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BOSS's Guide To Seeking DeathCh9 - Roasted Chicken


Nie Yi held a piece of soap and coldly swept his eyes over at the Qi Yaoyao who was still yelling ‘ge’ at the door, making Qi Yaoyao unable to stop trembling again, and so, she didn’t dare utter a word anymore. She wasn’t a courageous person at all, so since her brother was fine, she naturally wouldn’t go against Nie Yi.

Upon seeing this, Nie Yi also didn’t care about her anymore. Instead, he sat down on the ground in front of the bathroom door, relaxing his body. gxHVIq

After his rebirth, because he wanted to see Qi Jingchen even the slightest bit earlier he didn’t rest at all, especially the first two days. He thought that Qi Jingchen would follow those fellow townsmen to leave, and he feared that he wouldn’t be able to obstruct those people. He was urgently pressing on to the extreme, where did he still have the mood to rest?

Now, he finally could heave a sigh of relief— He had found Qi Jingchen, moreover, Qi Jingchen had also been reborn!

Story translated by Chrysanthemum Garden.

Thinking of this point, Nie Yi’s mood was unprecedentedly good. When he had just reborn, he thought of finding the current Qi Jingchen, protecting him and loving him, making him inseparable from himself. He had even imagined Qi Jingchen adoring him and loving him dearly, and consequently was endlessly excited.

But…. even though a Qi Jingchen that wasn’t reborn would make it easier for him to fulfill his desires, the one he liked the most was still the Qi Jingchen in front of him. Xd9dc2

Nie Yi’s heart was turning hundreds of circles, but his face didn’t display any of it. He glanced up and down Qi Yaoyao, then coldly said, “Tell me everything that happened in this month! Also, what did your ge eat these days? How’s his body’s condition?”

When Qi Yaoyao first heard Nie Yi’s questions, she still wanted to choke Nie Yi, but after listening, she felt that Nie Yi really was concerned for Qi Jingchen, then immediately didn’t have this inclination anymore. On the contrary, she came clean with everything, telling him everything about Qi Jingchen’s situation. “When the apocalypse came, my ge got sick, and was always having a fever and was lying down, unable to move. The past half a month he only drank a bit of water, ate some milk and some rice flour… Will my ge be alright?”

When she asked in an almost anxious manner, she suddenly remembered Nie Yi harbored evil designs on her brother, and was once again precautious against him.

Sure enough, she was a simple child that would vomit everything out if he casually coaxed her. No wonder she would harm Qi Jingchen that badly in their last life…Nie Yi paid no mind to Qi Yaoyao’s precaution against him, and said, “Jingchen told me before that you and your classmate had stayed with him there. Where’s your classmate?”

Bl dE6

When Qi Yaoyao heard her brother had unexpectedly told Nie Yi this, more than half of her original precautions against him disappeared, and even quickly told him everything about the matter of Guan Jiayu, and finally even concluded by saying, “She’s a scoundrel!”

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“Pft.” Ping Shengchao couldn’t help laughing. This little girl was extremely angry, and unexpectedly only knew how to scold her as a scoundrel…

Nie Yi heard Shengchao’s laughter, immediately turned to Shengchao and said, “Find something for her to eat.”

“I have my own.” Qi Yaoyao’s face was red. XUhFA

“Will you be full by that bit of milk powder? Do you want instant noodles?” Ping Shengchao took out a few packets of instant noodles and looked at Qi Yaoyao.

Qi Yaoyao couldn’t resist swallowing a mouthful of saliva. For a person who hadn’t eaten normal meals for half a month, instant noodles was definitely a delicacy among delicacies.

“Today, we’ll cook instant noodles with some sausages and braised eggs.” Ping Shengchao immediately said, then he started to take out all kinds of sausages, braised eggs, and so on from the supermarket from his bag. He even fished out a packet of nori, planning to put it in to cook, increasing the nutrition.

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All of them didn’t know how to cook, and there was currently no way to conserve frozen food and fresh meat and vegetables. So when they went to the supermarket, they had naturally chosen instant noodles and those kinds of preservable food to bring. G518Io

“Qf’ii fja joafg kjlalcu j yla yj. Vfclbg rjlv tf kjcafv ab ybli kjafg.” Tjc Itf rjlv. Dfmjerf atfs kjcafv ab fja tba obbv ktfc atfs kfgf gfralcu, atfs kfca ab j tbaqba gfrajegjca jcv abbx rbwf ujr ajcxr jcv mbbxlcu eafcrlir, cbk tf kjr erlcu atfw ab ybli kjafg.

Their group not only hadn’t rested well for the past three days, they also hadn’t stopped to properly have a meal. Now they were about to starve to death, and at this time, they still had to wait for another person’s shower water to boil only then could they eat. Who would be willing?

Shao Zhenglan was the first that was unwilling. “Boil what water? I want to eat!”

Nie Yi lifted his head to look at Shao Zhenglan. “If you want to eat then eat, it’s not like there’s someone stopping you!” dNVH76

At the beginning, Shao Zhenglan wasn’t afraid of Nie Yi. Nie Yi was an ability user, but wasn’t she one as well? But the past three days, Nie Yi’s ability suddenly advanced by leaps and bounds, which actually made her attitude towards Nie Yi change. If it wasn’t like this, she wouldn’t have been willing to suddenly change directions when they were rushing to B city.

But she wouldn’t wrong herself because of this. So now, when she heard Nie Yi’s words, she reached out and threw the instant noodles in her hand into the water Yan Zhe had just boiled. “You said so! Then we’ll cook the noodles first!”

Yan Zhe awkwardly looked at Nie Yi, but Nie Yi didn’t look at him at all. Instead, he searched for a pot from this apartment.

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At this time, the two bodyguards had already returned, and even brought back quite a few bottles filled with water. They were all from a water bottle shop outside the district. After the arrival of the end of the world, the country’s response was very fast, reminding the citizens to stockpile water. That shop had also locked the door, so the water inside was still there. edwl6o

“Young master, the water is here.” The bodyguards put the water in front of Nie Yi. Nie Yi nodded, then opened the caps, and started to pour them into the pot at his side.

“Boss, do you want me to bring up a gas tank?” Ping Shengchao asked.

“No need.” Nie Yi turned him down, then a fireball started to slowly form at the palm of his hand, and he finally fixed it under the pot.

“Boss, your control over your ability is actually this good?” Ping Shengchao looked at Nie Yi’s actions, and was very pleasantly surprised. Ability users had appeared in this world for only half a month. Most of them basically couldn’t properly control their ability, but Nie Yi unexpectedly could use his ability to boil water! nDQ5kh

Ping Shengchao himself hadn’t awakened to an ability. Thus, even though he felt that Nie Yi was incredible, he was still just making noise about it, but Shao Zhenglan couldn’t help backing away.

Don’t think that since she was an earth ability user, with a wave of her hand she could make an earth wall to obstruct the zombies. In reality, only she herself knew, every time she used her ability, she absolutely didn’t know whether that earth wall was going to be how thick, how tall, how wide…

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But Nie Yi… Nie Yi could actually control his ability this well! He didn’t even burn through the pot!

Nie Yi’s group had three ability users. Besides Nie Yi and Shao Zhenglan, there was one other ability user, Nie Yi’s assistant Jiang Huai, who still had no sense of existence, but the Laoganma bottle in his hands fell onto his cross-legged legs. For a wind ability user who was like Shao Zhenglan and completely had no way to control his own ability, in a moment it’s a gale, in a moment it’s a wind blade, Nie Yi’s display was extremely astonishing. o9JLqh

Except, such a good control, was actually used to boil bathing water for someone…

Nie Yi completely didn’t mind other people’s gazes. When he finished boiling the pot of water, he immediately carried it into the bathroom. “You can slowly wash up, I’ll stand at the side and help you boil the water?”

“I’ll wait until the bathtub is full then I’ll shower.” Qi Jingchen’s gaze indifferently swept over.

“……” Why was it still like this… PS7vog

Nie Yi carried Qi Jingchen out of the bathtub, then brought over a sofa cushion for him to lie at the doorway of the bathroom, and started to boil the water pot by pot. He had thought to slowly boil the water, demonstrating his efforts to take credit, but seeing Qi Jingchen’s exhausted appearance, he ended up using his quickest speed to settle the bathing water, then carried Qi Jingchen in, and finally left the bathroom with a face full of regret.

Story translated by Chrysanthemum Garden.

“Boss, the noodles are done.” Ping Shengchao pointed at the large pot of instant noodles to the side.

But Nie Yi was still thinking of Qi Jingchen, “Do you have anything else to eat?”

“I do ah.” Ping Shengchao opened his bag, and took out everything inside. p3zMBe

They had collected a lot of things while on the road. Ping Shengchao’s bag had almost everything. Nie Yi looked at it and felt exceptionally satisfied, and then looked at Qi Yaoyao who was eating noodles. “What does your ge like to eat?”

“He likes to nibble on duck neck, and he eats everything else.” Qi Yaoyao said. Qi Jingchen was fundamentally a person who wasn’t picky about food, but when it comes to snacks, he seemed to like nibbling on duck neck, chicken claws and whatnot? “However, my ge isn’t well right now, I’m afraid he won’t be able to eat it.”

“Oh.” Nie Yi replied, and then arranged everything he thought was good together, then boiled some water to mix with the rice flour Qi Yaoyao said her brother was willing to eat.

When he got to know Qi Jingchen in their last life, the supplies were dwindling, to the extent that he didn’t know Qi Jingchen’s tastes, and could only fumble about slowly from now on. wYcLC7

After he finished preparing the things he was going to give Qi Jingchen to eat, Nie Yi only then cleared up his own large bowl of noodles. It was at this time, the bathroom door opened.

Qi Jingchen had already changed to clean clothes, white short sleeves and beige casual pants. Before, it made him look very bright, but now it was only contrasting against his pale face and made it paler. His entire body looked as if it was extremely delicate, and when he left the bathroom, he hadn’t walked forward, directly laying down on the sofa cushion Nie Yi had previously put at the doorway.

“I heard that you haven’t eaten in a long time, these probably aren’t that bad, taste it.” Nie Yi immediately took the food in on hand and moved over.

Qi Jingchen swept his eyes over the food, and immediately said, “Won’t eat.” QUWrZn

“These are all really delicious, really.” Nie Yi smiled as he spoke, tearing open the packet in his hand and passed it over to Qi Jingchen’s mouth.

All kinds of smells from seasoning to additives rushed out from the packet. Qi Jingchen started to dry heave continuously, as if he was going to vomit out all the acidic water from his stomach, making Nie Yi hurriedly retract his hand.

“The smell is already disgusting, I won’t eat!” Qi Jingchen said without the slightest hesitation, closing his eyes.

Story translated by Chrysanthemum Garden.


The author has something to say


BOSS has started to be ‘high maintenance’, objective is ‘death’~


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Story translated by Chrysanthemum Garden.

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Hiya everyone. I’m also one of puppy Nie Yi’s ardent fans. (♡▽♡)  I cry when Qi Jingchen is seeking death. ˚‧º·(˚ ˃̣̣̥⌓˂̣̣̥ )‧º·˚Get angry when I see Yan Zhe being a princess. (ভ_ ভ) Laugh when I see Nie Yi brazenly eating tofu. (^་།^)  So yeah, I’m 100%, head-over-heels, sporting sparkly eyes, in love with this novel. (✪ω✪) Hope we’ll have many awesome days enjoying this amazing piece of writing. ♡\( ̄▽ ̄)/♡


Translator's Note

Qi Yaoyao saying this is calling guy a bad egg, which is basically the level of calling a child naughty

Translator's Note

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