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BOSS's Guide To Seeking DeathCh32 - Yu Xuguang

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Yu Xuguang was seized by his sister and sent to the hospital. After a checkup, he finally realized that he might not be dead, and was instead reborn!

He was reborn! wXdkmy

Reborn into the early days of the apocalypse, reborn before his sister died!

Even though he wasn’t reborn before the apocalypse, and couldn’t let his parents survive, couldn’t make more preparations, being reborn during the early days meant that he could think of ways to change many things.

Story translated by Chrysanthemum Garden.

At the very least, he definitely couldn’t let that mysterious dark lord create another reign of terror!

In the early days, even though everything was a mess, humanity still hadn’t lost hope. At that time, a small-scale secure base managed to develop a drug that could strengthen one’s ability, slow down the ability’s riot, and even resist the zombie virus. At the same time, ability users from every large-scale base had converged and refined a cultivation method for abilities. Ultimately, someone relied on the aid of that drug and advanced to level four… sbAoH3

All of this was developing in a great direction, but in the end, a dark ability user appeared out of nowhere, and actually summoned zombies to destroy the base that had developed the miraculous drug, and killed the majority of the researchers, destroying all of their research materials.

At that time, B City’s secure base could only save a group of ability users from that small-scale secure base; all the civilians were drowned under the zombie tide… That so-called dark lord was simply demented.

During the beginning, no one knew who had attracted the zombie tide, but B City’s secure base had still issued a high bounty. Most of the ability users were eager to give it a try, wanting to capture that person to receive a large amount of supplies.

Back then, his sister had withstood the ability riot and reached level four. Her ability had also mutated, and she could condense it into ice arrows. Later, she joined a team and planned to capture that person… dONjkA

In the end, the overwhelming majority of these people had somehow been killed in the span of a single night. Their deaths were miserable, and his sister was among them.

Story translated by Chrysanthemum Garden.

His ability during the early stages was very weak, but in the later stages, he became the strongest in humanity, and it had a lot to do with the overnight deaths of the astonishingly talented ability users…

Yu Xuguang curled his hand into a tight fist, and recalled the future matters.

His parents were gone during the early days of the apocalypse, and later, he and his sister relied on each other for survival. His sister treated him extremely well, always protecting him. As a result, such a good sister actually died… FedCZ1

After that, he swore that he must avenge his sister, but that dark lord was too strong! The secure base had fought against him multiple times, and each time, they had lost overwhelmingly.

Initially, his strength wasn’t enough, and he couldn’t participate in their repeated campaigns, but afterwards…

During the latter stage of the apocalypse, only water produced by high-leveled ability users could be consumed. He played an extremely important role in the secure base, so obviously no one would let him be endangered. So he could only stay in the secure base, and look on helplessly as the world became worse and worse, and the people by his side died one after another.

He didn’t want to die, and wished to have vengeance. Perhaps it was because of this violently intense mindset, he ended up actually becoming the strongest ability user in their righteous side. xmheld

He used his domain to protect the people by his side, wanting to find a way for humanity to continue surviving. However, they couldn’t find it at all, and the entire base ended up with only him left.

Then he went to look for the dark lord.

When he recalled the situation at that time, Yu Xuguang’s eyes were filled with fear.

His water ability during the beginning stage was extremely weak, but later, the way he used his ice ability was incomparable. As a result, his self-destruction couldn’t hurt the dark lord who used a black cloak to wrap himself up tightly. He could only destroy a few things, killing the subordinates by the dark lord’s side. FAD06e

He remembered the situation before his death.

At that time, he released all of his energy while carrying the determination to die, but the dark lord just waved his hand and pressed down such formidable energy…

That person was really really really strong, his subordinate couldn’t be underestimated either. If he allowed this person to develop in this life, humanity might still end up extinct!
When he thought of this, Yu Xuguang’s heart tightened. He impatiently wanted to find that person and kill him, but he suddenly realized that he didn’t know who on earth that dark lord was.

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Their righteous side had always wanted to find out who that dark lord was, but no matter how hard they searched, they couldn’t find his identity, not even his experience during the very first year of the apocalypse. It was as if he just appeared out of nowhere. In addition, ever since he appeared, he always wrapped himself up tight. Besides his most trusted Nie Yi by his side, no one could get close to him. vhJTda

Ca atja alwf, atfs atbeuta bo wjcs kjsr, jcv fnfc jggjcufv j rqs ys tlr rlvf. Fcobgaecjafis, cba bcis tlr lvfcalas, yea fnfc tlr jqqfjgjcmf mbeivc’a yf vlrmbnfgfv.

Qtfc tf atbeuta eq ab tfgf, Te Weuejcu mbeivc’a tfiq offilcu vlrmbegjufv.

Lf vlvc’a fnfc xcbk ktb atf vjgx ibgv kjr, rb tbk mbeiv tf olcv tlw? Zemt ifrr xliilcu tlw lc jvnjcmf…

Hold on… Ls0pSO

Yu Xuguang suddenly thought of something. While he truly didn’t know the dark lord’s identity, he knew someone’s identity; that is, Nie Yi.

Nie Yi was the dark lord’s most trusted subordinate, and according to the situation they later discovered, he was someone they had forcibly pushed to the dark lord’s side.

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Nie Yi was the son of the secure base chief. During the initial year of the apocalypse, he had laid down many contributions to the secure base. According to the memory of the people who had once worked with him, he still had a pretty good character. Yet, at that time, the secure base chief, Nie Boyuan, had an illegitimate son, Yu Shuo.

Nie Boyuan treated his illegitimate son extremely well, but was more severe towards Nie Yi. At that time, Nie Yi’s ability riot was incredibly terrible, but when Nie Boyuan received the panacea gifted by that secure base, he went so far as to give it to his illegitimate son.  4tZhYG

Even if this could be forgiven, that illegitimate son had actually seduced the lover Nie Yi had loved dearly, had Nie Yi’s lover betray him, pushing Nie Yi into the zombies.

Back then, Nie Yi had gone to help out the small-scale secure base. It seemed that, after he was pushed into the zombie horde, he met the dark lord…

After Nie Yi killed countless experts in B City’s secure base under the directions of the dark lord, he had once returned to B City’s base to find his father, Nie Boyuan. At that time, they actually had a chance to have Nie Yi correct his ways, but because many people had hated Nie Yi, and Nie Boyuan himself had hated that Nie Yi helped the dark lord kill Yu Shuo, the outcome everyone had ended up agreeing was to kill Nie Yi.

Nie Yi had fallen into their trap and nearly died. In the end, it was the dark lord who saved him, and the two of them had even openly massacred them. Ever since then, Nie Yi had completely stood against the secure base… ex4sMX

The dark lord’s forces were all in Nie Yi’s grasp. To the dark lord, Nie Yi was very important to him. From what information Nie Yi had divulged to Nie Boyuan the very last time they met, he seemed to have the dark lord’s favor due to saving his life.

Story translated by Chrysanthemum Garden.

If Nie Yi hadn’t betrayed B City’s base and saved that dark lord, was it possible that the dark lord would’ve died just like that?

Even if the dark lord hadn’t died, without such a strong water and fire dual-ability user like Nie Yi assisting him, he definitely would’ve had one less arm, and wouldn’t have been able to develop such powerful forces!

In addition, according to their past speculations, for the dark lord to be able to kill that many ability users in one night should have something to do with Nie Yi. After all, only Nie Yi, the son of the secure base chief, could point out every single place where ability users lived in the secure base, and allow the dark lord to kill them with the greatest secrecy… JrvUMs

No matter what, he definitely couldn’t let Nie Yi betray B City’s secure base again this time.

In fact, Yu Xuguang hated Nie Yi very much. Several of his comrades had died in Nie Yi’s hands when they went to assassinate the dark lord, but this time, many things hadn’t occurred yet. He couldn’t deal with Nie Yi just because of matters that hadn’t happened yet…

Let alone the fact that he couldn’t deal with Nie Yi at all!

Right now, he was just someone without the slightest bit of influence, a common water ability user who was providing water for the water supply area with his sister. And Nie Yi? He was the son of the secure base chief! dJHyGS

He didn’t really care too much about matters during the early days of the apocalypse, and he already was unable to recall what Nie Yi had looked like back then. But he remembered that Nie Yi later had a powerful battle squadron, and his struggle against Yu Shuo was almost evenly matched.

Back then, Yu Shuo had always been an idol he worshipped, an expert the secure base had energetically publicized, the leader of all the political and government’s ability users!

Later, when humanity was facing dire straits and had cooled their heads, then researched the matters between the dark lord and Nie Yi, they finally discovered that Yu Shuo, who had formerly been a hero created by the secure base, was someone who had many deplorable sides. For example, he had actually wielded his beauty to seduce Nie Yi’s lover, causing Nie Yi’s lover to betray Nie Yi.

Of course, that lover of Nie Yi himself was problematic. From what the people could remember of Nie Yi, Nie Yi had treated that person pretty well. In the end, that person had wanted to kill Nie Yi… Naturally, he didn’t end up with a good death either, being burnt alive by Nie Yi. cfAvMh

Yu Xuguang couldn’t remember that lover of Nie Yi’s anymore. After all, he was just someone who couldn’t have been more of a nobody, but he knew that for Nie Yi, that person was very, very important…

Yu Xuguang made a decision that, in this life, he must keep an eye on that little lover, and stop him from betraying Nie Yi, or expose his true colors earlier.

Without the situation where he was pushed into the zombie horde, it could be assumed that Nie Yi would definitely be willing to stay in the secure base.

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When Yu Xuguang was thinking about what he had to do, he suddenly realized that something was aiming at his head. Having developed a strong sense of vigilance in the apocalypse, he almost immediately dodged sideways, then caught the hand that attacked him. 5u2Fwd

“Son of a bitch, you really have the guts ah! You still dare to dodge!” Yu Yuehui’s hand was blocked, and she swiftly extended her other hand to ruthlessly smack Yu Xuguang’s head. “Your appearance just now really frightened me, you know? Thank goodness you’re okay…”

Reaching the end of the sentence, she became somewhat choked up.

In his memory, Yu Xuguang’s sister had always been tall and brave, as if she wouldn’t be knocked down by any hardship. He never thought that his sister would also have moments where she was choked up and he was a little panicked. “Jie, jie, don’t cry, I’m fine, I’m really fine!”

“Of course I know you’re fine! The points I worked hard to accumulate were used up just to give you an examination, and in the end, the doctor said you’re strong like a bull, without a single problem!” Yu Yuehui gritted her teeth. “Hurry up and go back with me! It’s already dark, and we have to go back early to sleep!” xScLb4

Yu Xuguang hadn’t been bellowed at by his sister for a long time. Now, he suddenly felt that his sister’s yelling was actually quite blessed. He slowly walked back with Yu Yuehui, and suddenly asked, “Jie, do you know how to find the leaders of the military?”
“What do you want to do by looking for the military leader?” Yu Yuehui looked at Yu Xuguang in confusion.

Jie, I’ve found a way to cultivate abilities!” Yu Xuguang said. In his last life, because no one knew how to cultivate, it went to the extent that many geniuses had died because of their ability riot. He couldn’t let such a situation happen in this life.

Story translated by Chrysanthemum Garden.

Even though everyone currently shouldn’t have a way to cultivate, speaking out a little earlier was fine… Moreover, even if he didn’t have his tremendous spiritual strength before his rebirth, in any case, he still brought back that small trace of it…

With such a small amount of spiritual strength, he had no way of helping his sister begin cultivating, but he could train himself first. When his strength becomes more powerful, then everything will be easier to be dealt with in the future, and he could even think of a way for the others to start cultivating their abilities as well! tnb3FI

“What nonsense. How could you have found a way to cultivate abilities?” Yu Yuehui didn’t believe him at all. Her brother was only nineteen, and in her eyes, he was still a child.

Jie, I’m telling the truth!” Yu Xuguang clenched his jaw, then suddenly said, “Let’s go back first, then I’ll tell you everything!”

Yu Xuguang had already made a decision to tell his sister about his rebirth, so that his sister could help come out with a plan for him.

In the beginning days of the apocalypse, he had his sister’s protection, and later, he upgraded his strength whole-heartedly. Now, he was very assured when it came to killing zombies, but for such a major event such as the future of humanity… He daren’t be even the slightest bit negligent. vMDGdt

He wouldn’t tell other people about his rebirth so rashly, but his sister wasn’t the same as other people. He knew that his sister would definitely believe him, and would definitely protect him.

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Thinking of his sister’s past love and concern over him, Yu Xuguang was emotional again, and his eyes inevitably reddened,

To be able to be reborn… was really too good!

Yu Yuehui truly did believe Yu Xuguang. After Yu Xuguang explained his rebirth, she thought about it for a long time, then said, “Xuguang, your plan is pretty good. Let’s do it as you said. First, let’s send up the cultivation method and see if anyone can cultivate, then we’ll contact Nie Yi as we raise our strength.” RpK9HU

Jie…” seeing that Yu Yuehui believed him, Yu Xuguang was moved. 

“Recently, Nie Yi has been coming to us every day to get water. It’s quite easy to get in touch with him, so let’s properly observe him tomorrow,” Yu Yuehui continued.

“Nie Yi has been coming to us every day to get water?” Yu Xuguang was surprised. That Nie Yi, wasn’t he a fire and water dual ability user? Oh, that’s right; it seemed that he had started out with only the fire ability, and later he somehow managed to awaken to his water ability…

Even though, at that time, he had looked for some people who knew Nie Yi and learned many things about him, he still had no clue about these sorts of matters that were relatively private. It’s safe to assume that only Nie Yi’s trusted aides knew about this. XgL0Iy

“You were even curious about why he had carried so much water home every day!” Yu Yuehui said.

Ever since he was reborn, Yu Xuguang couldn’t remember some things about this life. He could only smile awkwardly.

During this time in his last life, Yu Xuguang had only been an extremely common ability user. Not only did he know of little matters, he was completely ignorant about the current distribution of power within the secure base, and things like that. By comparison, it was Yu Yuehui who knew more.

However, even if Yu Yuehui knew a little more, she definitely wasn’t someone who could visit the military leader all of a sudden. If they wanted to hand over the cultivation method, as well as having them believe it could be used, this wasn’t such a simple task… 0OM5uV

Yu Yuehui couldn’t help feeling anxious.

“That’s right, jie, General Zhao, Zhao Chengqi, is quite good.” Yu Xuguang suddenly thought of someone.

“In that case, I’ll go ask around, then go look for him.”

If you're reading this, this translation is stolen. Please support our translators at chrysanthemumgarden.com

The next day, Yu Yuehui asked for leave, wanting to try and see if anyone could bring her to meet Zhao Chengqi, whereas Yu Xuguang continued to provide water in the water supply area. lJXUq7

Although his current spiritual strength was weak, he could already slowly cultivate himself. Consequently, when he supplied water to the water reservoir, it finally wasn’t a small patter. But even so, he still couldn’t be compared to other people, and thus didn’t attract anyone’s attention.

He kept thinking about the matter that his sister had mentioned, that Nie Yi would come here every day to get water. He paid close attention to every single person who came here, but didn’t see Nie Yi among them, up until nightfall.

In the end, Nie Yi was a fire ability user right now. Not only was he doused with water by water ability users all day yesterday, he still soaked in the water for the majority of last night. Today, his entire person was soaked rather miserably. However, in order to awaken to his water ability, he was callous, and continued to have someone ‘water’ him.

After such a day, his state was even worse. His skin had already become wrinkled, and was suffused with an unnatural whiteness. OxvXoS

But even if it was like this, he couldn’t not do some things, like taking water for Qi Jingchen to shower, to water the plants, and it’s estimated that he still needed to soak in water for a while tonight…

Even though he was soon about to lose a layer of skin, for the purpose of awakening his water ability as soon as possible, he’d stake it all!

Story translated by Chrysanthemum Garden.

As before, Nie Yi carried four buckets of water to take water. At first, Yu Xuguang couldn’t recognize such a haggard person as Nie Yi, merely taking a few more glances because of his appearance of having soaked in water for a long time.

After these glances… Yu Xuguang abruptly realized that this person was precisely Nie Yi! xKIAyE

The dark lord’s right-hand man, the dark lord’s topmost subordinate… could actually have such an unfortunate time?

“What happened to him?” Yu Xuguang subconsciously muttered, but was unexpectedly replied to.

“Are you talking about Nie Yi?” The person in charge of the water supply area clicked his tongue, “This guy found an incredible male lover. This was the torment of his lover.”

“What?” Yu Xuguang was astonished. 1agJn6

“Isn’t Nie Yi a fire ability user? That lover of his had him use his ability to cook for him, then ended up feeling that it wasn’t tasty, then had a water ability user douse him with water… Fire ability users and water ability users were simply natural enemies. Nie Yi was watered for two days, so isn’t it natural for him to become like this?” the person in charge said.

Story translated by Chrysanthemum Garden.

There’s a thing like this? Yu Xuguang was amazed.

Yu Xuguang’s astonished appearance made the person in charge feel very pleased with himself, and he continued, “Nie Yi is now in Base Two. A friend of mine is there as well, and this matter is the absolute truth! You should know that Nie Yi is the son of the secure base chief, right? Rumor has it that, for that lover, he even had a big argument with his dad.”

“Acting like that, isn’t he mad?” Even though, in his past life, Yu Xuguang had heard someone say that Nie Yi treated his lover very well, he never thought that it was to this extent… muNsiL

“That lover of his must be really skilled. He has Nie Yi wrapped around his finger, ordering him around like a servant. Did you see Nie Yi coming every day to get water? That’s specifically for his lover to shower. In Base Two, his lover was sprayed with a bit of dust while watching people train at the side, then he immediately wanted to shower. When they went home, he even wanted to bath, and Nie Yi just put up with him,” that person said.

Yu Xuguang had no idea that such a thing had happened… 

That’s right, Nie Yi later awakening to his water ability, it shouldn’t be because of his lover tossing him around, right?


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not literally, means manpower-wise

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