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The A in the Opposite Dorm Always Thinks I'm Pretending to be a BChapter 41


“Huh?” Ning Meng failed to understand. Fu Yue reached out to stop her before she could refute. “Listen, I’ll slowly analyse it for you.”

“Firstly, my brother asked me some questions about an Omega’s estrus period. I even thought that the scenario seen in novels had come true.” Saying this, Fu Yue started to looked through her chat record. “Come, have a look. When he asked about what he needs to pay attention to during an estrus, the timing just happened to match with……” VQeUlP

“My estrus?” At that time, Ning An had also requested for leave to go and accompany Ning Meng. “I think it’s just a coincidence?”

“Perhaps, but how many friends does my brother have? Besides Derek, there’s only Ning An Ge.”

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“Maybe he just didn’t tell you? Ai, wait a minute. My brother sent me a message.” Ning Meng’s face suddenly stiffened after reading the contents. She looked at Fu Yue with a complicated gaze and moved her display screen in front of her. “Look.”

[Mei Mei, if someone mistakenly thought that I was an Omega, should I forgive him if he apologises?] 0Cz4oM

Fu Yue and Ning Meng suddenly sank into a strange silence.

“Actually, I think there might be a misunderstanding? Maybe we’re thinking too much?” Fu Yue had been really enthusiastic when she was speculating, but when the facts were displayed in front of her eyes, she didn’t dare to be certain of it.

“I don’t think we’re wrong. The facts are displayed before us ah, Fu Yue Yue. Did you forget what happened during the holidays? Didn’t our brothers start acting strangely at the same time? It started after the day they went out to have lunch together. This was why we decided to organise a social gathering.”

“Also, my brother was quite tyrannical during the gathering. It’s like he took the wrong medicine. Does he not like Ning An Ge?” Fu Yue still remembered how she and the others painstakingly tried to smooth over the conversation due to Fu Ke’s actions. “No, that shouldn’t be it. I don’t think he was targeting Ning An Ge. Then why was he so overbearing?”


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“Fu Yue Yue, I think……” Ning Meng swallowed and said with difficulty. “I think your brother’s behaviour was more like he was eating vinegar.”

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“Sc…… P jirb atlcx rb……” Me Tef ijlv vbkc bc atf yfv. “Pa’r remt j wfrr. Ofa wf ufa ws tfjv jgbecv la.”

“Mlgrais, ws ygbatfg atbeuta atja Rlcu Cc Xf kjr jc Ywfuj. Lf jmalnfis uba mibrfg jcv abbx mjgf bo tlw, yea joafg Rlcu Cc Xf obecv bea jybea la, tf mea boo gfijalbcr klat ws ygbatfg. Ccv atfc atfs bcis rjk fjmt batfg jujlc ja atf rbmlji ujatfglcu……” Me Tef teuufv tfg qliibk jcv gbiifv jgbecv bc tfg yfv. “P’w regf bo atlr. Zs ygbatfg ilxfr Rlcu Cc Xf, yea tf vbfrc’a gfjilrf la tlwrfio.”

“Then my brother is even less likely to realise it.” Ning Meng hugged her own pillow and rolled onto Fu Yue’s bed. “My brother is super slow in this aspect. I even suspect that he has no EQ.” r w43k

“Well that’s bad. My brother’s EQ is negative.” Otherwise, he wouldn’t have needed to ask his own sister on how to apologise to someone.

“Alas.” The two sisters leaned against each other and sighed at their brothers’ lack of EQ. Meanwhile, the two brothers were staring at each other on their balconies.

Ning An first came out onto the balcony to enjoy the breeze and cool his head, but then his eyes met with Fu Ke’s on the other side, who had come out to smoke. He waved his hand and intended to go back inside, but Fu Ke suddenly sent him a video invitation.

“Good evening.” SXNMdY

“Good evening.”

The two of them didn’t say anything else. Ning An could sense the awkwardness spilling out of the display screen.

“Cough, you also know how to smoke?” Ning An looked at the cigarette in Fu Ke’s hand with its ember already burnt halfway down.

“En, when I’m in a bad mood.” Fu Ke only then noticed the ash hanging at the end of his cigarette and tapped his fingers to shake it off. KRU32

“Smoking is bad for your health.” Ning An really didn’t know what else to say.

“En.” Fu Ke brought the cigarette to his mouth and took a deep breath before extinguishing it. “You’re right.”

What is this situation? Ning An felt his face twitching. “That, if there’s nothing else, then I’m going in to sleep.” It’s best to quickly find an excuse to end this awkward conversation.

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“I’m sorry. I was really too much with how I treated you before. I don’t know how to say it, but I have carefully thought about it and I don’t want to lose a friend like you. Wanting to be your friend has nothing to do with your gender. I don’t have many friends, so, um, can you accept my apology and continue to be my friend?” Gfv0oj

This was the first time that Ning An saw Fu Ke looking so helpless. He stifled a laugh and smiled. Seeing this smile, Fu Ke thought that his apology was accepted. “Does this mean yes?”

“Who says so?” Ning An quickly put on a displeased expression and sternly said. But seeing Fu Ke instantly become disappointed and at a loss of what to do, he relented. “It’s not like I can’t forgive you. Just continue to be my training partner for this semester.”

“Then we’re still friends, right?”

“Yeah, we’re still friends.” Exkgr

Their school life once again returned to how it was before. And as for what the two of them were thinking about, only they themselves knew about it.

“Ge, you previously said that someone thought you were an Omega…… And then? What happened afterwards?” Ning Meng cautiously asked this question after chatting for a while.

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“Afterwards? Nothing much happened ah?” Ning An vaguely remembered asking Ning Meng about this matter, but she didn’t end up replying to him. Fu Ke just happened to call him at that time, so Ning An had forgotten about this matter. “Everything’s fine now.”

“En…… then that’s good.” Although Ning Meng was itching to ask how Ning An and Fu Ke were doing, she felt that it was better to pretend that she didn’t know anything. E6uao

In the end, she really couldn’t endure the imploring eyes that Fu Yue was giving her and hence asked in a roundabout way: “Ge, what do you think of Fu Ke?”

“Fu Ke? He’s a very good person. He also has excellent grades and is more than willing to help other students……” Saying Fu Ke’s good points one after another, Ning An remembered the list that Ning Meng had mentioned to him before. No wonder Fu Ke was in first place. If you want looks, he had the looks; if you want strength, he had the strength, if you want family background, he also had a strong family background. “Why are you asking about him?”

“Aiyah, I’m just a little curious. We weren’t able to chat much at the social gathering last time. There’s no other reason.”

“Meng Meng, do you know what you call this?” How could Ning An not notice that she had an ulterior motive? “This is called exposing yourself with your own mouth. Say it, you like him right?” li SAv

“Ge, what are you saying?!” Ning Meng was now certain that Ning An either didn’t have any feelings for Fu Ke, or that he had feelings but didn’t realise it. “That’s impossible! Who do you think I am?”

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“This girl, why is she being shy……” Ning An quietly muttered as he watched the display screen darken before focusing his attention on his homework.

“I think they’re both hopeless.” Ning Meng inwardly scolded her stupid brother.

“Well, we’ll just have to turn the situation around. I don’t want Yu Tao to grab me and continuously ask this and that again.” Ever since the social gathering, Yu Tao became completely focused on Fu Ke. Every time she sent Fu Ke a message, he would only reply with a few words and then there was silence. However, she didn’t intend on giving up. She planned to get closer to Fu Ke through Fu Yue, but Fu Yue found this to be very annoying. Wle2Ms

Translator's Note

Little sister

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