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BOSS's Guide To Seeking DeathCh8 - Nie Yi’s Past


Qi Jingchen swatted Nie Yi to warn him to not be excessive, then closed his eyes again.

After abruptly realizing that his plans were interrupted by Nie Yi’s rebirth, he has to properly think about what he should do next. JUd1 0

Nie Yi had always displayed an appearance of extreme harmlessness in front of him, but he knew that Nie Yi was more often than not, actually much more ruthless.

Furthermore, for people who have experienced the apocalypse, who wasn’t a little problematic psychologically? He only wanted to die, Nie Yi…… He became completely perverted!

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At that time, the ‘righteous’ expert who had mounted a sneak attack on him, had his corpse quartered by Nie Yi after he died, broken down until it could not break anymore. He wasn’t sure what would happen after he committed suicide, and also what Qi Yaoyao would encounter.

This being the case, he temporarily couldn’t die, so he might as well play it by ear. Speaking of, he still liked the current blue sky and white clouds, and lively people surrounding him. D0q2V7

Wanting him to live was certainly doable, but… since he can’t die, then after this he shouldn’t have to wrong himself again, such as eating… why does he have to eat those disgusting food, just to survive?

Qi Jingchen then made this decision, as for other things, like him unexpectedly being princess carried and such… he’s not even afraid of dying, so how could it be possible for him to care about this?

Nie Yi saw that Qi Jingchen unexpectedly didn’t refute after being introduced as ‘the person he likes’, and immediately was in a great mood, but this good mood only persisted for only a very small moment— even if Qi Jingchen liked him that much, it’s not possible for him to have no reaction at all. Now that he was unresponsive, the only possibility was that he felt that there was no need to respond, because he had no desire to live.

Nie Yi’s complexion immediately became ugly, and the surrounding pressure became even lower, letting the Qi Yaoyao who had gotten up with great difficulty and wanted to argue strongly against him immediately become unable to open her mouth. In the end, she could only hatefully wipe her tears, secretly making a resolution— she must keep a close eye on this person, absolutely cannot let this person bully her brother!


“Boss, this place’s smell isn’t that good, let’s go out first ba.” Ping Shengchao said, but his gaze was always on Qi Jingchen. He could understand his boss liking Yan Zhe, not only was Yan Zhe good-looking he was also outstanding in his studies, but this… this person, where on earth did he come from ah!

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His boss indeed had spoken a lot about the person he liked, but every time he described the person he liked, didn’t he always refer to Yan Zhe? Of course, it was embellished a bit…

So, it was even more unrelated to the person before him! Those adjectives completely did not match this person at all!

Not even speaking of other things, for them who had left their home for over half a month during the apocalypse, in the first place, they had looked down on these people who only knew how to lay in bed and wait for death when the apocalypse came. mNKWMd

But Nie Yi’s attitude, was indeed like he was dearly in love with this person… Ping Shengchao was so confused that he can’t process anything right now.

Ping Shengchao’s voice had barely fallen when those two bodyguards had returned. “Young master, we’ve found a place to stay.”

“Let’s go.” Nie Yi carried Qi Jingchen, then left first.

The two bodyguards found a place that was a floor below Qi Jingchen. The people living there was also a pair of husband and wife. On the day of the apocalypse, they just happened to be away, so now the apartment was clean and neat. This married couple probably didn’t turn on the fire often, as this apartment didn’t have any smell of rotten food, instead there was the smell of quite a few snacks.  9AcVRb

When Qi Yaoyao followed Nie Yi down, she brought the can of powdered milk and also the leftover rice packed into the bag on her back. If it was half a month ago, she probably wouldn’t have cared about this, but now she already knew how important food was.

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“Qtja vb sbe kjca ab fja?” Ycmf Rlf Tl jgglnfv, tf atfc tegglfvis jrxfv atf qfgrbc lc tlr fwygjmf— Hl Alcumtfc kjr cbk lc remt qbbg tfjiat, fnlvfcais tf’v yffc rajgnlcu.

“I want to bathe.” Qi Jingchen opened his eyes. He had been lying down for half a month, his body was about to grow moldy. Originally he thought he was going to die, so there was no need to wash, since when the army arrived he could just jump down from upstairs. Now, since he can’t die, of course he has to let himself be more comfortable. N4bX T

“I’ll help you wash!” Nie Yi immediately said.

“I’ll wash my ge!” Qi Yaoyao grit her teeth as she spoke. This person unexpectedly wanted to take advantage of her ge!

“……” Qi Jingchen was speechless for a time, then finally said. “I’ll wash myself.” Even though he has a fever and was starving for a long time, but he still wasn’t to the point where he was unable to bathe himself.

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Nie Yi said with slight regret, “I’ll carry you in first.” wddTA4

Qi Jingchen was too lazy to move, so naturally he wouldn’t decline, Nie Yi then immediately wanted a foot after being given an inch. “At that time I’ll heat up the water by your side ba.”

“Boss, there’s no need for hot water with this weather ba? And do you know how to use the stove?” Ping Shengchao curled his lip, Nie Yi boiling bathing water? Did he see a ghost?

“Senior, we don’t have much water.” Yan Zhe said, his face was also ugly.

“This place’s household probably has someone who stored water, at least a bucketful or so, you go look.” Nie Yi ignored the two of them, directly looking at his two bodyguards. At the same time couldn’t help feeling annoyed— why hadn’t his water ability awaken yet? Or else it wouldn’t be this troublesome. SyCZuq

The two bodyguards immediately went out. Nie Yi carried Qi Jingchen like this into the bathroom then put Qi Jingchen in the bathtub, conveniently shutting out the Qi Yaoyao who wanted to follow, to the extent that Qi Yaoyao could only knock on the door while yelling ‘ge’.

“I’ll help you undress?” Nie Yi spoke again.

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“No need.” Qi Jingchen faintly said, then looked at Nie Yi. “When were you reborn?”

“Three days ago.” Nie Yi immediately replied. Feahbt

“Your luck’s not bad, you still haven’t confessed ba?” Qi Jingchen thought of Yan Zhe’s expression that he saw before as he spoke indifferently.

Nie Yi coughed twice in embarrassment, yet felt a bit glad.

When he died by Qi Jingchen’s side, his heart had hurt for Qi Jingchen’s bitter experience in the beginning of the apocalypse, and when he realized he had reborn, he felt that he was even lucky enough to have been reborn before he confessed to Yan Zhe…

The first person Nie Yi liked was Yan Zhe, even to the extent that, on that year he had really, really liked Yan Zhe. EiSRDp

Even though the Nie family wasn’t the best in B city, it was still an influential family. His father was classified as one of those that, when the apocalypse came, he was immediately escorted to a security base. In this case, he received the best education since his childhood, wherever he went, there was always someone following, and from childhood until his high school graduation, he had always appeared very dazzling, up until his third year in high school when he discovered he liked men.

Story translated by Chrysanthemum Garden.

At that time he had panicked, and then firmly rejected staying in B city to study in college. Instead, he went to the south. After he went to the south, he deliberately got to know a few people who ‘played freely’, wanting to understand more of this aspect, even going to the red-light district several times intending to observe and emulate.

And then… He was immediately thrown into the army by his grandfather.

In a family like his, they were most afraid of their children becoming hedonistic children of rich parents. At that time, if he looked for a little miss to fall in love with, his grandfather definitely wouldn’t care, but he had contacted those that they saw as unsavory people, so his grandfather had immediately reacted. GvY3nN

At that time, his heart was a mess, and he refused to go to the army. Following after, he spent two whole years in the army, learning a lot of things and had performed very well. His family saw his performance, then wanted him to study in a military school from now on and develop in this area, but he rejected.

He was at a loss when he first realized he liked men, but staying in the army for two years, contrary to what one might expect, he thought it thoroughly and understood.

He liked the army very much, but to stay in the army, he feared he might spend a lifetime hiding his inclination, and this wasn’t the life he wanted.

Two years after he joined the army he re-entered college to study, not long after, he started setting up his own company, and even started liking a junior, that person was Yan Zhe. y8a6Nk

At the beginning he honestly really, really liked Yan Zhe, and because of this like, he was very considerate of Yan Zhe.

He knew that his family definitely wouldn’t accept him liking boys, so he had never confessed, but the people by his side, especially Ping Shengchao, had faintly guessed it out.

He had planned to cultivate feelings with Yan Zhe first, then openly be with Yan Zhe after he gained enough authority to speak, so even though he didn’t confess, he had done all sorts of hinting.

Then, the apocalypse came. Et fzg

When the apocalypse arrived, according to reason, he could have waited at home for the army to assist him, but the army would only rescue him and wouldn’t even bother to rescue Yan Zhe, Ping Shengchao and the rest.

Ping Shengchao was his childhood friend, even though he was always behind him serving as a subordinate. Because his father had already committed a crime and had gone to jail many years ago, naturally no one would save him. There was no need to say anymore about Yan Zhe, as he basically had no background. As for Shao Zhenglan, the reason she was following them was because she was unlucky, too many of her close relatives had become zombies or had lost their lives in the first moments of the apocalypse, to the extent that no one could care for her.

In short, because of these various reasons, he hadn’t sat in the helicopter heading straight to B city when the apocalypse came, instead getting some guns and ammunition, then took on an exploration mission by the military while he journeyed, and set out with his own team.

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When the apocalypse came, a lot of people died at once, and the whole social order had collapsed, so homosexuality seemed to be considered as nothing. Qy2OB5

With this in mind, he looked after Yan Zhe increasingly well while they were journeying north. Later, when they were approaching B city, he even confessed…

Thank goodness he was reborn before he had confessed, or else he feared that he would be nauseated again… Nie Yi looked at Qi Jingchen before him, then thought of Yan Zhe outside, and almost immediately made a decision.

Yan Zhe, in short, could not stay.

After he confessed to Yan Zhe in his past life, Yan Zhe didn’t immediately agree, only saying that he wanted to try to get along. JhRBq6

The year he had just discovered his sexuality, it wasn’t long before he was sent to the army, and after he returned he was worried his parents would find out, so he didn’t dare do anything at all. It could be said that he had absolutely no experience in love, and there was a lot going on during the apocalypse, to the extent that he thought that what Yan Zhe said was reasonable, then started to ‘get along’ with Yan Zhe.

During the apocalypse, they had experienced a lot of things together, and had established a battle squadron, and thanks to the rare double-ability user identity he had, he attracted trouble, and then his ability began to riot……

Story translated by Chrysanthemum Garden.

Towards humanity, abilities were an entirely strange and unfamiliar thing. No one knew how it came to be how to cultivate it. Even classifying levels, in the beginning, after the military had scanned the bodies of many ability users, they used the form of the ‘ability nucleus’ seen in their brains to rank them. Back then, if an ability user wanted to know their level, they needed to do a brain CT scan on themselves.

Even this was created, after humanity’s ability users had achieved the third level, no one knew how to ascend to the fourth level, and could only let the ability in their body accumulate. The stronger the ability user, the more impossible it was for them to ascend to the fourth level, thus resulting in the ability riot, and for a double-ability user like him, the riot was especially severe. R2XW T

Quite a few powerful ability users had already died, and he thought that he wouldn’t be able to hold on anymore, so he handed over all the affairs of the team to Yan Zhe and Jiang Huai. He could already be said to be extremely devoted to Yan Zhe, but he never thought that Yan Zhe was unhappy, and unexpectedly betrayed him to his foe, and then before, when they were saving a secured base, Yan Zhe allowed his abilities riot on purpose and then threw him into a crowd of zombies.

The secured base he had gone to save, was where Qi Jingchen was kept in captivity at that time, and even the destruction of the secured base had something to do with Qi Jingchen.

Qi Jingchen’s blood appeased the riot of the abilities, and the reason he originally went to save the base was to obtain the ‘miracle panacea’. Of course, at that time, he didn’t know that secured base’s so-called panacea, was actually Qi Jingchen’s flesh.

When he was injured by a zombie, all his hopes had turned to dust, but he never thought that he would see a crowd of zombies surrounding a container, and within the container was even a person that didn’t seem like a person…… Hi1KW2

He thought that since he wouldn’t survive, he might as well stake his life and receive grievous injuries to save that person and send him to a safe area. That person was Qi Jingchen.

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The matters after that, was that Qi Jingchen suddenly awakened, and conversely saved him, then the two of them took revenge together……

To be able to start over again, was really good……

Nie Yi looked at Qi Jingchen in the bathtub, and his gaze was especially soft. nf2FAW

Qi Jingchen, however, felt a little bothered by Nie Yi’s gaze that seemed as if he wanted to strip him bare, and took the soap beside him to throw it over. “Get out!”

The soap smacked against Nie Yi’s leg, then tumbled onto the ground, following the glossy and ceramic tiles to slide out of the door.

Nie Yi obediently opened the door and got out, in passing… picked up the soap.


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