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Beastman Forcefully Raising a Wife

Beastman Forcefully Raising a Wife 兽人之强养雌性

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Author: Potato Sprout
Total Chapters: 110
Genre: Animal Characteristics, Dropped, mpreg, Transmigration
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Translators: baobaomei. Editors: Ruru, Katie
Release Schedule: Thursday, Friday, Saturday


aka Raising a Snake and Laying Eggs

The rich second generation Shu Jintian suddenly transmigrated during his escape after being kidnapped.

He was snatched back to the snake nest of a ruthless python. However, not only did it not eat him, it even fed him. Was he being raised as a pet?

But, you- you- why are you wrapping around me? I’m not a female snake ah, hello!!!



Tags: Mpreg, Possessiveness, Transmigrating through time and space, Farming


Trigger Warnings (Unofficial and kinda spoiler-ish)

Non-consensual breeding and eventual impregnation

Pet rearing element where the alpha males would treat their mates like a pet

Alphas fighting over their mate – the omegas are hard to come by, hence making them precious to the alphas.

Restricted freedom/captivity/confinement

Abnormal sex organ

On-screen birthing scene

Collaring/Leashing – a touch of bondage here and there.

Hurt and comfort

Interspecies sex

The above warnings were provided by a reader, and I’m a translator who reads as I translate, so I don’t have any personal warnings I can add.


The following novel has been dropped due to the fact there is a full translation made in 2017.

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  1. 😅 is it weird that I’m excited for the trigger warnings? I knew this was my kind of novel the moment I saw them. Plus, when I read POSSESSIVENESS, I hooked. This novel is so unique, and I can’t wait to find out more. Thanks for translating and editing!

    Hopefully there isn’t too much NSFW content…because I’ll be sad knowing how much I’m missing out on.

  2. I can’t wait for chapters to come out, it sounds so interesting~ 💖

    (Thank you for future chapters and taking the time for translating them for us little readers 💖☺)

  3. Sound interesting (・∀・)

    When I read the trigger trigger I was more excited. I am very grateful that this novel was translated. Thank you Translator-sama who worked hard!

  4. Wow, hardcore, but as long as they reach equality I’m cool with it.

  5. When your brain says “No, you’re not that rotten yet” but your unconscious already hit the subscribe button to save chap.

    We are twisted but not alone, I suppose.

    Thank you 😘😘

  6. Ooh, that’s fast. I didn’t expect the translation to start so fast. Hehehe. I am glad that this book seems to attract many interested readers. I so happened to stumble upon this Chinese novel when I was scrounging the internet for some interesting BL novels when the cover of this book caught my eyes. I mean, who could let that yumminess slide? So I gobbled this up in Chinese raws. Yum! Tasty. Happy reading and translating!

  7. If you guys care for some more Tags on this novel. You can head on to Goodreads.com and search this book 兽人之强养雌性 there. I have put up a review and some tags on this novel. A rather naughty book this one. Me likey!

  8. As a Mpreg lover (\°□°/) I can’t wait to read this but for now I’ll wait until there are more chapters.. 😅😅

  9. Hello! Good morning, I hope I don’t disturb. First of all I want to thank for the translation of this story, excellent work.👍😍😍

    I would like to ask you if I can get your permission to use your English translation from Beastman Forcefully Raising to Wife to re-translate this story to Spanish in my Wattpad account, I will not only copy and paste, I will try to make a translation as readable as possible. I promise to give the corresponding credits. I hope you can answer me.

  10. Please don’t leave it 😭 I can’t read it in another place, I use Google translated to reading in my language… Don’t go. Sorry for the bad Ingles. 😢

    • Same I also doesn’t want it to stop here… 😖😢 however just want to ask you something… If you are using google translate to read this english version, why not directly try reading from the original?🤔

      • I would do that if it is dropped but I can’t figure out how to use the site where the original is because google translate won’t translate the novel home page for me 😭

  11. Is the full translation in English? If it is would you mind giving me the link?

  12. translator,are u still gonna drop it even if it’s plagiarized?? I really like yours much better.. I beg you,please continue 😔