Blooming RomanceChapter 35


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Chu Xun got off the plane and stepped onto the ground, still feeling as if everything was a bit surreal. DPwpN6

It was like returning to earth from heaven.

This past month had been like a magnificent dream, but now he had woken up.

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He drove home and tidied up his things.

When he arrived at the gate of his neighborhood, the security guard said to him, “Mr. Chu, you forgot to dump the garbage when you went out to travel. Everything rotted inside and stank. Someone came to see you. He must have been crazy, said he thought you died in your house, so the property manager opened the room for him to enter. Sorry, we couldn’t get in touch with you, so we were somewhat worried… But we didn’t let him tamper with your things. ” esCDaf

Chu Xun had a general idea of who it was and asked, “What’s that person’s name?”

The security guard said: “I forget, his surname was like “chicken”… or maybe “Ji”.”

Oh, it was Ji Tianze. Chu Xun thought about how when he’d left a month ago, whenever Ji Tianze came to mind, he would be a little depressed; now he felt nothing. After hearing that news, that was the end of it. He was not prepared to see Ji Tianze. There was not much time left in his life. Why waste it on that man?

If you compared life to a soap opera, you would think that a person who had been in your life for more than ten years would be an important character with many follow-up scenes; and finally there would be a satisfactory happy ending. But in fact, it wasn’t like that. Perhaps Ji Tianze was just a supporting role, crossing the stage. Maybe he took a long time in crossing it, but after he left the stage, he would never show up again.


Life was not a novel or a soap opera. People could only see the others within their own field of vision. Besides one’s life partners, no one could put all of their life into another person’s, not even parents or children.

People would all change.

Chu Xun didn’t understand himself. He had clearly loved Ji Tianze with all his heart for the past ten years or so, but now his head was solely filled with Lin Yanchen.

His change of affection and shift of love was truly fast ah. JUpMcH

He hadn’t realized he was actually this fickle in love.

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But overall, he still had an immovable fund in real estate. After sorting it out, Chu Xun rested for the night. In the morning, he took the real estate title deed and other documents and drove out again. fK7Zd5

He had one wish left.

When this matter was finalized, he rest in peace and wait for death.

Chu Xun went back to his hometown.

Chu Xun hadn’t gone home for five years. He still remembered the route he used to take to go home, but the road had been redone. Many old houses had been demolished and high-rise buildings replaced them. He almost lost his way, but finally found the house entrance after strolling around in circles. FeMSGP

The house he grew up in hadn’t changed at all: the mottled and mossy brick wall; the lush and elegant pomegranate tree; the rusty desk at the foot of the tree; the half worn wickerwork reclining chair. With just a glance, countless memories seemed to sweep away the dust of time, rushing into Chu Xun’s mind.

This was the last thing he wanted to do before he died. Even if his parents hated him, he wanted to see them one last time. His relationship with his father had not improved, but he had spoken with his mother several times in these past two years. He wanted to leave the money to his mother.

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Chu Xun went to ring the doorbell.

No sound. t4H6eY

He hadn’t returned for a long time, even the doorbell had broken. Oh dear.

He could only shout for someone to open the door. Chu Xun had never had that type of lung capacity. Wanting him to open his mouth himself was even more embarrassing. How should he say it?

——Dad, Mom, I’m back.

Last time, he had a big fight with his parents and came to an agreement about breaking off relations. Even if he called “Dad, Mom” with a strong face, what would they say? Dad would certainly humiliate him. jGE2iK

——Hello, this is Chu Xun. I have something to discuss with you.

That didn’t seem too bad – it was rather dignified – but wasn’t it looking for a fight? He wanted to have a good talk with his parents today.

Chu Xun had not decided on a plan yet.

A dog suddenly barked, scaring him. A husky with blue eyes came out of a corner of the yard, barking as it rushed towards him. He was startled and took a couple steps back. The husky jumped onto the fence. 23orET

Chu Xun calmed down and found that this husky was not fierce. It was quite foolish looking, watching him curiously and wagging his tail. It stuck out his tongue and panted, then barked “wang, wang” a few times.

When did Mom and Dad raise a dog?

Someone called him: “You are… Teacher Chu’s son?”

Chu Xun looked back and saw an unfamiliar aunt. He couldn’t remember who she was. The aunt said affectionately, “I’m Aunt xx? You don’t remember me? I even held you when you were little.” vlIM4k

How can I remember being held when I was a baby? But the adults always liked to use these kind of words to become closer with the younger generation. Chu Xun politely replied: “Ah! Hello.”

(T/n: Same with my relatives. Half the time I’m like who are youuuu and they’re like, I was your favorite aunt when you were a fetus!!!)

The aunt told him, “I just ran into your parents. We went shopping at the food market together and bought two catties of beef ribs. It turns out that it was because you were coming back.”

Chu Xun did not comment and just smiled. It turned out that his parents were not at home. He felt an indescribable sense of relief. But waiting at the door, sooner or later, he would meet his parents returning home. When he thought about it, he became afraid again. JCSdjY

He went back to the car and waited, the front of the car pointing towards the door.

After waiting for ten minutes or so, he finally saw the figures of his father and mother slowly approaching in the distance. His father was carrying a bag in each hand, half a step after his mother. The two were talking and laughing.

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Mom said happily, “We’re stewing ribs for Xiao Pang today, he will definitely be very happy.”

Dad said, “He likes eating ribs the most. Eating bones is good for his teeth. I can even hear Xiao Pang calling, so smart ah. ” 8bCXNQ

Chu Xun kept hesitating. After his father and mother opened the gate of the yard, he quickly got out of the car and drew near.

He looked at his mother and father’s backs, suddenly extremely nervous, like he had gotten aphasia, not knowing how to speak., He had left home for too long; it all seemed so unfamiliar.

What if… maybe it’d be better if he just let it be.

He hadn’t seen them in five years, but how did Dad age so much? He had a lot more white hair. He’d previously heard that his father had gotten to the age of retirement, but there were not enough qualified teachers in the school. Last year, they asked him to go back to teach. It seemed that he was teaching the senior class. Was it too tiring? sZ1VEG

Mom also looked a lot older, she had put on weight…

Chu Xun felt an indescribable emotion, his nose stinging.

Chu Xun’s father, Teacher Chu Shan, seemed to feel someone looking at him. He stopped, looked back, and saw Chu Xun.

Both father and son stared blankly. One was at the beginning of the street, the other at the end. They gazed at each other. They were very close, only a few steps away from each other, yet also very far, separated by five years of time. 5K9vaz

Chu Xun subconsciously wanted to hide, but there was no place to hide. Thousands of words and thoughts simply converged into one word: “Dad…”

Father Chu stood still and blinked his eyes hard to make sure he had seen correctly. It was actually his son who came back. It seemed as if something bubbled forth from his eyes.

On a face that resembled Chu Xun’s, a sullen look slowly transformed his wrinkles and brow. He looked at Chu Xun with a complicated gaze and said some sharp and unkind words: “Why are you back? I thought you had already died somewhere outside.”

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chicken is “Ji” in CN

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Different tone than chicken, meaning season

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