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You Use a Gun, I Use a BowCh13 - I want to meet you.

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After Momo put forward the stakes that he thought were equal, Wen Xi didn’t even look at them before replying with “deal.” Mc EYX

However, upon taking a closer look at it after he had replied, he kept thinking that there was something not right with it?

If he won, Momo would smash some gifts at him and treat him to a meal.

Story translated by Chrysanthemum Garden.

If he lost, he would take Momo to a meal, and Momo would pay…

Wasn’t this all Momo spending money?! dKJxlp

How were these stakes equal?!

Momo: You already agreed to the deal. Once a real man speaks, he can’t go back on his word.

Wency:…… No, how does this benefit you at all?

A person wouldn’t treat another person this well for no reason; it was just like how Magic Xi had sent him a gift worth 10,000 yuan because she admired him.


Then what about Momo?

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His skills were this good, so why give him, this newbie who had just started playing SGH two days ago, such special treatment?

And also to keep egging him on to play professionally…

Just because he used a bow? PhDw79

Looking at the SGH professional circle as a whole, competitors who used bows were as rare as the feathers of a phoenix or horns of a giraffe—or rather it was better to say—there were none at all.

So because Momo wanted to see how far a player with a bow could go in SGH’s professional circles, that’s why he kept egging him on to play professionally?

And then in order to achieve this goal, he wanted to use money to get on his good side?

Wen Xi wanted to express—he wasn’t moved at all! Not at all! whbAZd

Wency: Despite my only weapon being a bow, I’m not poor. I just like using the bow.

Momo: I know.

No, you don’t know! I’m just poor!

The money he earned this month wouldn’t be available until next month… B nNdA

Wen Xi typed with tears in his eyes.

Wency: So I can still afford to treat someone to one meal.

After sending this, he sighed and thought that if he did lose to Momo, he would first ask and borrow some money from Magic Xi, and then everything would be fine.

Story translated by Chrysanthemum Garden.

Even if it was a meal that cost 1000 yuan per person, he would still accept it—if he could bet it, then he would have to accept losing it. JLIiMA

However, Momo’s response, which came after a while, was——

Momo: Don’t misunderstand me, I don’t think you’re poor. I’ll be paying for the meal mainly because I always pay for meals when I go out with others. I won’t be used to having someone else pay for it.

Wen Xi realized that he didn’t quite understand the thought process of local tyrants?

Momo: In fact, winning or losing is fine, eating is fine, all of these don’t really matter. Mainly, I want to meet you. lYwgeO

So that’s how it was!

…… But Wen Xi still thought that the stakes Momo had offered weren’t equal at all.

Story translated by Chrysanthemum Garden.

Wency: Do you think I’m stupid?

Momo: How can you say that? du6G8U

Wency: This bet, isn’t it a win-win situation for me?

Momo: Wake up. If you lose, you’ll have no gifts. If I smash gifts on you, I will definitely smash something worth around 10,000, so it’s equivalent to you losing 10,000 yuan.

Wency: No, 5000. Have to split 50-50 with the platform.

Momo: Then I’ll smash 20,000 on you. dOWbdr


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Wen Xi was left speechless.

How did they go from “who wins and who loses in the next match” to “how much money to smash as gifts”?

We’re sorry for MTLers or people who like using reading mode, but our translations keep getting stolen by aggregators so we’re going to bring back the copy protection. If you need to MTL please retype the gibberish parts.

Dea tjnlcu mtjaafv eq ab tfgf, Qfc Wl mbeiv cbk mbeca jr xcbklcu atja Zbwb kjr glmt. HdsTLg

Vlcmf Zbwb kjcafv ab rqfcv rb wemt wbcfs, atfc bo mbegrf, ktja gfjrbc vlv tf tjnf ab rabq tlw?

Wency: Okay ba, listening to you.

Qfcms: Xfa atf uloa gfjvs, P’ii vfolclafis yf atf bcf ab klc atf cfza wjamt!

To that message, he received only a one-word reply from Momo: Heh. zTNP6l

About five or six minutes after the two of them finished chatting, Blue Wolf finally came back from taking out the garbage.

“I’m back, let’s start streaming ba!”

Hearing this, Wen Xi looked at the time. There were less than 5 minutes until 8 o’clock—this person really used 20 minutes to take out the garbage!

Wen Xi had no objections to starting five minutes ahead of schedule. After letting out an “en”, he started up the screen-and-sound sharing functions for the stream. bhV9QR

As a result, he forgot to close his chat record when he started the stream, and this one stone tossed in caused a thousand ripples.

[What did I just see!]

[Momo is going to send Xixi gifts?]

Story translated by Chrysanthemum Garden.

[Talk! What kind of shady bs deal did you guys make in private!] Q zm1Y

Upon seeing the barrage roll in, Wen Xi fell into a state of shock. It took a long time before he returned to his senses and hurriedly explained, “Uh, it’s like this: I made a bet with Momo, that we’ll face each other in the next match, and If I can beat him and take first place, he’ll smash some gifts at me…”

[Why do you have to love and kill each other? Isn’t it good to only love each other?]

Wen Xi replied, “When did we fall in love… Don’t talk nonsense.”

[Then what if it’s him who wins?] Njwoav

Wen Xi answered, “Then just… there will be no gifts.”

[Why do I feel like no matter who wins or loses, it has no effect on you ah?]

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[Do you even need to ask? It must be that Momo is reluctant to make Xixi spend money bei!]

[!!!] aNUnSV

[Blind student, you have discovered the essence of the matter!]

[So that’s how it is! Momo is so doting ah! Love it, love it.]

Wen Xi: “….”

It seemed that no matter what he said, everyone had made up their minds that Momo was interested in him. JfwEhZ

Alright ba, he won’t say any more.

If you're reading this, this translation is stolen. Please support our translators at chrysanthemumgarden.com

But this bet… Wen Xi really couldn’t explain why Momo had set the bet like this—it didn’t seem to have any upsides for him?

However, Wen Xi felt that neither winning, losing, or money were important to Momo. He just wanted to meet him.

And in this gamble, no matter who won or lost, having a meal together seemed to be inevitable. kDwSCu

In this sense, Momo was also in a win-win situation?

In this way, a “win-win” competition for both sides began.

While still in the queueing lobby, Blue Wolf noticed that something was off. “What’s the matter? Why is everyone in the barrage warning me to be careful of Momo? Who is Momo?”

Wen Xi felt guilty. Wen Xi didn’t want to answer. mbQTJI

Blue Wolf added, “They told me to ask you.”

Wen Xi: “…”

It seemed that he had to answer.

“Just… A friend I met by chance,” he said, “His skills are very good, in the last match he took 29 kills.” DoWYri

[Met by chance?]

[Xixi, feel your conscience and say that again?]

[Plainly it was a fated meeting!]

If you're reading this, this translation is stolen. Please support our translators at chrysanthemumgarden.com

Wen Xi didn’t know whether to laugh or cry. “You guys insist on making something happen between me and him, right?” M0Nk3

[Isn’t it already happening?]

[29 kills, half of them were taken protecting you!]

[Momo: Was this rookie concentration camp reserved just for you?]

“……” Wen Xi didn’t want to pay any more attention to them. zGi5lR

On the other hand, Blue Wolf was still pondering over the idea of 29 kills. “This person is very powerful ah. Although it was a rookie concentration camp match, if it had been me instead, then I would probably also only take around 30 kills.”

Hearing this, Wen Xi suddenly recalled how Momo encouraged him to play professionally. He hesitated for a moment but still asked, “You’re very skilled ah. Have you considered playing professionally?”

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“……you’re being sarcastic ba?” Blue Wolf said that, but his tone didn’t carry a single trace of blame towards Wen Xi. Obviously, he knew that Wen Xi didn’t mean to do that on purpose. “Go play professionally at my age? Am I looking for abuse? When professional players reach my age, all of them basically retire!”

Wen Xi really didn’t know Blue Wolf’s age, nor did he dare to ask… SoVWH5

“Why ma? Do you want to play professionally?” Blue Wolf soon realized the tiny thoughts contained in Wen Xi’s words.

Wen Xi froze for a moment, then hurriedly shook his head to deny it. “There’s no such plan for the time being.”

“Oh, for the time being.” Blue Wolf laughed a bit. “It’s good for young people to have dreams. If you practice more with guns, your skills and ranking will go up, and professional teams will take the initiative to come find you.”

In this way, Wen Xi was thoroughly misunderstood. djB8vJ


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A few minutes later, the number of people in the queueing lobby reached 99, and the game officially started!

Wen Xi and Blue Wolf were playing duo in this match. Since the number of players at the start of the match was 99, at least one player was a lone wolf.

Wen Xi didn’t realize that the corner of his mouth quirked up a bit when he noticed this detail. OhodsL

“This match, Area C is very far away ah.” Blue Wolf looked at the map and said, “Then let’s jump earlier, jump to Area D.”

Area D, desert area.

Wen Xi was stunned.

He had to say that Blue Wolf was very confident in himself. Roq8fQ

In the desert area, there were almost no places to hide. After jumping down, pretty much shooting was all that followed.

Those who would choose the desert area to jump to, if they weren’t newbies who knew nothing about the game, then they were great gods with fast landing speed and strong gunfighting skills.

Therefore, jumping to the desert area usually resulted in only two outcomes: either landing and turning into a lootbox or drawing blood.

——Blue Wolf was obviously the latter. 1vMzuk

As they jumped together, Wen Xi could feel Blue Wolf’s strength.

When he and Ai Zhe jumped together, their landing speed was basically the same, so the time they landed was almost the same as well.

But when jumping with Blue Wolf, Blue Wolf landed with an obviously faster and fiercer speed. After landing, he took out a sniper rifle and pointed it at an enemy who hadn’t landed yet and fired!

Story translated by Chrysanthemum Garden.

[System] JJ-SBW knocked down XXlili with a headshot with a sniper rifle. p0TE4

[System] JJ-SBW killed XXlili with a headshot with a sniper rifle.

Obviously, Blue Wolf didn’t look at the enemy’s position at all in the process of landing. He only looked at it after landing.

So—when he landed, he pretty much saw someone, then killed them—terribly ferocious.

Blue Wolf’s kill prompts appeared in the upper right corner of the game interface non-stop. After he had killed three people in a row, someone panicked and discarded their parachute too quickly—only to die. 40zacw

“Hahahaha! What’s going on!” Blue Wolf had apparently noticed the system prompts in the upper right corner. “Do you have to go that far?”

He laughed for a bit, but after awhile, he couldn’t laugh anymore.

Story translated by Chrysanthemum Garden.

Because a lot of lines in the barrage were asking him why he had come up with such a SB ID.

Blue Wolf: ??? LkI2zx

“WTF? You guys have never learned English, have you?! Isn’t my main account Blue Wolf? What’s the problem with naming my side account Small Blue Wolf?! Small, don’t you know, small! What did they teach you in elementary school English?!”

Small Blue Wolf……

Wen Xi let out a puff of laughter.

“What are you puffing at? How many other meanings are there?” Blue Wolf instantly returned fire. BPVDdO

Wen Xi responded innocently, “No, I was just thinking, in fact, you could have called yourself Little Blue Wolf, and abbreviated it to LBW. However you compare it, that would be better than SB…”

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“I just love to be called SBW, what about it?! Who dares to have an opinion?” Blue Wolf insisted stubbornly, “I’ve even thought of the ID for my next side account! It’ll be called SSBW!”

Wen Xi really wanted to say that wouldn’t it mean smaller if you added more letters of the same kind… However, he guessed that Blue Wolf wouldn’t listen, so he was too lazy to urge him and in a very perfunctory manner, added, “En, you’re right.”

[Lololol God Xi has such a perfunctory tone!] GODdg4

[Dying of laughter! It’s also fun having this pair livestream together!]

Soon, the first circle refreshed, and the northernmost part of Area C was set as the safety zone. For Wen Xi and Blue Wolf, this was the worst of all possible situations. They had to rush over to that area in 5 minutes, or they would start to lose health.

If Ai Zhe had been here instead, he definitely would have started to crazily fling blame around. He would have said that Wen Xi hadn’t sung the battle song well.

However, Blue Wolf put the blame squarely on his own shoulders in the very beginning. “My fault, my fault, eleven out of ten of my matches encounter the worst of all possible situations. But it’s okay, I have experience in running from the poison circle ah! I’ll absolutely send you safely into the circle! You won’t lose even half a hair!” dcDYeE

Wen Xi didn’t know whether to laugh or cry. “Since eleven out of ten of your matches encounter the worst of all possible situations, you really must have a lot of experience in running from the poison circle.”

Blue Wolf: “…”

[Lololol God Xi is venting about this!]

[This complaint is really superb!] LkiaPD

However, it turned out that Blue Wolf really did have experience in running from the poison circle.

The places where people tended to block, where it was safer to enter the circle, he knew it all by heart, just as if he had the gift of foresight.

Several times when he raised his gun to shoot, the kill would automatically already be in his hands, and Wen Xi still wouldn’t know where the enemy had been.

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However, Wen Xi learned very fast. By the time they were nearly inside the circle, he was already able to catch up to the speed with which Blue Wolf found the enemies. It even got to the point where after Blue Wolf killed someone, he could crisply help him finish off that person’s teammate. RWAc17

“Alright ah!” Blue Wolf looked at the kills prompts on his screen and praised Wen Xi, “With your abilities, you really have the potential to play professionally! In the future, when you’re not livestreaming, practice more with guns… Oh right, why do you use a bow all the time? Where’s your gun?”

Wen Xi: “…”

Da Ge, did you just realize?

The barrage was left speechless by the fact that it had taken Blue Wolf a period of time as long as the equator stretches to realize this. tmQjHd

[Have you finally noticed?]

[Should we praise him?]

Read more BL at chrysanthemumgarden.com

[Blue Wolf’s realizations take thiiiiiiiis long~]

Wen Xi sighed helplessly, “I can’t shoot well… So for the time being, I’m using a bow. ” z 8B4s

[Huh? For the time being, meaning you’ll use a gun later?]

[He’ll definitely use a gun later ba!]

[You can play around in the rookie concentration camp matches using a bow.]

Wen Xi didn’t know how far he could walk with a bow in the SGH game, but he definitely would have to practice with guns. MOUAR

He had already decided that once JJ Livestreams gave him his money next month, he would buy any and all assault rifles, sniper rifles, and shotguns!

Read more BL at chrysanthemumgarden.com

“En, if you want to play professionally, you must practice with guns.” Blue Wolf began to act like Monk Xuanzeng as he lectured, “Skills are the kind of thing that need to be practiced all the time to make progress with them. Currently, I get up at seven or eight o’clock every day, and do nothing else but practice guns for two hours in a row, only after which I go to play ranking matches, and then return to practice again after lunch. I’ll tell you the truth ah, my inborn talent isn’t as good as Love Pig’s; that dummy’s reaction time is a lot faster than mine. But in terms of diligence, he is definitely not as diligent as I am. I live in the same house as him, so I know that he’ll sleep until noon and won’t get up even if you beat him to death…”

Wen Xi didn’t pay attention to whatever Blue Wolf said after that.

It felt like he was listening to his parents’ admonitions—as soon as he stopped paying attention to it, he would become absent-minded…. jZfpXz

But Wen Xi did admit that Blue Wolf had a point.

He also hadn’t been born with his archery skills but had honed them through the game Spirit Trace.

Inborn talent was important, but even with the most talented of people, if you weren’t diligent, you would bury your talent.

In this manner, during Blue Wolf’s “admonishment”, the two of them slaughtered their way all the way to the safe zone. dkGEH4

However, before the two of them could relax, a gunshot came from a building, followed by a system prompt.

[System] Momo knocked down JJ-SBW with a headshot with a sniper rifle.

Juurensha: I do like Blue Wolf, he’s very steady. Also, ohohoho, roommates with Love Pig? Oitekz

Noks: Momo just wants a meal together. And wants to teach a lesson to all who dare partner with his beloved Xixi!

Translator's Note

142 usd

Translator's Note

1402 usd

Translator's Note

so py can apparently either mean a friendship deal/selling out your friends or a butthole deal/selling yourself out

Translator's Note

literally, met by chance like patches of drifting duckweed

Translator's Note

sha bi, can stand for fucking idiot

Translator's Note

literally, a dead duck has a hard beak

Translator's Note

the greatest wrath of the heavens

Translator's Note

literally the pot

Translator's Note

the monk from Journey to the West who is often lecturing the other characters

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