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BOSS's Guide To Seeking DeathCh21 - Yao Jialong

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“The morning distribution are these dull things again. A piece of bread was even expired!” Yao Jialong grumbled with a frown. In two or three bites, he finished the bread in his hands, then went to watch Nie Yi and the others kill zombies.

Xu Nan’s wife glanced at him, then held her daughter’s hand to edge closer to the side. ofIZW6

This Yao Jialong was the man that was obviously hale and hearty yet had his own parents kill zombies, while he himself hid among the family-dependent ranks.

Father Yao had four brothers in his generation. As a result, besides Father Yao, everyone else gave birth to daughters. The Yao family’s grandparents were very patriarchal, so Yao Jialong had been doted on since birth. No matter what he wanted to do, they would surrender to him, and were even more unwilling to let him do the slightest bit of work.

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After Yao Jialong graduated from vocational high school, he didn’t further his studies. At first, he had also gone to look for some work, but later, he felt that work was too exhausting, having to read a person’s expression and unable to earn much. He might as well stay at home without working and let his parents raise him with a clear conscience.

The Yao parents were very pampering towards their son. If their son didn’t work, they would say a few words at most, but would hate to let him freeze and starve, and didn’t even like to let him make a meal. adfiPs

After Mother Yao retired, she found a job where she could help cook for a small factory to earn more money. When she was done cooking for those factory workers, she had to immediately hurry home without stopping to rest, just to cook for her son. After eating, her son would even bring it into the room so that he could play games while eating.

Yao Jialong could be considered as someone with not a single good point, but the Yao parents thought that he was outstanding. Some wastrels would gamble, drink, or so on, squandering away the family’s money, while their family’s Jialong doesn’t do any of these bad things. Not only did he spend every day at home playing games and not wasting money, sometimes he could even earn a few hundred from games!

In short, the Yao parents thought that their son was perfect, and even believed that their twenty-seven-year-old son was still young, and was unable to do a lot of things. Naturally, they also wouldn’t let Yao Jialong kill zombies; on the contrary, they staked their old lives to earn food for their son to eat.

“Having food is good enough.” An old man who wasn’t used to the sight of Yao Jialong glared at him. “How could you eat so much? What about your parents?” DEQN0r

“My parents have small appetites,” Yao Jialong snorted. In the end, his parents were old, so they couldn’t give much energy to killing zombies. The distributed food was also very little; moreover, half of their distributed food had now already entered his stomach.

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In fact, he also had a faint sense of guilt towards his parents, but recalling his parents saying that they were old and couldn’t eat much, he then had a clear conscience.

“Truly sinful!” the old man said, but didn’t say too much. For Yao Jialong to be this way, was caused by nothing else but his parents’ pampering. He really wanted to say that Yao Jialong was unfilial and so on, but Yao Jialong’s parents might even dislike him for being nosy.

This old man had only lamented one sentence, but Yao Jialong couldn’t even stand that, nearly leaping up. “What does it matter to you? There’s plenty of people that are worse than me, why don’t I see you care about them?” While speaking, he pointed at Qi Jingchen, who was not too far away, being carried by Nie Yi. 5nZbFI

While Yao Jialong was indeed not that good, compared to Qi Jingchen… that one’s a young master who often wasn’t even willing to walk!

When the old man heard Yao Jialong’s words, he sighed. Even though Qi Jingchen’s behavior wasn’t too appropriate, that person has a powerful person willing to spoil him, and at least he wouldn’t let the other starve and feed him, right?

When the parents clearly didn’t have money, and the children still wanted to receive money from them, that was called NEETs. If the parents were millionaires and were willing to let their children spend a little,  then it couldn’t be considered ‘gnawing’.

Nie Yi was very powerful. If he gave Qi Jingchen this and that, it wouldn’t affect him much. Overall, it was still better than this Yao Jialong, who let his parents starve. dSxYRn

The old man had thought things thoroughly and clearly, but didn’t want to argue with Yao Jialong, so he didn’t speak much anymore. Yao Jialong immediately felt pleased with himself, but it was only for a while. After he saw the one whose feet never touched the ground, Qi Jingchen, he was indignant once again.

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Nie Yi, that group, not a single one was good!

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Tjb Aljibcu atbeuta atja atfrf qfbqif kfgf yljrfv abkjgvr mtlivgfc, ulnlcu atfw fzagj wlix. Cirb, Hl Alcumtfc mbeiv fja atlr jcv atja, sfa atfs bcis vlraglyeafv atlcur ilxf fzqlgfv ygfjv. Ktf wbgf tf atbeuta, atf jcuglfg tf yfmjwf. Lf vjgxis nbkfv atja ktfc tf oibeglrtfv, tf kbeiv vfolclafis tewliljaf atfrf qfbqif. 1lWDV2

Shao Zhenglan didn’t know that she, a Ms. Perfect that had countless suitors before the apocalypse, had already been secretly considered a ‘spinster with a dark mentality’ by someone. She saw that most of the zombies had been killed, and her ability was used up, thus began to urge the family members to pack up.

As for the situation where Yao Jialong had eaten the greater half of the food distributed to his parents, she had also seen it. She thought of the other family-dependent people, who would save up while eating rations since they couldn’t fight. Meanwhile, that lunkhead would still waste foodstuff. She was even more disgusted, chidingly saying, “Don’t your parents have two bags? Why don’t you go pack it up?!”

“My mom said she’ll pack,” Yao Jialong said. Those were the assortment of things packed by his mother; he hadn’t touched it at all.

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“Your mom said, so that’s it, you still really have the face to let her pack it!” Shao Zhenglan had just finished a battle, and her legs would unavoidably have some stains. She didn’t use her leg to kick Yao Jialong, but instead took out the electric baton stuck to her waist, and didn’t turn it on as she hit Yao Jialong twice. JDN4Km

She didn’t have the intention of actually hurting Yao Jialong, hitting him was just a warning, but it also made Yao Jialong beaten into sincerity. After he grimaced for a while, Yao Jialong then went to pack that bag.

“Miss Shao’s temper isn’t very good; you shouldn’t care about it too much.” The zombies were more or less killed, so Yan Zhe had also returned, entering the room to help Yao Jialong pack.

“This sort of woman is definitely a pervert who definitely can’t get married!” Yao Jialong said.

Even though Yan Zhe was very dissatisfied with Nie Yi and his crew as of late, when he heard Yao Jialong’s words, he was somewhat speechless. He echoed along for a couple of sentences without meaning it, and also packed up his own bundle. Wy7DwV

Yao Jialong grumbled while he carried the bag, then suddenly saw a vacuum-packed soy egg on the floor.

Yao Jialong had originally liked eating meat, so when he could only eat some biscuits and bread for these two days, there was already no taste in his mouth. Seeing this soy egg, he didn’t care who had abandoned it, opening it up and eating it, feeling that it was tremendously delicious.

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And at this time, the zombies outside had been thoroughly cleaned up, and everyone had decided to depart.

Nie Yi’s truck lost its glass yesterday, so he found two pieces of glass from somewhere else, then took some metal to forcibly fastened the two pieces of glass with his fire ability. It actually had some layer of protection. edd9ub

He still placed Qi Jingchen on the passenger seat, then started the car and led the way from the front.

The B city secured base had been continuously publicizing themselves these few days. The nearby people who had radios all received some of their news. They even found someone to fly a helicopter around to announce the matter of the secured base, just to be able to save even a few more people.

Of course, some people didn’t hear this propaganda, but who didn’t know that B city was the capital? After the arrival of the apocalypse, some people tried their best to return to their hometown, while some fled to the countryside. Still, some would come to this kind of big cities, believing that such big cities would definitely have troops dispatched by the nation for protection.

Because of this, when they neared B city, the journey wasn’t so easy anymore. Not only were many roads blocked, but there were also a lot of zombies on the streets. lSoOtG

At this time, B city’s secured base had already begun cleaning up the surrounding roads. However, they were unable to finish cleaning up and would even block up the roads— zombies didn’t have a sense of wanting to live, so when they saw a car driving by, they would launch themselves onto it. Their large trucks could steamroll over them, but when a sedan ran into zombies, the car could skid and slide, then maybe the car would crash into the railings at the side. Also, in case a vehicle broke down at the side of the road, it was easy for the cars behind to have problems.

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Fortunately, they were driving a truck.

Moving and stopping, and having to get down to clear up the road now and then, after doing this continuously for three to four hours, everyone in their team was already unbearably exhausted. The two trucks were in worse conditions, the front part having sunken because they had to open up a path several times violently.

It was at this time when they arrived at a small town near B city. FIN9VK

Their troops could be considered as enormous, and upon seeing them, many survivors in the small town had let out cries for help from upstairs.

Qi Jingchen suddenly said, “I’m tired, let’s rest awhile. You go and save those people ba.”

Nie Yi looked at Qi Jingchen for a moment, then exposed a smile after a moment. “I’ll first find a safe place for you to settle down for a while.”

Qi Jingchen blinked, consenting. 6p5ahP

Because this town was close to B city, many houses were built in the real estate business district. Nie Yi looked around, then finally picked an office building.

The ground floor of the office building installed an automatic sensor glass door, so now it was unusable, but they could use the earthen wall to block it up. The second floor had a large meeting room, just big enough to allow everyone to settle down there, so Nie Yi had everyone go there.

Of course, even though everyone was there, the treatment wasn’t the same. Other people could only sit on the floor, but for Qi Jingchen, no one knew where Nie Yi found a beanbag for him to lie in.

Nie Yi had found some food while on the road, and now used an egg to make an egg drop soup and boil some vegetables for Qi Jingchen to eat, then departed. When he exited, he turned his head to look at Qi Jingchen, but unfortunately, Qi Jingchen wasn’t looking at him. SCQbBj

Nie Yi took along Ping Shengchao and Shao Zhenglan, and also a few people in the troops that could still persevere in rescuing the trapped people in this town, but left the two guards to take care of Qi Jingchen.

Qi Jingchen slowly drank his egg drop soup, and after a while, towards Qi Yaoyao, who hadn’t followed them out because of her exhaustion, he said, “Yaoyao, come here.”

Ge, what’s wrong?” Even though Qi Yaoyao was very tired, she still went over to Qi Jingchen’s side, then showed a smile.

Story translated by Chrysanthemum Garden.

“Give the egg drop soup to you,” Qi Jingchen said, passing the egg drop soup in his hand over to Qi Yaoyao, then pointed to a corner over at the side, “Go over there and eat ba. After you’re done, rest against the wall for a while.” rbFgfj

These few days, Qi Jingchen had always treated Qi Yaoyao very indifferently. At this moment, he suddenly spoke to Qi Yaoyao with a good tone and temper. It immediately made Qi Yaoyao smile in happiness, then she clasped that bowl of egg drop soup in her hands and went to the corner to drink it.

Qi Jingchen’s egg drop soup didn’t have the slightest bit of seasoning, but it was still very delicious. Qi Yaoyao drank until she was perfectly content. When she was done, she followed Qi Jingchen instructions, leaning against the wall and taking a rest.

Prior, during the journey, Yao Jialong had already realized that there was something a bit wrong with himself. At that time, he had only thought that he had caught a cold, but as time passed, he discovered that matters weren’t that simple.

He definitely had not caught a cold, but instead was turning into a zombie! tH7ESL

If someone were bitten to death by a zombie, then they would immediately become a zombie. But if they hadn’t been bitten to death there and then, instead, sustaining an injury on their body, then there would possibly be an incubation period.

The larger the wound, the shorter the incubation period. If they had small wounds and were strong, the incubation period would be even longer. During the incubation period, the person would produce some oddness. For example, fear of cold, fondness for the darkness, and also a thirst for blood.

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The people in the incubation period still had their sense of reason, but their body had actually half-turned into a zombie already, and couldn’t be saved.

Regarding this, Yao Jialong, in truth didn’t know too clearly, but he could still guess his current situation. P4vkD7

“Jialong, what’s wrong with you?” Mother Yao looked at her son in concern.

“I’m fine,” Yao Jialong said, then dodged towards the side. It was also at this time that he discovered that his fingertips were already turning black.

Yao Jialong hadn’t killed zombies before, but having seen the appearance of a zombie, aren’t those zombie’s hands precisely black?

How come it would be like this?! How could he turn into a zombie?! He clearly hadn’t come in contact with those zombies!! Could it be that Shao Zhenglan found him unpleasing to the eye and wanted to harm him? There was only that woman who had beaten him before, right? fK23eT

Yao Jialong’s heart was extremely ill at ease. All sorts of suspicions rolled around endlessly in his mind, practically about to roar out. After he looked around and discovered that everyone was eating in a relaxed mood, his heart was even more incomparably hateful.

If you're reading this, this translation is stolen. Please support our translators at chrysanthemumgarden.com

Not only that, but when he looked at those people around him, he actually had a sort of desire to bite their throats apart, then swallow their flesh.

He really was turning into a zombie! Yao Jialong drew back his lips, and felt some teeth beginning to itch.

“Jialong, we brought back the food. There are sausages; you eat ba.” At this time, Father Yao had already returned from Jiang Huai, who was in the middle of allocating supplies, then gave the best of the food he had brought over to Yao Jialong. 4FVUda

“I’m still not hungry now; I’m going to take a walk first.” Yao Jialong stood up with both his arms hugging his chest.

His current appearance was already a little wrong, but everyone was busy with their own matters, so basically no one had the time to look at him. Even if they saw him, they would only think that he was frightened by the zombies outside, and that was why his expression was weird.

Yao Jialong slowly walked, getting closer to Qi Jingchen.

He knew that he couldn’t continue to live, and now he didn’t want to live either. But before facing death, he thought of pulling a few sacrificial victims. MY9bZ

No matter whether it was Nie Yi or Shao Zhenglan, Yao Jialong hated them all, but the one he despised the most was actually Qi Jingchen. Seeing Qi Jingchen going by his days well, he already was incomparably envious.

If he bit Qi Jingchen…

So what if this Qi Jingchen was so amazing? If he bit him, wouldn’t he still become a zombie? Didn’t that Nie Yi snatch his room for that Qi Jingchen? He wanted to see what Nie Yi would do if Qi Jingchen became a zombie!


Translator's Note

Not currently engaged in Employment, Education, or Training. 啃老 kenlao is one way to say it in Chinese, and the literal translation is gnawing the elderly

Translator's Note

re my tn above, it couldn’t be considered gnawing the elderly. Meaning that it couldn’t be considered leeching off since there was an abundance, and no sacrifices were needed.

Translator's Note

this sort of egg

Translator's Note

looong explanation but can be skipped, what the author wrote was that 嘴里都淡出鸟来了. Literally, it says that in his mouth, it was tasteless to the point that birds would fly out. In Chinese, egg and tasteless have the same pronunciation, therefore it’s saying that his mouth has been tasteless (egg) for so long that the birds are hatching.

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