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The A in the Opposite Dorm Always Thinks I'm Pretending to be a BChapter 42


Fu Yue immediately rushed into the bathroom when she heard a knock on the bedroom door. “Ning Meng Meng, go open the door. If it’s Yu Tao, tell her I’m taking a bath so she should go back.”

“Hey, hiding like this won’t do anything……” The bathroom door was shut before Ning Meng could finish speaking. She let out a sigh and went to open the bedroom door. Seeing Qiu Yan, she was a little surprised. “Who are you looking for? If it’s Fu Yue, she’s currently taking a bath.” y4FXnD

“I’m looking for you.” Qiu Yan glanced at Ning Meng with a blush on his face and shyly said: “I want to ask, what does Ning An Ge like to eat? We plan to go to the aquarium on the weekend, so I want to make some things to give to him.”

Hearing the words ‘go to the aquarium on the weekend’, Ning Meng was shocked for a long while before snapping out of her daze. Huh? She thought that Ning An was completely clueless, but it turns out that he had already gotten to the stage of going on a date with someone, ze ze ze.

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“Um…… my brother likes to eat sweets, but recently he wants to keep his body in shape and build his abdominal muscles, so he won’t eat anything that’s high in calories. His favourite foods are……” Ning Meng listed a bunch of things that Ning An liked and finally said to Qiu Yan: “That’s about it. Do you remember it?”

“En, I remember it. Thank you very much!” In high spirits as though he had obtained a precious treasure, Qiu Yan thanked Ning Meng and then happily skipped out of the room. mnBjEb

“Who was it ah?” After hearing the sound of Ning Meng closing the door, Fu Yue finally stuck her head out of the bathroom. “You guys talked for so long?”

“It was Qiu Yan. He came over to ask about my brother.” Ning Meng signalled Fu Yue to come out. “I don’t think there’s any chance with our brothers now. My brother and Qiu Yan are going to the aquarium together.”

Fu Yue’s mouth formed an O shape in shock. “I really couldn’t tell ah. Ning An Ge would actually move this quickly?” At the same time, she felt a little sorry for Fu Ke. She had a good impression of Ning An. If he were to be her sister-in-law, then that would also be……

However, the other person could now be considered to be in a relationship. She also couldn’t just say that being together doesn’t guarantee that they wouldn’t break up.


Ning An didn’t know that he and Qiu Yan were now ‘together’. Ever since the start of the second semester, the extra assignments that Qin Zhao had given him gradually shifted towards the field of innovation. For instance, this time, he’s actually making him design a starship?

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While Ning An was wracking his brain on how to minimise the drag of the ship, Qiu Yan invited him to go out to the aquarium. Ning An instantly had an idea. If he looked at the animals in the aquarium, he might be able to get some design inspiration. Hence, he accepted the invitation without much thought.

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He didn’t know that the aquarium was one of the three holy places to go out on a date.

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He wanted to go out onto the balcony to smoke, but then he remembered that when he saw Ning An on the opposite balcony last time, he promised that he wouldn’t smoke again in the future. He lowered the hand that was reaching for the cigarette box and turned to look at Derek who was smiling brightly at his terminal. 2uvsFT

“Are you free this weekend? Come with me to the aquarium.”

“What did you just say?” Hearing Fu Ke’s words, Derek’s smile instantly turned into an expression of horror. “I didn’t hit your head in combat class today.”

“Oh, it seems like you’re asking me to hit your head.”

“The school prohibits private fights.” hQFzVp

“No worries. I can just say that you fell down and injured yourself.”

“…… Fu, we’re good friends who grew up together.”

“So you’ll come with me to the aquarium this weekend?”

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“Let me just say, the aquarium is one of the three holy places to go out on a date. Why are you asking me to go with you? You actually think of me that way?” DEam2e

Fu Ke ignored Derek’s questions. “A date?”

“Yeah…… Ah. I’ll go with you okay? Stop looking at me with that terrifying expression.” Derek turned his head away from Fu Ke’s stormy gaze. “It’s this weekend, right? I got it.”

Anyway, he only said that he would go to the aquarium with him. He didn’t say that when they got there, he would also stroll around the place with him. An aquarium is a good place ah. Derek moved away from Fu Ke and sent He Xin a message.

[Are you free this weekend? Do you want to go to the aquarium with me?] ecTzsg

He Xin instantly replied. Derek could even feel the excitement from his words. [Aquarium? Will I be able to see a lot of pretty fish there? Are there penguins? I heard that there’s also those super big and beautiful jellyfish?]

Derek couldn’t restrain his lips from rising into a big smile. [Yes, you can see all of them. There’s also a penguin show.]

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Compared with Derek who was radiating with joy, Fu Ke felt very depressed, especially when he looked at Derek’s dazzling smile. In the end, he still chose to go out onto the balcony and smoke. 9g6OAn

Smoking is bad for your health; it isn’t a good habit. Fu Ke also knew that. He rarely smoked, but this was already his second time smoking this month. It seemed that he could only feel a little better when the fumes entered his lungs and caused a temporary stifling feeling.

Something was out of his control. He hated this feeling of being out of control, but he didn’t even know what exactly was out of control. This made him feel even more irritated.

On Ning An’s balcony on the other side, the curtains were drawn. Some light could be seen passing through the gap. Ning An always slept very late; his dark circles were very obvious. He’s working too hard.

Fu Ke didn’t understand why Ning An would work so hard as though his life depended on it. Ever since he was young, he would always stand out amongst people of his age. After his gender awakening, he lived up to expectations and became an Alpha. The things that others people couldn’t obtain even with great effort, he felt that they were all easy to achieve. He had never tried to understand what other people were thinking. He felt that it wasn’t necessary. dPMoc7

However, Ning An was an exception.

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In any case, he shouldn’t smoke anymore. After putting out the cigarette, he went back into the bedroom. Smoking is bad for your health.

Regardless of what plans everyone had made, the weekend soon arrived.

Ning An arrived at the entrance of the aquarium at the arranged time. Qiu Yan was already waiting there. Seeing Ning An, he immediately walked over and greeted. “Good morning, Ning An Ge.” 1kOVuX

“Good morning. I’m late, did you wait for long?”

“No, no. I also just arrived.” Qiu Yan held out the bag he had been holding in his arms the entire time. “I made some biscuits. I don’t know if they’ll suit your tastes.”

“Thank you.” Ning An received the bag but he didn’t rush to open it. “We should stop standing here. Let’s go in.”

“En.” MCmIyO

Fu Ke’s group of three arrived a little later. Seeing Ning An’s figure disappear behind the ticket gate, Fu Ke was anxious to catch up, but he was then dragged to the side by Derek.

“Pay attention, don’t act like a stalker.” Derek patted Fu Ke’s shoulder. “I came with you to the aquarium, so I’m heading my own way now. See ya.”

“Hey, you……” Fu Ke didn’t expect that Derek would pull this move on him. He stared blankly at Derek who was dragging He Xin to another entrance. Then turning to look at the ticket gate that Ning An had entered, he decided to follow him in.


Translator's Note

Tutting, but not necessarily in disapproval.

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