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Beastman Forcefully Raising a WifeCh10 - Spiritual Snake Feared Fire

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The meat had a dense, smokey flavour, as if the black smoke above the fire had been absorbed by the meat. The meat was also tough and firm, and had no seasoning at all. Shu Jintian was afraid of the meat not being cooked thoroughly and so, purposely roasted it a while longer, leading to certain areas becoming scorched.

Shu Jintian did his best to chew it but couldn’t chew through the meat that was tough as wood chips. Hence, he chose to directly swallow it whole instead. mvxjbk

“Hanyu, do you want to come and have some? You have never eaten roasted meat I presume. Try it ba!”

Shu Jintian took up the other piece of meat that had been roasted even blacker and smiled evilly. However, he suddenly discovered that not only wasn’t the big snake not wrapped around him, he was even far, far away.

Story translated by Chrysanthemum Garden.

So the big snake turned out to be scared of fire!

Shu Hanyu tilted his head and hesitantly looked at the meat being offered. With a swaying body, he slowly approached the female. Then, he extended his forked tongue and touched the piece tentatively, and instantly withdrew his tongue as if he had been electrocuted. fwQJbr

Shu Jintian smiled and put the meat Shu Hanyu licked at the side, then took another piece of meat to eat.

“You’re afraid of getting scalded, right? I’ll put it here for it to cool a little, then you can eat it after a while.”

Shu Hanyu nodded and uneasily twisted his body. Being too close to the fire made his skin feel a little dry.

Shu Hanyu directly turned into a human, and became a lot more at ease. He encircled the female from behind, obstructing the open fire’s drying heat with the other’s body. Shu Hanyu extended a hand to poke at the meat the female had placed at the side. Feeling that it could be held, he summoned his courage to knead it in his hand.


Warm, like the female’s body temperature. Shu Hanyu expressionlessly placed the meat in his mouth.

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Shu Jintian stopped eating and turned back to watch Shu Hanyu eat with a smile spreading across his face. Such an unpalatable thing. Being able to share it with the big snake was too fortunate, don’t you think so?!

Shu Hanyu shoved the entire piece in his mouth and with puffed up cheeks, chewed, then expressionlessly swallowed it.

Shu Jintian’s cheerful expression froze. …Just like that? He really didn’t give him any sense of achievement. NOuG71

“If you like it, then eat more ba.”

Shu Jintian took out even more meat and put it beside Shu Hanyu, but Shu Hanyu shook his head in refusal.

“You eat!”

He only had to confirm whether the thing the female ate was edible. However, he found his preference to be really strange. He won’t eat perfectly good food as it was and must turn it into something like this to eat. 1 cz2v

Shu Jintian mechanically finished the rest of the meat. In any case, at least he filled his stomach. After that, he was reluctant to put out the open fire. He only had just that one lighter and it couldn’t last for long. He should conserve where he can.

He used green branches and leaves to cover the fire in order to avoid causing a forest fire. Then, he scattered a layer of soil atop and left several holes on top to ventilate it.

The two of them drank water by the riverside and cleaned up. Later, Shu Jintian indolently lay on the turf by the river, gazing up at the starry sky.

The blue and psychedelic starry sky was filled with endlessly twinkling stars. The peaceful night sky was large and bright, coated with a layer of faint blue light. 9OFYAo

We’re sorry for MTLers or people who like using reading mode, but our translations keep getting stolen by aggregators so we’re going to bring back the copy protection. If you need to MTL please retype the gibberish parts.

“How beautiful. There’s so many stars all clustered together. I’ve never seen this many stars. In the past, the sky was always murky and I could only see sparse and fragmentary few stars twinkling. Only the moonlight could penetrate the layers of dust, shining beautifully.”

Vte Ljcse kjr jirb islcu vbkc yfrlvf atf sbeat, jc jgw kgjqqfv jgbecv tlw jr tf rajgfv ja atf sbeat’r ojmf.

“Ktf rajgr tfgf jgf rb nlnlv, yea kts lrc’a atfgf j wbbc?”

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Vte Ljcse abemtfv atf ofwjif’r rboa tjlg jcv ilrafcfv fjgcfrais. Cc jgw rqbcajcfberis aegcfv ybcfifrr jr la kgjqqfv jcv qfaafv atf ofwjif’r ybvs. CAgoxX

Shu Jintian instantly had goosebumps rising from his body and shot up from the floor, but was strongly pulled down by Shu Hanyu and pressed his chest against Shu Hanyu’s chest.

Shu Jintian frowned and still wanted to struggle when the arm wrapped around him suddenly became forceful, so tight he could barely breathe.

“Be good~ Don’t move.” The warm voice didn’t appear like an abuser’s voice at all. Shu Jintian hated it so much his teeth ached and resentfully hammered the floor. His face stuck against Shu Hanyu’s chest and remained unmoving.

“I say, why do you snakes like to wrap around things so much? There are so many trees at the side. If you want to wrap around thin ones, you can. If you want to wrap around thick ones, you can. You can wrap around them for as long as you like. So why must you wrap around me?1S5xga

“Because… you’re mine.”

Shu Jintian, “…”

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Shu Jintian was flustered and exasperated. He rested his chin against Shu Hanyu’s naked chest, his head moving up and down as he spoke.

“Why? There’re so many creatures in the forest. Why must you choose me?” Ben7J8

“Because… you are.” Because you’re a female, his rare female. However, Shu Hanyu did not know how to say ‘female’ in Shu Jintian’s language and could only pause like this.

“Hmph!” Shu Jintian was disinclined to speak nonsense with a feral snake and directly laid on the other’s naked body and rested.

Shu Hanyu had continued to randomly stroke his body. He figured that it would pass as long as he endured it. Wasn’t it just a beast? A big snake that loved to wrap around people? Just think of it as wearing a lively shawl.

Shu Jintian thus became involved in cosplaying as a highly experienced human vegetable, until… Ydz1cW

Shu Jintian suddenly started struggling, and raised his head to angrily say, “Hey you!”

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He immediately received a warning look. Shu Jintian sensitively changed the subject, and gritted his teeth. Just temporarily tolerate that hand that stuck in my pants and kneaded my butt. 

“My stomach hurts; I want to go relieve myself, so won’t you let me go first?”

If acting firm didn’t work, then he would be gentle. Shu Jintian changed his tone and his contentious manner immediately softened. H52hxF

It had to be admitted that Shu Jintian’s acting skills were good. If he said he would change, he’d change, and turned his face into a handsome look while clutching his stomach and arching his waist, as if he really had diarrhea.

“Maybe I had indigestion from what I ate just now, so you let me go relieve myself, okay? Hanyu~”

Shu Jintian pleaded in such a manner so how could Shu Hanyu be unwilling? He reluctantly took out his hand and released the female.

Shu Jintian hastily sprung up and ran into a dark and dense bush while clutching his stomach. NZGd89

Shu Jintian heard a sound behind him and turned to look. Shu Hanyu was following him step by step.

“That- I won’t be able to go if you follow, so wait here for me ba!”

Shu Hanyu stopped walking upon hearing that and waited for him outside the bush.

“You can’t steal a peek ah, peepers glance sideways. No can do. I’m going further away.” v jm0o

Shu Hanyu smiled, silent as he indulged the female in walking further.

Shu Jintian entered a pitch-dark thicket. The moment he gained his freedom, his first thought was to escape.

The sky was very dark and the big snake didn’t follow after him; should he flee? For a time, the wheels in Shu Jintian’s mind spun rapidly.

Story translated by Chrysanthemum Garden.

A few minutes later, Shu Jintian obediently walked out. Seeing Shu Hanyu still maintain that pose as if he was waiting for him, he really could not understand the big snake’s mind. What use was he to the big snake? Wasn’t it just being able to be wrapped around every day? Why did the big snake care about him so much? qgVf4j

Shu Jintian said in a muffled voice, “Let’s go ba!”

“Mn!” Shu Hanyu walked to the female’s side and took his hand, his heavy mood finally relaxing a little.

In fact, the moment Shu Jintian thought to run, he personally nipped it at the bud.

First: Darkness was perhaps an obstruction to humans, and was very dangerous. S4RVBQ

Second: For a wild, feral snake, it might not be much of a problem. At night, he could also capture large prey, so perhaps he was even more capable of displaying his superiority at night.

The success probability of his escape was nearly zero, and so, Shu Jintian quickly gave up on this outrageous idea.

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Crouching and crouching, he managed to really poop. Shu Jintian used dirt to bury his waste before walking out.

Shu Jintian had no idea that if he hadn’t really done it, even if he had returned, Shu Hanyu would also know he was lying, and, unaware, he passed a test by a fluke. grxFyM

Due to Shu Jintian purposely doing his best to act obedient, the big snake’s vigilance against him became lower and lower, and would often allow him to deal with his physiological issues by himself. Of course, Shu Hanyu also shadowed him in the vicinity.

Aside from hunting, Shu Hanyu spent the remainder of his time sticking to Shu Jintian, lingering around him as if they were a pair of lovers passionately in love.

Shu Hanyu took pleasure in this and the days passed comfortably. However, Shu Jintian was unspeakably miserable. Someone afraid of snakes since he was young was wrapped up by a python every day, and would wake up in the coils of a python every morning. He was about to have a breakdown at this point.

Moreover, the few times he went to relieve himself became the time Shu Jintian was allowed fresh air. JYnAIb

Shu Jintian also understood the big snake increasingly well and thought of all kinds of excuses to escape being wound around by the big snake. But as the big snake lowered his guard against him, his intimate motions also became increasingly excessive.

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Shu Jintian was sleeping heavily when he felt something in his mouth in his daze, and instinctually bit it. Ice-cold, yet slender and long; that cold thing soon turned warm in his mouth.

Holding something in one’s mouth wasn’t a good way to sleep, and he tried to spit the thing in his mouth out. However, the thing in his mouth seemed alive and twisted around his mouth everywhere. It even took hold of his tongue that was stuck out, and he couldn’t even voluntarily move his tongue.

Shu Jintian shifted his body in discomfort. Feeling the sense of restriction on his body, he knew it was the big snake still wrapped around him. BzsVKl

Suddenly, Shu Jintian felt that the thing in his mouth somehow seemed to be like the python wrapping around his body and realised something with a start. Shu Jintian was so frightened that his drowsiness instantly flew away.

Shu Jintian abruptly opened his eyes, and his eyes were filled with only a single snake face, a pair of cold and limpid eyes clearly reflecting his own frightened and extremely wide eyes.

“Mmmm~ Let go of me~ Wu!”

His mouth was tenaciously blocked up and he was unable to close his mouth. A copious amount of saliva flowed out, wetting his cheeks and neck. 4bsGdC

The forked tongue in his mouth flexibly twined around a few times before slowly releasing his tongue and gradually retreating.

As that long snake tongue disengaged, Shu Jintian’s mouth secreted too much saliva and it flowed out along with the snake tongue, dripping onto Shu Jintian’s body that had been bared at some point.

“Pu! Pei! Blergh…”

Shu Jintian leaned to the side and spat out the excess saliva, so disgusted that he was itching to take out even his innards to give them a wash. However, he naturally couldn’t vomit; he wouldn’t even be able to do so even if he was so carsick he’d collapse. wcjZl

Now, aside from spitting out saliva, he couldn’t vomit out anything and merely felt fucking disgusted in his heart.

After a long time, Shu Jintian finally turned his head back and looked at the big snake in disbelief.

“You- you’re too much!” Shu Jintian said angrily with wide eyes.

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The female’s revulsed appearance angered Shu Hanyu and his eyes narrowed dangerously, and his powerful tail coiled around the female tightly. vaFmNQ

Shu Jintian startled internally and carefully stayed seated and no longer moved. Shu Jintian had personally experienced the big snake’s ruthlessness and did not dare to even be slightly impudent when he was angry, ending up merely staring at Shu Hanyu’s eyes indignantly.


The long forked tongue once again extended. Shu Jintian seemed to have realised something and, with a shudder, started struggling and trying to escape.

The tail wrapped around Shu Jintian strengthened and Shu Jintian had no freedom to budge anymore. EOHBTn

“No!” Shu Jintian’s body stiffened and he cried out in fright.

Time seemed to have slowed down and Shu Jintian’s eyes widened, his pupils contracting slightly as he watched the forked tongue come near him.

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Author’s note said something about having cut the latter half of the chapter and would add it later, but I’m uncertain if she added it already or not. Searched around and couldn’t find any extra content, so I guess so..?


Translator's Note

Katie: Poor Snek baby. In for a nasty surprise OwO

Translator's Note

Katie: Gawd, why is this like a rap song? XD

Translator's Note

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