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After Transmigrating into an Omega, I was Marked by the EnemyCh10 - Can I mark you temporarily?


Editor: Neirith

Perhaps it was out of guilt, but at breakfast the next day, Ji Xinglan changed his attitude toward Yan Qiu. dre2at

“I thought about it last night, and I feel your opinions should be respected. We can discuss the marriage again.”

“How so?” Yan Qiu spread some jam on a slice of bread and took a bite. He felt that Ji Xinglan, this treacherous villain, was trying to set him up. During these so-called negotiations, his words weren’t as attractive as the food. 

Story translated by Chrysanthemum Garden.

Ji Xinglan slowly persuaded him. “Well, we can get married first. If you still insist on it, we can get divorced after you give birth.

Shoving the last mouthful of bread into his mouth, Yan Qiu looked incredulous. “Really??” OocMjE

“Mmm.” Ji Xinglan appeared sanctimonious on the surface, but Yan Qiu was worried he had ulterior motives. If Ji Xinglan married him and allowed him to divorce after giving birth, what else could he want?

“You… How can I trust you?” Yan Qiu said sharply, “This is just a hunch, but I feel you’ll lie to me unless there’s a formal agreement of your promise.”

Thinking for a moment, Ji Xinglan nodded and agreed, “Okay. I’ll find someone to draft the agreement tomorrow.”

When Yan Qiu saw that he was earnestly negotiating, he felt a bit more bold. If Ji Xinglan was willing to sign an agreement, then this wouldn’t be impossible.


“I’ll say now that we’ll get divorced after the baby is born. I don’t want anything else from you. I don’t want your property, I just ask that you keep your word.”

Story translated by Chrysanthemum Garden.

Ji Xinglan nodded slowly. “It’s not a question of money. If we really get to that point, I won’t ask anything of you. I’ll give you the chance to change your mind before the divorce, but I hope you’ll stay.”

“That’s not necessary, we’ll divorce.” Yan Qiu grit his teeth. “And as for my estrus, cough… There’s really nothing we can do. We can help each other with our needs. We’re adults, neither of us has anything to lose. The only thing is you can’t mark me forever.”

Ji Xinglan stared at him for a moment before agreeing, “Good.” VtnbKY

Breathing a sigh of relief, Yan Qiu heard the man continue, “Can I mark you temporarily?”

Yan Qiu choked and couldn’t breath for a second. He coughed twice, “That’s not necessary.”

“…It may be necessary if you have your estrus in public. You’ll still need me to mark you in the end.” Ji Xinglan put down his spoon, looking serious. “Well, what kind of relationship do we have?”

Yan Qiu spread some more jam on a piece of bread and replied without looking up. “What else are we? We’re at most friends with benefits. Prospective friends with benefits.” bwSp3C

Only a prospective friend with benefits!

Sitting across from him, Ji Xinglan peered at his slender, beautiful neck and nodded, “Okay.”

Both of them stopped talking, and Yan Qiu buried himself in his breakfast. Ji Xinglan sent a message to his assistant, asking him to draft the agreement as soon as possible.

As Yan Qiu swallowed the last piece of bread, he sighed with satisfaction. It felt like he was going to gain a lot of weight if he stayed here for another few days. Wiping his mouth with a napkin, he crumpled it into a ball and threw it aside. With pretend carelessness he asked, “Why can’t I go to school today?” f8n237

Ji Xinglan was staring at a terminal screen. “I called in sick for you. If you want to go back to school, you can return at any time.”

On the surface, Yan Qiu wore an expression of annoyance, but in truth he was secretly delighted. 

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Boys, Yan-ge is back. CDSius

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Ji Xinglan heard the sound of the glass hitting the table and quickly put down his terminal. He took away the fallen cup and wiped the stain off of Yan Qiu’s arm with a napkin.

Luckily, he had reacted quickly and Yan Qiu was only slightly wet. As Yan Qiu wiped his sleeve with a napkin, Ji Xinglan moved all the tainted dishes off to the side. 

When Yan Qiu folded his napkin and placed it on the table, he unintentionally glanced at Ji Xinglan’s extended wrists and immediately frowned. QjfUBP

Under the sleeves, he saw a couple of gruesome scars on Ji Xinglan’s left wrists. The sight startled Yan Qiu. He didn’t look very carefully, but it looked like his hands had almost been cut off. It must have been painful and he couldn’t help but frown.

He looked up at the other person with a trace of fear; he had never noticed such frightening scars on Ji Xinglan’s hands before. 

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His gaze became glued to the hands and Yan Qiu wanted to take a closer look. However, Ji Xinglan didn’t appear to react to this and naturally retracted his hands. He pursed his lips and quietly pulled down his sleeves.

Servants quickly gathered and tidied up the table in front of him. oLIKqf

If he hadn’t seen it clearly, Yan Qiu might have thought he was mistaken. How could such a perfect person like Ji Xinglan have such terrible scars on his wrists? They didn’t seem like ordinary wounds at all. They seemed like mutilated madness. 

The wounds had been placed in a position that could be concealed if he wore a terminal. If Ji Xinglan had been wearing a terminal, Yan Qiu wouldn’t have noticed them. 

He had always thought that Ji Xinglan was well-protected and had the temperament of a young master, and he’d never noticed such a wound on his body before.

In Yan Qiu’s eyes, the guy was an absolute perfectionist. The proud son of the sky, grown in a greenhouse. Yet what he saw a moment ago was like a crack in a beautiful piece of jade. It made one’s heart wrench.  HAVZzB

Yan Qiu continued to eat in silence, but the food in front of him had become tasteless. He peeked at Ji Xinglan, unable to repress the puzzlement in his heart.

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This guy has changed too much compared to before. 


At noon, Mrs. Ji returned. She was as enthusiastic as before, bringing Yan Qiu a bunch of snacks and toys. However, Yan Qiu was worried and couldn’t be cheered up.  Cylp8o

For most of the morning, Yan Qiu wondered if Ji Xinglan was mentally ill and whether he should tell his mother to take him to the doctor.

During lunch, Mrs. Ji listened to Ji Xinglan lay out their plans to get married. This time, Yan Qiu didn’t object and sat at the side, very well-behaved. Both Yan Qiu and Mrs. Ji agreed with whatever Ji Xinglan proposed. Mrs. Ji was thrilled and took them out to pick out rings after lunch. Ji Xinglan actually didn’t want Yan Qiu to go, but he couldn’t beat his mother as she took the car keys.

The villa wasn’t far from the commercial district where they were headed. Ji Xinglan didn’t have a driver so he drove them while Mrs. Ji and Yan Qiu sat in the back seat.

Along the way, Mrs. Ji held Yan Qiu’s hand and chattered on and on like a pair of business partners. Yan Qiu was a little embarrassed by Mrs. Ji’s enthusiasm and didn’t dare to look up at her.  d1ugvn

After all, when he and Ji Xinglan became married, he would have to deal with her.

It was a warm autumn noon and there were plenty of girls in the mall sporting short skirts and high heels. Today, Yan Qiu had worn a white sweater, his slightly long black hair falling softly around his bright and shiny eyes, making him look very obedient. 

Mrs. Ji had already prepared a wedding right so she simply brought them to the shop to see it. Although Yan Qiu didn’t care much for it, he was almost blinded by the 20-carat oval diamond ring.

Then, Mrs. Ji happily took them shopping in the mall, buying diapers from the maternity store before stopping by an Hermes store to buy a few diaper bags for her grandson. eFQX7J

Yan Qiu: …

As long as you’re happy

After eating dinner at the mall, Mrs. Ji took them to measure their suit sizes, saying they would need to wear them for the wedding photos. 

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She couldn’t wait any longer and insisted they receive their marriage license tomorrow and hold their ceremony the following month. ZDTNEw

Yan Qiu hesitantly dismissed the idea of having a wedding ceremony yet agreed to receive the license tomorrow. Either way, he had to settle it sooner or later and this was no matter. The sooner you die, the sooner you’re reborn. 

This entire day, he and Ji Xinglan were careful not to reveal his pregnancy.

Before returning home, Yan Qiu asked Ji Xinglan to take him to the barbershop for a haircut. His hair went over his shoulders and wasn’t too long, but it was inconvenient. It also didn’t show off his masculinity, so it was better to cut it short.

Yan Qiu’s aesthetics didn’t allow him to buzz his hair or cut the ends too short, but it was much shorter than before. Compared to the long-haired sultry little beauty from earlier, he now looked like a delicate piece of school grass.  ZMRuS3

Ji Xinglan rubbed his head, “This is pretty nice too.”

They both stood out amongst the crowd in the shop and within moments, people had already stopped to look at them. Feeling embarrassed, Yan Qiu touched his nose and pulled Ji Xinglan outside.

Story translated by Chrysanthemum Garden.


After returning home, Ji Xinglan took Yan Qiu to study and showed him the agreement that his assistant had drafted.  cJnxEg

Afraid of being tricked, Yan Qiu carefully read the agreement.

The general gist of the agreement was the following: 

When the child is born, Yan Qiu could decide whether to divorce Ji Xinglan, and half of Ji Xinglan’s property would be ceded to Yan Qiu. During this period of time, if Yan Qiu was unwilling, Ji Xinglan would not permanently mark him.

Reading the agreement carefully three times, Yan Qiu felt Ji Xinglan would be losing out when they signed this deal, but he didn’t find any problems with it when looking at it both horizontally and vertically.  cCLHi6

He really made Ji Xinglan wait, and after confirming it once more, grabbed a pen and signed it, pushing the agreement back to Ji Xinglan.

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He watched Ji Xinglan go through the agreement, leaving one copy for him and placing another in the drawer. 

Yan Qiu leaned back in his chair, sighing with relief. However, he had a feeling in his heart that he had just sold himself.

….. vhO0pK

The next day, Yan Qiu got up early. He changed into a brand new white suit and stood in front of the mirror wearing a tie. The suit had been ordered for him long ago by Mrs. Ji. The waistline fit him snuggly, and it came with a navy tie. Yan Qiu looked at the pretty boy in the mirror and tucked the ends of his hair behind his ears.

As he was fiddling with his hair, Ji Xinglan came out. He was wearing a white shirt with a black suit today, with golden cufflinks. The suit outlined his well developed figure, provoking an envious look from Yan Qiu. 

After a simple breakfast, they drove to the Bureau of Civil Affairs.

Yan Qiu never knew that the process of marriage was so simple that he didn’t need to make an appointment in advance. mvT9aJ

They simply went to the Bureau of Civil Affairs, filled out a form, took pictures, waited a bit, and were handed a small stamped red book by one of the staff.

Thus, they were married within half a day. 

Yan Qiu and Ji Xinglan glanced at each other. As a happy couple who had just received their certificate, Yan Qiu’s expression was complicated.

Mrs. Ji wanted to take them out for dinner, but Yan Qiu declined. ZjFp0

When he got home, he went upstairs to pack his things. He had to return to school tomorrow.

Ji Xinglan had excused him from returning to the dormitory this week under the pretext of illness. Nevertheless, Yan Qiu wanted to live in the dormitory and stay away from Ji Xinglan, as it was not appropriate for the alpha to live in the omega dormitory. 

Yan Qiu was slightly excited and found the original owner’s book bag and textbooks in the wardrobe. Flipping through the textbooks, he felt almost as if they were his own. Surprisingly, they were also blank.

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It seemed that the original owner was a fellow student who didn’t study hard. Yan Qiu was relieved. If his grade plummeted, he didn’t know how to tell the teacher.  0tkzai

By the time he’d finished packing, he had to sit on the edge of the bed to rest. Yan Qiu took the marriage license out of his pocket and peered at the picture, feeling like he was in a dream.

It was weird that two people who looked down on each other were suddenly married like this.

Both of them weren’t very old, and although Ji Xinglan was reserved, he was still only a teenager. Yan Qiu couldn’t guess how Ji Xinglan would react if he knew the truth, but he didn’t bother thinking about it either. 

Let’s just go with the flow. We’ll have to leave in a few months anyways. Ji Xinglan would find someone better than him and they would both live a better life together.  EOJvrR

Yan Qiu’s fingertips gently brushed the place where his name was printed in the red book. Then, gently pulling open the top shelf of the nightstand, he put his copy of the marriage license inside.


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In the study, the portrait that had been hung on the wall for a long time was no longer in its place. Yet, the bouquet of daisies in the vase were still in full bloom as the maid placed fresh ones in there daily. 

Ji Xinglan sat in the tall swivel chair with his long legs relaxed and folded over each other. DbBy9w

Under the rustic table lamp, the blond teenager looked at the marriage license in his hand, his eyes filled with undisguised joy. 

No matter how he’d gotten it, he had obtained what he wanted and married the man he’d set his heart on. There was nothing that made him happier in the world. 

The moment that he received news of Yan Qiu’s death, he thought he would never have another chance in this life. 

Ji Xinglan looked at the man in the portrait and a glimmer of mad, paranoid love flickered in his deep-set eyes. He bowed his head and tenderly imprinted a kiss on the image. dWAvrF

You don’t know how much I miss you or how much I love you.

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If only you were really pregnant with my child.



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  1. I think he went suicidal when Yan Qiu died, i feel like he’s obssesed. Its like a mad love but still healthy (for now?)

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    Honestly, I didn’t think the author would show such blatant yandere / crazy signs (I’m talking abt the scars and that ending scene ofc) from ML since normally, authors don’t really go into this much descriptions about MLs craziness towards MCs, well at least from the novels I’ve read. I was a bit surprised. Definitely going to continue this to see where this goes since I’m curious.

    Thanks for the chapter! 🙂

  3. Well, Yan Qiu, it’s not just a feeling – you did sell yourself. And Ji Xinglan probably came unhinged after the original Yan Qiu’s death. They’re both in for a very bumpy ride 🙄

    Thank you for the chapter! ❤

  4. Yan Qiu must give birth first to be divorced after, soooo he must remain with his husband until that. Fufufu.

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    • I am not sure if you’d already found an answer to this question, but i saw this after checking for updates so i thought why not answer.

      At first, he had an eerie feeling of familiarity (i think) and our boy Yan Qiu really isn’t the best at hiding things… Yan Qiu has little mannerisms that differs a whole lot from Xiao Qiu. Xiao Qiu is very effeminate (and clingy and whiny) while Yan Qiu is not; just totally estranged to Ji Xinglan since they were enemies 😉

      And to be honest, Ji Xinglan is desperate… so he believes it might be possible. He tried, at one dinner before this, to call out to “Yan Qiu” and our Yan Qiu did respond. So, that’s how he confirmed it. And he’s probably still staring at him so much that he sees the Yan Qiu he knows 🤷‍♀️

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