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BOSS's Guide To Seeking DeathCh28 - Ability User Base

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Nie Yi had promised to help plant vegetables for Qi Jingchen, but he still had things to do on the next day.

Yesterday, Zhao Chengqi had arranged a position for Nie Yi, allowing him to become a member among the military ability user ranks, and today he had to go report in. L8dUlQ

Nie Yi woke up early in the morning and made porridge for Qi Jingchen with the coix seeds, oats, and black rice he had previously found. He’d also procured a small cucumber from somewhere and sliced it for Qi Jingchen to eat with the porridge as well. When Qi Jingchen finished eating, he abruptly picked Qi Jingchen up and went out.

“Where are you bringing my ge?” Upon seeing this, Qi Yaoyao promptly questioned.

Story translated by Chrysanthemum Garden.

“What does it matter to you?” Nie Yi looked at Qi Yaoyao with a shadow of a smile.

“He’s my ge.” 0hTXbq

“If he stayed in, don’t tell me that you think you’ll be able to protect him if something bad happens?” Nie Yi said.

Qi Yaoyao was speechless. Even though she had been working hard, could a few days of effort really change much? These days, her extensive efforts in training left her with a sore waist and an aching back, yet she was still unable to beat even an ordinary man.

“Gan Jun, you should train her well,” Nie Yi said. He was entering the military’s ability user troops. While Shao Zhenglan and Jiang Huai were going with him, Ping Shengchao was going to look for his and Shao Zhenglan’s relatives, and Zhou Xiaofeng was going to deal with the matters of Xu Nan and the others, which left only Gan Jun who could instruct Qi Yaoyao.

Even though Qi Yaoyao’s recent performance wasn’t half-bad, just on the basis of what Qi Yaoyao had done in their past life, Nie Yi really couldn’t bring himself to like Qi Yaoyao. rBenFi

“Yes,” Gan Jun responded. For them to be selected by Nie Yi’s grandfather to act as bodyguards, they definitely had sincere hearts and were also incredibly compliant with whatever Nie Yi said. If Nie Yi had him train Qi Yaoyao, then he wouldn’t slack off in the slightest, that is to say… It’s likely that Qi Yaoyao won’t be able to live comfortably.

Story translated by Chrysanthemum Garden.

Qi Jingchen had observed Nie Yi’s method and had zero intentions of opposing him. Although this would make Qi Yaoyao suffer, in the end, it was for her own good.

As for where he himself would be taken to by Nie Yi, he didn’t care and wasn’t curious at all.

Nie Yi, while carrying Qi Jingchen, head to the place where the military’s ability users were staying. YwN Q6

He had just entered the base and his foundations weren’t steady. There wasn’t really anyone in his family, and the slightest carelessness at this time would probably be exploited by Nie Boyuan or Yu Shuo… Even though their behavior in the base was somewhat restrained, if they did things like invite Qi Jingchen over as a guest, he feared that other people wouldn’t think much of it.

People with inherently good physical fitness were more likely to awaken to an ability. This was the conclusion that was quickly reached by everyone not long after the apocalypse began. Those tall and stout men in the army had good physical fitness, so naturally, there were a lot of ability users emerging from within their ranks. Therefore, even though the military didn’t publicize themselves like Yu Shuo, they also possessed a lot of ability users, and a portion of these ability users was arranged to a primary school.

This primary school wasn’t large, and now all the classrooms had been simply arranged into dormitories. The sports field and other similar places had a lot of training equipment added, and a tall perimeter wall had also been erected around them by an earth ability user, which allowed this place to become akin a small scale military base.

It was just that… For some reason, this place looked cold and cheerless, surprising Nie Yi, who had thought that there would be a group of people ‘welcoming’ him. irxjGd

“Some of the military’s ability users have important positions, and they retained their positions from before the apocalypse. The remaining ability users were divided into two sections. The ones staying here is the section that General Zhao is in charge of, and altogether there’s 892 members,” the guard, who brought Nie Yi over, explained.

“There’s this many people?” Shao Zhenglan was astonished.

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“Tfr, kf tjnf atlr wjcs qfbqif, wbgfbnfg, atfgf jgf fnfc wbgf jylilas erfgr lc atf batfg jgfj.” Ktf uejgv rjlv, “Cmaejiis, jmmbgvlcu ab beg fralwjalbcr, atf cewyfg bo jylilas erfgr jwbcu atf cbc-ubnfgcwfcaji obixr rtbeiv yf j iba wbgf, yea la rffwr atja wjcs bo atbrf qfbqif kfgf jogjlv bo yflcu qfgrfmeafv jcv ktjacba, rb atfs’nf tlvvfc atflg jylilas kfii.”

What the guard said was the truth. During the beginning of the apocalypse, many ability users were worried that someone would take them away for research, and thus became afraid to say anything about their ability. Still, while it was reasonable for them to be this apprehensive in small-scale bases, for large-scale bases such as B city, it wasn’t necessary at all. Nie Yi remembered that, in his past life, this secure base really did research ability users and zombies, but as far as the ability users were concerned, they just needed to do routine examinations that only involved simple things like drawing blood and so on. At most, they would research the remains of the ability users after they died, and this also needed the family’s consent; or, while the ability user was alive, they would pester those ability users until they agreed to sign the donation agreement. NyMqH1

In later days, ability users became more and more valuable. As long as someone was wise, they wouldn’t offend such a community without rhyme or reason.

Of course, this wasn’t the same in small-scale secure bases. The situation where ability users were injured could be found everywhere in places like that; when ability users reach level two or three, that is, when an ability nucleus appears in their brain, even more ability users were murdered, and their skulls were even broken open.

“There are new people here?” Just as they went in, they saw a group of men running. When they saw them, this group of people ran over. “Didn’t expect that there would actually be new people coming to our place. What abilities do you guys have?”

Story translated by Chrysanthemum Garden.

As they asked, they sized up Nie Yi and the rest. Their expressions weren’t friendly at all, especially when they saw Shao Zhenglan and Qi Jingchen, who was carried by Nie Yi. JnAdqk

The military ability users were soldiers, and had a united spirit. At present, in a situation where no one really knew how to use their abilities, they, who were always training, were stronger than those civilian ability users. Therefore, they looked down on those external ability users, especially towards Shao Zhenglan, a woman, or Qi Jingchen, a pretty boy.

Moreover… While the other military’s ability user base had accepted a lot of civilian users who were attracted to the military, their base had never done so before!

Shao Zhenglan had always been someone of high ambitions, and she wasn’t willing to pay any attention to the two of them. Instead, it was Nie Yi who replied with a question, “What abilities do you guys have?”

When they heard his question, their faces became a little embarrassed, but it quickly disappeared as they said, “We’re all wind ability users. Even though our ability isn’t much, it’s still very easy to take care of people like you.” 9UuEKz

From the start, these people weren’t polite, but they had their reasons. On one hand, it was because of the traditions in the army; veterans often liked to display their strength in front of new recruits. On the other hand, it was because they knew that people would be arriving today…

Yesterday, General Zhao had dispatched someone to inform them that someone very incredible would be coming today and that they had to learn from this person. His meaning was that he actually wanted to let some newbies come and lead them… Right now, they wanted to gain some first-hand knowledge of how amazing this so-called ‘incredible person’ was!

Story translated by Chrysanthemum Garden.

At present, the political and governmental ability user team in the secure base was led by Yu Shuo; however, the military ability user team didn’t have a leader. It was always because this person would refuse to obey that person and such, so don’t even mention using a newbie who had suddenly emerged out of nowhere.

“Is it?” Nie Yi smiled. 94Y1aK

Although his two all-purpose bodyguards weren’t here, there was still Jiang Huai. Today, Jiang Huai helped bring a collapsible deck chair for Nie Yi. Nie Yi had him place the deck chair properly, let Qi Jingchen sit down, then smiled at the wind ability users.

He had also stayed in the army before, so naturally, he knew that there were only two ways this could go down. One was to be beaten into submission by them, and the other was to beat them into submission.

“Let’s fight one round?” Nie Yi said.

Immediately, someone walked out from the group of people. “I’ll go first!” 7bPeW9

Though Nie Yi’s current physical condition was incomparable to the later stages of the apocalypse, his combat experience was definitely more abundant than anyone else. What’s more important was that he had his spiritual strength.

Story translated by Chrysanthemum Garden.

Even though he’d failed to bring back all of his immense spiritual strength from before the end of the world, he had still managed to bring back a portion; this portion was already enough for him to know where his opponent would attack in advance…

“Newbie-” Before the person who came out to fight with Nie Yi could finish speaking, he had already been dumped onto the ground by Nie Yi. Nie Yi still didn’t let them off, suddenly attacking and dumping the others onto the ground as well.

“You…” They looked at Nie Yi in shock, but weren’t resentful at all. Of course, even if they didn’t resent Nie Yi, they still needed to regain their reputation. GYgTvi

At the same time, probably because the activity outside had alarmed the people in the school buildings nearby, , a few dozen people ran out from the inside.

“Brothers, someone came to destroy our reputation!” Someone from the crowd yelled and proceeded to rush towards Nie Yi.

“Are you guys coming one by one, or all at once?” Nie Yi folded his arms over his chest and asked haughtily. He knew very well that, after he said this, these people would definitely come one by one.

Truthfully, if this many people came at once, it wasn’t likely that he could beat them, but if they came one by one… bCVL4H

“What a joke, do we need to attack together to deal with you?” Someone immediately said. While they wanted to defeat Nie Yi, they wouldn’t go so far as to fight with an advantage.

“Then come on.” Nie Yi smirked and extended a hand.

Someone promptly rushed out. Nie Yi used his spiritual strength to observe his opponent’s movements and dodged his attack, quickly finding an opportune time to aim a kick his ribs, immediately booting the person out.

The second person was more careful and didn’t even take the initiative to attack. Nie Yi was too impatient to waste time with him and rushed over, quickly throwing out a kick towards his opponent’s waist. qAi3Io

The third person paid careful attention to defense, defending almost all of his weak spots. Despite this, Nie Yi still caught one of his hands and went so far as to fling him out.

The fourth, fifth, sixth…

One after another, they were all thrown back by Nie Yi.

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He fought with these people only to establish himself, so he didn’t attack them seriously. The people who’d been knocked down by him didn’t receive any injuries either. 0XPKE6

“You’re very powerful; General Zhao’s praise wasn’t unfounded.” After Nie Yi won against ten people, the apparent leader in the group said, “I’m convinced.”

“That’s good.” Nie Yi smiled and stood up straight.

“But, while I may be convinced, the others won’t necessarily be convinced.” The man continued, “Soon, other people will come back. You may have beaten me, but you might not beat them. You should know, their ability is very strong.”

“My ability isn’t weak either,” Nie Yi said. “Nice to meet you, I’m Nie Yi.” Su5WNp

“I’m Qian Mingfeng,” the man said, then chatted with Nie Yi about the specific circumstances here. Nie Yi finally understood why this place was so empty and didn’t have many people.

Many ability users under Yu Shuo were civilians. Even though they awakened to an ability, they weren’t particularly powerful and couldn’t do many missions. Basically, those who were led by Yu Shuo stayed in the base and helped the common people to pacify the masses, but military ability users weren’t the same.

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After they awakened to their abilities, they were divided into many small teams. Every day, they had to do missions. Fire ability users had to leave the base to roast zombies, water ability users had to supply water at several entrances of the secure base, earth ability users had to clear the roads…

Even though these people used their abilities rather messily, they still had their own uses. In the end, only wind ability users were left in the camp. 9AT7W0

“We’re all wind ability users. Currently, the base doesn’t have anything we need to do, but in a few days, when the wind turbines are set up, we’ll have a use.” Qian Mingfeng was also a little embarrassed when mentioning his own ability— At the moment, wind ability users were the most useless…

Even though Nie Yi had come in contact with the military ability users in his last life, it had already been half a year into the apocalypse. He didn’t know that the current military ability users were arranged to do so many things, but when he thought about it, he felt that it was reasonable.

A lot of abilities were useful, so obviously the military wouldn’t squander these people’s ability.

After talking with Qian Mingfeng, Qian Mingfeng asked about the abilities of the people present. After learning that Jiang Huai was a wind ability user as well, he was much warmer to him, while Nie Yi’s fire ability and Shao Zhenglan’s earth ability made him feel somewhat envious. In the end… Bld yX

“He doesn’t have an ability?” Qian Mingfeng looked at Qi Jingchen in surprise, then looked back at Nie Yi, puzzled. “If he doesn’t have an ability, why’d you bring him here for?”

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This was one of the bases for the military ability users, it wasn’t somewhere anyone could walk in!

“I’ve already informed General Zhao,” Nie Yi said, but didn’t elaborate.

When Qian Mingfeng heard Nie Yi say this, he furrowed his brows and glanced at Qi Jingchen. It’s not like this place was only full of ability users. Besides the ordinary people who boiled water and cooked for them, there were also regular people like the military instructor who came to teach them about firearms, and the glasses-wearing researchers who would sometimes ponder over how to use abilities with them. 2 sC6Y

But… Regardless of that, there wasn’t anyone who would lie down like an arrogant idler here!

Qian Mingfeng didn’t know what to say at all, and ended up saying, “Later, you should be careful.”

Even though Nie Yi had defeated him, he might be out of luck later! Among the people who had gone out to do missions, there were a good number of people who were proud and arrogant while also possessing strong abilities. Their skill wasn’t any weaker than the energetically publicized Yu Shuo. When they return… 

Whether it was Nie Yi or this young man, it was possible that they would be thrown out. dUPFiv

While Qian Mingfeng was still sighing, a clamor suddenly sounded from outside, and the loud noise that entered was accompanied by a large fireball!

This fireball was unbiased, and was completely heading towards Qi Jingchen!

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