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Beastman Forcefully Raising a WifeCh4 - The Spiritual Snake


It was just a tiny bite but plentiful juice filled his oral cavity, the flavour fresh and sweet.

Shu Jintian looked at the fruit in his hand in surprise. Aside from its especially enticing red colour, it seemed to be just regular fruit. Unexpectedly, it had such a flavour. FDsyVN

He had been hungry for a long time and wasn’t as mysophobic as usual now that he had something delicious. He brought out another fruit, nonchalantly rubbed it on his body, and took a big bite out of it.

The spiritual snake secretly lifted his head to peek at him. His eyes narrowed, and he proceeded to roll around the female in an excellent mood.

Story translated by Chrysanthemum Garden.

Shu Jintian tensed up and turned his head around only to see that the large snake was still asleep. Hence, he continued to eat the fruit in large bites.

After eating and drinking his fill, Shu Jintian didn’t know when, but under the threat of the snake, actually fell asleep. He remained that way until he was tormented awake by the pain in his abdomen. VivsYS

While still immersed in his dreams, Shu Jintian was so pained that his head was dripping with sweat, a hand clutching his abdomen as he twisted around on the grass pile.

Shu Jintian’s stomach had a burning pain, and it hurt so much that he kept curling himself into a ball. His complexion had turned deathly pale as beads of sweat formed on his forehead and tumbled down the smooth contours of his face.

Awaking with a start, he noticed that the large snake that had always been restricting him had unexpectedly disappeared.

Even though he was in pain, Shu Jintian couldn’t help being emotionally affected.


The sky had already darkened and the cave was pitch-black, with only the mouth of the cave revealing a luminous blue light. The thin rays of light poured into the cavern and blanketed it with a layer of almost indiscernible light.

Story translated by Chrysanthemum Garden.

Shu Jintian wanted to go out, but he couldn’t even stand up right now. He couldn’t help feeling both anxious and angry.

The chance was right before his eyes, so how could he let it slip?

Shu Jintian sucked in his stomach and used both his hands and feet to crawl towards the cave entrance. Finally, he was even closer to the moonlight and his emotions became stirred up. 6aWTn1

However, the inordinately high entrance was a threshold he couldn’t cross. He might not be able to climb up even when he was in a normal state, much less now.

Shu Jintian looked around, wanting to find a large piece of rock or something that could pad his feet and elevate himself.

But the cavern was pitch-dark and everything in it was cast in a deep or dark shade.

Shu Jintian had no idea what was in those shadows. However, the thought of him groping about everywhere in such a big cave made him feel even weaker through his entire body. UZDQdc

Deflating, Shu Jintian laid limp on the floor and could not generate even an ounce of strength. He curled up into himself tight, gritting his teeth and stopping himself from letting out a single sound.

Because the Spiritual Snake had seen that his female valued that white thing very much, he followed its scent that night and went in search of its origin.

He found the person he was looking for on a high platform.

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The owner of that comforter was with a Sky Wolf beastman. Upon catching sight of the Spiritual Snake, he hid behind the beastman while trembling. This beastman’s female was even punier than his own female. Contrary to his expectations, this female looked quite beautiful. His petite and weak mien made him appear as if he would break with a simple touch. 8SyfGL

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Did his female come from the Sky Wolf tribe? Then he had to be careful in the future and not give his female a chance to come in contact with any Sky Wolf beastmen. He wouldn’t throw away his female that carelessly.

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The inherited memory of the Spiritual Snakes that spanned several generations had accumulated several cases of their female being snatched back by their tribe members. XPKnNp

The Spiritual Snake beastman thought of the female in his cavern and his heart was suffused with a strange softness. He increased his speed and his gigantic yet agile and strong body shuttled through the pitch-black forest as if he was flying.

The female was still alone in the cavern; who knew if he would be scared of the dark.

He had never been so eager to return to his cave. The Spiritual Snake was very baffled by his own feelings. It was because that female was □□! If the female was a little more obedient, he was also prepared to treat him more tenderly.

The enormous body entered the hollow cave. The hollow space finally no longer felt that empty and had a bit of a harmonious feeling. n2KLdc

The female was unconsciously letting out pained moans, his diminutive body curled up in the centre of the cavern. If it weren’t for his excellent control, he nearly would have climbed in and landed directly on top of him from the outside.

When he turned over the female’s balled up figure, a small, deathly pale face was revealed. Beads of sweat the size of beans were trickling downwards from his forehead and soaking his dark hair. What originally had been bright red lips had also paled and cracked. However, his bottom lip had a cut from where he had bit on it and scarlet red blood flowed out. The white and red formed a distinct contrast. Surprisingly, it revealed a strange, morbid beauty.

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The Spiritual Snake curled up in an unimaginable shape, his heart faintly aching.

What was this? He had only departed for a little while and the female had already become like this. TRbuUq

The Spiritual Snake was about to examine him further when he realized that the female’s rear part was a little moist and warm, a liquid flowing onto his body from there. Upon glancing at the liquid, he was surprised to discover that it was blood!

So it turned out that the yun fruit had worked?

The Spiritual Snake’s body swayed and turned into a human form.

The smart Spiritual Snake studied the female’s strange clothes for a moment and then set about pulling down his pants, revealing the female’s bare legs. 78Bwy

The blood was winding down from between the female’s legs. Without the clothes absorbing it, the bright-red bloodstains flowed downwards along his fair and clear inner thighs.

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The Spiritual Snake had seen a lot of blood in his life but had never felt that the colour of blood could be so piercing to the eyes.

Carrying the female with a bare lower half in a bridal fashion, the Spiritual Snake headed towards the grass pile and sat there. He gently rocked his body like a baby’s cradle for the female to feel more comforted in his sleep.

In a daze, Shu Jintian felt like he had been turned over, then was taken into an embrace. It was very comfortable but strangely, this embrace made him reminiscent of the way he felt when the large snake was winding around him, making him incomparably nervous. kocO2N

Shu Jintian finally regained consciousness after sleeping for an entire night.

Shu Jintian wearily opened his eyes and shifted in discomfort. He wanted to stretch when he discovered that, shockingly, he was really being held by someone. And it was even in the embarrassing style of holding a child!

Wait, …someone? Shu Jintian suddenly raised his head.

The person holding him was a young man who looked very fair and very beautiful. jtYC2

With his eyes shut, he leant against the cave wall. His dark green hair was draped over his equally fair shoulders. His facial features were very delicate and pretty, even feminine. His black eyelashes were curled up like butterfly wings, casting an arched shadow on his fair face.

Shu Jintian couldn’t help staring blankly at him. How beautiful.

His dazzling eyelashes made him very curious whether his eyes were just as attractive as his eyelashes.

His curiosity was satisfied at the next second. The man abruptly opened his eyes, revealing a pair of emerald green eyes with flecks of dark green. mNDlx8

The man’s aura instantly changed. His feminine face did nothing to conceal his powerful and oppressive aura.

“Ah! You…” The identical pair of eyes made Shu Jintian immediately recall the large snake that had captured and brought him to his cave. His fright led him to attempt pushing aside the man’s hold.

However, that person may seem delicate but his arms were like iron bands. No matter how much strength he used, they wouldn’t budge at all.

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The Spiritual Snake tightened his hold in reprimand. He only lessened his strength when he saw the female reveal a pained expression. gXUdHQ

Shu Jintian was so restricted that he found it hard to breathe. He seriously suspected that this person was the big snake, though it was a very absurd, and improbable conjecture. However, a person with monstrously large strength could enter the snake cave, and had the same eyes as the snake; that was very convincing.

With his understanding of the big snake, Shu Jintian did not dare shift a single centimetre now. He obediently sat in his embrace without a single movement.

The Spiritual Snake was satisfied and loosened his suppressing strength on the female very slightly.

At this time, Shu Jintian was appalled to discover that he wasn’t wearing pants. This discovery promptly turned his expression strange. HCUN d

“This… What happened?”

The Spiritual Snake may not understand his words but looking at the female’s gaze on his lower body, he understood his meaning.

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The Spiritual Snake released an arm and felt at Shu Jintian’s genitals.

Shu Jintian immediately clamped his legs shut, looking at the male in bafflement. Rq4WCH

Right at this instant, Shu Jintian realised that this man wasn’t wearing anything at all. His body temperature was low and his skin was slightly cool. However, it felt mildly warm and had a feeling like a jade becoming warm when held in his hand for a long time. This made him even more certain of this man’s relation to the python.

The man had embraced him in this naked fashion, leaning against the cave wall. It seemed that he had maintained this posture for a long time.

Shu Jintian also just so happened to feel like something pokey was jabbing at his butt. It could safely be assumed that it was the man’s… =口=

Shu Jintian shifted his butt uneasily but was unyieldingly pressed down by the man. Frighteningly, that thing seemed to slip in between his cheeks… BKLYjG

Shu Jintian really did not dare to move!

Story translated by Chrysanthemum Garden.

Seeing the female learn his place, the Spiritual Snake uncompromisingly pried apart Shu Jintian’s legs. Under the female’s fear of being forcefully suppressed and intense discomfort, he reached between his thighs and headed towards that hidden area.

Shu Jintian couldn’t help his chrysanthemum from tightening. The place that was touched was cool and slippery, causing him to have a strange urge to shudder.

Fortunately, before his rationality collapsed, the man’s satin-smooth hand touched it briefly and soon took it away. jYUTC1

However, before he could relax, he had an even more alarming discovery. That thing that had been pressing against the space between his cheeks, at some unknown time, had become very hard.

This man unexpectedly got hard for him!!

Once the man took away his hand, Shu Jintian hastily closed his legs.

The Spiritual Snake’s breathing was heavier than usual. He stilled for a moment in order to tamp down his rising desire and regain control. He then removed his hand from beneath him and displayed his palm to the female. drPi p

The fair and slender fingers were stained with some dried flecks of blood.

It was then that Shu Jintian sensed that his butt seemed somewhat clammy.

When he parted his legs to examine himself, he realized that he was stained with blood. The blood spread from his inner thighs all the way to the deep part he himself couldn’t see.

Shu Jintian contracted his chrysanthemum; it didn’t hurt. sn7R0X

Could it be… that it was caused by yesterday’s stomach pain?

The care he sensed in his hazy condition, was it from this man?

Shu Jintian was somewhat grateful. Though he was kept captive by this person and his constant suppression made him unhappy, he figured that they could do it one yard at a time. This person had helped him through his ordeal, and he thus had a small amount of appreciation for him.

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“Thank you for last night!” Shu Jintian didn’t care if the man could understand what he was saying, and gave him a smile. 4WUxFH

The Spiritual Snake was delighted by the female’s docile behaviour. In a rare, gentle mood, he brought him deeper into his embrace and opened his mouth to speak.



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Translator's Note

this one was censored and i cannot for the life of me guess what it means.

Translator's Note


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