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Blooming RomanceChapter 48


Edited by Erin and genesis

For Chu Xun, going back to work was like a formal return to real life. uxKprd

No more willfulness.

Previously, he thought he was going to die, so he let himself go and shook the heavens and earth. Now, the situation had changed. His future life was still long. He had to raise his child and support his parents. How could he be reckless again?

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This was life.

He felt as if he had become scared again, but there were some changes. qkD2ih

When he was about to ‘die’, Chu Xun sometimes felt that if he could not endure it, then he should just not endure. Life in this world was a short few tens of years, and he really was able to live freely as he desired. But that didn’t mean he could just approach everything without apprehension.

It was too exhausting when he had a baby in his stomach; he had to raise the fetus. Later, after birth, the baby was ill. It took seven or eight months of caring for Jiu Jiu until that difficult period could be considered over. He was free and could now work… Actually, now he also had time to look for Lin Yanchen.

He didn’t have contact information, so he could only personally go looking. The baby was so delicate, he couldn’t take him along. He could only start this journey alone.

Chu Xun thought it over and over for a long time. The only way was to fly to England and look around for that manor. But it took a long time to get to the manor from the airport, more than an hour, and his memory was not so extraordinary as to have remembered the route. Even if he went there, it would still take a lot of trouble to find the manor. dZnf9R

But should he really go over like that?

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He felt that Xiao Lin did love him, and maybe he would also love their child, but what about Xiao Lin’s father?

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Just thinking about it, Chu Xun felt that he was getting goosebumps… that would be too wretched.

He was no longer a dying man. He had a lot of worries for the future now. Could he really act recklessly and risk everything this time? Were human hearts really able to stand such a test? 

The other father of Jiu Jiu was Lin Yanchen. Regardless of whether Xiao Lin would accept him after finding out, he should still let Xiao Lin know that they had a baby together… Ea2bZg

But now was not the right time. Chu Xun couldn’t gather up the courage. Even if he wanted to look for Xiao Lin, he didn’t want to go as a jobless vagrant. He should at least have a job, and he should be good at it. Otherwise, what would he seem like? Someone knocking on their door, begging to be kept and provided for like a mistress? Relying on Lin Yanchen to be able to eat?

Chu Xun felt that he was already this destitute, he should still keep that bit of self-respect.

Moreover, to be honest, merely having a job did not sound too pleasant. Even if he couldn’t be a vice president as before, at the very least he should have the position of senior manager, right? He was just a small secretary now, he still had no face to see Lin Yanchen.

For this reason, Chu Xun expended a lot of effort and worked hard. CxQeqO

Although, because of the child, he couldn’t leave early and return late. He could only take his work home and look after his child while working overtime. 

At the beginning, Chu Xun was too embarrassed to say it and was kept at the company by his master. He worked overtime until nine or ten o’clock every day. The new company was busy. In fact, this was his previous daily life. But after enduring half a month, Chu Xun couldn’t bear it anymore. He really missed his baby too much.

Chu Xun had to tactfully ask his master, “Can I take these home to do?”

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President Liu could see the situation at a glance: “What? Someone at home waiting for you? You really want to go home.” fJI15x

Chu Xun thought about it and confessed: “I… I’m a father now.”

President Liu thought that at most he was dating someone. When he heard Chu Xun say that he was a father now, he was shocked: “You are a father now? When did you get married? Why didn’t I know about this? You didn’t even tell me this? Do you still see me as your master? This is too much. It’s no wonder that I see you speeding to get home everyday. You’ve never been like that before. But having children is not that big of a deal. What about your wife? Let her take care of the children, ah. She doesn’t understand and is pressing you to go home to take care of the children?”

Chu Xun was asked so many questions, he was becoming embarrassed: “The year before last, after resigning, many things happened… I don’t have a wife, but I have a child. He’s seven months old now; because he was a premature baby, his body is not very healthy. I always keep thinking about him.”

President Liu was even more shocked: not married but had children? What was going on? No wife? He knew that Chu Xun was not such an irresponsible person. He asked: “Were  you preparing to have a wedding afterwards?” 5eS9lw

Chu Xun didn’t dare to say that the child was born by himself. He said ambiguously: “The child has no mother… I’m taking care of the child myself, and my parents are helping me.” 

Chu Xun was unwilling to say more so President Liu didn’t continue questioning him. When it came to this, he couldn’t be unreasonable, so he said, “All right, but you have to properly finish your work.”

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Chu Xun relaxed the breath he had been holding and nodded, “Don’t worry, master.”

In fact, when he went back home, he also had to bury himself in his work, but when Chu Xun was tired, he could go see his little darling Jiu Jiu. Jiu Jiu would either be sleeping or smiling at him, and he would feel that his body was brimming with energy again. sbtayr

Jiu Jiu especially liked to listen to stories. Chu Xun didn’t know if he understood them or not.

Teacher Chu used to be an educator. Now he was assigned the special duty of caring for this little baby. He bought many children’s books. Every day, he held his obedient little grandson and read him stories. When he heard the stories, he would become very obedient. Chu Xun felt that he simply liked others to accompany him and talk to him.

It was gradually getting cold these days.

The news informed everyone to look out for  the flu. Chu Xun was infected with a cold from his workplace, but he didn’t care much. He took some medicine casually. But for fear of infecting Jiu Jiu, he did not dare to hug or kiss his baby. RAz9wJ

When he was leaving in the morning, Chu Xun wore a mask to check on Jiu Jiu. Jiu Jiu was holding his foot, playing with it. When he saw his father, he grinned.

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Chu Xun also smiled: “Dad is going to work now.”

Jiu Jiu: “Yiyi.”

He pinched his little hand. It was as if Jiu Jiu was saying, “Goodbye dad.” x05rV8

Chu Xun still worked while sick. He was very busy in the company and under a lot of pressure. He was busying around when suddenly, he received a call from his parents: “Jiu Jiu has been coughing since this morning and has a fever. We will send him to the hospital now. When you are free quickly ask for leave and come over.”

At that time, Chu Xun was so scared that his hands and feet turned cold; his heart was so anxious it was as if it were burning. He resisted the urge to rush to the hospital, calmly and quickly dealt with his work, handing things over to others, and during the noon break, he rushed to the hospital.

The doctor said it was pneumonia.


Translator's Note

some companies let their employees go home at noon as it is common to take a siesta in China

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