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Beastman Forcefully Raising a WifeCh25 - Unlucky People Would Have Even Cold Water Stuck Between Their Teeth


“I’ve already said that it was raining outside; what would we do if you got sick from being in the rain?” Shu Jintian suddenly felt a little distressed for Shu Hanyu, who didn’t care about his own body that much.

However, Shu Hanyu didn’t respond. He simply approached Shu Jintian and pressed against his lips. Z6kYQF

Shu Jintian paused, not rejecting him for the first time. The cool and refreshing liquid was passed from Shu Hanyu’s mouth to his. It turned out that he was giving water like this.

Shu Jintian blinked, not retreating away from Shu Hanyu.

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Yet, Shu Hanyu didn’t invade further, leaving the female’s lips after feeding him water.

“Is it enough? If not I’ll get some more.” Shu Hanyu crouched before the female and spoke softly. eZ1OSq

It seemed that he didn’t want to get Shu Jintian wet, so Shu Hanyu didn’t touch his body.

“Enough, enough,” Shu Jintian felt slightly moved in his heart, and suddenly no longer felt that repelled by Shu Hanyu’s kiss. Even the water he had fed with his mouth didn’t feel dirty. Shu Jintian lowered his head and pursed his lips.

Shu Hanyu waited for himself to dry up before holding Shu Jintian. The female’s body was still so hot, without a bit of improvement.

“Is Tiantian hot? Why is your body so scalding?” Shu Hanyu was very concerned, using his own body to lower the female’s temperature.


“It’s still okay. I just feel a little too damp. It’s very uncomfortable with the stickiness on my body.”

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“Then let’s move houses. I’ll go look for a dry place now.”

“Wait for the rain to stop first; it’s raining so heavily right now. Huh? You brought back the beast skin? I’ve completely forgotten about it.” Shu Jintian got up and took the beast skin. The beast skin was almost completely dried. Even though the fur was soft, the skin was very hard.

“It can be used during the cold season, so it should be prepared first.” zCGM92

“Mn. It would’ve been good if it was a little bigger. It can be slept on as a padding.” Shu Jintian rubbed the beast skin, hoping to make it softer.

“There will be. Next time, I’ll pay attention to larger beasts.” Shu Hanyu walked to the female’s side and bridal-carried him. Then, he returned back to the grass nest where they slept.

Shu Hanyu placed the female on his lap, his arms wrapped around his body.

Shu Jintian felt comfortable sitting like that, his head leaning on Shu Hanyu’s shoulder. Very soon, he squinted his eyes and dozed off. z0J4Sh

Unconsciously, Shu Jintian fell asleep again. When he woke up, the sky had already darkened completely. It was so dark there was no trace of brightness; even the cave entrance couldn’t be seen.

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“Ljcse?” Vte Alcaljc abemtfv atf qijmf yfrlvf tlw. Pa rffwfv atja atf ylu rcjxf kjrc’a tfgf. Qtfgf mbeiv tf tjnf ubcf veglcu remt j ijaf tbeg?

Vte Alcaljc ugbqfv jgbecv jcv obecv tlr pjmxfa, atfc abbx bea atf qegqif cluta qfjgi. Ycis atfc kjr atfgf iluta lc atf mjnfgc. Vegf fcbeut, Vte Ljcse kjrc’a lc atf mjnfgc. BISEeZ

Shu Jintian wrapped himself up with the thin comforter and got up to look for some wild fruits to eat. The fruits were a little sour, and were quite refreshing when eaten.

Shu Jintian ate two fruits, and gained a bit of energy. He was a little hungry as well. And so, he rummaged around for the sweet potatoes he had roasted during the day.

After eating a sweet potato, Shu Jintian’s stomach felt much better. There was nothing to do in the cave, so he kept thinking about Shu Hanyu. Occasionally, he would glance at the pitch-black cave entrance. Why wasn’t the snake coming back even though it was so late?

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After a very long time, so long that Shu Jintian felt a little sleepy again, Shu Hanyu glided in from outside with his body drenched in rainwater, biting a dead prey in his mouth. 8tRuhd

When Shu Hanyu saw that the female was awake, he was very happy and turned into his human form to embrace him. “Is Tiantian hungry? I caught food back.”

Shu Jintian shook his head. “I’m not hungry. Why did you only come back now? I’ve never seen you hunt food this long usually ah?”

“I went out to find a cave.”Shu Hanyu said uncaringly and conveniently tossed the prey to the side, taking Shu Jintian’s entire person in his embrace.

“Why did you look for a cave so late at night?” Shu Jintian was in disbelief. He himself had just casually mentioned it, but Shu Hanyu went into the rain and searched for it. crtyT6

“How could you be this silly? I’ve already said that you should only look after the rain stops.”

Shu Hanyu’s arms which were holding the female suddenly squeezed tighter and he said, pleasantly surprised, “Is Tiantian worried about me? I’m fine; I’m already used to it.”

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Shu Jintian was startled. How could he be worried about this big snake? This was the person who had imprisoned him and stripped him of his freedom; what was he doing?

Shu Jintian fell silent. NuAKcs

From then onwards, Shu Hanyu would go out every day after Shu Jintian fell asleep. After Shu Jintian noticed, he didn’t ask either, eating and sleeping when he should. But it was just that his illness didn’t show any signs of improvement, and his mind was always dizzy and tired.

Perhaps because Shu Jintian hadn’t gotten sick for quite a while, or perhaps the cavern was really too damp, his illness went on for three to four days and made Shu Hanyu unbearably worried. However, he was completely helpless; aside from finding good food for him to eat, he could only try to find a dry place for the female to better recuperate.

Until one day, Shu Jintian woke up in an unfamiliar place. When he opened his eyes, he saw a different cave ceiling.

It was a cave in the mountains. He was sleeping at the deepest part of the cave, his body still covered by the thin, white quilt. x9zUIk

Shu Jintian was startled and immediately got up. Due to him standing up too hastily, Shu Jintian’s head had a severe bout of dizziness, and his eyes had bursts of darkness. He recovered only a good while later.

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There was only him in the cavern, and Shu Jintian walked out of the cave with unstable footsteps.

What entered his eyes was a spacious and empty green. Below, treetops were closely gathered together, with irregular gaps. The trees were so tightly close that it seemed like a green carpet.

It turned out that this was at the waist of the mountain. This cave was in a sunken area at the side of the mountain wall. The mountainside above the cave protruded outwards and could provide shelter from the rain. Below the cave was an incline at about a four to five degree angle, the rainwater running down the mountainside producing pattering sounds of rain. stniqR

With such heavy rain, who knew how the big snake brought him here. He had also slept too much like the dead, unexpectedly not having felt a thing.

Where did this big snake run off to again? Searching for food again ba! Shu Jintian stood at the edge of the cave and peered downwards, searching for Shu Hanyu’s figure.

Even though the edge of the cave wouldn’t get hit by rain, the soil at the edges were still moist from the rain. The moist soil was a little loose. When Shu Jintian stood at the edge, he felt the soil beneath his feet slide down from his weight, and rapidly took a step back.

It could be said that unlucky people would have even cold water stuck between their teeth. It would have been fine if he hadn’t backed away. Once he did, the soil that originally wasn’t sturdy collapsed after being trod on, sliding into a pile of soil. Evt4wP

Shu Jintian was a little muddle-headed in the first place, so his reaction was a lot slower than usual. As his left foot slid down along with the collapsing soil, his body immediately lost balance.

“Ah!” Shu Jintian cried out in fright, falling down butt-first and causing the loosened ground to collapse further. His entire body slipped down the mountainside.

His body slid down at great speed, giving Shu Jintian an immense sense of weightlessness. This mountainside had a few weeds and sparse bushes. Shu Jintian resisted the disorderly weightlessness in his heart, and did his best to hold onto the weeds beneath him.

However, the mountainside was too inclined and the roots of these weeds simply couldn’t stop his body from rapidly sliding down. From time to time, he would also bump into some bushes. Shu Jintian calmly analysed the pros and cons before firmly giving up on trying to stop his sliding with the weeds. With both hands protecting his head, Shu Jintian curled his body into a ball. 7HAQVy

Shu Jintian rapidly rolled to the foot of the mountain, only then did he stop by crashing into a lush bush. His back had a dull pain from knocking against coarse and solid bushes. Fortunately, the overly coarse bushes had knocked against his whole back, or else he might have hurt his spine. This could be considered as having good luck in misfortune, Shu Jintian thought optimistically.

Even if he stopped his rolling, Shu Jintian still felt a wave of sky-spinning dizziness. It was like his body had dropped into a bottomless pit, rapidly spinning downwards. It was more unbearable than when he had been tumbling down.

Shu Jintian laid stomach down on the floor, and took a good while to recover. His entire body hurt from being hit by the shrubbery roots on the mountainside. Even if he wasn’t as dizzy as before, Shu Jintian couldn’t get up for a time.

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The rain came down in buckets, washing away the dirt stains on Shu Jintian. Shu Jintian’s mind grew increasingly heavier. He forcefully shook his head, pushing himself to get up. DjJeUB

Shu Jintian raised his head and looked up. His sight was covered by the bushes, and he couldn’t see the cave; it was just an entire area of verdant green. The mountainside was precipitous, and the ground was slippery. It would have been hard even if he wanted to go up.

Hold on, why would he want to go up? This might be a chance given to him by the Heavens; shouldn’t he seize this opportunity to run off?

The chance suddenly appeared, but Shu Jintian was instead a little hesitant. Especially since, when he was sick, Shu Hanyu had been so caring and attentive to him.

Since childhood, he had never received his father’s pampering, and his mother did not personally raise him, so he ended up taking after the aunt who had raised him instead of his parents. d0QOcD

In the end, Shu Jintian was just a pitiful person who lacked love. With someone treating him well, it was a rarity that he cherished.

Even the big snake wasn’t that bad. At the very least, he wouldn’t have to worry about not having enough food or warmth when he was with him. Moreover, he was that concerned about him. Using him as a long term meal ticket would also work.

Story translated by Chrysanthemum Garden.

Moreover, he wouldn’t necessarily be able to escape either. Why not… just simply get by like this.

Forget it, let’s just cheerfully decide like this. Wasn’t he just a little too coily, a little violent, and a little too tyrannical? He would get used to it if he endured! ANVPDt

The fuck! Could he get used to that? No can do, it had to be changed, he had to make him change. At the very least, he couldn’t always be firmly wrapped around him, and kiss him; these things must be changed.

Having made a decision, Shu Jintian’s heart immediately relaxed.

His entire body was covered in mud. Shu Jintian thought, in any case, he couldn’t climb up, so might as well just find a river to wash up and wait for the big snake to come find him. He believed that the place the big snake found wouldn’t be far from a river, so he should go look for it ba.

Shu Jintian staggered towards the foot of the mountain, thinking that since water flowed downwards, he could probably find a river there. aPj9bI

Shu Jintian leaned on a rough branch he picked up and walked forward, his steps unbalanced. His head was getting heavier, and his sight was getting blurrier as well.

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Shu Jintian’s eyes darkened, and he fell onto the floor filled with watery mud.

In a haze, Shu Jintian felt someone pick him up.

Big snake? You’re finally here!! Thinking so, Shu Jintian completely lost consciousness. UjVYQT

Shu Hanyu held a dripping wet prey in his mouth and climbed up the mountain with his body covered in mud all over. Was Tiantian awake? After changing places, he should recover very quickly ba!

Shu Hanyu eagerly wanted to see the female, and increased his climbing pace. When he finally reached their new nest and saw the scene in the quiet cave, Shu Hanyu’s cheerfulness instantly froze as the prey in his mouth fell with a thump.

The cavern didn’t have a soul in sight, with only a pure white, cotton cloth left. Tiantian… disappeared again!

—break line— jqriw2

What a headache! Shu Jintian’s face creased in pain as he let out a moan like a mosquito’s call. His memory was incredibly muddled, and Shu Jintian exerted a lot of effort, wanting to open his eyes, when he felt a jab to his face. Then he fell into a warm embrace. Big snake?

Shu Jintian was carried up, which was when he recalled the previous mishap. He had passed out in the mountains, and the big snake rescued him. Did the big snake misunderstand him, or get angry?

Translator's Note

cold water can’t be stuck between the teeth, so they saying means that you’re so unlucky even this could happen

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  1. Ah~ So much bad luck I wonder if this excessive heat and muddledness is because Hanyu decided to get Jintian all worked up and then not take responsibility, could he be in heat and then this is a. Side effect of not… mating ?

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    Pining does captor: ✅

    He’s not so bad I can change him: ✅ 🤦‍♂️

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