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BOSS's Guide To Seeking DeathCh36 - Personal Interest


Back in the room, Qi Jingchen conveniently fell backwards, landing on the bed before he stilled.

Looking at Qi Jingchen’s appearance, Nie Yi felt an itch to do something in his heart. Unfortunately, Qi Jingchen disliked his body heat, so he firmly refused to let him approach at night… 4PXrkl

Hold on, he had already awakened to his water ability, so he could make himself pleasantly cool!

Using the water ability in him at lightning speed, Nie Yi laid by Qi Jingchen’s side.

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As expected, Qi Jingchen didn’t think that he was too hot this time, did not chase him away, nor did he roll off the bed to avoid him… Nie Yi’s mood improved greatly, and he reached out with the intention to hold Qi Jingchen.

“Don’t press on me,” Qi Jingchen said, discontent. Nie Yi’s arms and legs were so heavy that it was extremely uncomfortable when they pressed down on his body. e3wdYL

“Jingchen, I feel unwell.” Nie Yi went nearer to Qi Jingchen, speaking with knitted brows. “My water ability is only the first level, but my fire ability is second; my head hurts a little.”

“If your head hurts, then don’t move!” Qi Jingchen said. He also had a terrible headache right now, and didn’t want to move at all.

“I feel better when I’m close to you. Don’t worry, I won’t hug you,” Nie Yi said.

Qi Jingchen didn’t reply.


Perfectly content, Nie Yi slept beside Qi Jingchen. In his last life, he had also awakened to his water ability when his fire ability was level two. Nowadays, he was long used to this discomfort, but it was great to use this to his advantage and snatch benefits in the process…

Story translated by Chrysanthemum Garden.

Nie Yi and Qi Jingchen had slept very early, but the matters about the two of them were rapidly spreading through the secure base.

With such a major matter, it was naturally impossible for Nie Boyuan not to know.

The chief of the secure base had many things to do, so Nie Boyuan had to work overtime almost every day. His office had a continuous flow of people coming and going; delivering documents to him or taking them away. dG9Ycf

Nie Yi’s story was told to him by one of his subordinates. “Chief Nie, there were two major incidents that happened over in Base Two.”
“Oh? What incidents?” Nie Boyuan lifted his head to ask, unable to help frowning slightly. He recalled that Nie Yi was now in Base Two. That so-called major incident better not be about Nie Yi pampering that lover of his again!

Nie Boyuan was now reminded of Nie Yi’s initial impolite behaviour towards him and still felt incredibly angry. Nie Yi clearly used to be obedient; for him to suddenly become so impolite, it was most likely due to that youth’s corruption. Moreover, the other was a man!

Nie Boyuan didn’t care if other people liked men, but it was out of the question for his son.

“Chief, do you still remember that widespread rumour from a few days ago? It’s the one with Nie shao and his lover…” x5vX0

“Don’t tell me that the major thing you’re referring to is this!” Nie Boyuan coldly looked over.

That subordinate suddenly felt a chill all over his body, and didn’t dare to continue in a roundabout way as he said hurriedly, “Of course the major matter isn’t that, but it does have something to do with it. Chief, when Nie shao was doused with water by his lover, he awakened to the water ability!”

“Isn’t he a fire ability user?” Nie Boyuan was taken aback.

“That’s right, Nie shao is a fire ability user. He reawakened to the water ability, so he’s now a fire and water dual ability user!” That person’s eyes were immersed in excitement. “This is our secure base’s first dual ability user! Now, everyone’s talking about it! What a pity that he’s from Base Two, and not ours.” 30QRfv

When Nie Boyuan heard this, he was slightly surprised.

When he had previously chased Nie Yi out of their house and didn’t keep an eye on him, it was actually so that Nie Yi would suffer a bit outside.

Nie Yi had been pampered by his parents since he was a child, and had never suffered before due to his family status. If there wasn’t Nie Boyuan to care for him, he definitely wouldn’t live well, and would most likely, after suffering and experiencing troubles, sober up and return home to apologize to him.

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It was simply making trouble!

Nie Boyuan was already too ashamed to let anyone know that he had such a son, and now that it turned out that… Nie Yi had actually become a dual ability user?

Nie Boyuan blanked out, then quickly asked, “And the other matter?” zCZqOV

“The other matter is that today in Base Two, someone told General Zhao that he knew the cultivation method for abilities. For the time being, there’s no news from over at General Zhao, but it is most likely true.”

“Go give prior notice, I am going to visit Zhao Chengqi,” Nie Boyuan promptly said.

Story translated by Chrysanthemum Garden.

When Nie Boyuan made this decision, the other leaders in the secure base also followed suit. They wanted to know the cultivation method, and check whether this matter of Nie Yi awakening dual abilities was true.

When these people mentioned Nie Yi, they could not avoid mentioning Nie Boyuan as well— For Nie Boyuan to actually have a falling out with such a remarkable son, they wondered if he regretted it now… IcmkVb

The matters of Base Two had spread around the entire base in a short time, so naturally, it wasn’t possible for Yu Shuo not to know. After hearing that Nie Yi had actually become a dual ability user, his expression turned gloomy.

“Xiao Shuo, why is your expression so upset?” Yu Qingqing carried a thermos and entered the place where Yu Shuo worked and asked him in concern.

“What does it matter to you?” Yu Shuo sneered at Yu Qingqing.

Seeing her own son’s cold behaviour towards her, Yu Qingqing’s eyes flashed with remorse, and she said, “Xiao Shuo, I heard that you moved in with Nie Boyuan these days?” yQrzAj

“So what if I did?”

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“Everyone in the base is now saying that you’re his illegitimate child, you…” Yu Qingqing furrowed her brows.

“Isn’t it true? Why? Do you think it’s embarrassing? If you feel embarrassed, why did you break up back then, and give birth to me?” Yu Shuo said.

When Yu Qingqing saw Yu Shuo acting like this, she felt very uncomfortable, yet was helpless; after all, Yu Shuo becoming like this had a lot to do with her. 7dMHYq

After she had mistakenly believed in Nie Boyuan betrayal, she had even thought of killing the child in her stomach and throwing it in Nie Boyuan’s face, making him regret it. Of course, she ended up unwilling to do so.

But she still wanted to take revenge on Nie Boyuan, and the revenge method she thought of was to marry someone else.

She had a suitor who loved her very much, and his family situation was also pretty good. At that time, she went to him and told him her situation, expressing her willingness to marry him but also that she may not necessarily be able to love him. At the same time, when she gives birth to the child in her stomach, it must also be surnamed Yu.

That person agreed and delightedly married her. In the beginning, his behaviour was very good, as he was very caring towards her, and after she gave birth to Yu Shuo, he had cared for Yu Shuo more meticulously than he had her. 0 7SIb

She was very moved by this, and developed affections towards this man. At this time, she had already known that she had misunderstood Nie Boyuan, but as her pride kept her from returning to Nie Boyuan, she intended to spend the rest of her life together with this man.

Her capabilities were good, and after experiencing the situation with Nie Boyuan and giving birth to Yu Shuo, she also wasn’t as excessively arrogant as she’d been before. As a result, her work also became much smoother.

She was working as an agent for celebrities. Because she wanted to earn a lot of money she would occasionally rely on gradually established connections to help others pull strings from behind the scenes. For example, selling scripts for writers who couldn’t sell them, and making some money off of it.

In the wake of her earning more and more money, she slowly became dissatisfied with this and opened a company. xSVJTc

Her ego was strong, and she did not want anyone to look down on her as she had a stronger desire for success compared to an average person. In order to be successful, the time she spent on her career was increasing.

Since she spent more and more time on her career, she naturally couldn’t attend to family matters, and therefore had no idea that that man who had once treated her and Yu Shuo very well was gradually changing.

When Yu Qingqing had married that man, she had initially planned to give birth to a child for that man after their marriage, but things weren’t that simple.

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That man later entered an organization, and if he were to have another child, he would have had to put aside his work. She was very busy with her company matters as well, so they only had Yu Shuo. She had been moved by the man previously saying that he would regard Yu Shuo as his own son, but had forgotten that people could change. VDa0Qk

She didn’t know how that man treated Yu Shuo and only knew that Yu Shuo’s attitude towards her was getting poorer and poorer, and that he had developed worsening extreme mood-swings. She even later inadvertently found out that the man was abusing Yu Shuo!

She divorced that man, but she had never taken proper care of Yu Shuo. At that time, Yu Shuo was already fourteen or fifteen, and there hadn’t been a way to repair the relationship between the two of them…

Her relationship with Yu Shuo remained terrible until now, and she had no idea what Yu Shuo was thinking about.

Even though she had asked Nie Boyuan for help when Yu Shuo had a high fever, then later received the treatment of being immediately accepted by the secure base, she had no intentions of becoming too involved with Nie Boyuan. Contrarily, it was Yu Shuo who got closer and closer to Nie Boyuan. kY0Ijz

Once again, Yu Qingqing parted with Yu Shuo on bad terms, leaving Yu Shuo alone.

Absent-mindedly, Yu Shuo recalled the matters from when he was young. That man had brought him to an amusement park, but it hadn’t been for him to play; it had been for him to watch Nie Boyuan bring Nie Yi there to play. That man had then stabbed him with a needle and told him that he was the bastard that no one wanted…

Story translated by Chrysanthemum Garden.

Why was it that Nie Yi could live such a good life, yet he couldn’t? Clearly, all of this should’ve been his!

“Dual abilities…” Yu Shuo gritted his teeth hard, then finally resolved to meet Nie Yi,  while also taking a look at that lover of Nie Yi’s. eSJZf0

A night passed, and the sky brightened again.

The sunlight passed through a crack in the curtains and fell on Qi Jingchen’s face, waking Qi Jingchen up. After that, he discovered that Nie Yi, who had merely slept near him last night, was now embracing him with one arm.

Qi Jingchen pushed him, and after finding out that he couldn’t push him aside, furrowed his brows slightly, then bit into that arm.

Although he was weak, his teeth were still sharp. It was just that the arm had been bitten to the point that there were indents, yet Nie Yi still didn’t have the slightest reaction. nHtGip

“Let go.” Qi Jingchen didn’t continue biting anymore and coldly spoke.

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Nie Yi speedily retrieved his arm.

Qi Jingchen slowly stood up and went into the bathroom without forgetting to say, “Don’t come in.”

Nie Yi stood at the door, listening to the sound of water inside with a face filled with disappointment. Then, after Qi Jingchen settled his physiological issues, he produced warm water for his toothbrush cup, then prepared the towel… wnZpj2

Only after Qi Jingchen took care of everything did he begin to clean himself up.

Of course, in view of him having awakened to water ability, this particular job had become quite quick and easy— just toss a few water balls towards his face, and his face would instantly become nice and clean.

After finishing up, Nie Yi carried Qi Jingchen and walked towards Base Two with Jiang Huai and Shao Zhenglan behind him.

Jiang Huai looked the same as usual, but Shao Zhenglan’s complexion wasn’t that good at the moment. tspm4C

They lived in an apartment with four rooms, two living rooms and two bathrooms. The bathroom in Nie Yi and Qi Jingchen’s room had a bathtub, so Nie Yi could soak in it, but the bathroom outside only had a shower, and there wasn’t anywhere for her to soak.

Of course, even if there was a bathtub, she couldn’t soak in it either, since other people had to use the bathroom as well.

Therefore, Shao Zhenglan had only soaked her legs in a bucket last night.

Not only did this mean she could soak, it could also make her feel cooler. It simply couldn’t be any better, but… JiUQgH

In the end, she was sleeping with Qi Yaoyao, so Shao Zhenglan felt embarrassed about wearing only her underwear, so she wore short-sleeved pyjamas. Last night, as she was sleeping, who knew what happened, the pyjama pants over her knees had somehow met with the water in the bucket and became wet. The water then slowly moistened upwards, and even her shirt ended up wet!

She was incredibly tired, and didn’t wake up to this. In the end, she ended up being wet like this for a night, and now her entire body felt unwell.

Touching her back, Shao Zhenglan suddenly felt that she was a little silly…

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Of course, she soon stopped imagining this because someone came and blocked their way.  yZqUnV

They were obstructed by an extremely handsome man. This youth looked like he was just 17 or 18 years old, and his appearance was even better than Qi Jingchen. He stopped Nie Yi, then loudly confessed, “Nie shao, I’ve always liked you, can I be with you?”

This… was someone offering to be his bed warmer? Everyone turned to look over.

However, Nie Yi didn’t even give them the chance to watch a good show. He threw out a water ball and pushed that person aside, then immediately expressed his loyalty to Qi Jingchen. “Don’t worry, I won’t look at anyone else. I only have you in my heart!

“…” Qi Jingchen rolled his eyes, too lazy to speak. Y753gj

“Nie shao, I really do like you,” the youth repeated. He was drenched by Nie Yi’s water ball, and he looked very pitiful and alluring.

But Nie Yi didn’t even glance at him as he carried Qi Jingchen and left just like that as Shao Zhenglan and Jiang Huai hurried after him.

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“Humiliated?” Someone beside the wet youth said.

“So what if I’m humiliated? Who will know unless someone tries? It didn’t work this time, but maybe it will next time!” The youth sneered and squeezed into an alley at the side and soon disappeared from sight, and the person speaking to him promptly followed after. Eg38wS

When Nie Yi arrived at Base Two, Zhang Zihai, who was waiting at the entrance, went over. “Nie shao, I heard that someone confessed to you on the way here? To be honest, you treat your lover too well. If it wasn’t because I don’t like men, even I would’ve wanted to seduce you.”

“Do you think you’re able to seduce, and not make them vomit?” Nie Yi looked at Zhang Zihai, who was without a strand of hair, and even had a scar in the middle of his scalp.

“…” Zhang Zihai clearly felt that he was disliked, but he had obviously been very welcomed by girls!

Nie Yi continued walking while carrying Qi Jingchen, but unexpectedly, he had only taken a few steps before he saw Yu Shuo. 6Grgte

Yu Shuo smiled when he saw Nie Yi. “Nie Yi, I’m looking for you.”

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“I’m busy right now,” Nie Yi immediately said.

“It’s only a few words.” Yu Shuo smiled warmly, his gaze subconsciously landing on Qi Jingchen.

Yu Xuguang had joined Base Two by relying on his offer of the cultivation method. Just as he entered, he saw Yu Shuo looking at Qi Jingchen in Nie Yi’s embrace ‘filled with interest’. Alarm bells immediately began to ring, and he hurriedly rushed to shield Nie Yi and Qi Jingchen. “What’s there to say?! We’re all very busy!” k09sF4

Baobao Notes

This is the last chapter edited by Evane;;; thanks so much for helping when u could

Translator's Note

Evane: ma’am that’s his blood father. you were negligent and his step-papa was abusive. what do you expect.

Translator's Note

Evane: wow i really have scarce pity for people like this

Translator's Note

Evane: he’s a cheezee boi

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