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BOSS's Guide To Seeking DeathCh7 - Meeting


Qi Jingchen had a baby face and a pair of big eyes. When he laughed, there was even two dimples. He looked like a very likable young man, especially towards those middle aged women. He was usually called a handsome ge, but speaking truthfully, he definitely wasn’t so handsome that he would stun people around him.

Especially since he had starved for half a month, his face was pallid and didn’t possess the former vigorous vitality, instead he looked deeply lethargic, which discounted his appearance. zdiMVC

But Nie Yi still felt that he couldn’t turn his gaze away, his heart violently throbbing with ‘thump thump thump thump’. He even had a feeling of warm spring, flowers blooming, everything was revived, the earth was rejuvenated, the sun was shining.

In short, ‘spring’ has come.

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Nie Yi foolishly stared at Qi Jingchen who was laying on the bed. He sensed that this person was definitely the Qi Jingchen; that was his last life’s motivation to survive, but he really, really, never thought that Qi Jingchen was originally…… this good-looking.

In his last life, when he saved Qi Jingchen, or, well, when he was saved by Qi Jingchen, this man’s body was covered with wounds everywhere. His body practically had no meat, and it was clear to see that both of his cheeks had been cut away more than once… Those knife wounds had become black after he had awakened as a dark ability user, and his body was winding with all kinds of terrible lines, his entire body without any meat… If it wasn’t that he was still alive, with a heartbeat and temperature, looking at him was simply looking at a skeleton with skin that was painted with black ink. 8GdLH

Nie Yi, at that time, felt extremely distressed, he thought of all kinds of ways to give Qi Jingchen good things to eat, but in the end, even though Qi Jingchen ate it, he did not develop any meat.

What made him more sorrowful was, Qi Jingchen was already like this, but because his ability was extremely unstable, Qi Jingchen had still bled for him to drink.

He had once strongly rejected Qi Jingchen giving him blood, as a result Qi Jingchen used his ability to press him down, simply pouring it in. At that time, Qi Jingchen was cold, saying that he was raising him to be an errands little brother, but he was very clear, the things he could do for Qi Jingchen was actually very little.

Apart from him, no one had seen the appearance of the only dark ability user of the world, but everyone still felt that he was probably tall and fierce. Only he knew, this ‘Lord’s thigh actually wasn’t even as thick as his arm, to the point that it looked like a light break would snap it in half.


But even if it was this way, he still felt that Qi Jingchen was quite good-looking, and now… was simply like an immortal!

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The smile on Nie Yi’s lips couldn’t help getting bigger, and Qi Jingchen, almost subconsciously, fished up the alarm clock on his bedside cabinet and threw it out. “What are you looking at!”

When he and Nie Yi first met, both of them had nothing and no one, he also hadn’t covered up his entire body like in the later period. At that time, Nie Yi was always staring at him, until finally he was thrown out by using his ability… But now, he laid down for so long that even the alarm clock could only hit under Nie Yi’s foot.

“I didn’t take care… Why are you so weak that you can’t even hold an alarm clock steadily? Are you hungry?” Nie Yi said, a face filled with distress. “I should’ve come earlier…” qSF9kh

Now it was the apocalypse how could he wish to come earlier then be able to come earlier? Qi Jingchen looked at Nie Yi, then suddenly relaxed in a breath.

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At this period, they were supposed to be complete strangers. Before the apocalypse, he was only a common college student who had just graduated, while Nie Yi? Nie Yi was born to be God’s favorite person. During this time, he already had his own company. In addition, one lived in the north while the other lived in the south, with almost no possibility of intersecting.

Nie Yi appearing here now, and even finding his house, there was only one possibility, that is, Nie Yi was also reborn.

Nie Yi was also reborn, and would definitely not walk the wrong road of his past life, so he didn’t need to worry about him anymore. Instead the one he should consider was himself……

Nie Yi… would he let him die? 7AEhjZ

“Boss, this is your friend?” While Nie Yi was stunned over Qi Jingchen, five men and one woman walked in from outside the door. The one speaking was a young man who dyed his hair yellow. He was now, along with the other people, using what could be said as a strange expression to look at Qi Jingchen.

He was good friends with Nie Yi since childhood, the others had also been with Nie Yi for a period of time as well, but they had never known that Nie Yi had this kind of friend.

Even when the apocalypse arrived, Nie Yi had never mentioned he had this friend. But three days ago, no idea what happened to him, Nie Yi suddenly changed course. Obviously they were headed to B city, but they detoured to J city, even especially intercepting a group of people on the road, interrogating them whether their troop had someone called ‘Qi Jingchen’.

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Qi Jingchen wasn’t in their ranks, but those people provided Qi Jingchen’s address, then their boss even without sleeping, travelled night and day to come here… tUhmW

In spite of being thrown an alarm clock, he still wore a smile, their boss didn’t even set his heart on Yan Zhe this much!

“Shengchao, this is my… my friend Qi Jingchen,” Nie Yi introduced, then couldn’t help ticking the corner of his lip, “Jingchen, this is my childhood friend Ping Shengchao.” Jingchen… he had never called him like this before ne…

Hearing Nie Yi’s introduction, Qi Jingchen also could be considered to know this yellow hair youth’s identity, and could guess pretty closely the rest of these people’s identity.

Nie Yi’s home was at B city, so when the apocalypse began, he brought his people up north, and the people he brought, besides the two bodyguards, there was his childhood friend Ping Shengchao, assistant Jiang Huai, the daughter of a friend of a family Shao Zhenglan, and… Nie Yi’s former secret crush Yan Zhe. HNjRcs

The two bodyguards were dressed in black, easily identifiable, Qi Jingchen was also introduced to the childhood friend Ping Shengchao, his gaze then settled on the remaining two men’s body.

Jiang Huai was once subsidized by Nie Yi, after graduating he went to work for Nie Yi, and was the oldest in this group of people, the one wearing glasses and walking in the back with no sense of existence, while Yan Zhe…… 

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Yan Zhe was indeed not bad looking, and no wonder Nie Yi was originally secretly in love with him, and in the end was betrayed by him.

Alright, so Yan Zhe couldn’t be merely described as ‘not bad looking’, even though Qi Jingchen didn’t like this person, he couldn’t help admitting that he was a lady-killer, but perhaps in this life he won’t have a good end… Nie Yi wasn’t that good to deal with. 3 kSp6

Qi Jingchen indifferently swept his eyes across them, and had no mood nor the energy to talk about the weather with them, and only looked at Nie Yi. “I don’t want to go, you just escort my sister to the B city security base, that will do.” He really didn’t want to live, even though Nie Yi most likely didn’t agree, but he still wanted to suggest it to test him.

Qi Jingchen’s words, even though other people couldn’t understand, but Nie Yi understood— Qi Jingchen, didn’t want to live!

Qi Jingchen strength was really, really strong, but he was always very negative. Nie Yi was very clear on this point, and he was even clearer on why Qi Jingchen was this negative— no matter who it was, to have been shut in all darkness and no daylight, every day having his blood drained and his flesh cut for over a year, would also have no reluctance to leave this world.

“Out of the question! You must follow me!” Nie Yi said with no hesitation, and then looked at the two bodyguards. “You both go clean up a room, we’ll move in.” FRexHy

The two bodyguards quickly left, and without even thinking, Nie Yi stepped forward to pick Qi Jingchen up.

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He remembered when he was about to die and had annoyed Qi Jingchen into talking, Qi Jingchen had said that during the beginning of the apocalypse he had no fighting ability at all, in other words… Qi Jingchen now had no way of resisting him who had awakened to the fire ability, and will later even awaken to the water ability!

As for the future, wait till it comes then they’ll discuss it.

To be able to carry the Qi Jingchen who was so powerful in the last life in his embrace… Nie Yi couldn’t restrain himself and his lips started to raise again. Uo2Md8

“Senior, how come we’ve never heard you say anything about this friend of yours?” Continuing after Ping Shengchao, Yan Zhe also opened his mouth to inquire. He had started helping Nie Yi in his work over two years ago, but had never known Nie Yi had a friend he cared this much about.

“Nie Yi, who on earth is he?” The sole girl who had followed Nie Yi, Shao Zhenglan, was even unhappier. Her friendship with Nie Yi was also considered to be from childhood, the two families were long time friends, but at that time Nie Yi was worried he would be burdened by her and was unwilling to bring her along, and in the end she had to kill two zombies to prove herself, only then was she allowed into the group.

On this journey, everyone had also exerted themselves, Nie Yi was even the one in front. She had felt that it was fair, but in the end when they were hurrying home, Nie Yi actually detoured to come here, just to rescue a useless person who only knew how to lay in bed without budging during the apocalypse!

“Actually I had mentioned Jingchen before, hadn’t I always said that there was someone I liked?” Nie Yi raised his eyebrows. KPedZ3

Yan Zhe’s expression changed on the spot, and the others also had different expressions.

Nie Yi had indeed mentioned that he had a person he liked more than once, but…wasn’t that person Yan Zhe? How come it suddenly changed to this man who appeared from nowhere?

“You like my ge?” Qi Yaoyao suddenly said. Previously she had been ignored by everyone, and of course she herself also didn’t mind, but while she was immersed in the joy of being rescued, suddenly Nie Yi said he liked her ge!

Qi Yaoyao guardedly looked at Nie Yi, her expression extremely bad. She had seen a few novels and comics about male on male romance, and while talking with her classmates she had felt that it was particularly meng, but this wasn’t the same when it was related to their close relatives! Furthermore, when her ge saw him he had thrown things at him, so it’s obvious he didn’t like this person! Jw9sI4

“Why, I can’t?” Nie Yi sneered at Qi Yaoyao, he had no good opinions on this little sister of Qi Jingchen— if it wasn’t for Qi Yaoyao, how could Qi Jingchen’s last life be so tragic?

Nie Yi had lived in the apocalypse, his rebirth hadn’t let him bring back all his former strength, but like Qi Jingchen, his spiritual strength was far greater than other people, his momentum was also far above a normal person. At this time, this momentum and even the killing aura when he was piling up the kills he had on zombies, was all pressing against Qi Yaoyao, which immediately made Qi Yaoyao, who was already suffering a fright, to immediately feel a chill and start trembling. Finally she had even sat on her butt on the ground.

Qi Jingchen reached out, softly hitting Nie Yi’s chest.

Story translated by Chrysanthemum Garden.

Nie Yi’s momentum immediately dispersed, and he looked at Qi Jingchen with a fawning smile, appearing very innocent, as if he was expressing, where am I scaring Qi Yaoyao? It was all Qi Jingchen’s misconception. uWkYL9


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