowing wind around it all year round, and had even been chased out…

And there was also free food. He no longer had to eat expired bentos — what sort of blessed life was this?! auP46h

Wang Taidi said consolingly, “Don’t be discouraged. Even though a beginner player’s life is comparatively bitter, as long as we work hard, our levels can still increase. When that time comes, we can —”

Wang Taidi turned his head to look at Xiao Lan, but unexpectedly saw his excited expression; suddenly, the consoling words he had prepared couldn’t be used.

Xiao Lan, “This place really is pretty good ah!”

Wang Taidi: “…” pkYLv4

Why do you look like you’ve entered a vacation hotel?!

Could the times have developed so quickly that the newbies now already had such strong mentalities? Wang Taidi couldn’t help recalling those ashen-faced newcomers he had guided before, then looked at Xiao Lan. Question marks popped up over Wang Taidi’s short curls.

He simply changed the topic, and asked Xiao Lan about the round for newbies.

When he heard Xiao Lan say that in the end, only two out of eleven people had cleared the instance and that a veteran player had turned traitor, Wang Taidi’s short curls nearly exploded with surprise. Brother, it turns out the reason why you’re so calm is because you’ve already seen the big, wide world ah e9oH0W

Wang Taidi said, “The mortality rate in newbie rounds generally isn’t more than half; yours is just too terrifying. If I was cooperating with someone and it turned out that my teammate had received a massacre mission… Yeah, I’d be dead for sure.

Ai, that’s not right; haven’t I always been in my ge’s team? My ge wouldn’t pit me!” Wang Taidi seemed to wake up from a dream.

Xiao Lan: “You have a brother?”

Wang Taidi: “That’s right, my ge is amazing! After my parents died in a car accident, it was my brother who raised me. When we entered the Advent World three years ago, he was also the one who took me along to win without trying, and he’s now already an advanced player.” A2Ji17

Xiao Lan had felt like Wang Taidi’s cheerfulness didn’t suit someone who was constantly living on the edge between life and death. The people they had encountered on their walk all looked tense, and only Wang Taidi looked cheerful. This brother of his must protect him very well.

Xiao Lan: “Forgive me for being presumptuous, but why is it that your ge has already become an advanced player, while you…”

Wang Taidi instantly wilted. “I don’t want to be this weak either. My ability is called 【I have no interest in money】. If I have money, the words I say become a reality. It sounds very amazing, right?

“But to activate the skill, I must first earn 100 million! 100 million ah, my god! Give me thirty years and I still won’t be able to earn this much ah…” AsN5X3

Xiao Lan: “…” That was just too fucking cruel.

“Oh, that’s right. As a player, you must safeguard information about your skill. Don’t randomly tell anyone about it, okay?” Wang Taidi warned repeatedly with a serious expression on his face.

Chrysanthemum Garden.

Wait a second, do you still remember what you said ten seconds ago… 

Xiao Lan’s feelings were somewhat complicated. It was a good thing this silly child had a big shot brother to protect him. Otherwise, he might have long been pitted to death, or courted death himself without even needing to be pitted. AJI7D

Author’s note says something about how the siblings will appear together in a future instance. Not gonna tell u guys what instance she said tho 😛

Baobao Notes

Extra kofi chapters that were soooo long overdue! thank you to Anon and Paula for the kofis!


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