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Blooming RomanceChapter 73


Edited by Jules

Lin Yanchen’s father never remarried. Uncle Lin was a pretty upright person. He had one of the cleanest private lives among those of his generation. He had girlfriends after his wife died, but there would never be a sex scandal with other women whenever he was in a relationship. He was never ambiguous with other women, and all of his girlfriends were women of similar age and family background. He had never kept a mistress. Moreover, ever since Lin Yanchen, at the age of 16, caused his ideas of remarriage to fall through, he had lived a quiet life and focused on his work. No one heard of him getting another girlfriend, and it was also impossible for him to suddenly have an illegitimate son. nqYEzb

Or there was another possibility, which was that Lin Yanchen had engineered the death of his own child’s mother without their knowing.

Zhan Hongyu felt it was truly unbelievable.

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Was Lin Yanchen really this sort of person? Zhan Hongyu had even had ambiguous feelings for Lin Yanchen before. He had been too young back then, but he knew that Lin Yanchen was a straight man, and since there wasn’t a proper place for love in his line of work later, he had never let those feelings grow. In the end, Lin Yanchen suddenly said that he was bent, and was preparing to marry his boyfriend.

Zhan Hongyu had been a little gloomy about it, but after meeting Chu Xun, he discovered that Chu Xun was a good man, so he squashed his feelings that would never see the light to death, and gave Chu Xun and Lin Yanchen his blessing. Glsdnj

But what was this situation now? When Lin Yanchen thought that Chu Xun was dead, hadn’t he been extremely grief-stricken? Could that be why this happened? He thought his former lover had died, and to ease the pain, he found a new love, but in the end, his former lover came back.

This child might have been the product of that. Zhan Hongyu didn’t know how deeply Lin Yanchen felt for his child’s mother.

But he had officially introduced Chu Xun as his boyfriend, and announced that they would marry in the future.

However, it was clear that Lin Yanchen had finally chosen.


This baby seemed to be six or seven months old. Considering the timeline, it should have been after Chu Xun “died” that Lin Yanchen went out and messed around.

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Zhan Hongyu couldn’t accept it. The image of Lin Yanchen that he had in his heart collapsed completely.

Since Lin Yanchen loved Chu Xun, how could he get into a sexual relationship with someone else right after Chu Xun “passed away”?

Since there was a child already, Lin Yanchen should take responsibility, marry the mother of the child, and cleanly sever his relationship with Chu Xun. X97Z1L

Now what was this? Lin Yanchen wanted children, but was also reluctant to give Chu Xun up?

Did Chu Xun know of the child’s existence? No, he probably didn’t; if Lin Yanchen had already confessed, the child would have appeared at his place in B City earlier on.

Even their circle of friends didn’t know, so how could Chu Xun know?

Lin Yanchen was deliberately concealing the existence of the child, and didn’t intend to give the child a status. NO7bQ9

Zhan Hongyu felt his temples throb.

Too angry.

This sort of thing wasn’t uncommon in the world he grew up in. Those uncles, even his father, all had numerous mistresses. They just didn’t bring them home, and would make arrangements with them outside while still feeling themselves worthy of their wives.

When their group of brothers was young, they played together because they were like-minded; that was to say, they had the same three views and loathed the idea of becoming that sort of adult. h0Stnc

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Zhan Hongyu never expected Lin Yanchen to turn out like this one day!

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He sent the photos.

Lu Hao was the most heartless: Ha ha ha ha ha, why is Old Lin taking care of a kid? He’s smiling like a fool [laughing with tears emoji] qhDBPI

Zhuo Linhui: Old Zhan, where did you take these pictures? Why are you sending them to us?

Zhan Hongyu: I stumbled across him in Y City. The kid looks so similar to Lin Yanchen. It’s definitely his own child

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Lu Hao: …

Zhuo Linhui: No way, when did Old Lin have a baby? dbNelc

Lu Hao: No, what about Chu Xun?

Zhuo Linhui: You’re a fool

Lu Hao figured it out on second thought: Oh fuck, it can’t be that Old Lin has a foot in two boats? Is he that low a character? Old Lin is actually such a person?

Zhuo Linhui: I have to calm down, calm down. I can’t imagine Lin Yanchen doing such a thing NjI4Dm

Lu Hao: I think there should be some misunderstanding? I don’t think Old Lin is such a person…

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Zhan Hongyu: What do you think we should do now?

Zhuo Linhui: I feel like it’s Lin Yanchen’s private affair

Lu Hao: I still think there should be some misunderstanding… zaW1Y5

Zhan Hongyu: Do you mean we should just leave it alone and let it rot?

Zhuo Linhui:  Old Zhan, I know you’re very angry. Calm down first. I’m also very angry, but the child is already out. Can it be stuffed back inside? Lin Yanchen has already become like this. What can we do to persuade him? Mistakes have been made. That’s Lin Yanchen’s life. He has to be responsible for his own mistakes

Lu Hao: Don’t, you guys don’t quarrel ah. How did you guys start quarreling?

Lu Hao: I don’t understand what you guys are arguing about. Why don’t you just go and ask Old Lin directly? I don’t like the way you guys are twisting this y9evIN

Lu Hao: If you guys don’t dare ask, I’ll do it

Qin Xiuming: …

Qin Xiuming: I wasn’t online for just ten minutes. What happened? What are you talking about? Why did you make this group without Old Lin?

Zhan Hongyu: Forget it, I’ll just go ask 9SYE3U

Lin Yanchen took Jiu Jiu for a walk until he got a call from Chu Xun saying that he was done with work and was on his way home.

Lin Yanchen returned with Jiu Jiu in high spirits.

Not long after they got back, he heard a knock at the door.

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Lin Yanchen said energetically, “That should be Chu Xun, he’s back. I’ll open the door.” Xwz7 2

Lin Yanchen opened the door, and was startled when he saw an unexpected person standing outside. “Old Zhan, why are you here?”

Zhan Hongyu was dressed in a low-key outfit and was wearing a hat. He pulled up his face mask and said, “Follow me downstairs; we need to talk.”

Lin Yanchen: “Ah?”

Lin Yanchen was confused, but after thinking about it, he still went with Zhan Hongyu. Before he left, he said to Teacher Chu, “Uncle, my friend came to find me. I’ll go downstairs and have a word with him. I’ll come back in a bit.” SEV8UL

Teacher Chu: ?

Lin Yanchen followed Zhan Hongyu downstairs, and they spoke under a tree on the side of the road.

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Lin Yanchen was very confused. “Why are you here?”

Zhan Hongyu looked at him in disappointment and said bitterly, “I saw everything.” O2mRpM

Lin Yanchen: “What ‘everything’ did you see?”

Zhan Hongyu: “I saw you taking care of a child, a child that looks exactly like you. How can you do that? If you want this kid, how are you going to reconcile this matter with Chu Xun? Does Chu Xun know about this?”

Lin Yanchen was stunned, and finally understood that Zhan Hongyu had misunderstood the situation. He wanted to explain, and opened his mouth, but didn’t know where to start.

Lin Yanchen said dryly, “He… he knows.” 9inmF

The person who was struck dumb now was Zhan Hongyu. He was embarrassed. Chu Xun knew? Chu Xun could accept having to wear a green hat? Then, was it only Zhan Hongyu who was filled with righteous indignation?

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“Mr. Zhan?”

A voice sounded from behind Zhan Hongyu.

Zhan Hongyu turned around and greeted Chu Xun. RGUHEg

Chu Xun didn’t know what was going on. He smiled. “Did you come to find Lin Yanchen? This is my home. Now that you’re here, come up and have a cup of tea.”

Zhan Hongyu: “…”

Wait, what was going on?

Zhan Hongyu stood at the door of the unit which Lin Yanchen had taken the child into. He then saw Chu Xun open the door himself. He said it was his home. He had invited Zhan Hongyu inside. He then saw the baby shouting “daddy,” and Chu Xun went forward and picked up the child. gEMb t

Zhan Hongyu looked at Chu Xun, then the baby, then Chu Xun, then the baby. Was he face-blind? Why did he feel that the baby and Chu Xun looked a lot like each other?

“We have a guest?”

Chu Xun’s mother had just fertilized the flowers on the balcony, and she came in with a small trowel. When she saw who had come, she was so startled that she threw the shovel to the side.

“Zhan Hongyu?! The person himself? Really? In the flesh?” TJBMHz

Teacher Chu peered through his glasses. “Oh, isn’t this the man in the TV series that you’re watching?”

Zhan Hongyu returned to his senses and absentmindedly but politely greeted them. “Hello, hello.”

He didn’t understand.

Story translated by Chrysanthemum Garden.

Zhan Hongyu took a deep breath. “What on earth is this?” CMGacg

Lin Yanchen rubbed his nose. “It’s a long story. It seems you thought I’m cheating on Chu Xun? I’m not.”

Zhan Hongyu: “Then that child…”

With those few words, Chu Xun roughly understood what was going on. He couldn’t help laughing and said, “I gave birth to him. The baby is Lin Yanchen’s and mine.”

Jiu Jiu was playing with a caterpillar toy. He handed it to Chu Xun and cried out in his milky voice, “Daddy.” owvfCD

Zhan Hongyu: “…”

His cell phone vibrated.

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Qin Xiuming: I finished reading the chat. My God, how did Lin Yanchen become like this? This degenerate scum!! We must denounce him!!!


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  1. Hahaha~ Whew. It was quite nice that Lin Yanchen’s friends confronted him directly! It takes quite a lot of courage or anger to do that. Looks like this matter won’t drag long because of Zhan Hongyu’s resolute behavior. Well, the actual situation could really make other people have brain holes hoho~

    Thanks for the update 💕

  2. Are they gonna barrage Lin Yanchen with calls? 😂 or they gonna rush to his office or house as soon as they can to confront him? Cause i think Zhan Hongyu needs time to absorb this information 😌🕯🕯🕯

    Thank you for translating 💐🙇‍♀️💕

  3. Poor guy having an internal war with himself. Xixixi… 😂😂😂

    Lucky one of his friends is mature enough to tell him to ask about it himself.

    Good grief. That was close.

    Thank you for the translation ❤️