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BOSS's Guide To Seeking DeathCh31 - Watering


Nie Yi was very skillful in cooking with his fire ability. At first, those ability users still felt baffled, but later began to observe carefully, and had even more admiration for Nie Yi.

Zhang Zihai, in particular, couldn’t turn his gaze away. At the same time, he made up his mind to try and cook using his fire ability. Ozd0Po

Unfortunately, his abilities had been depleted by Nie Yi at this time. Tomorrow was the earliest for his abilities to be restored…

While Zhang Zihai was thinking about what good food he could cook when his ability recovered, when he lifted his head, he realized that Nie Yi was already done cooking and had carried all of it over to the person lying down, letting the other taste them one by one…

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If that person said it wasn’t tasty, Nie Yi then put it to the side, if he said it was edible, Nie Yi then left the whole thing for him…

“…” In any case, Zhang Zihai was one of the people who had already seen Qi Jingchen use a finger to hold Nie Yi’s chin and kiss him. Seeing this, he didn’t feel that it was strange, but the others felt a sense of being blinded. Lvz5q6

Previously, even if they had seen Nie Yi carry this youth, but because this youth had never spoken, he didn’t have much of an existence, and they didn’t think much of it, now…

“Nie shao, is this your little brother?” Zhang Zihai’s good friend, Ding Shengshi asked. This youth seemed to have difficulty getting about. Could it be that Nie Yi was taking care of his little brother?

“No, this is my lover,” Nie Yi said, directly elevating ‘person I like’ to ‘lover’.

Qi Jingchen had already kissed him. He could definitely raise his status!


These people had never seen someone like Nie Yi, who would confidently admit that they liked people of the same gender. They didn’t really know how to respond.

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“General Zhao also knows. He approved of me bringing him over,” Nie Yi continued. He had already informed him about the matter of Qi Jingchen, but he also gave Zhao Chengqi a lot of things. He also possessed the cultivation method, so Zhao Chengqi wouldn’t be opposed to him bringing Qi Jingchen to the training base.

Even though these people were a little puzzled and a little baffled, but since Zhao Chengqi had approved, they can’t say anything.

But… Nie Yi actually serving someone like that, still felt bewildering… Lo0inD

Nie Yi didn’t care about how other people viewed him. After helping Qian Mingfeng sort out the ability in his mind, he then brought Qi Jingchen away from the ability user training base. He then found someone to buy some seeds and vegetable sprouts, intending to go home and plant vegetables.

When they returned, they saw Qi Yaoyao lying on the sofa, looking like she was unable to move. Without a doubt, Gan Jun had earnestly carried out the task given to him by Nie Yi and properly ‘trained’ Qi Yaoyao.

As for Zhou Xiaofeng, he had tidied up the balcony south of the living room, then used some old planks and the things they had brought back yesterday to make a small plantation.

Upon seeing this, Nie Yi immediately planted all the sprouts and seeds he had gotten, then watered them. Bc69dU

“If these vegetables are grown, we have fresh vegetables to eat in the future.” Shao Zhenglan drooled with desire while looking at those lettuce sprouts.

“Just enough for one person to eat.” Nie Yi broke Shao Zhenglan’s fantasies.

“…” People who value sex over friendships were really too hateful!

When all of this was done, Ping Shengchao returned. He couldn’t find his parents, but brought back news of Shao Zhenglan’s parents. qLZYQF

Shao Zhenglan’s family all lived in a villa. When the base’s people went to her house to pick them up, everyone in the Shao family had turned into zombies. According to the situation at the time, it was likely that Shao Zhenglan’s mother was the first to turn into a zombie, bit Shao Zhenglan’s father, then the two of them went to hurt the others.

This was a fairly common situation. A big family living together, they suddenly hear someone in one of the rooms screaming or someone moving strangely. Everyone went to take a look, then… Without any precautions, everyone had become a zombie.

In fact, Shao Zhenglan had already guessed this outcome. While on the road to B City, she had cried in secret a few times. But now that she received the definite news, she still involuntarily cried bitterly.

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After crying for a good while, Shao Zhenglan finally vented enough and slowly gathered her spirits. Seeing this, Jiang Huai passed her a packet of tissues. “Your parents definitely hoped you can live well.”

“I know.” Shao Zhenglan said, “I’m going downstairs for a walk.”

Shao Zhenglan went downstairs and used her ability nonstop at the corner of the district, up until she was spent, only then did she slowly head back. WCn A9

She had always paid attention to her image, and even when the apocalypse came, she still paid attention to her clothes and conduct. But when she returned this time, she was covered in dirt.

“In the future, I’ll kill all the zombies!” Upon returning to the residence, Shao Zhenglan immediately said this with gritted teeth. Her eyes flickered with hatred.

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“Do your best,” Nie Yi said. Everyone who had abruptly lost their families had a goal fueled by hatred. In his last life, when he learned about his mother and grandparents’ death, he had also believed that he must kill all zombies to make this world a better place…

Jiang Huai had prepared bathing water for Shao Zhenglan. Shao Zhenglan took a bucket of water and silently went to wash her face. 3YlCB2

Early the next day, Nie Yi went to the military ability user base, which is also abbreviated to Base Two.

He went early, yet most of Base Two’s ability users had gone out to complete missions again. Only Qian Mingfeng and a group of wind ability users were here, blasting wind at an earthen wall to practice the wind blade.

A few dozen people were blasting wind in the grounds together, causing it to seem as if dozens of hurricanes were plundering the grounds. Quite a lot of wind users with slighter builds were almost blown away, but they couldn’t leave a single mark on the earthen wall. That is to say, none of them could create the wind blade.

Nie Yi wasn’t surprised by this at all. During the end stages, wind ability users were incredibly powerful, but they were absolutely useless during the beginning. They had to persist in this process for about half a year, only then will a strong wind ability user emerge. 0cyVmh

Of course, if Qian Mingfeng were to persist in training, the first famous wind ability user might be him.

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For the majority of wind ability users, after they’ve blown a blast of wind, their ability was mostly expended, so they’ll slowly run laps around the drills ground, training their bodies while waiting for their ability to be restored. It was only Qian Mingfeng who currently had a strong ability restoration rate; while everyone else had stopped, he still continued to release his ability.

He was originally the strongest among the ability users, and now that he practices more often due to his rapid ability restoration, his control of his ability was naturally much better than the others. Even though he still couldn’t condense a wind blade, he could already condense his ability into a stack and use his ability to form an impactful attack.

He asked a comrade to stand before him, and when he released his ability, it directly blew him to the ground. Unfortunately, its lethality was only so-so. GJ3Y4O

But even so, Qian Mingfeng was still very satisfied. Seeing Nie Yi return, he chatted with Nie Yi about the uses of abilities and suddenly had a flash of insight.

Under the circumstances where the greater part of humanity was utterly ignorant about abilities, the knowledge of Nie Yi, a reborn person, was definitely superior compared to everyone else.

However, to maintain secrecy, Nie Yi had only instructed those ten people. Their training ground was also restricted to that gym.

Today, Nie Yi helped four people sort out the ability in their minds, and the next day, he helped another four more. On the third day, he helped the last person. kwj26L

The last one was, without a doubt, Zhang Zihai.

“If I knew earlier, today…” Faced with this outcome, Zhang Zihai wanted to cry but had no tears. 

Back then, if he fought Nie Yi like Qian Mingfeng did, and hadn’t involved Qi Jingchen, their exchange of blows might have led to friendship, then he would’ve been the first to master how to cultivate. Unfortunately, he was too impulsive, and had attacked Qi Jingchen before even understanding the situation…

Nie Yi helping him last in sorting out his ability, was definitely because he had a grudge! dK5LRh

“Baldy, you should be satisfied,” Ding Shengshi said.

After Zhang Zihai’s hair in the middle was burnt by Nie Yi, because he felt that having hair on both sides and none in the middle was too weird, he shaved all his hair. Now, he had gotten the nickname of “Baldy”.

“Fuck me! I didn’t say I’m not satisfied!” Zhang Zihai said. Even though he had been punished a little and had been delayed to becoming the last one, he was still very grateful to Nie Yi.

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Knowing that Nie Yi, the son of the base’s chief, didn’t help Yu Shuo’s gang and instead came over to help them, he felt that Nie Yi was a real man who didn’t rely on his status. HBrRsT

Unfortunately, the real man Nie Yi he worshipped, for some reason, served a youth as if he was serving his own father…

Seeing Nie Yi’s eagerly attentive appearance, Zhang Zihai couldn’t help beginning to think about finding a wife who could be as virtuous as this when taking care of him…

No, that’s not right… Was it possible for a dainty-figure girl to carry him, a guy with a large stature of 180cm? Unless he found a man, then he could live like that Qi Jingchen?

That’s even more wrong. Also, even if he had found a man, he was such a musclehead that if he laid in a deck chair, it’d just make other people feel disgusted. It wouldn’t be like Qi Jingchen; when he avoided food because it wasn’t tasty, he actually looked quite cute… SA7NbK

Although that youth had never shown any expression, that lazy appearance was really seductive. If a girl as beautiful as him liked Zhang Zihai, he would also be willing to serve them well.

While thinking about this, Zhang Zihai took a pot and put some water in it. Then, he began to use his ability to boil water, but ended up accidentally burning through the pot…

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Fortunately, those unique ability users like metal and thunder ability, while extremely rare in their Base Two, they still existed. At this moment, among the ten ability users Nie Yi was training, one of them was a metal ability user.

This metal ability user didn’t quite know how to control his ability. He couldn’t do things like creating a pot from nothing, but if you gave him a broken pot and a lump of metal, he could still help mend that hole with the metal and stop the pot from leaking.  a8iY52

And now, he helped mend Zhang Zihai’s pot again.

Zhang Zihai held the pot that had been mended many times, and went to Ding Shengshi, asking him to give him some water— That’s right, Ding Shengshi, who had a good relationship with him, possessed the ability he hated the most, the water ability.

Ever since he awakened with the fire ability, Zhang Zihai had an increasing fondness for fire every time he looked at it but disliked coming in contact with water. Nowadays, when he was practicing the usage of his ability, he would stay further and further away from Ding Shengshi, for fear that he would be touched by water.

When the pot was filled, Zhang Zihai took the pot and went to a corner to continue practicing how to boil water, then… the pot broke again… fzOdia

In the gym, everyone was training with great effort, and only Nie Yi didn’t dare to practice since the beginning.

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His water ability hadn’t awakened yet; if his fire ability leveled up too much now, he might encounter some troubles later…

“Jingchen. There’s duck today, you should eat some,” Nie Yi said. He thought that it was really the right decision to come to Base Two. There were over 800 ability users here, so the base would give some fresh vegetables, fruits, and meat to Base Two’s kitchen every day.

He had now become the ‘teacher’ of Base Two’s leading ability users, so taking some ingredients from the kitchen couldn’t have been easier. RGzAVW

With this, he finally didn’t have to worry about Qi Jingchen starving.

“Take it away; I don’t like it.” Qi Jingchen could sniff out a smell that he loathed, so he promptly spoke up. However, it was too late. He opened his mouth and couldn’t help retching.

Upon seeing this, Nie Yi hurriedly took the water prepared by the water ability user and gave it to Qi Jingchen. “Better?”

“I’m fine already.” Qi Jingchen pushed Nie Yi away. He looked at the bottle of water and suddenly said, “Have that water ability user wash you with water.” Mj0CZU

“What?” Nie Yi was puzzled.

Beside them, Zhang Zihai, who was boiling water- no, burning his pot, was even more bewildered… This, could it be that Nie Yi had cooked dishes that weren’t to his taste, so he wanted to torment Nie Yi?

“Drench yourself,” Qi Jingchen impatiently repeated.

Nie Yi finally returned to his senses, and also guessed Qi Jingchen’s meaning. He immediately looked at Ding Shengshi. “You, water me.” QeOK4m

“Nie shao?” Ding Shengshi was startled. What fire ability users hated the most was water ah!
“I’m training my ability,” Nie Yi said, then created a few fireballs around him.

The heat of those fireballs was very high, but they were still flames. When Ding Shengshi created a wave of water and splashed it towards Nie Yi, these fireballs immediately became smaller, and Nie Yi was drenched all over.

“Again,” Nie Yi said.

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Even though Ding Shengshi was at a loss and befuddled, he still obediently splashed Nie Yi with a large water ball. NGkKcw

This time, the abilities around Nie Yi were truly extinguished.

“Continue,” Nie Yi said. In passing, he created another ball of fire, then used his spiritual strength to carefully sense the water drenching his body.

Once again, Ding Shengshi poured a ball of water over Nie Yi.

For the past few days, Zhang Zihai was messed with by Nie Yi quite miserably; seeing Nie Yi’s current misfortune, he couldn’t help exposing a smile. Nie Yi just happened to catch it in a glance, and he promptly said to Zhang Zihai, “Do you want to train with me?” 2m9lRf

“No, no…” Zhang Zihai hastily declined. He wasn’t Nie Yi, he didn’t have a hobby of being masochistic…

On this day, Nie Yi was watered until he became a drowned rat. In the end, Zhang Zihai looked at Qi Jingchen like he was looking at his idol.

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With a casual sentence, Nie Yi had been tormented. This person really was too powerful! But, in the future, he definitely shouldn’t find a wife like this.

Nie Yi was watered for an afternoon, and could actually sense a faint feeling. 2Mud64

After all, he had once possessed a water ability. Even though he presently didn’t have the aid of the mutated plant, if he continued to be exposed to the water of a water ability user, he could still slowly recall the familiar feeling.

“You can soak in the water at night,” Qi Jingchen said.

Nie Yi smiled. After he had Qi Jingchen rest at home, he immediately made several round trips to the water supply area, for Qi Jingchen to shower, water the plants, and finally, for him to fill up the bathtub and soak himself in it.

“This person came to get water again. He even took that much.” Yu Xuguang could already recognize Nie Yi. Seeing Nie Yi going back and forth while carrying a good amount of water, he clicked his tongue in astonishment again. JbQ 3R

“Hurry up and pack up, we’re going home already!” Yu Yuehui slapped her brother’s back, urging him to work.

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The strength she used wasn’t much, but unexpectedly, this smack had actually caused Yu Xuguang to fall down headfirst.

“Xuguang, what’s wrong?” Yu Yuehui looked at her brother in alarm. Yu Xuguang’s face was filled with agony, and he wouldn’t stop trembling, but his eyes wouldn’t open.

Even though Yu Yuehui’s ability was powerful, her body was still the same. She wasn’t able to carry such a big man like Yu Xuguang, and she could only request the people around her to find a doctor to examine Yu Xuguang. 5SMNor

In the end, the doctor hadn’t arrived when Yu Xuguang suddenly opened his eyes. He looked around blankly, then hugged Yu Yuehui tightly. “Jie, jie, I can finally meet you again. Let’s go get reincarnated, staying as siblings in our next life.”

“Little bastard, what reincarnation are you talking about?!” Yu Yuehui threw Yu Xuguang off. About to smack Yu Xuguang’s head, she abruptly stopped halfway. Finally, she simply pulled Yu Xuguang up from the floor. “Come with me; get a check-up in the hospital!”

Translator's Note

 young master, but not as formal

Translator's Note

same character as boiling

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